What Is “The REV Diet”?

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Ben Greenfield, fitness coach, nutritionist, and creator of the highly popular BenGreenfieldFitness.com blog and podcast, has released a new meal plan book called “The REV Diet” – designed to progress an individual through rapid fat loss, then improved well-being, and finally, enhanced physical performance.

The diet consist of three phases:

1) “Reboot”, in which the diet is cleaned up and toxins are removed;

2) “Evolve”, in which meal options are expanded and calorie intake increases and

3) “Vitalize”, in which the diet is adjusted for higher levels of physical activity, such as running a marathon or doing a triathlon.

“The problem with many diets is they don't take into account that a person's body is going to adapt,” says REV Diet author Ben Greenfield, “Most folks who are serious about reinventing their body eventually want to do something like exercise more intensively, or maybe play sports, run a 10K or do a triathlon. Your diet has to support that level of activity, without leaving you feeling worn down.”

Greenfield created the diet to allow for a range of meal options and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snack ideas and dietary supplement recommendations. Users of the meal plan begin in the Reboot phase for the first several weeks, then move on to the Evolve phase for lifestyle maintenance, and if higher levels of activity are present, can temporarily utilize the “Vitalize” phase when needed.

The entire REV Diet book is available now at REVDiet.com.

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