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Even if you weren't able to make it to my backyard of Spokane this weekend for the “Become Superhuman” live event, I'm going to give you free updates, fun photos and videos, and my personal notes and life-changing takeaways.

And while I certainly am not going to be “giving away the farm” (since that wouldn't be fair to the live attendees or to the people who purchased PPV and replay access),I am definitely going to give you some big tips when it comes to Becoming Superhuman, and let you in on the magic by showing you the best photos and videos from our morning bootcamps, runs, parties and more – a Become Superhuman review, if you will.

If you do happen to be attending the event or watching the PPV, this will also be a great resource for you to be able to see my personal notes and take-aways from our fantastic speaker and prentation line-up.

So are you ready to cut through all the useless diets, workouts, supplements, drugs, books and plans – and instead find out what really works when it comes to losing fat fast, performing at your peak capability, living longer, and having the energy the way your body is supposed to actually have all day long? Good. Let's do it.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back over the next few days (March 8, 9, 10 & 11) because I'll be updating nearly every hour! And simply scroll down to bottom of this post to leave any comments and questions you have about anything you see or read here over the next few days…

Ben Greenfield Superhuman

This is me kicking things off…not singing karaoke.


Day 1 Morning Boot Camp & River Run

Turkish Get-up

Can you do a Turkish Get-up with a full glass of water held overhead?


After a good dynamic warm-up, here was our morning bootcamp workout:

Station 1: Push-Up Position Corkscrew (with option to do side leg raise after each rep)

Station 2: Turkish Get-Ups (with option to hold cup of water without spilling)

Station 3: Isometric Lunge (10 seconds up, 10 seconds down)

Station 4: Front Plank or Front Plank variation like Front Plank taps or Front Plank reaches ith alternating arms.

Station 5: Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Extension in crawl position (also known as bird dogs)

Station 6: Multi-Directional Lunge (lunge to the front, then to the side, then diagonally back, then directly back)

We finished as a group with a high intensity interval set called a “Tabata set” – meaning that for the final 4 minutes of the workout, we did 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of the mountain climber exercise.


People who didn't have time to shower used Actionwipes (pictured above) to get all sexy-smelling after the boot camp (use 10% discount code BGF at at


Ray Cronise: “The Real Truth About Thermogenesis, Cold Exposure & Weight Loss”


-Ray was on this cold fat burning podcast with me and Tim Ferriss.

-Moving actually burns barely any calories. You run a whole marathon you might get 1/2-3/4 pound of fat. That's it.

-Using the methods from, you can lose 0.6-0.8 pounds of fat loss per month!

-Doing hot-cold contrast showers is better for fat loss and cold thermogenesis than JUST doing cold showers.

-You can get mild cold stress and enhance metabolic burn with below 80 degrees Fahrenheit cold immersion (60-80 is ideal temp) and below 60F in air (32-60 is ideal temp). No ice baths or freezers required!

Watch this video on Wired magazine with Ray and his exercise physiology / ice bath cold lab.

-Ray recommends you use a Gymboss set at 10s warm to 20s cold for 10x through on a hot-cold contrast shower.

I'd recommend using this this CoolFatBurner vest too.


Dr. Todd Schlapfer: “Nutrition Strategies For Superhuman Stress Control”


-More than 3500 calories of exercise per week, or 920 calories per week has not been shown to give you “additional benefit” for hormesis and the life-extending aspects of exercise.

-Exercise must ideally correlate with your gut climate, your relationships, your environment, your daily routine – must meld.

-One of the first things he does with the elite and professional athletes he works with is have them do less.

-Dr. Todd's potent antioxidant blend Lifeshotz is part of this new anti-aging pack at Pacific Elite Fitness, and is also available a la carte by clicking here.


Dr. Justin Mager: “Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Using Biomarkers to Become Superhuman”

Justin Mager

-He walks around with a 20lb weight vest under his clothes to burn extra calories (but isn't wearing one in this photo!)

-Even your facial wrinkles, the bags under your eyes and your posture are biomarkers.

-Best biomarkers to look at to see if you are metabolically efficient are glucose, HbA1c, insulin and eAG (estimated average glucose).

Rate of methylation can be measured by checking your homocysteine levels (how's YOUR mutation rate?)

Here's a great “takeaway slide” on hormone balance – shot from a random crowd attendee.

-Go to and use SUPERHUMAN for 10% discount on biomarker testing.


Friday's Organic, Locally Sourced Lunch

-Fresh Organic Green Salad topped with Sunflower Seeds & Kidney Beans Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette

-Grilled Herbed Chicken Caponata with Roasted Organic Vegetables

-Cauliflower Puree

-Freshly Brewed Bucer's Coffee (straight from Ben Greenfield's mom's coffeehouse)


Jeff Spencer: “How To Develop A Champion’s Mind and Body”


-Jeff shared some very proprietary information he has used to bring pro athletes to the next level…but here's a few of the highlights…

-Many people already have some success, nice bodies, good fitness – whatever. But there's a difference between making it to the top and “riding the wave” once you're there. You HAVE to adapt once you're at the top and learn the skill to stay at the top – perpetual peak performance. How do you do it?

-If you make it to the top, are you gonna be the little kid who misses the bus and sees it drive away with everyone else pressing their noses against the window at the back of the bus waving at you, or do you want to stay at the top?

-Here it is folks: staying at the top means connections, relationships and mentors. I personally have a series of specific people who are my mentors, my connectors and my most important relationships, and my “rule” for myself is that I must reach out to at least 3 of those people via phone, email or text message once per week. I have a reminder popup on my computer that tells me to do that, every Friday morning. And yes, Dr. Jeff Spencer is on that list, along with about 15 others.

-Check out Jeff's site at


Dave Asprey: “Mycotoxins & Superhuman Performance”

Dave Asprey

-Nitrosamines in cured meat are a sign of fungal contamination (which is basically “pissed-off mold” and that kind of mold makes MORE toxins – that happens to be how any cheeses are made).

-Yeast is not food, and the so-called health food Brewer's Yeast can cause diabetes and glucose intolerance. Quit sprinkling it on your salad.

Have a race, event, Ironman triathlon or anything else coming up? I'd reconsider blue cheese and other “moldy” foods in your build-up – here's a few: sour cream, buttermilk and sour milk; cured, pickled and smoked meats and fish; prepackaged meats, like lunch meats, salami, smoked fish and some sardines; pickles, olives, capers, salad dressing or ketchup; vinegar and soy sauce. I'm not saying always completely 'em – but nuke 'em in final few important weeks of performance – and that would include moldy hotel room coffee too.

-Dave also listed moldy places and moldy bodies…and gave sources of those. Get the PPV to get access to more stuff like replays!

-I mentioned after Dave's talk a very good resource for antifungal and antiyeast activity at This Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano is mixed in a very unique and highly effective and absorbable 7:1 almond: oregano oil ratio, making this version 73% carvacrol, the primary indicator of quality – much different than the “fake” stuff you find at most grocery stores.

-Check out

-Check out Dave Asprey's “Upgraded Self” website (I personally use his Anti-Aging formula before interval workouts and the Liposomal Glutathione before drinking alcohol)

-And definitely read Dave's Better Baby Book!


Dave Asprey killing sushi with his Superhuman Encoder wristband.


Phil Maffetone:  “Optimizing Your Biology With Music & Sound”

Phil Maffetone

We were not sleeping during Phil Maffetone's talk. This was an alpha-brain wave exercise.

-Not many people know this about Phil Maffetone but this story about Johnny Cash is what inspired me to bring him to the Become Superhuman event.

-Music can activate cortisol production via the brain and cortisol is life (that's right – cortisol is not bad unless biologically imbalanced). When you listen to the right music the right way, you engage in controlled biofeedback.

Vibration on your skin from music can go directly to your hypothalamus.

-Phil actually uses music therapy to enhance physical performance in athletes by having them get into a relaxed position, hands crossed over abdomen, eyes closed, then listen with headphones to alpha-brain wave enhancing music. Considering he helped guys like Mark Allen win Ironman multiple times, I a certainly game.


VIP After-Party


Mingling at Nectar wine. Definite Nora Gedgaudas sighting in this photo.


Day 2 Morning Boot Camp & River Run

Station 1: Shoulder Wall Slides (like this video)

Station 2: Russian Twists

Station 3: Super Slow Push-Ups (10 seconds up, 10 seconds down)

Station 4: Side plank holds or Side plank rotations

Station 5: Fire hydrants (external hip rotation in crawl position)

Station 6: Wall sits (isometric squats)

Just like in the first day's workout, we did a Tabata set as a group with 4 minutes of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off – this time using Squat-Thrust-Jumps or Burpees.


Dr. David Minkoff: “Fixing Your Body With Advanced Alternative Medicine Tools”

David Minkoff

-Is your body deficient in amino acids? If so, it has to choose whether to create pancreatic enzyme, neurotransmitter or a muscle fiber. You basically create constant catabolism. In my personal opinion, CRON (Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrients) can work really well for fat loss but if you don't want to create sickness and a hormonal milieu, you should ideally include amino acids, DHA, minerals, etc.

-Slow barrier tissue turnover is a key consequence of an essential amino acid deficiency. This creates leaky guy and autoimmune disease. (And in my opinion, it's also one of the reasons most of the gut healing programs out there give you a ton of “safe” proteins and amino acids). Your body can't create proteins out of fats, BTW.

-Juicing with lots of greens is useless without zinc. You need it to convert beta carotene to Vitamin A. Highest sources of zinc: venison, lamb, beef, scallops, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, yogurt, turkey, shrimp.

-Get free shipping on any order from Dr. Minkoff's BodyHealth website when you use code “SUPERHUMAN”


Dr. Toby Hallowitz: “Epigenetics and Nature Cure: How to Modify Your Genes Naturally”

Toby Hallowitz

-Nature cure, or natural care refer to methods of self-healing, often using fasting, dieting, rest, or hydrotherapy. Basically, your body is pretty good at fixing itself or staying healthy if you put it into the right situations.

-The foundation of nature cure is based upon the observation that it is the nature of things to heal themselves.

-A disturbing factor, or a number of factors, disturbs the stable ecology of the body, and illness occurs as a response or reaction. The illness goes through a more-or-less predictable process, the intention of which is the reestablishment of the normal functioning of the organism. If the disturbing factors persist, we will see a chronic response by the body.

-Good example is the common cold. From a healthy state, several factors develop which disturb the body economy, including a viral factor perhaps, and one begins to perceive some degree of disturbed function. First, one doesn’t feel right. Perhaps one feels tired or irritable. Then one begins to develop a sore throat, or other symptoms of inflammation. This is followed by a runny nose or a cough, and mucous is expelled. The usual process takes from seven to ten days, and then the body returns to a state of normalcy. This is why there is no cure for the common cold; the cold is the cure. Suppressing it merely makes it more difficult for the body to process and remove that which is disturbing it. For colds, as for any acute disturbance, the nature cure physician would treat this not by suppressing the reaction, but by enhancing the self healing mechanisms, thorough methods such as constitutional hydrotherapy, which will enhance immune activity, botanicals such as yarrow and elder to enhance the removal of toxins, hydrastis or Echinacea to enhance immune activity, and so forth.

-Talk to your physician about an “Organic Acids Test”, which provides an evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria. Abnormally high levels of these microorganisms can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue and immune function. Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids. The cause of these high levels could include: oral antibiotic use, high sugar diets, immune deficiencies, and genetic factors.

-Dr. Toby's website is


Saturday's Organic, Locally Sourced Lunch

superhuman food

“Jimmy Moore” approved low carb lunch!

-Seared Pacific Salmon, served with thinly sliced Lemons, Fresh Dill & Roasted Leeks

-Celery Root Puree

-Steamed Organic Vegetable Medley

Dr. Cornu-Labat

During lunch, Dr. Cornu-Labat speaks to us about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Inner Circle

Member's of the Superhuman Coach Network pose with Ben (laying down) during lunch!

Inner Circle

Ben and Jessa Greenfield with members of the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle


Nora Gedgaudas: “Cultivating a Natural Mental Edge for Peak Performance”

Nora Gedgaudas

-Those with cholesterol under 200 do more poorly on cognitive tests than those over 240.

-Vegetarians and vegans have been shown in studies to have the smallest brains-even less than those eating SAD (Standard American Diet).

-Oxygenating your brain isn't done by deep diaphragmatic breathing. It's done by blowing off CO2. Hypercapnea is retention of CO2 and if you aren't breathing out enough and only focusing on breathing in, you limit brain oxygenation.

-Once the onset of suckling takes place, ketone bodies become the major fuel for brain development.


Monica Reinagel: “Using the Inflammation Factor to Maximize Your Potential”

Monica Reinagel

Is the Nutrition Diva singing opera?

-Monica's referenced website was

-If you are carrying around a few extra pounds, your risk of inflammation-related illness is magnified. Fat cells produce inflammatory chemicals at a rate far greater than other cells.

-Common misunderstanding is that all “healthy” foods are anti-inflammatory and all “unhealthy” foods are inflammatory. It’s a little more complex than that. The IF Rating system evaluates foods according to over 20 nutritional factors, including antioxidants, fatty acid composition, glycemic load, and many other nutrients. Often a food or meal will have a combination of pro- and anti-inflammatory factors of varying strengths, and the IF Rating is able to estimate the net effect of all these factors.

-Keep in mind that inflammation is a healthy and necessary part of the human immune response; so it makes sense that a healthy diet would include factors that support the inflammatory response. The problem is an excessive inflammatory response, driven by an excess of foods that promote inflammatory pathways.

-It is often said that blueberries are anti-inflammatory, for example, chiefly because they contain compounds that–when extracted from the blueberries–have anti-inflammatory effects. However, when you eat whole blueberries, you are also consuming sugar, which has an opposing effect. One advantage of the IF Rating system is that it estimates the net effect of all these factors.

The IF Tracker iPhone app lets you search for foods, browse by category, analyze recipes, and track daily intake. Includes inflammation factor ratings for 2,000 foods along with information on calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

-Highly recommend reading Inflammation Free Diet Plan book.


Jimmy Moore: “Using Nutritional Ketosis For Maximizing Weight Loss & Health”

Jimmy Moore

-Urine ketone strips measure acetoacetate.

-But blood ketone strips measure beta-hydroxybutyrate, a better measurement.

-A process known as gluconeogenesis turns excess protein into sugar through the liver, so lean meats like chicken or turkey are probably not a smart choice for daily protein sources on low-carb.

-Jimmy eats 80-85% fat and 10-15% protein – only 3-5% carbs.

-What do blood glucose levels and nutritional ketosis have to do with one another? BG high, ketones low.

-Jimmy does liberal amounts of water, regular supplements like a men’s multivitamin, Vitamin D3 and others as well as 2 Tbs liquid cod liver oil daily.


Ben Greenfield: “Putting It All Together: How To Become Superhuman and Final Q&A”

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield showcases the new “Become Superhuman” guide.

-Listed top three things I'm doing right now in the fields of performance, fat loss, recovery, digestion, brain, sleep and hormones.

Performance: Static stretching every morning, “greasing the groove” with 3-5 pull-ups about once per hour all day, always load unilaterally in gym.

-Fat Loss: Standing workstation WITHOUT crappy form, get strong to stay lean (Men should be able to squat body weight, deadlift 1.5x body weight, do 8 pull-ups, Farmer's Walk 50 feet with 1/2 bodyweight in each hand; women very similar, but 3 pull-ups – author “Dan John” is a good source for some of this stuff).

-Recovery: Rumble Roller + inversion table 2x/week, cold immersion 15-20 minutes 2x/week, nap every day 20-30 minutes.

-Digestion: Get a GI Panel once per year, bridge and open hip flexors 2-3x/day, squat to poop every time.

-Brain: HRV every morning (with gratitude/cohesion exercise), fasted 20 minutes aerobic every morning (not intervals or lifting), nootropics (aniracetam and citicholine)

-Sleep: Only do free sleep (sleep when you're tired and stress less about the whole 10pm to 6am type of thing), use PEMF, block blue light CONSISTENTLY after 5-6pm.

-Hormones: Run no more than twice a week, use adaptogenic herbs, track cholesterol to make sure high fat diet isn't getting oxidized.

-Highly recommend perusing these Gear Packs and “Add-Ons” I assembled.


Saturday Night Final Party

Is Jimmy Moore punching out Ben Greenfield?

Is Jimmy Moore punching out Ben Greenfield?

Brock Armstrong

Brock, the co-host of the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast, demonstrating a possibly alcohol induced pirouette.

Nutrition Diva

The Nutrition Diva and the Get Fit Guy drinking their “healthy” Superhuman cocktails…


Leave your questions, comments and feedback below – and stay tuned to your e-mail in 2-4 weeks when the “high resolution” replays are released!

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