Ben Greenfield’s Top Five Criteria for Healthy Men’s Underwear

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It seems like the older I get, the more picky I get about my underwear choices. And while I typically like to focus on nutrition, fat loss and human performance here at, I just have to do my part for males everywhere and express a few serious thoughts about healthy men's underwear.

When it comes to men's underwear, I don't ask too much. I have five simple criteria:

1) My Underwear Must Move With Me. I'm an active guy, and I walk and move around quite a bit. I stand up, sit down, So I want men's underwear that doesn't bunch up, make funky looking lines underneath my pants, ride up into my crotch or gather in the crease of my butt. And I don't want to have to adjust, tuck or shift my underwear to ensure that doesn't happen – I want my underwear to effortlessly move for me and with me. In other words, I need men's underwear that is versatile enough to wear in the office, to a workout, and under jeans or shorts..

2) My Underwear Must Not Chafe. Sometimes in the middle of a work day, I find myself walking into a gym to lift weights, hopping on a bicycle for a quick ride, heading out on a lunchtime run, or getting into a pick-up game of basketball or tennis. Unfortunately, the seams and cut on an average pair of men's underwear like cotton boxers or briefs absolutely guarantees to wreak havoc on my sensitive male sections during these midday efforts, leaving me needing to either A) inconveniently be forced to purchase and pack both my “workout” underwear and my “office” underwear or B) squirt and smear messy anti-chafing cream into every crack and crevice or C) be cringing from the needling, chafing-induced pain that has me gritting my teeth as soon as shower soap hits my scarred underside.

3) My Underwear Must Be Healthy. How the hell can underwear be “healthy”? Well, imagine taking a rubber band and tying it around your testicles, completely cutting off oxygen and blood flow to some of the most important organs in your body. Does that sound healthy? Now imagine taking your testicles and shoving them into a hot, non-breathable box with zero ventilation. Does that sound healthy? Now you're getting the idea: men's underwear must be able to support you without putting a vise-grip on your balls. Whether you're actively sweating or sitting in a desk chair, your balls must be allowed to breathe – especially if you want to optimize performance during those times that your underwear is off.

4) My Underwear Must Not Be Prohibitively Expensive. If I wander into a department store or surf onto to a website to purchase men's underwear, I absolutely refuse to fork over $52 for a designer underwear label that is identical to a $12 generic underwear 3-pack, especially when there's absolutely no difference between the two. I need underwear that fits all my other criteria without emptying my wallet.

5) My Underwear Must Make Me Look Good. Let's face it guys – men's underwear should streamline your physique. It should support your core. It should make your package look…bigger. And it should never, ever leave stinky, unsightly sweat stains across your crotch. All that work that you put into looking good, eating healthy, burning fat and developing a flat stomach can be completely negated if you've got a bunched up pair of baggy boxers hanging around your waist like a poodle skirt. If you rip your pants off, or your pants get ripped off, you want your underwear to be impressively slick and streamlined.

That's it, folks. That's all I ask. Seem like a bit much? Maybe a men's underwear pipe dream? You're right…it probably was a pipe dream – until a few months ago when a new player showed up on the men's underwear scene: Slix.

These bad boys fit all my criteria for men's underwear. Created with high-tech textiles like cationic polyester and elastane that move with you, engineered with non-chafing flatlock seams and smoothed down with patented Slix “Soft” technology, and fitted with a ventable, breathable pouch the Slix men's underwear breathes, wicks and dries quickly, maximizes comfort, offers perfect versatility – and of course, makes my mid-section look more cut and streamlined.

I've swam in Slix, ridden a bike 20 miles in Slix, run a competitive 10K in Slix, played 2 hours of full court basketball with Slix, completed an entire tennis match in Slix, and also worn them all day at the office without reaching down once to adjust my undies.

Whether I'm pulling on a pair of underwear on a hot day after a triathlon, or getting dressed for a night of Salsa lessons with my hot wife, I'm now sporting Slix.

And I'm not complaining. Frankly, neither is she.

It gets even better – Slix sent me a sweet 15% discount code last week, so now I'm giving it to you. Thank me later, and get Slix now at Use 15% discount code “BEN”.

To Your Health & Virility,

Ben Greenfield

P.S. Slix fit like a glove, straight out of the package. You're never allowed to try undergarments on at a department store anyways, so you might as well get your men's underwear online.

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39 thoughts on “Ben Greenfield’s Top Five Criteria for Healthy Men’s Underwear

  1. Bruce Bremer says:

    What do you go for with swimsuits/briefs? and do you think polyester swimsuits are a potential health risk?

  2. It is a must to choose an underwear that is more comfortable to use.

  3. Brendon says:


    Which brand of underwear do you like these days. It seems like you had one something different in your recent videos.



    1. I wear a few different brands, but my favorite are MeUndies:

  4. I appreciate the information that you posted here on choosing the right underwear to support your genitalia. One thing that I thought was important was that you should find underwear that helps you not chafe because that can cause rashes and become pretty painful. I am an avid runner, and so it is important for me to find underwear that is very supportive. Thanks again for the post, and I will make sure that the underwear that I choose is supportive but not restrictive.

  5. jorge mark says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing very powerful post, It’s very helpful. Keep it up.

  6. LC says:

    They are trunks or boxers. Do they have briefs? Or is there you go to for briefs? Thanks

  7. otisbud says:

    I bought one pair to try them out. Nothing compares to these Slix. Unfortunately, when I went to buy more their website seems to be down. This has been for several months. Did they go out of business? Anybody have a contact to find out how to buy more? Thanks!

    1. I don’t know. The website is working fine for me… anyone else?

      1. otisbud says:

        They must have just went back up! Thanks for the reply! Time to buy some more!

  8. Welshdog says:

    These look to me like they fit very tightly to the legs. Wouldn't that be uncomfortable, particularly at the leg/hip junction right up there next to the jewels? BTW even with a promo code these things are $28 after tax and shipping. As a wearer of loose clothing at all times, including my underwear these don't seem like a good fit for me.

    1. You HAVE to try them. They fit AWESOME, and no jewels issue. I haven't found any underwear as good as these, period.

  9. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been doing a
    little homework on this. And he in fact bought me dinner due to the fact that I discovered it for him.
    .. lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!
    ! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to talk
    about this topic here on your web site.

  10. Michael says:

    Just another useless American company who won't ship overseas- even worse don't allow anyone else sell their products.

  11. Cool stuff! This is very informative article. I like your criteria that mention above.

  12. Fantastic stuff! I think I will feel freely and comfortable to wear this kind of underwear.

  13. This is our basic need and if we are comfortable then we can do our work more efficiently. Your all tips are very informative. Thanks

  14. Mens Panties says:

    Really, This is a very good article.I have been looking for some good underware that fits your requirements too.

  15. I do like the ones I got but I find Under Armor are very similar. I wish BG could get a refusal for them. BTW, 2 packs are on sale on there website right now for $23 with free shipping if you like boxerjocks.

  16. maggiebb says:

    …. MILLIONS OF WOMEN HAVE THE SAME DREAM OF UNDERPANTS… I spend a small fortune on underwear and still trying to find dream sports knickers .. I am sure if you listen she maybe complaining Ben ….you're just too busy strutting your pants to notice…..??

  17. Craig Cox says:

    I started with purchasing one pair. Within 2 weeks I ordered 5 more. These are absolutely epic! I cannot state enough how fantastic these things are. Supportive but they also feel like you arent wearing anything at all. Revolutionary product. Now let's hope they make a couple other color choices besides black and white. How about a deep red and maybe a good royal blue?

  18. @Slix says:

    Ryan, thanks for your interest and yes, we do ship to Canada. You can order right from the site: Shoot us an email if you have any questions!

  19. Ryan McLean says:

    Hey, great article. I have been looking for some good underware that fits your requirements too. The only problem is that I live in Canada and don’t have access to the Slix products. Do you know of some other way to get my hands on some if these life changing undergarment?

  20. $20, I'll give them a try

  21. Lauren says:

    They now have free standard shipping so I got a better discount with the code :) Thanks Ben!

  22. todd says:

    Way to go Ben, Probably the last taboo topic to be talked about among guys! Thanks for being the trailblazer! I just got rid of Ralph Lauren boxers and they were comfortable but I tell ya…those crinkly waist bands! They make your waist area sweat and leave that crinkly imprint gouged in your skin for an hour or more after you take them off. Talk about uncomfortable! So I agree with Curtblaster..UnderArmour is good stuff..have the boxers and they are hard to find plus a nice boxer brief! Damn expensive! Anyway I'm gonna try Ben's blasphemous pair of Slix and hope I get the massage Curt talked about. You guys crack me up! Cheers guys, Keep up the great work Ben!

  23. go_jessa says:

    lol u could probably ask jessa to do one too on womens underwears, i bet she,s got her thought on that too.

  24. See my response to Brian above, stepquick.

  25. curtblaster says:

    What about the Underarmour boxer briefs?

    I originally bought for them for wrestling in high school (3 pairs), because any excess bunched up material beneath our singlets weren't allowed. However, once I realized how comfy they were, I bought another 5 pairs. They actually feel like an angelic figure from biblical times is massaging my scrotum and buttocks with a handful of clouds, while applying gentle, even pressure for the right amount of support. And they're sexy.…

    1. I own the UnderArmour boxer briefs, curtblaster. There is no doubt that Slix are far superior in their lack of propensity to produce a wedgie. If your boxer briefs feel like an angelic figure from biblical times, then for me to describe Slix would require blasphemy.

  26. stepquick says:


  27. Steven Kushner says:

    Can't argue with that analysis. I hope you're right about Slix. I just ordered 2 pair.

    1. enjoy Steven. Hopefully you've got a significant other who will be equally pleased.

  28. Melinda Simpson says:

    Slix sound like underwear Nirvana for men. Does the company make anything like that for women? No wedgies? No butt-grabbing adjustments? Sufficient booty support? And I'm not talking "girdle" here – I'm talking about support without organ compression.

    Glad to hear that the men's packaging needs have been met – I'll pass along the word.


    1. Mel…not that I'm aware – they do have t-shirts and socks for men, however…

  29. Brian says:

    At 24 bucks each I don't know that it meets criteria #4 ?

    1. Compared to what you'd get at a department store, 24 dollars + a 15% discount with code BEN these are WELL WORTH it.

      1. B Wojcik says:

        The discount code takes care of the shipping

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