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As you learned in the last video from my friend and fellow make-you-healthier villain, Chef Todd Mohr, those old Martha Stewart recipes don't work!

And neither do many other popular cookbook recipes.

Why would these people and publishers have recipes that don’t work?

And who is Chef Todd to make such a bold claim?

Well, I posed this question to him and he explained to me that recipes don’t teach you to cook any more than having sheet music teaches you to play piano, which you learned if you watched part 1 of this video series.

Certainly, the step-by-step instructions of the best cookbook recipes can be reassuring to many home cooks.  It’s much easier to follow someone else’s opinion of how something should be cooked than to create your own recipe.

But the sacrifice you make in following a food TV network recipe is that you’re trying to duplicate what was originally created by some food TV show.

Your stove is different than the “test kitchen”.

Theirs is gas, yours is electric.

Your pans are made of a different metal than theirs were.

Your chicken breast is twice as thick as the one used to write the recipe.

With all these variables, how can a written recipe, even if it is a Martha Stewart recipe, be duplicated exactly every time by people of varying skill levels in the kitchen?

It simply can’t happen.

Rather than reading piano sheet music to learn one song, you should learn to actually PLAY the piano by studying the notes and how they combine for a melody.

Instead of following a recipe to create one meal, learn to cook by studying Chef Todd's basic cooking methods to create your own recipes and meals that come from your creativity and desired ingredients.

When you create the recipe, you’re better than the best cookbook recipes, and Martha Stewart recipes won’t ever let you down again.

Over the next few posts here at, in a series of free cooking videos, you're going to be fully exposed to these cooking secrets, from the talented and highly entertaining Chef Todd Mohr from

Chef Todd Mohr has even developed an entire cooking system based on this philosophy and this system has thought thousands of people around the world to cook! If you want to know more about Chef Todd, click here to check out this free video, where Todd reveals his #1 Chef Secret for Creating Amazing Meals at Home.

I think you'll agree that this is going to be a great series of videos this week with Chef Todd. In case you can't see the video at the top of this post, just click here to open it in a new window.

Do you have comments? Do you think I should try to get Chef Todd on a podcast? If so, leave your comments and questions below, and also tell me how you think I should approach the task of convincing Chef Todd to be on a podcast.


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