How To Make A Green Smoothie With A Blender And Fresh Ingredients

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In this video, hosted by Ben's wife Jessa Greenfield, you'll learn how to make a green smoothie with a blender and fresh ingredients. Jessa and Ben use a Vita-Mix 4500 due to it's superior ability to thoroughly pulverize vegetables and fruits. For NINE more fresh smoothie recipes, check out the August 2010 edition of Ben's Body Transformation Club (just $7 a month for personal advice and tips from Ben and Jessa!)

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16 thoughts on “How To Make A Green Smoothie With A Blender And Fresh Ingredients

  1. Aishe Jackson says:

    I am a teacher. How do I make a large quantity (40 oz) drink half for breakfast and half at lunch without messing up the consistency?

  2. Louis says:

    I know this is necrophilic of me to bring up this post again, but what do you think about putting gelled bone broth in. Basically greens, turmeric n ground black pepper, chia/flax seed, avocado, some coconut milk and some cold-gelled bone broth with a sprinkle of lemon/lime.

    Would the mixer break down the gelatin too much?

  3. Mark simcox says:

    Hi ben,just a quick question about a green smoothie,i blend 100g of spinach,100g kale,1 large advocado,1 apple,5 sticks of celery,half a head of brocolli,2 cloves garlic,big cube of ginger,big cube of tumeric,4 beets and a handful of blueberries,i do try to get a full range of nutrients,its all organic,but if i drank a litre of it straightaway can i have the other half 24hrs later?by the way you have a fantastic show and it has really changed my life,so thanks very much ben.great information.

    1. Yep, that looks great….just make sure you add in some healthy fats like avocado or extra virgin olive oil!

  4. I realized after watching the video why you were confused if I put in carrots or Beets. The Red vegetable that I put in the blender was the stems of the Swiss Chard. I think that clears up that question.

  5. Gina says:

    I buy my greens in a big bag at Costco and then put it in the freezer. In my head this helps break down cell walls. (My thinking… As water freezes it creates crystals which break the cell wall. This is why fruits and veggies are mushy when you thaw them). Am I crazy? In my head I’m helps get more nutrients but I could be delusional.

    1. Freezing fresh foods high in water content will rupture cell walls (cellulose strands) similar to cooking. I believe the effect on cellulose in cooking is more mechanical in nature (water expanding causing cell wall rupturing) since based on what I could find here the heat involved in cooking isn't enough to actually breakdown the cellulose. Freezing may provide a similar mechanical breakdown. I'm not sure of the extent of the breakdown, but an easy comparison is to look at a frozen strawberry that has been defrosted next to a fresh one.

  6. Jessa says:

    4-6 c greens
    1-11/2 cup water or Juice.
    4 stalks of swiss chard
    whole apple
    1 banana
    2 Tbl hemp seeds
    1 cup berries

    the stalks of Swiss chard optional I just had them around because I used swiss chard as my green. When you are first getting started you may not want to do the amount of greens that I listed above because your tummy may revolt on you. I would gradually add more and more as you get into drinking green smoothies. Most people in the beginning have trouble with the fiber that is why I would gradually add greens. Also this make about 2 1/2 glasses of smoothie. If I don't get to drinking it all I use a ice cube tray and freeze the rest.

  7. Lea says:

    Yea is there any way you can right down the ingredients. Its a little hard to cath everything…

  8. Jessa says:

    I put in about a table spoon of hemp seed. You can also get hemp seed oil and the dosage is on the bottle. Enjoy!

  9. ReUnpack says:

    I know im a little bit late on this thread, but how much hemp seed did you add.

  10. i miss lost says:

    hey guys great video. just a tip. i,ll be better if u like have a list of ingredients written down in the video. just for all of those people who dont watch the entire video before going to the grocery.

  11. Jessa says:

    Nancy I realized after watching the video why you were confused if I put in carrots or Beets. The Red vegetable that I put in the blender was the stems of the Swiss Chard. I think that clears up that question.

  12. Jessa says:

    Hey there Nancy
    Hemp seed is the seed harvested from the female marijuana plant. You can find it in most natural food or health food store. Hemp milk is basically Hemp seed and purified water blended together. I think hemp milk is great in that form. Most of the hemp milk you find in your natural food store has had flavoring added to it to make it more palatable for the consumer much like its alternatives Almond or Rice. Hemp milk however is the highest in omega 3. i think it is fine to use either almond or rice milk. If I had to choose I would use almond over rice milk. Rice milk tends to be much lower in protein and higher in sugar. I put Beet greens into the smoothie (not the actual root I cooked those up for dinner)

    Hope that helps

  13. Question from Nancy: I was watching Jessa’s video yesterday on the green smoothies and wonder what hemp seed is and where do you buy it. Also, was that beets or carrots she put in that smoothie? I had no idea you could grind up greens like that – I put some spinach in my smoothie this morning and it was quite good.

    Also, what do you think of Hemp Milk? Is it ok to use instead of Almond or Rice Milk?

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