Podcast Episode #34: Fat Burning Exercise Secrets of The Fitness Experts!

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note: we had some audio issues in the final cut of this week's podcast, and during the introduction, the music drowns out my voice just a bit – don't worry, it gets better! The audio file is also a bit large this week – a 40mb download…

This March 3, 2009 Double-Interview Podcast Episode begins with a very frank discussion between myself and metabolism mastermind John Gilbert about the exact types of exercise routines that I use with my clients to achieve rapid and lasting fat loss and a tight, toned body, while still maintaining optimum health. We talk about:

-What burns more fat? Aerobics, intervals or weightlifting?

-How should exercise be timed? Morning vs. afternoon? Two-a-days?

-How often should the workouts change-up?

-What are sample workout routines that people can do?

-What about eating during exercise? Can something you eat burn more fat during exercise?

-How can you maximize effectiveness of fat loss without injury?

-How can you maximize your ability to adhere to an exercise program so that your body keeps burning fat day-after-day?


After this interview, I move on to a very exciting talk with body transformation expert and highly entertaining personal trainer Josh Carter, who introduces us to the cutting-edge techniques that he uses in his new book “100 Rep Workouts”. During this amazing interview, Josh discusses:

-How Josh went from being a fat guy to an incredibly ripped personal trainer in Hollywood.

-Exactly what wastes tons of time in the gym.

-How to workout with incredible effectiveness in as little as 5 minutes.

-Josh's #1, top exercise for maximum fitness results.

-How to put together a “100 Rep Style” workout like Josh has in his book.

-What type of programs Josh does with the Hollywood stars and high-level executives that he trains in California.

-Details on how to use Josh's new book in your program, whether you're beginner, intermediate or advanced (hint: a phone book and 5 feet of space might be all you need).

I surfed over to Josh's website and checked out his book and a bunch of other very useful information. I want you to witness this yourself. Just click the link below and you can learn all about it and even see the video on his website that blew me away.

Click Here


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Listener Q&A:

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One thought on “Podcast Episode #34: Fat Burning Exercise Secrets of The Fitness Experts!

  1. Jen says:

    Ben, further to your talk with John Gilbert re: taking in food/carbs during a 60minute plus workout … how much food/carbs would you suggest? And would that amount change based on the overall length of workout?


    ciao for now … Jen

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