How We Will Take The Fitness World By Storm By Drinking Organic Wine and Revealing Embarrassing Diet Secrets.

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A few weeks ago, my wife Jessa and I sat down (with a box of organic Badger Mountain red wine), and recorded a video and audio podcast episode called “The Naked Truth with Jessa Greenfield”. In addition to consuming copious amounts of wine during the episode, we jumped into lots of dirty little secrets, like:

-What are Ben's biggest diet cheats?

-How does Jessa cope raising two “ultra-healthy” kids?

-What it's like living with a podcaster who sits around in his underwear?

-Does Jessa take supplements?

-What are the most annoying things about Ben?

-Does Jessa have to deal with annoying issues like PMS and migraines, and if so, how does she do it?

-Does Jessa think Becoming Superhuman is all silliness?

Then we took the slightly embarrassing video and audio and squeezed it all into a free, convenient little phone app, along with adding one-click access to a huge vault of extra helpful and never-before-seen BenGreenfieldFitness content…here's a few of the outtakes:

We even got all nerdy, threw on our propellor hats, and figured out how to make it work on Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and pretty much anything except those cheapo $20 Go-Phones from WalMart.

In a second, I'll tell you how to grab the app for free, get access to all this stuff, and take over the fitness world by storm in the process, but first…

…I have to tell you that we added even MORE. We kind of went off the deep end, actually.

First we got quirky and crazy BenGreenfieldFitness podcast sidekick Brock Jason Skywalker Armstrong (yeah, that's his real name) to do entertaining product reviews, including fitness shirts, minimalist running shoes, and nutrition products with names almost as funny-sounding as Brock's.


Then we threw in impressive video, audio and slide content from my “Become Superhuman” event, including presentations from bulletproof bio-hacker Dave Asprey, cold thermogenesis fat burning expert Ray Cronise and the ever-popular “Nutrition Diva” Monica Reinagel.

And also included never-before-heard, insider interviews with fitness celebrities and rockstars like:

-Dan Pardi from Dan's Plan

-Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness

-Dr. Justin Marchegiani from JustinHealth

-Darryl Edwards from TheFitnessExplorer

-Dr. Spencer Wells from The Genographic Project

-Dr. Sara Gottfried from The Hormone Cure

But we weren't done yet.

screengrab3I walked around with my iPhone for days, shooting videos like “How To Use An Inversion Table”, “How To Have The Perfect Triathlon Bike Setup”, “The Ultimate Travel Checklist Video” and more (I actually haven't stopped churning out videos for the app yet – I'm still whipping out my camera every day and adding new content – it's mildly addicting).

OK, we're almost to the part where I tell you when it's ready and how to get it, but first…


…Why This Nifty App Needs To Be In Your Pocket

The way I see it, this thing equips you with everything you'd ever need to look, feel and perform exactly the way you want to, and it's especially nice because A) you don't have to worry about surfing through the huge clutter of health and fitness apps anymore; B) it's free and C) it's everything you need in one place.

There are even great features like “star your favorite episodes”, access special “locked episodes” available to app users only, and access the latest episodes straight to your phone before they even come out on the website.

And every week, I'm adding more stuff. Like I said, it's kind of addicting. It's simply nerdy magic – I shoot a video for you and voila – 10 seconds later it's there on the app for your viewing pleasure!

screengrab6So now this thing has morphed into a veritable portal to access all of the best fitness shows, special episodes, and videos in one convenient spot in your pocket – including exclusive bonus content you won't get anywhere else except inside this app, like:

-Weekly health and fitness episodes jam-packed with the latest cutting-edge scientific research and advice…

-Insider interviews with the world's leading experts in performance and nutrition…

-Special exclusive “extra” podcast episodes with me and surprise guests…

-Entertaining video clips straight from me with practical lifestyle tips – including stuff you won't find on Ben's YouTube channel or website…

-Free exercise training routines with video examples to follow along with on your phone…

-Downloadable .pdf and pictures to accompany your cutting-edge fitness content…

screengrab5Whether you're looking to lose fat and gain muscle without resorting to fad diets or you are a ripped superhuman training for your next triathlon, marathon or 5K, the app will provide you with natural remedies and complete solutions to maximize your nutrition, fitness and performance results, and make your life simply awesome.

On second thought, speaking of making your life awesome, don't put your phone in your pocket. That will fry your gonads. Just keep it handy somewhere nearby but not near your crotch, OK?

Moving on…

…the app also includes features that I have no clue how to make, but that our crack-whiz-bang team of app developers figured out how to do while peering through their thick, geeky glasses, including:

-Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere…

-24-7 updates with the latest episodes – and an archived back catalog from all historical episodes…

-Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other annoying distraction like needing to stop at red light)…


-Access to exclusive extras like PDF's and bonus episodes…

-Quick access to all the contact methods for the show like phone, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter, so that you can bug the heck out of me whenever you'd like…

So go get your body and mind ready – it's time to upgrade and biohack your current primal, paleo, crossfit, vegan, vegetarian, weightlifting, triathlon, Ironman or bodybuilding lifestyle to the next level…

…because it's all live and ready for your downloading pleasure NOW. Have fun.

To download the iPhone app, go to:

To download the Android app, go to:

app-store amazon_app google_play_app

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5 thoughts on “How We Will Take The Fitness World By Storm By Drinking Organic Wine and Revealing Embarrassing Diet Secrets.

  1. sjbaird123 says:

    anything for windows phones Ben ? Interested in the free for now ;-/

    1. Working on it. Stay tuned to the newsletter and I'll let you know!

  2. Mary Glimpse Manshel says:

    Awesome, thanks!

  3. Mary Glimpse Manshel says:

    Hey Ben, How much is the premium content for the app? When I tried to sign up for it, there was an option starting at $5/month and went up from there, but you mentioned in a recent podcast that it was $7/year or something similar. Help! Thanks a mil!

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