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As you probably know, I value your feedback, and most of the articles, audios and videos that you get here at are shaped from requests that you've made in comments here, or over on Facebook, or on Twitter.

After all, this site, my books, my recommendations and everything else I do is to serve you. Yes, it’s a business and I certainly enjoying running a profitable fitness business – but you are the lifeblood of what I do. And if your life, your health, your fitness or your diet is not somehow changed for the better when you see my emails, read my blog posts or use my books – then I have failed.

So what am I getting at?

The Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle is my “affordable coaching” program. Inside, you get 24-7 forum access to me and my wife, special cooking videos and recipes, bonus handouts with meal plan ideas and new foods we've found, secret articles and videos that I don't release on this site, and, every month, a live video webinar with me and my wife, where we cover topics like home fitness exercises, healthy packaged foods, making new foods like kombucha and kimchi, and much more.

People love the site. I get e-mails all the time from Inner Circle members who have learned easy ways to make their workouts better, their homes less toxic, and their kitchen a healthier place to eat.

OK, enough bragging.

The membership currently costs $17 per month and we have a strong, growing membership base.

But, and this is a big but, not everyone who reads this blog is an Inner Circle member, despite it being only just about 50 cents a day to have that kind of access.

So here are my questions for you…

1. If you are NOT currently a Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle member, why not? Please be honest.

Is it the price? And if it’s too high – what would you want to pay? Not sure what the benefits of the Inner Circle are? You don’t feel you need it? Just let me know.

2. If you ARE currently a Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle member, what do you feel the value of membership is truly worth?

Go ahead, let me have it. I won’t censor your comments and I’m open to public criticism. I truly want to deliver the best online health, fitness and nutrition coaching to you, and your feedback is vital.

OK, that’s all!

I am on a mission to change the way that the entire planet views their health, fitness and diet. And with your feedback below, we’ll change the world together!

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157 thoughts on “Be Honest With Me…

  1. Michael law says:

    Hey Ben, maybe I’m being slow but I’m not entirely sure what I get on this package. I searched Ben Greenfield online coach. I’m doing my first 70.1 in December and I wold like an online coach with a similar mindset. I’m frugal but I love value.

    $17 a month seems too low foe what I want but maybe my needs are met?

    1. I'd start by checking out my training plans here:… and then if you want to go into a more detail and get a personalized plan from me, I'd suggest booking a consult. Just go to… and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

  2. John says:

    I'm a 172 pound 2:44:10 marathoner from Berlin last year (5 years ago I weighed 195 and ran a 3:45 always focused on core, gym, and HIIT) who greatly values your nutritional advice and humor on the show. But honestly, I think you focus too much on HIIT, and I think there is a lot to be gained from an endurance base Maffetone/Lydiard style for 3-5 months at 70+ miles per week pre-HIIT. Keep up the great podcast.

  3. richard says:

    Hey Ben. Really like your pods and Brock is probably the best side kick ever! I would love to race you in 100m sprint but im a little scared of your brain size! your knowledge is outstanding and your delivery is smooth. I especially like to geek out on everything fitness and nutrition based and your opinions i trust completely. keep delving deep on things and teach with passion. there are tons of people with broad knowledge but not a whole lot with your professional approach and depth knowledge.
    I want the inner access and i will get in there with you guys as soon as iv paid off my outstanding debt….cant wait

  4. redrockworld says:

    Not a member but love listening to the podcasts (most of them anyway). Informative, thought-provoking and lively. Keep em up!

  5. Dan says:

    I bought the new book, and barely fit into the Mesomorph group with 19 , but have strong endormorph tendencies with about 1/3 of my responses indicating endomorph. Do you suggest I follow the mesomorph tips, or modify it with some consideration of the recommendations for an endomorph? Dan

    1. I would do the mesomorph section, Dan…

  6. Cheryl says:

    I would have to agree with most of the comments I read above. I'm not a triathlete and I'm unbelievably busy with a tight budget. And as much as I do for my own health and workouts, I can't even convince my husband that coconut oil is a perfectly acceptable alternative to other cooking oils. When I cook, I use it. When he cooks, he uses vegetable oil or Pam.
    I just don't think my current lifestyle would allow me to apply your inner circle information fully enough to reap benefits equal to or greater than the monthly cost on a regular basis. Perhaps if you listed the specific topics of the secret stuff and they could be downloaded individually for a lesser cost, I might be more involved in accessing the information that would be helpful to me.
    I also agree that training by forum is not the most beneficial or motivating method for me.

  7. Brent says:

    Hi Ben,
    Kudos for all you do.
    I am a 2 time ironman finisher now struggling with MS. I listen to your podcast on my daily commute and enjoy the content. I listen intently to any nutrition or exercise informatio that will help me maintain an exellent activity level as I fight to keep my body working correctly. I maintain 2-3 short course triathlons each year and desire to go full again in the next 5-10 years. My young family gets my time right now. I need to stay in shape as I desire to be an active father for my kids. I would live to joing the inner circle but it simply is not in the budget.
    PS: please keep your shirt on, we know your in exellnt shape, we don't need to be put to shame… :)

  8. Terri says:

    Not a member. Mostly, it is time. I hardly can implement what I hear from you now, plus I listen to Josh Axe. I have bought suggested items. Another reason is we do not live in a high speed internet area, so we are on slow speed and the down load of videos just doesn't work. If I had that, it would be a no brainer. Right now it takes approximately 3 hours to down load your podcast and that is if the weather is good. The cost to me is reasonable, though. Thanks for all your work as you have been very beneficial in changing a lot in my life.

  9. Lee says:

    I been a member of the inner circle. Not worth the price, always felt the information was poorly put together and left me always disappointed. It was also obivous you can't stand for anyone to take a differ with you on your view points about health and fitness. It just was not a warm or postive energy from the site or from you and your wife.

    You guys seem to live in a unreal world bubble!

  10. Danny V says:

    I find your info pretty good and I like how you are willing to experiment and research everything to find the best methods and information for us. Some of the info you have put up has been quite useful and I have also brought a couple of your programs, and I think it will be worth while to keep checking in with what you are doing, but at this stage I am not sure I have enough time or the need to be locked in to get my money's worth out of the $17 a month.
    At this stage for me to be comfortable locked in and not stress about trying to get enough use out of the inner circle each month would be about the $10 mark as other people have mentioned.

  11. Don Robertson says:

    Hi Ben; I am a fan of your podcasts both here and at Endurance Planet, and have donated a couple of times, however i have an aversion to more monthly payments of any kind. That would be the main reason i do not join in these type of organizations. I will continue as a podcast subscriber and too make occasional donations.

  12. mark begemann says:

    You give a ton of info for free and i can't keep up with that.
    My wife doesn't want me spending any more $$ on fitness stuffs- my new(ish) gym is twice as expensive as the one that closed down.
    That being said i still hope to join up someday. The $10 price point might make it happen sooner.

  13. Dan In Fla says:

    I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into the podcast and have considered the membership. $10 per month is likely the price point I would go for because it isn't clear how I would "use the membership" compared to the free side. Thanks for asking.

  14. Justin Thompson says:

    I am not a triathlete or body-builder. I cannot use all of the information that you provide, but because I believe there are a greater number of people like me than there the serious fitness fanatics, my cohorts may represent a valuable group of customers.
    I should introduce myself so you can better understand my comments that follow. I run recreationally, and have run a 5K and marathon just for fun. I love weekly yoga for stress relief and focus, and need consistent weightlifting to keep strong and toned. I also enjoy recreational “weekend warrior” off-road bicycling. I loved the Get Fit Guy podcasts so much that I sought out the Ben Greenfield podcast.

    I find the free podcast, website, and mobile app to be less valuable to me than they could be. Your content is fantastic, and your expertise is evident, so I want more. My disappointment is that the “experience”, not your content, that sometimes frustrates me. I have been intimidated to dig deeper into the Ben Greenfield fitness content because I have not found awesome value in even your free offerings. I have drawn conclusions about the Inner Circle based solely upon my experiences with your free content, so I can’t see the value in your premium content.

    I am keenly interested in the topics that directly affect me, and would gladly pay for them. Please give me awesome value, and take my money. Please pique my interest in your premium content by showing me the value. I need to know how your premium content will improve my life, personally. If I

    I simply can’t stand to scroll through lots of content when I’m searching for information. When I’m using any computer screen, I tend to scan instead of reading. Your introductory content seems wordy and long, and doesn’t retain my interest enough to keep reading. I am an iOS user who is on-the-go, moving quickly, and has a short attention span when using my phone, keeping introductory content short is even more important; however I don’t mind reading longer articles when I have found content that meets my needs. This post, for example, is way too long for general reading. The only reason I am writing so much, with such large paragraphs, is because I believe that you will find it valuable.

    Your emails are addressed to me (which is very nice—thank you), but the emails are usually not compelling enough to click through to your site. Again, length of introductory information is important. When I receive emails that contain teasers, like headlines or snippets of articles, I can quickly determine if there is any content that interests me. Make headlines that interests me, with short teasers that immediately capture my interest and I will be interested in clicking on a link that leads to that specific content, instead of a general podcast or website, then you’ve captured me. If I get burned by reading too many emails that fail to hook my interest and link to personalized content, I will unsubscribe. For examples, I like the hooks and teasers, and direct links, provided in the Gallup Management and Livestrong emails.

    I quickly scan pages, looking for content that interests me while ignoring that which doesn’t. I find that much of your content is not presented in such a way. Content that is of no interest to me just gets in the way of the content that I crave. Content needs to be accessible to me based upon how I’m going to use the content, and not based on the taxonomy of the content. For example, a 30 year-old, tech-savvy female runner can visit CNet or Macworld to quickly find reviews of sport headphones with iPhone-compatible inline remote control.

    I want your pages to immediately capture my personal interests with sensitivity me, based on demographics and my preferences. For personalization, I could register for free , then configure my preferences so I see content, including targeted ads, that appeal just to me. Without logging in, I would like to be able to see right away, content that addresses my personal needs. For examples of personalization as a logged-in user, I point to Amazon, Netflix and Groupon. For examples of sites with links that immediately interest me for my specific needs, I like Livestrong because there is an immediate choice to browse as a male or female.

    Just like emails, website and app, I need podcasts that give me exactly the content that I need. I understand your administrative need to promote your products and those of your partners, and I can depend on the introduction of your podcast to be lengthy setups and promos that don’t interest me. Sometimes I don’t mind listening to it. Otherwise, I am annoyed at knowing that I must manually scan past the introduction, making listening to the podcast an investment of my time. I experience the same frustration with hunting for the remainder of an episode’s content: I can’t just skip to the section of interest. I enjoy freedom from the forced linear format of an episode. For example, the Macworld bookmarks each section, from intro, through news, and on to each topic, so the sections can be skipped through by simply tapping once on the forward button of an iOS device.

    I subscribe to podcast feeds for my specific interests. I don’t have time to listen to everything that you offer in any one specific episode, but I find some of each episode’s perfect. I would listen to more of your content and would download fewer megabytes of content that I don’t want if I had the choice of subscribing to specific podcasts. A great example of dividing content into discrete, separate podcast feeds is NPR. They offer dozens of feeds, ranging from weekly news wrap-ups about specific topics, like the environment or business, to feeds that are more sensitive to the timeliness of a wider variety of news.

    I need a compelling reason to upgrade from free digital content to the premium, paid content. It has to be simple. Any digital content is available for free, if one looks hard enough, but most people gladly pay if the return on investment makes it more compelling to buy instead of pirate. Let me know what I’m missing by not having the premium content, and show me the value. Don’t lead me down interesting paths, just to blindside me with a paywall, but make it clear and simple about what the paid content has to offer, and how it would improve my life. For example, the free version of Mark Bittman’s app “How To Cook Everything Vegetarian” app was targeted to my specific needs so I loved it, and the app showed me, simply and unobtrusively, what I was missing from the paid version. The app duplicates everything in his book, but is ported elegantly to an app. I paid $5 for the premium version of app, which is far less than the cover price of the book; however, I would have never purchased the book anyway.

    I avoid the hassle of creating accounts for billing. I prefer to do all of my business through one vendor, even if it means paying a little more, to avoid the having to enter my credit card and billing information into yet another online form. Your Inner Circle requires me to fill out a form. For digital content, I like to buy an app, or subscribe inside an app, using my iOS device because it is incredibly simple: Apple already has my credit card info on file.

  15. Ray says:

    I am not currently an Inner Circle member. I would gladly be a member if I could afford an additional $17 per month. I simply cannot afford the additional cost due my investment in two club members and personal trainer/nutritionist. I love the wealth of information your podcast provide. You and Brock provide a great service to all its listeners. If the cost was $5 to $10 per month I could I would become a member. I very much appreciate all your dedication in wanting to make a healthier planet.

  16. Celine Nourry says:

    Hi Ben, since you're asking…

    I'll start by saying that you've been a great inspiration to me. I've been listening to your podcasts for about 2 years and gave me the inspiration to do triathlons. I love it. I bought 2 of your ebooks (quite cheap I admit but still). I am also a full time Personal Trainer. I have recently subscribed to your SUPERHUMAN NETWORK and decided to pay the upfront fee for just under $1,000.

    I do appreciate the time and effort you're putting in your podcasts and other platforms. It would make sense to get people to contribute financially. I have learnt how much TIME CONSUMING this takes because I put together personalised handouts for my PT clients and educate them a lot when not doing face to face.


    However time you spend putting info together and researching for the Inner Circle or any of your other brands, a lot of that stuff is available online for free. I learnt that the real value is when you give PERSONALISED information to people. I know you're gonna say the INNER CIRCLE provides personalised info, if it's in the same kind of personalised info as the Superhuman forum, well you'll have to be really careful what you sell. I haven't been too impressed with the Superhuman network so far in terms of content. I found that most of the advice you give was actually in your podcasts. Of course that would take some time to dig out the info but it is readily available if you search well and have time to listen to the relevant podcast. And sure, you've always responded very quickly to my questions and appreciate it greatly. To be a personalised service for client or coaches, you have to allow face to face or phone consultation, not just by email or via a forum. Also if you want to build a loyal international audience (client or coaches), you need to take into account that some products or services are not always available in their country (e.g.

    The kind of advice you tend to give lately is about supplements. I know you have sponsors and you're trying your best but it feels very pushy. The info you used to provide felt more genuine when you started.

    Last thing, you did a webinar last Sunday on SUPERHUMAN network and promised to make the audio available. I haven't heard anything since Sunday or some sort of notification to people to let them know this is coming. It looks like you're trying to do too many different things and lose track of things. Anyway, that's my advice.

    1. Hi Celine,

      Thanks for your feedback – and I do appreciate the honesty. I feel compelled to make a couple quick points, especially regarding the Superhuman Network.

      A) The Superhuman Network just started. It's a full 1 year education process with exams, CEU's, and live workshops – and not just a forum. We're also going to be selling your training plans for you, featuring your articles, audios and videos on a Livestrong-esque website we're creating, and giving you free access to a live event as well. We've only scratched the surface on that, and it is where I am devoting a huge amount of time and energy because I am committed to teaching coaches to do what I do. The first workshop was recorded, and all slides are available in the forum. As soon as the exam for that workshop is live (by tomorrow night) I'll be emailing the whole group. So trust me – I am very committed to that.

      B) Please go scroll through all the latest posts I've done here. They're split pretty evenly between supplements, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and health!

  17. paula says:

    I am a member and think the $17 a month is a great deal – the wealth of knowledge you provide on the latest research on nutrition, fitness, training & products is AWESOME… it would take way too many hours for anyone like me to try to locate the knowledge you have (let alone know how to even access it) & your method of presentation in written, video & podcast forms are FANTASTIC. I look forward to each podcast… I must say I am not as disciplined at accessing the inner circle forum as I tend to not think of it – your emails about the podcasts makes it really easy to decide if the topic is something I want to spend more time on… the inner circle page is a bit overwhelming – great content – just more to sift through than the 1 easy email! Thanks a BIllion & I agree with Sam above – you genuinely do care about helping all levels succeed in achieving goals.

  18. SSW says:

    I'm not a member. I have listened to some of your podcasts and they are good. I like your ethusiasm and energy. I bought 2 books of yours – most recently the one about weights and it's good. But that's about it for information I can absorb. It's not a price thing…I saturated with more information than I am acting on already.

  19. Jason from KC! says:

    Question for you Ben!

    When is the good fitness, training, nutrition info going to cost less than all the junk info we are constantly surrounded by from the web, magazines, people, etc? I don't feel people should have to pay for information on how to get healthy, eat better, and train correctly. I challenge you to make it free for everyone. :) TriRipped….is this another P90X? Because I don't feel like it was worth the money either. You have to remember how much junk and non-junk people are surrounded by that doesn't cost.

    I ike the podcasts, but is too technical. Example…I don't need to know how all different types of clocks are built and keep time. I need to know the clock works and how to use it. Looks that the KISS method.

    Then there is money for more info…if podcasts and free info is too technical, then I am sure not going to pay for more of the same. :)

    This also translates to time for me. I don't want to spend countless hours sifting through data to get to that sweet spot. I would rather spend my time training.

  20. Joel Reynolds says:

    Its a tough biz getting people to pay for the invisible. #1:Put a link to the inner circle in your header. #2: Sell to the CrossFit Community too, you're missing out on a large market. #3: Invest in some video editing or hire a pro. #4: Get people hooked on your product, by giving it away for a few months… al la… everyone else in the world, Netflix, drug dealers, etc. #5 If people find your info valuable, they will gladly pay you $7-8 a month.

  21. sandy says:

    so heres a little more honesty… shipping means free shipping on pacific elite stuff. not $97. free means free zero nada. do you ben really think you are that awesome that you can make people think free actually should cost $97? sad and diappointing

    1. It's no different than Amazon prime, Sandy – a one time annual fee gets you free shipping from Pacific Elite Fitness:…

  22. Becky Heemeryck says:

    I have been a listener of the BGF podcast for about 3 years, I personally have found your podcast to be life changing for me. I have also used many of your products, my husband uses shape 21 on a regular basis, I used the Rockstar Triathlete club for a season, purchased and use the triathlon dominator program and many of your other books, and donate to the podcast periodically. I personally love that you make your information affordable, I don't think I would have learned as much as I have over the years if it had been expensive. I know what you do is a lot of work, but I really appreciate that the information is as accessible as it is. I would love to join the inner circle, I have considered it a number of times, but as a triathlete with a family, I struggle with adding yet another monthly bill to fuel my triathlon/information hobby. I appreciate that the information would be valuable, as I find everything I have purchased or used through both PEF and BGF to be awesome, but I'm at my threshold… both in terms of time and cash. Don't want to undervalue you Ben, as honestly I do not think $17/month is too much to pay for what time you and Jessa likely put into the site, but I need to draw the line somewhere and I have been having a hard enough time finding time to absorb the great info in the podcast! Keep up the great work, I really look forward to the show you and Brock bring every week, you guys are a big part of my triathlon healthy lifestyle!!

  23. Doug says:

    You give more informatin than I could ever digest in the free category. I have bought a couple of your e-books but as someone else stated, "triathlon is expensive". If I every got to the point where I could invest more time and money I would probably opt for your online coaching service.

  24. Pommie says:

    Hi Ben. I like the info you provide and while some of it's over my head, other parts are great.
    I do have an issue with the podcasts though. Your email highlights the content but then when I open the link and see that the podcast is over an hr, I don't bother as there would only be some content in it I want to find/listen to, so trawling through the whole postcast it isn't for me. I understand it's free, but as a suggestion, could you not highlight the times that the content/subject starts, so I could jump straight to that part. Just saying ;)

    1. We'll definitely be looking into adding time signatures, Pommie!

  25. I commend you on being brave enough to get all the feedback like this. Internet feedback is not always very nice. I love the site and the podcasts especially because you produce content and give exposure to subjects that really need it and don't get enough exposure from other media. I hope you never become another "same and safe" podcast. 2 week free trial might be cool but I dunno about the conversion rate, maybe a 2/3 months introductory offer for 10 bucks?
    In my case, I really need help with the nutrition and meal planning side of the equation. I believe my family diet is undermining our fitness efforts and it might be the ticket to finally become a sub 4:00 marathoner so this is something to consider. I thought the inner circle thing was for people who wanted to become coaches. I just might subscribe soon.

  26. dee says:

    I believe that the inner circle sounds intriqueing. However, the economy has left my family in difficult situation, and payiing the bills is a struggle. I enjoy the podcast so very much, since the subjects you hit on, such as sound and binumial beats, is something I have been reading a bout for a while….so I know your information is on spot and so beneficial.
    I love podcasting and believe you and brock do an excellent job. However, the inner circle and the other small luxuries of life need to be delayed until the economy picks up for the small business owner….Good luck to you.

  27. denise reid says:

    Love the podcasts…and bless your energy to get all of this information out to everyone. Thank you.

  28. Dick says:

    Ben – I think the site is great and provides a lot of useful information. I've executed the REV diet and tried the Inner Circle for a few weeks. The cost IS NOT too high. Many of the topics beyond simply nutrition do not fit in to my current concerns. For me I'm simply trying to find the best information for my overall goals. Nutrition is incredibly important and your site/info has helped me take a closer look at my intake (food = fuel), but my overall goal is to become a better triathlete (a dozen or so Olympics, 2 x 70.3, and Ironman Florida) and nutrition is only one element. I've considered coaching to help put all the pieces together, but have not pulled the trigger yet. The information on the Inner Circle is great, just not sure it's what is best suited for my overall goals. Thanks for all the work & info.

  29. Nanci says:

    I listen daily and repeat some podcasts. I send them to friends, excellent job. I do not pay and won’t. I would miss you but there is so much put there for free, good stuff, I’m not paying. I do support your site, buy things you recommend so I guess you need to get advitisors. Frankly you are living the dream as I too compete and live clean and help friends with information but I also work. You have managed to become a professional with this gig, good for you. I hope you don’t charge! A broke teacher in michigan

  30. Alex says:

    I love what you do and admire the amount of work you're capable of. The information you put out is of high quality and very clearly explained. I struggle, like some other people also noted, in assimilating and applying the tips you give as I live outside the US and getting the products or supplements you recommend or finding local equivalents is not that easy (the alternative is high shipping costs). I never miss a single podcast or article but they take a lot of my free time and I assume that the Inner Circle would require even more so I believe that I would not be able to take advantage of it. I have to say also that if it were something like $5 maybe I'd subscribe anyway but I can't justify $17 with the above concerns. Thanks a lot for everything you do for free though, it makes a big difference in my life.

  31. Mike says:

    Thanks so much Ben for asking for feed back on price, consumers don't get much of a chance to give feed back on what price they would pay for a product. That being said… I think $10 a month is a fair price an affordable for most, for me anyway.

  32. Danni says:

    Not a member – but because I couldn't find the link! Thanks for this post. Now I can see how to join!
    I think your free podcasts are worth the membership fee, let alone the benefits I will receive when I join. You are the only person I trust for fitness and nutrition advice. I've ditched my personal trainer who was definitely old-school!
    Thank you so much!

  33. Eddie Bettencourt says:

    I have access to the inner circle via my Tri-ripped plan, and really don’t utilize it like I should. That said, it would be tough for me to pay for it. I love your podcasts and all the info on BenGreenfield fitness, but I just don’t have time to utilize everything. Between work, training, and school, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to much else. Even now, my social life is mostly during training with friends. Thank you for all you have provided to your fans for free! You are an amazing athlete and coach and I really look up to you and all your insight.
    Thanks Ben!

  34. erinm2002 says:

    Hi Ben,
    You are providing wonderful content. I haven't joined the InnerCircle because I'm fresh to the podcast so far, but I will probably join eventually. :) I've already recommended your podcast to friends.

    I think the economy says a lot about why people can't often spend the extra money. I have a good job but money is tight for me too, though I feel $17/month is a perfectly reasonable price.

    I feel your scientific content is perfect, but I come from a medical/scientific background and so I LOVE the information and appreciate that it isn't watered down in any way. You do break down the information in understandable vocabulary, so the comments above mine are sort of bogus in my opinion. Keep it coming!

    One problem in the US is that people think nothing of spending $20 on wine or junky food but don't want to spend $17 on healthy information. I work in the health field and run into this all the time. It's frustrating.

    I do also feel that there is an information overload of sorts. I get burned out on texting, emails, working, more emails, texting, and demands. Therefore I filter. I definitely make sure to include your podcast and websites in the information I'm NOT ignoring because to me, it's worth the time and energy.

    I'll get there. :)
    Thank you for all you provide. You ARE making a difference.

  35. Emily says:

    2. I am an age-group triathlete who is also a new mom starting her own business. I have so many things on my plate. I would join Inner Circle if I was speficially training for Ironman in a specific season. but I would not regularly pay every month, because I would probably end up not fully utilizing the Inner Circle services.

    3. As mentioned by others, I live in a country (in Taipei, Taiwan) where I can not access all the things you mention, so it's almost painful (but helpful) to watch the wonderful recipes and organic recommendations you offer, and not be able to get it here. So, I don't know how applicable Inner Circle services would be to my current lifestyle.

    Again, thank you for your committment to change the way the planet views health, fitness, and diet. You are an inspiration, and I hope this business THRIVES!!!!!!! – EWH

  36. Emily says:

    Hi Ben,
    First, wanted to say that you really have one of the most comprehensive, fun, readable, and relate-able health, fitness and training blogs out there. I really appreciate the personality you put into it, and it makes the reader feel connected to you as a coach and fellow athlete. Also it's not intimdating. I have bought and read through one of your plans. Will buy more in the future. Great job and please keep it up.

    I will agree on a few comments:
    1. There is a HUGE amount of information on the blog. The non "inner circle" folks like myself come for specific information on nutrition or training and tips as per needed basis, but not necessarily read every single detail or listen through entire podcasts, which are lengthy, esp for those who have to juggle work, family, kids, etc. So – TIME is a factor here. I don't know how much time I would have for Inner Circle videos, articles, etc. Perhaps summarizing points in a weekly newsletter might be helpful while simultaneously offering full posts – that may draw more audiences to the Inner Circle (?)


    1. Thanks for the feedback here and below Emily – one quick thing I want to throw in is that the Inner Circle is not necessarily for a huge amount of added information, but rather for more INTERACTION…especially immediate interaction with multiple feedback sessions and Q&A that goes above and beyond what you can get waiting 4 weeks for a podcast question to get answered!

  37. ken says:

    I just bought your book.I read it on Nook for PC.alot of the info. is valuable to me ;but a lot does not pertain to me,as i am a 65 yr. old man who has had open heart surgery.I am not a runner.just an older man trying to cheat the reaper,by excercising,ie.,cardio,yoga and strength training.

  38. Fred Firestine says:

    I'm on a tight budget right now. Yes, I can identify $17 every month that is probably wasted, but a subscription to me is a commitment that should be in the budget. I need to fix that first. Your information is definitely worth the money, but of course you might get more people involved at a lower price point, if that's viable for you.

  39. Karl says:

    I am pretty new to you. I have the opportunity to listen to your podcasts and have made some changes to my diet and fitness routine. I learned of you from your interview with the Marathon Training Academy. I am not an inner circle member because I have no discretionary income. My wife just started an Audiology program and I will be starting a physical therapy program in August. I am looking forward to joining the inner circle in 3 years after graduation. For now, I very much appreciate the free information, it is both educational and motivating! Thank you!

  40. larchitect says:

    Hi Ben,
    First off I didn't know about the inner circle so it's a little hard to be a part of something that you don't know about. Secondly, like a lot of other commentators, I don't have a lot of time to be taking in more information or enjoy forums unless I'm looking for some specific information. Like a lot of other folks, I work 40+ hours a week, I'm training 12-16 hours a week (and that's just the workout part, not all the stretching, planning, getting ready, bike maintenance, etc), cooking (I cook most meals for my wife and me because I like wholesome food and cooking), taking care of chores around the house etc, etc, etc, so no matter how good the information is I won't watch it unless it's something that's pertinent to me. I do enjoy your podcasts which i download and listen to when I'm driving; however, I'm not even current with your newer ones and there are over a hundred I haven't listened to yet. I like the information you give and I do like the technical nature of it. I'm a landscape architect and an engineer and part of my job is overseeing research and new product/policy development so understanding why something works is important to me. I don't really like the whole thing of "Well it works for Macca or Crowie or Chrissie so it'll work for you" thing. I like science and research backed information which you provide. I am also an older athlete and have been pretty much a vegetarian since the early 80's and have done a lot of research on food and I have figured out what works well for my body. Now that doesn't mean I won't try something new and that's why I like to listen to you and others. (Recently I started using chia fresca on runs and bikes and rice and egg burritos on bikes instead of power bars and it's working out fine.) So keep up the good work. This discussion has prompted me to make a donation which I was thinking about doing anyway and if you charged a modest amount for your podcasts I would probably subscribe to that as well. I understand that you're trying to make a living and a group of monthly subscribers makes that easier. I hope it works well for you.
    Regards, Mark

  41. Andy says:

    Hey Ben what do think about taking donations for podcast questions and bumping those to the front, I personally would pay for that and it may make people research old podcasts before asking the same questions again. You do a great job, keep it up.

  42. kelcey1 says:

    Hi Ben. I love your podcasts and have taken a lot of what I have learned from you into my daily routine. The main reason I have not joined the inner circle is because I heard a pod cast with you and your wife that I think was right when you were first starting the inner circle. Your wife was talking about different sweeteners. There was a question about Truvia, and although she said she didn't know exactly what was in it, she said to stay away from it. First of all, I knew what it was, and felt like she needed to do her homework before doing a podcast on sweeteners and should have known what it was. Second, how could she make any kind of a recommendation when she didn't even know what was in it? I am certified in nutrition myself and know a lot about food. I don't want to pay money for information that I already know, or feel that I know more than the person giving the information. There were so many sweeteners that could have been discussed that were not even mentioned. I remember her recommendation was organic raw honey. I use honey very rarely (yes, organic and raw). There was no mention of the different types of stevia, no mention of coconut sap or sugar, brown rice syrup, barley malt syrup, yakon powder or syrup, or Whey Low. If I'm going to pay for information I want it from an expert, not the spouse of an expert. I know some people say your information is too technical, but that is one thing that I like. Otherwise it's going to be of no interest to me. Granted, I am more knowledgable about nutrition than the average person. Most information about food and nutrition I know about long before it becomes mainstream, and you hear Dr. Oz talking about it.
    Also, my time is very limited, sometimes I can't even get to your podcasts until after a week or two has gone by.
    Thanks for the great podcasts and information. I'm sure your wife has lots of great information, that first podcast just turned me off, sorry.

  43. Bree says:

    Hi Ben,
    I am a member of the Inner Circle because you included membership when I purchased the Tri-Ripped plan. I've enjoyed having access, but am not sure I would pay for it in the future at $17/month for a few reasons:
    1. While the concept is great, I find the site difficult to navigate and the content hard to tease out.
    2. I was most excited about the forum, but have been disappointed with the lack of discussions and participation by other members. I do, however, really appreciate the direct and personal responses from both you and Jessa.
    3. I don't know when new content is published, even though I am a subscriber. The same goes for Ben's Daily Diet…I am signed up for the RSS but it doesn't ever seem to update.
    The bottom line is, it's a great idea and I definitely see the benefits, but I think it needs to be refined a bit to justify $17/month.

    1. Bree, the Daily Diet is updated every two days, so let me know (just shoot me a separate email) if you're not getting anything in the RSS feed!

  44. The ability to get personalized coaching and consulting might be the biggest plus for you, Kandi!

  45. Bret says:

    Actually Ben, I read and listen to your insight. You have helped me. I have purchased your TriRipped and have implemented portions of it into my routine. I feel that you work hard at what you do and I have been getting the benefits of that for free. That does not sit well with me. So, I am going to sign up to become a member. You have earned it. Look for my signing no later than tomorrow.

    Bret C. Green

    1. we'll be honored to have you Bret!

  46. Al P. says:

    Hi Ben – I do really enjoy the podcasts and the content you provide on your website. I do listen to and browse many of the fitness and nutrition experts out there and you are one of the better ones. I feel I have contributed to this website through buying some of your books and supplements. The supplements are way over priced compared to what you can get by just doing a google search on the same supplements. However, I have bought them through your site anyway just because of all the advice you give on the podcasts. As far as the inner circle goes, I would love to see some of the stuff on there but $17 per month is just too much. With all the monthy fees for phones, internet etc. that we have to pay, I am not willing to pay the $17 per month for this. If it were cheaper and available on more of a on demand basis I would buy something but I am not doing a monthly fee.

  47. Brandon Taylor says:

    As a student at a college with a buffet style cafeteria, I didn't think I could benefit very much from holistic meal options and household cleaning options because I'm not living a lifestyle that applies to those things right now.

    And I kind of assumed tha the inner circle was more intended for "household health" rather than exercise/sports nutrition, so I felt it would be an undue expense (especially as a student) for something I'm not looking for/affected by right now.

  48. jeff Hoening says:

    Hi Ben – You provide tons of amazing, cutting-edge, inspiring, helpful, and free content – really amazing it's all still free. Consider providing a more abbreviated version of the show (maybe 45 min) for free, with the full version only for ICM (inner circle members) at $4.99 or $9.99/mo. For example, instead of 12 questions, the free show would answer 4, with a mention that the full show is available to ICM. Or provide just one free podcast per month and the other available to ICM. I've seen podcast that upload like this – episode 123, 124, 128, 132, etc. – not loading all the shows makes the audience wonder what they missed and how they hear it. This keeps your podcast presence online and on iTunes. This is kinda what Bret at Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast ( did – very clever.

    1. jeff Hoening says:

      Part 2: Consider some other sweet incentives to join inner circle – randomly offer free 30 minute phone call with you, free month of coaching, free product, only to ICM, call the ICM to answer their question "live" for the podcast. Evententually, you should answer ONLY those questions from ICM not people in general. My two marketing cents. Thanks for your efforts and the hugely positive impact you've made on my training, nutrition, health, and life. God's very best to you, Jessa, and the twins.

    2. Good feedback Jeff, thanks!

  49. Torry says:

    Between costs of equipment and races, I’m pretty tapped. I think you provide a great service, but I’m just not in a position to buy coaching services. Does that mean I don’t need it? Of course not. I’m not looking for a pro card, so what’s the point? At least I can say I did it entirely on my own.

  50. Joe says:

    That’s a great question. Hell I dnt know why not. I think it’s a great deal. I’m becoming a member right now… :) thanks for the eye opener.

  51. @b0j3 says:

    Not a member. Not sure about benefits and I have to go on the budget, so for me 17 USD per month is a bit over the budget.

    1. @b0j3 says:

      Something went wrong with my answer so it's not whole:
      Not a member. Not sure about benefits and I have to go on the budget, so for me 17 USD per month is a bit over the budget.
      Bought few of your books though …and I support your podcast with 1USD per month – but it's worth much more than that.

  52. Lance says:

    Not a member. My approach to nutrition runs completely counter to yours, so I doubt there would be much of interest to me. I do enjoy the podcast, since there is always a great variety in both the Q&A and the interviews. Lately there have been some great interviews, and while I might not agree, I am always interested. Like the recent one about ketogenic diets. I strongly disagree, but found the interview fascinating anyway.

  53. petkem says:

    I listen to your podcasts, like your advice, though some of your recommendations aren't practical for normal people – specifically all the nutritional supplements, ultra-organic foods, charcoal toothpaste, etc. Nice idea, but I live in an expensive part of the country and can't imagine having the $ to support that lifestyle. I am a serious weekend athlete, don't compete, $17/mo is $184/yr – not insignificant and I am not sure how much additional value I would get from it that I don't already get from the site and podcast. It is hard to put a value on what you do, for some episodes of your podcast or merely interesting, but every couple there is information I find really valuable, so if you shifted to a for-payment model, I am not sure I would feel I was getting my money's worth. I think it is hard to charge $ for more general information, you might have a better chance if you had extra-pay elements that were very focused so people would know it would be targeted to their needs. I really like your podcast though and it makes me more likely to consider buying your other products or paying for your consulting 1:1.

  54. Ferdinand says:

    Hi Ben,

    For me it is time. If I subscribe to the inner circle program I would want to make the most of it and I feel I wouldn't take advantage of it as best as I should.

  55. michael Brooks says:

    I have just started listening Ben and have really enjoyed your info and articles I am not a tri-athlete but I do train I crossfit and surf and Im a full time PT
    I would love to develop a site and do a PODCAST someday when I grow up (well I’m 50 I guess I’ve gotten older but I guess I’m a late bloomer)
    I think the Crossfit journal concept of $25 a year is pretty good one I know its not much but you might make up for it in numbers?
    again thanks for what you do and I have a million questions for you but I’ll send them in a separate e-mail or check the rest of the podcast
    Hasta La whenever
    Michael Brooks

  56. Dhanshree Arora says:

    I live in India, and cannot pay you in dollars. So can't be in the inner circle, plus $17 is way too much for someone like me earning in the Indian rupee. :(

    1. We do Paypal and Credit card for Inner Circle, so anybody international can access!

  57. Sara says:

    you and your wife live in unreal bubble. ask yourself, " how many people blog for a living?" "how many people are stay at home parents?" how many of us can train 6x a week for 2-3 hours and then make home made crackers? you both need to get real and have a clear understanding what the majority of people go through everyday who work 9-5 and then try to apple your way out ideas to them. you'll find they simple don't work or fit! do you really think the majority of people can afford $17 a month for a few videos and a recipe? your out of touch with your listeners and the real world!

    i've listen to the podcast for triathlon advice for some time. but lately all you do is try to sell your listeners on your over the top lifestyle and over rated accomplishments as a athlete. sorry, but you are lost in yourself, ben! might want to think about how you can bring yourself back down to earth where the rest of us live while sitting on stool pooping, before trying to tackle anything else! ;)

    1. Actually, I worked 7am to 8pm 6 days a week for 10 years, Sara, and until 3 years ago, my wife also worked 8am to 6pm!

  58. Jack says:

    With work, taking in information and tri training time, it’s difficult to commit to more info downloads, so membership in the current Inner Circle doesn’t work. I’d rather see you build an index of individual topics, use a pay wall, and charge me a fair price for just the info I want.

  59. Wanda says:

    I can definitely echo many of the sentiments here. I am a former member of the Inner Circle. I found much of the information was not pertinent to me. I also found it hard to take full advantage of everything offered because of time constraints. I am not crazy about monthly fees either. I do thoroughly enjoy your podcasts, especially after the addition of Brock. He is funny and down to earth. I do my best to keep up with the bi-weekly podcasts on my runs but at this time, that's all I have time for. Keep up the good work. I commend you and your wife for all of your hard work and great intentions.

    1. Hi Wanda – a big part of the Inner Circle is that it's not just us pushing info to you – it's a two way conversation where you can use us for coaching/consulting – when you look at it that way, it's like having 24-7 support, and not just "extra information". Hope that helps!

  60. Mary Glimpse Manshel says:

    I donate monthly to the BGF podcast, and I am happy to do so. The information you provide has been more valuable than what I have obtained from medical professionals and personal trainers. You have literally changed the quality of my life, and I am constantly recommending you to friends, family members and fitness professionals. I think $17 is too much to pay on a monthly basis, and I would certainly consider if the price were decreased significantly. Some of the information provided in the Inner Circle is not relevant to me since I don't have children, but I surround myself with folks who have the same fitness and lifestyle interests and am always passing on information that I've learned from you. You're a rock star!

  61. Wayne Stensrud says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’m currently on the dominator program, and have to say that for the price, you offer a fantastic program. I paid well over 10x the amount for a “trainer” last year for IMC and received 1/10 of the information. As with many others, time management seems to be the predicator with regards to podcasts (etc.), and also holds true for myself. Your nutrition info (while maybe a bit over the top at times, is informative and factual based…I can pick and chose what works for me). 17 dollars may be placing yourself a bit too far out of range for the average triathlete.(demographics, and marketing…who do you want as your target group?) Many of the comments reiterate budget restraint…I echo that sentiment. Can’t imagine the hours you have to put in for all of this to come together, and the fact that you deliver such a quality program. I sell (figuratively speaking of your program daily to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so, but will have to seriously look at my budget if this becomes a reality…off my soap box now….Thanks Ben, keep up the great work….

  62. jake says:

    Not a member.
    Like the site alot.
    Podcasts can be a bit too long, not focused enough.
    I like the articles, but sometimes, they read like ads for very expensive products, which makes me wonder if the suggestions are actually good ones, or just easy to push your endorsed products. Im all for promotion, but it gets to be a bit much.
    I like the focus non toxic stuff

  63. Kandi says:

    I am not a member of the inner circle. I rarely listen to the podcasts…too much information and sometimes it is way too "scientific" for me. I have a couple of your books. I have watched your partners "wetsuit removal" video several times and still can't get mine off quickly. Not sure what I would be gaining from being in the inner circle. I am a triathlete on a budget, but I do it for fun even though I am on a team. Thanks.

  64. Chris Price says:

    Hi Ben,
    I am not a member but i have been coached by you for Ironman Triathlon & have bought a few of your training programs. I love your podcasts & don’t miss any BGF or Endurance Planet episodes.
    Like many commments so far, i think time & money are the main reasons i have not subscribed yet. The information you give out in the Inner Circle sounds great, but the $17/month for additional information ontop of the vast amount you already supply seemed a little too much (both in terms of volume of content & cost).
    On the podcast side, I especially like the fact that you seem willing to consider many different opinions from industry experts & then test out some of those theories on yourself.
    I will continue to recommmend you to my friends & follow your podcasts etc.

  65. Brennan says:

    First, I love and all you do!
    Quick thoughts from a prior user I.C. user (worth noting I only logged in a few times while being a member for 4-5 months and my last log in was a few months ago.):

    I.C. seemed to have usability issues: I generally use google chrome and felt like I had trouble accessing the I.C. site (required multiple logins, etc) . The site would ask me to log in multiple times. Maybe post an innercircle tab on the top of the On a related note it would be nice if all of your domain names (,, etc.) were more easily accessed and identified at the top or side of each of your sites. I know the target audience is not always the same but I think it would be beneficial. Skeptics of the world may wonder why you have so many different sites if they are just finding you.

    I felt like the general layout of the data in the I.C. portion should have been more user friendly given the price.

    The response time and detail on the one/two questions I asked when I was a member seemed a little slow and inadequate (There is a good chance the detail of my question is more to blame than the answer… but ultimately I was expecting more for my $17 fee)

    I did not use it enough to pay $17 a month (I would rather just donate now and then) and did not find the I.C. to be a valuable reference tool to have access to for that price.

    While I found the information interesting I struggled a bit with me being able to realistically implement it in my every day life. But the bigger issue was just that I did not use the site enough on a monthly basis for it to be worth it.

    Price: I would def do it for $5… Maybe for $10… not sure after that. Maybe you could have tiered levels. General access for $5 with no interaction avlb. Silver access where you can search the site, get email updates for $10… and gold where you can interact directly as often as you want for $15-20… ? and maybe the $5 folks could pay a $5 fee to start a thread/ask a question?

    I signed up to get email updates for all newly posted threads but I never got any. Note: I did not follow up with site or spend time investigating on my own to try and figure out why but there may I am sure there were things I missed that would have kept me coming back for more.

    I think that is it… Back to my original comment: I love and all you do!
    Thank you!

    1. We recently updated and redesigned the site, Brennan, so I think most of those issues you experienced are a thing of the past!

  66. Kay Turley says:

    I just can’t justify 17 dollars a month. I live in a really rural area, am on a limited income and have a very slow satellite. I’m not even sure what the inner fitness circle is.


  67. Henry says:

    For me, it was money. $17/month was too high.

    From a business standpoint, I think you need to focus on volume. What is the lowest price to get the highest volume of subscribers? If you can triple your subscribers at roughly 1/2 the price—say $9—you will earn more money and help more people.

  68. keith mason says:

    Re inner circle. While I am officially retired, I have a lawn business that keeps me pretty busy. I'm up at 5, run 6, work out for 30to 40 minutes, then work the rest of the day. I never miss your's and endurance planet, as well as half a dozen others. Seems I always have 4 or 5 books on nutrition, running, etc thatI'm trying to get thru. I simply don't have time for anything else. I really enjoy your podcast, and think you made a great choice with Brock. The interviews with various Doc's, etc are great. BTW, I'm 75 so especially like anything for "mature" athletes.

  69. Roberto Cortés says:

    I love the podcasts and the articles, sometimes I don't get it all probably when the vocabulary gets too medical. I really want to become a member, I think the price is good, but sometimes with training and work it makes it hard to follow up all the amazing information you guys share.

  70. @kjp684 says:

    I've been following you in multiple forums and bought your recent book (Kindle version). The reason I haven't joined is that I'm not a triathlete. I work fulltime, have teenagers, and am getting my MBA. Also, I'm in my 50s. The programs & supplements you talk about are beyond what I'd need. You probably could start up another product offering at the middle age athlete — there are MANY people in their 50s and 60s who take their athletic performance seriously but who don't actively compete or have the capability of spending more than 1 hour per day on working out. Perhaps you could tier your membership to be $5 for casual/weekend athletes, $10 for the competitive athlete? Maybe the $5 membership would be the senior citizen discount rate :) You could structure the access to content according to the membership level. (Many of the online foreign language training programs do something similar.)

    1. The majority of my personal one on one clients are 40-65 years old. Quality of life and longevity are two of the main items we focus on when we go after the health concepts we do in the Inner Circle (and not "high performance for elite athletes").

  71. Lesley McFerron says:

    Hi Ben! Love, love, love your podcast. I also love that your advice and opinion are often outside of the current “western” medicine establishment. I honestly don’t bother going to my doctor for health advice, because I feel unless I need surgery, he’s only trained to write me a prescription. My overall health is up to me. Through your podcast, you do all the research work for me. THANK YOU!

    I was part of the inner circle for several months. Great content! Although I wasn’t always sure how to access the content. It would be great to get automatic emails from Inner Circle like I do when your other weekly podcasts come out. Maybe you already do that… But, for some reason, I never got email notices regarding new content. Also, it’s a little expensive. We pay $7.99 a month for things such as Netflix and Premium Quadcast from FoxNews, and Audible. I want to pay you what you’re worth… Just can’t justify $17.

    One more thing: I also will support you by buying products from you. Because, once again, I feel that you’re saving me the time in doing the research on the best products!

  72. Jeff says:

    Great podcast. I'm an ironman and have a coached program but get alot from the podcasts. I do get frustrated when you recommend something that is clearly a sponsor of yours. How can we be sure you genuinely believe that particular product is the best/most appropriate when you're being paid to recommend something. I have notice a lot more "I highly recommend you use …" in the last 12 months and beginning to wonder are you being paid to say it???
    I am not a member simply because $17 a month is another $17 I have to find on top of all my other triathlon related expenses like a ton of supplements, massages, chiro, race nutrition, healthy food, race fees, replacing equipment, bike servicing etc. the list is never ending and everyone wants a bit of my income.

    In a perfect world when money was not an issue I'd probably join or even hire you as my personal nutritionist/medical advisor. You have great content for everyone from coach potatoes starting to us lifelong fitness lifestyle athletes. Maybe you can reshape your business model.

    1. You'll notice across the board that there are many recommendations and guests who I get absolutely nothing from. Sure, some stuff is affiliate based or sponsored, but a very large part of it is not!

  73. Chris Hughes says:

    I was a member for a few months. While I did enjoy the information I found the site incredibly difficult to navigate and use. It seemed like no matter where I turned I was constantly being asked "sign up for the Inner circle! "

    It got to the point where I didn't enjoy visiting the Inner circle Site as I could never find the information that I was constantly being told I would find if I signed up.

    I know you're just one guy and far from rolling in cash. But it's time to stop trying to do everything through word press. It makes your sites seem "scammy" and difficult to navigate. Get a web designer and nail down a brand.

    The information you have is too good to be lost in cyber clutter…

    1. Chris, last month we changed navigation to make it way easier!

      And I have a full time web designer. ;) Using WordPress (free) allows the podcast to stay free!

  74. Jason says:

    Not an inner circle member, but I have to admit that it was your influence that got me to train for my first sprint tri coming up in October. The biggest hurdle for me is that you have so much information out there with the site and the podcast that I can hardly keep up! And while I am not so hot on an online subscription, I'm seriously considering purchasing Tri-ripped because I want to be just that.

    Thanks for all the awesome information!

  75. Megan says:

    I’m not a member, but I love every bit of content you put out through podcasts and your site. I have considered becoming a member several times, and it comes down to time – I am already a full-time graduate student, plus getting a health coaching certificate, plus starting my own business, plus triathlon and half marathon training, plus running 3 clubs at school. I’m just not sure I’d have the time to dedicate to Inner Circle to make sure I’m actually getting value out of something I’m paying for. Maybe in a few months when some of this calms down! If I feel like I had time to use it, the current cost would not be prohibitive.

  76. sandy says:

    you have a wealth of great info and im inspired to be fitter/healthier but honestly get those expensive products makers to pay you for advertising. and get them to discount purchase of their products thru you. a gym membership isnt much more expensive and their overhead is way higher than yours. you want more members…dont even think of raising price in this economy, cut it in half at least.

  77. Alan says:

    I am not a member because I am still trying to catch up my nutrition to all the free advice as well as get my family on board. Working 65+ hrs a week in the Army and training in the mornings and weekends my wife has to be on board to change the family diet. If I can sell her on the benefits then the price is fair. Good luck and thanks for all you do.

  78. Lisa says:

    I'm not a member. Time constraints keep me from entertaining myself with physical grandeur. I like the information in your free info (I'm also cheap). I don't think it's worth my cost considering I'm not on the computer enough to benefit…I only check my email about once every two to three days. Keep up the good work.

  79. Bruno says:

    I am not a member. The main reason is time, I already struggle to find time to triathlon train and try to listen to your podcast and read the site post during lunch. So, I believe it is too much information on a regular basis, although I am interested in the inner circle if was possible to access specific information for a lower price just getting what I am looking for. The other problem I have is the exchange rate, because I am from Brazil, so the membership would cost about twice the price. Even on the pod cast and site post sometimes I find some articles very techinical to my entry level or have difficulty to find some items suggested for recipes (cooking is not my strong point).

  80. Doug says:

    Not a member. The previews that you have shared are good, and am sure I would get great benefit from it. Is it the cost? Porbably not – that's like three or four Starbucks a month. I think the bigger reason is that I may go a couple weeks without even reading your free emails because I get so busy with work and life in general and that is just one more thing I would feel compelled to add to my daily "to do" list. Would probably be a worthwhile investment of my time, but since I am already running a big deficit on "time" and can barely get my tri training in most days, I have not "bought in".

  81. Meghan says:

    Hi Ben,
    I just thought the inner circle was more for recipes, at home moms, family type stuff…and I did not know that it has that much more info than what you give on your podcasts, Get Fit Guy etc….. I’m single, no children, and not a cook…. but if there is more to it than that I would definitely be willing to pay at least $10 a month…

  82. Jackie H. says:

    I would pay under $10/ mo.

  83. Scott Murphy says:

    I am not a member for a few reasons. First, I already have too many people “in-my-pocket”……insurance companies, gym memberships, utilities, etc and would rather have an option for a yearly membership (dependant on content). The content of that membership would have to fit and influence my lifestyle. Second, I am not a triathlete and assume I have no business being in an inner circle of one. I simply a middle aged man that made a lot of bad heath decisions and trying to right the wrongs. Don’t get me wrong, I am a diehard listener to your podcasts and find a few good tips here and there that I transpose into a journal….which brings me to my third reason. The content of your podcasts is just a questionable and frustrating as every other source available from your local doctors office to the internet and everywhere is between (Supersize Me vs. Fathead as a perfect example). For every recommendation you have I can find a number of sources that are proponents like yourself, and an equal amount of sources that profess that the information is bogus and the truth is just the opposite. This is an industry where everyone is right and wrong at the same time, hence the source of my frustration.
    I feel that everyone as individuals needs something different because no two people are the same. Generalized information should be free because it doesnt’ work for everyone and individualized information is worth every penny of the outcome.

    [email protected]

    1. That's why I created the Inner Circle – for the individualized consulting!

  84. Chandler says:

    Not a member. Love the podcasts (I make a monthly donation) and info on this site. I've bought 2 of your books and ordered supplements. I already have access to a lot of info that I can't keep up with. I'm afraid inner circle is just more time and info than I can handle. I try to make donations and buy books and products to support you, but don't think the Inner Circle program is right for me.

    1. It's more customized solutions and coaching than information!

  85. Marie says:

    Hi Ben, I love the podcasts and am a real fan of yours, you put out really helpful and useful information… but since you asked…
    Why the Inner Circle really doesn’t sound right for me? Firstly, it sounds “way out there” i.e. I’ll end up a huge amount of time trying to make my own toothpaste,milling my own flour, farming obsecure herbs and vegies (where I don’t know, a window box?), replacing things like my water system (which is impossible, I live in an apartment in Central London) and it’s all alot of effort for a very extreme lifestyle which is probably great if you have time to do such things. Unfortunately, I don’t. At the moment, I live in the city, I work full time, I don’t have a family and the inner circle seems aimed at housewives with alot of time on their hands.

  86. Maurice says:

    I’ve tried several of your suggestions given on the podcasts and haven’t seen what I’d call a significant difference in my performance or well being and therefore have doubts about either being enhanced by being a member of your inner circle.

    1. What have you tried, Maurice?

  87. Cman says:

    Since I am a listener for a short time and that you have acutally answered a question about sports enduced asthema not to long ago, I guess I feel qualified enough to offer you some feedback. First of all your information, expert interviews and training knowledge are beyond my personal fitness goals. Quality is first. $17 a month is cheap as a gym membership that no body goes to. My advice would be to target those "elite" or want to become elite athletes for 5 times that. Those who refuse to pay your inner circle price get the free crumbs. I have heard it before, If you want to double your income, double your prices. You're worth it Ben!

  88. Burnt Toast says:

    I’m not a member. As a parent of two in college and a third on her way in a few years, money is tight and triathlon is low budget, low key and not much of a priority right now. I do enjoy reading your articles and listening to your podcasts and appreciate you putting them out there.

  89. Elizabeth says:

    I have lots of Triathlon costs – gym, masters swim, entry fees etc. I LOVE the information you give via pod casts. Love the detail and depth even with stuff that doesn't pertain to me – since David Warden doesn't keep his podcast up you are the only detailed information podcast I have found. Thanks for all the information.

  90. Russ says:

    Too expensive.

  91. Doug says:

    Sorry, didn't know about the inner circle but time is a big factor for me. Some of this is just too long winded for my time budget. I appreciate all you do. Thanks.

  92. Carmen says:

    Would have liked to see more “immune system” discussions and support for the not perfectly healthy individual. (auto immunity is a HUGE problem for so many people and i struggle with it daily….just needed more from the inner circle…otherwise it was great).

  93. Sedrik says:

    I live in australia and supplements (along with everything!) r really expensive so the more i train the more i spend on …
    muscle milk, magnesium, fish oils, vitamin D, amino acids, gels, hydrating drinks, my shiv, gym membership, pool entry, swimming aids, garmin, heart rate monitor, shoes, compression garments, my goggles that i KEEP LOSING!! (last race they got stolen).. And that dosnt even include my gigantic food bill!
    lol but u get the point, unforunatley i have to pay for all this stuff and another expense, is another expense.

  94. Melanie Duncan says:

    I am a member and have bought some of your programs. I think the cost is fine for the amount of work and things that you put into it. I do plan to continue my membership, however, I rarely have time to use the Inner Circle and have only ever asked a handful of questions on the forum. I've not watched videos or read content, but someday when I have time I will do so which is why I will continue to pay. I do hope the price isn't going up though since I'm currently not able to utilize what I'm paying for. I listen to the podcasts when I'm doing my mindless chores (dishes, laundry, etc.) or exercising which is the only reason I have time for that.

    I hope you keep it going because I love all the stuff that some of these folks are claiming too technical or too much effort or whatever. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Don't worry, the price is definitely not going to go up!

  95. Annie says:

    Not a member, love the podcast and website though and have donated a couple of times. I am a university lecturer in Sports Nutrition to find your podcast ideal for listening to while I walk the dog in the morning, but to be honest that is pretty much the only spare time I have, I usually access the papers you cite which is really useful. I’m not serious about training/competing anymore (too much too young means irreversible LT joint damage) but like to tick over and keep healthy, so the podcast and website give me what I’m after. Just wish there was a way to retain the information as well as you do!

  96. Sam says:

    Money: $17 is probably more than I want to pay, but considering how much I already invest in health & fitness, it isn't unreasonable. Though, if it were $5, I would be there in no time.

    Fit: I am a single bachelor sharing a house with 4 other similar guys. The whole "clean house, clean family" thing doesn't quite fit my lifestyle at this point.

    Info: The biggest reason is time. I honestly don't have enough time to do everything that you suggest on BGF alone. I imagine trying to do Inner Circle too, and I can't see myself doing it. I love to make flax crackers and homemade cleaning stuff, but these are special treats for me and not the norm. I image that some of the information would help me do things faster and more efficiently, but I am still learning and experimenting with your free stuff.

    Thanks so much for all you do! I understand you are making this a bread-winning pursuit for you, but your genuine concern and interest always shines through!

    1. Angel says:

      I love your program. However, we really have to watch what we spend. It's a money thing. Being able to listen to your advice for free has helped our family to get healthier. I turned to you for advice when I didn't know if I was excercising to much because I have come to respect and trust your opinion. My family appreciates you. Even if you charged 7.00 dollars a month, we just could not obligate ourselves at this point. It's not you or the content. It's just life……

  97. Kelly says:

    I’m not a member. I listen to your podcasts and read your blog as often as I can. I started listening to your podcast for general fitness information and typically get quite a lot from it. I am not a triathlete nor do I intend to go that route. I have not joined because I don’t feel that I’ll have time to devote to it to get all I can. I try to digest what I can but find that a lot of it is really technical. I am vegan and a lot of the supplements don’t translate for me. The interviews are awesome and I love the different topics.

  98. Andrea says:

    I am not a member of your inner circle because I do not believe that I would benefit from the content . I grow a lot of my own food organically and live a fairly healthy life style . Forums take too much of my time and I do not want my personal fitness to become my life’s focus.
    I very much enjoy your podcasts because I can listen to them as I walk my dogs , or do garden work , or ….
    I recommended your work to some of my friends and even patients (working in a cardiac intensive care unit). Keep it up and thanks a lot !

  99. Ian Hay says:

    I never miss a podcast, but I only listen while I’m out running. You’ve taught me heaps and my training and nutrition has improved considerably because of that, so thanks heaps :).

    I was a member of the inner circle, but the problem is I just don’t have time to digest all of that info, so I had to let the membership drop as I just wasn’t getting to go through any of it. It looked interesting and useful, but I just couldn’t get around to viewing any of it.

    I will be starting to donate due to the benefit I get from the podcast, but I doubt I’ll resubscribe to the inner circle.

    1. Did you use the forum much to ask question or get coaching, Ian?

  100. Mario D says:

    I think there is far too much Ben Greenfield chest thumping. I want information, not to be sold and re sold on you.

    1. Jordan says:

      Yes, I would love if for once, there was an piece of advice not formatted as: "People do "this" and its bad and screws them up, soooo…I do "this" instead and it works perfectly and leaves me even more awesome than usual". I like the topics and content but I am tired of hearing the Ben Greenfield hegemony. Also, it would be novel to come across any fact in the whole world which Brock knew but Ben did not, it seems that Brock submits to Ben's superior knowledge regardless of the topic and that Ben expects the audience to do the same.

      1. Brock says:

        I offer my advice, experience and thoughts when I think it is appropriate and relevant but if I did that too often, listeners would complain. Heck, I would complain! It's Ben's show, Ben's brand and Ben's knowledge that people tune in for. I am just the icing on the (beef) cake! The sweet sweet icing…

  101. Amy says:

    I am not a member because, although I listen and pay attention, a lot of what you describe and explain is highly technical and very helpful for people who are “at your level”. I don’t cook. I don’t know what half of the foods you mention actually are…I think bokchoy (sp?) is a leafy green, but don’t actually know. Your knowledge is Einstein level and my level is Play-Do. I need to know what is the absolute “best” or “least-bad” thing I can order / eat when I am out. No criticism, you explain things as clearly as they can be explained, I just would never ask most of the questions you get regarding nutrician, cooking, etc.

    1. You should start with, Amy. That's really simple!

  102. RoSal says:

    Not anything, really simple – I don't have a credit card, so can't pay. (Europe)

  103. Tampatrigal says:

    I love your podcasts and books, but my budget is tight

  104. Gaby M says:

    Hey Ben. Love the podcast and content you post. I'm not a member but I'd love to be. I have a few concerns though. First, I live outside of the US and I believe I won't have access to some of the ingredients in the recipes you publish (and this is at least 50% of my interest in the inner circles). Then there's the issue of bang for my buck. 17$ a month is a little over 200$ a year. This is not a trivial expense for me, especially for an online service. I'm not saying that your content is not worth this price. Knowing myself, I'm sure I will not have time to go over and digest all that you post in the inner circles. So I'm going to pay for a service I can't fully enjoy. I know I can get the first month free and I'm thinking about it. Still, I feel it's unfair to take this offer knowing the chances to continue after this first months are not so high. Thanks a lot for all the free stuff!

  105. Natalie says:

    I feel like there is already a lot of good information that I haven't had time to get to and don't have the time for an additional source. As one member says, triathlon is expensive already and I do think $17 is borderline too expensive with the gym membership, USAT, actual even registrations, yoga classes…….I feel guilty enough with how much of my family's income goes towards my "hobby" to justify another expense. I think when we have kids I would consider joining because of all the heathy family tips.

    1. Laura L Stapleton says:

      I agree with Natalie completely. The $17 is an awesome price, really, for the kind of coaching offered in the Inner Circle. After adding in all the other expenses, and I'm only a runner and weightlifter, I'm feeling the guilt, too.
      Between the podcasts and website, there's tons of information. Great stuff for the recreational athlete like me. I did get the Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body and am really enjoying it.

  106. Kevin says:

    I am not an innercircle member becuase I live in South Africa and with the exchange rate it does become a bit expensive, however, I do benefit and enjoy the articles I do have access to.

  107. Peter Mardiste says:

    Thanks Ben, I have a lot of data that I review and read and I play catch up each week. I do not access any data during the day so that leaves me a small window of opportunity at night thus there is only so much I can fit in.I do get a lot of good info after listening and reading a lot of your material (which is awesome).Right now a lot of the data I get from you and other sources fill’s my needs and I am making leaps and bounds in my nutrition and health.
    $17 a month is not a high price and right now I am not looking for that next step up just yet. I have made a lot of improvements from where I was 2 years ago, may be in 12 months I will be at that place to dive in, drop other stuff I read and get on board with your inner circle.
    One other issue is that a lot of the really good healthy foods you recommend is hard to come by here where I live, so until I can get a regular supply that is easy to source it hold’s me back a from the 100% change over.

    Peter M

  108. Anderson says:

    So, I’m not a member… I bought your Get Fit Guy’s book and I’m planning on donating some bucks to your podcast… I’ve been learning a lot and want to say thank you… I think the information we get from your free website is enough for most people…

    1. Really, the Inner Circle is more for the ability to have access for consulting and coaching than it is for pure information…it's more of the application component!

  109. Alex T says:

    Even though I’m nowhere near a triathalite, I’ve enjoy listening to “get getfit guy” and “” for the knowledge it provides. However, I don’t know what the inner circle is, other than the fact that it costs $17 a month (which is a lot) – What additional benefit would it provide me than what I get now for free? If I knew I get customized workout or meal plans and other items a- I may consider it. But $17 a month is the cost of my gym.

    1. 24-7 forum access to me and my wife, special cooking videos and recipes, bonus handouts with meal plan ideas and new foods we’ve found, secret articles and videos that I don’t release on this site, and, every month, a live video webinar with me and my wife, where we cover topics like home fitness exercises, healthy packaged foods, making new foods like kombucha and kimchi, and much more.

  110. Joseph Brescia says:


    I would love to be able to afford a coach, but I’m putting myself back through school and working full time whilst fixing up a house. Money is something that is not highly available. I guess I’m taking every advantage of you, but I do tell people to buy your books and training plans in addition to listening to your podcasts. Eventually, I’ll be able to pay for somebody, but I’m also on the east coast and like to meet people one on one. Thanks for all that you do.


    1. That's why I added the Inner Circle as an *affordable* coaching program for lower budget!

  111. bob says:

    hey ben, really love the pod cast & ur posts…travel post last week was fantastic…have considered joining the inner circle, but not sure on: 1) what the full access to u looks like & 2) if i hv the time to take full advantage of it.

    that’s it…really think u stand out in terms of delivering results and ur making a huge difference…keep it up!

  112. Richard Adams, GS '12 says:

    I am currently a member of the Inner Circle and subscriber to the podcasts via iTunes. I find them entertaining but, quite frankly, do not really address my needs as someone who is seeking more general fitness, nutrition and healthy living information than the kind of highly specialized news you tend to give. I will probably soon cancel my membership unless you implement a more general approach, in which case I would be happy to pay at a higher level.

    1. When you say "general", what exactly do you mean, Richard?

  113. fudgefairy says:

    Not a member, would love to be but I just can't put that into my budget. I love your podcasts and would love to read your books once I get a chance.

  114. Vicki Rerko says:

    I am not a member at present. I read your site sporadically at best. I would probably read more but I am busy exercsing or logging my food. I currently work with two trainers and feel that a live trainer works best for me at this time.

  115. anton says:

    I like listening to your podcasts thru itunes but feel I get more content (Q &A) thru your website e-mails. There are alot of “professionals” out there selling stuff and advising on nutrition and fitness. Like everyone before says it can become overwellming with the amount of information put out. What i would love to see or find is information about fitness in the area of my proffesion (over the road truck driver) were we dont have access to fitness gyms and do have an unhealthy lifesytle (altho I do the best I can). If something was offered as a one month trial I would give it a shot to see what you had to offer and if it would be worth the cheap $17 a month membership.

    1. One month trial is good idea, Anton. I may actually consider offering that…chewing on all the feedback rightnow!

  116. Simone says:

    I am already paying for a training with another group. Your information is great I just don't have the budget to add another cost.
    I bought your 21 day shape book ans is starting that today.

    1. amy says:

      The 21 is awesome, I just did it and it totally worked. I had five pounds of winter flab to put down and it's all gone, back to where I was prior. What took me three months to undo it took me 21 days to get rid of it. Awesome!

  117. kevin burton says:

    i have very much enjoyed your's and Brock's pod casts. they have been very helpful in my training for this years London marathon in April. the reason that i have not paid is because i didn't want to have to pay every month, as i didn't know if the training was to continue. i would be more than happy to donate $20-$30 as a thank you for your help, but didn't want a long term payment plan, as i've not run for a month after and probably won't until next year. kev

  118. sam howard says:

    Im not a member triathlon is expensive already! I have bought plans off you and currently doing the Ironman domination I do some more of my own stuff and change your plan accordingly to me but on a whole its an amazing plan and suits me down to the ground. Some of your pod casts I want to know certain info like you say your discussing achilles but then I have to listen to all of it like a needle in haystack and i dont have that much time it can be overloaded with info sometimes some stuff Im just not into and others surprisingly your info is great I know im sorta complaining but really ive listened to them and found some of the info I thought wouldnt be my thing to try it out and find its great ! catch 22 really but yes I agree with the above you do go 200% with info when really alls we need is 80% cheers though Ben great stuff :)

    1. Yes, that's one reason I started the Inner Circle – so people who don't want the "needle in a haystack" searching can go straight to me for direct Q&A whenever they want.

  119. Kem Johnson says:

    Not a member. I like the podcasts and the interviews especially. I balance your take on reality with the ROW when I make decisions about health. I am past being competitive about sports… never was really, even though I consider myself an aging profesional athlete (still a part time 60 year old mountain and ski guide)._I live in a country where all the butter is from grass fed cattle and we grow our own meat and vegies organically.

    We listen to sally fallon as you do and use her recipies. I guess I'll listen in as long as you are on the air.

    BTW the beautiful wife of my collegue (half my age) thinks you are quite hot.

    ta, the lonely moa.

    1. Always dig your comments, Kem. Especially if they involve members of the opposite sex thinking I am hot. Haha.

  120. Wazzup says:

    I’m just here for the free info. Your podcasts are entertaining, although sometimes I feel you’re a bit too much “out there” (the 0.01% only matters when you’ve got full control over the 99.9% which is an illusion (IMO)). I don’t do triathlon (just a runner who lifts some weights), and I don’t need any more information (I’m overloaded as it is).

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