Ben Greenfield is teaching a Sep 24 nutrition clinic in Spokane, WA!

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While many of Ben Greenfield's clinics are geared towards the general population, with an emphasis on holistic eating for wellness, the purpose of this seminar is to educate endurance athletes about how to fuel their body properly in the “off-season”…complete with FREE supplement and nutrition products for all attendees!

You'll learn how to put together an eating plan for the fall and winter, with a focus is on peak performance, fat loss, and lean muscle formation. The discussion includes:

– proper carb/protein/fat ratios and intakes
– fueling your winter training sessions
– how to choose your off-season supplements, and which supplements to avoid
– how to simultaneously burn fat and gain muscle with unique nutritional strategies
– restaurant and social eating tips and tricks
– and much, much more!

When: 6:30-8:00pm, September 24, Wednesday

Where: Champions Sports Medicine, 730 N Hamilton in Spokane, WA, on second floor in physiology lab

Cost: $15

Contact: [email protected] to sign-up today!

Did you miss Ben's previous clinic on fueling endurance sports? Click here to get the complete 1 hour powerpoint and video lecture!

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3 thoughts on “Ben Greenfield is teaching a Sep 24 nutrition clinic in Spokane, WA!

  1. TriMoot says:

    BEN! Oh man, I’m not sure what happen as I’m still watching waiting for you to cross the Kona finish line. I sure hope you’re okay. Still man, great effort. Hope all is well. (It’s 10:16 PM Spokane time. I’m hoping to see you soon.
    God bless.
    TriMoot….aka Paul

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