Gobble This Up If You’re A Bit Apprehensive About Holiday Cooking…

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For those of you who haven't seen Chef Todd's entertaining cooking videos in the past here at BenGreenfieldFitness, just use the search function over there on the right to do a search for “Chef Todd”.

You'll see exactly why you don't want to miss out on the free event below…

This Sunday, November 7th, Chef Todd will be revealing his best chef secrets and methods for:

-Planning a holiday menu for variety and budget

-Precise grocery shopping to avoid wasted money

-Chef secrets for the most moist bird you?ve ever been proud of

-Stuffing and carving techniques for an attractive holiday serving platter

-The best methods for using leftovers to extend the investment in your meal

-Best Pot-Luck tips for wow-ing them at the neighborhood get-together

-And more secrets and shortcuts for a stress-free holiday meal

…with a cooking class entitled “Holiday Cooking Success Class”, and all you have to do is pre-register by clicking here to get access to the FREE class on this Sunday, November 7th.

Because the only thing I've ever seen Chef Todd do is dish out the best advice on the planet when it comes to planning, cooking and preparing, I'll be there.

Will you?

Click here to get in for free.

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