The Obstacle Dominator Giveaway Just Went Live.

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obstacle dominator giveaway
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This is your chance to get the craziest, most amazing and challenging blend of workouts, fueling, and training and racing advice I've ever created…

…for FREE.

That’s right – we top Spartan athlete Hunter McIntyre and I are giving away three of our world-famous Obstacle Dominator Packages to anyone, anywhere in the world, and you can easily get in on the madness.

Even if you’ve never done an obstacle race before, you’ve now got the opportunity to tap into the fastest growing sport on the face of the planet with zero guesswork, and challenge your body and mind like never before while experiencing life on a completely new level – down and dirty (and yes, we are constantly updating this thing with new workouts, updates and when even planning how-to videos for new obstacles)!

Just click here to enter the contest, and then you’ll get a lucky URL sent straight to your email inbox. Every time you share your lucky URL on Twitter or Facebook, you get THREE extra entries into the contest*. Pretty cool, eh?

*And yes, we are only giving away 3 Obstacle Dominator Packages. So you’ll definitely want to share to increase your chances of winning. Leave any questions below.

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