New Year’s Fat Loss Video: Top 10 Ways to Transform Your Body Quickly

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In this free video, I'm going to spill the secrets on 10 very easy and practical ways to quickly melt fat off your body as you go forward into 2010. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “New Year’s Fat Loss Video: Top 10 Ways to Transform Your Body Quickly

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    This video is really interesting. These ways are simple and easy to do, one just has to be determined and disciplined, especially the 5 sequences of exercises. It’s not too time consuming, or tedious. Health is so crucial for all of us, and we need to keep healthy for a happy life. Doctors and nurses can only help us to a certain extent, each of us are responsible for our own life. The increase in the number of doctors is not proportionate to the increasing number of patients. We are in need of more staff in the medical industry, even in specialized positions such as medical imaging. There are X-ray technician schools which can offer an ultrasound career for those who are keen in helping people to care for their health.

  2. Donna Jenkins says:

    Another great article on weight loss combined with physical exercise. I might add though, there is no quick fix. It takes simply, a desire and a will!!

  3. Celine says:

    Hi Ben, this is great stuff.

    Just curious. What's the benefit of drinking coffee/green tea before exercising in the morning? Is it to give you a bit of a kick or are there any other benefits?
    I teach an early cycle class and tried drinking black coffee before but it dried me out. I felt very dehydrated during the class despite the fact that I kept drinking and felt exhausted because of that. I'll try green tea next time!

    1. You do slightly increase fat oxidation, which is usually a good thing!

  4. Peter says:

    Just wanted to let you I think this little video is fantastic! Throughout the holiday season I struggled to maintain motivation, ate way too much and put on way a ton of weight as well!
    I’ve found listening/watching this once a day really reinforces your tips and has stopped me from continuing on any of those bad habits in the new year.
    You talk about green tea or coffee in the morning before going for the morning movement session, and was wondering about any similar protocol before bed. I’ve been making sure I eat at least 2 hours before sleeping, though am curious to know if there is any benefit/adverse effect from drinking coffee or green tea within that 2 hour period before sleep or should I just stick with water? Obviously, some people have trouble sleeping as a result of the caffeine, though I never really have this problem.


  5. Jason Finlen says:

    Nice article. Thanks for the recomendation to view this Graeme.

  6. ‘Retrain Your Brain” in the February 2010 issue of Triathlete Magazine. Very interesting stuff.

  7. Nice. Very sensible stuff. Tie this in with the article in Triathlon magazine and achieving your goals in 2010 suddenly becomes realistic

    1. Graeme, which article is that in Triathlon mag?

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