What In The Bleep Do We Actually Know About Water?

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A few weeks ago, I featured an “Is All Water The Same” interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack, a researcher at the University of Washington.

During our discussion, Dr. Pollack explained his discovery that some water forms a massive “exclusion zone” (EZ), and this zone of water excludes solutes (substances dissolved in the water).

Basically, this means that water can form a crystalline structure hundreds of microns thick when associating over certain surfaces, such as the proteins in your cells and tissues. This means that the more structured a water becomes, the more potential it has for enhancing hydration and cell-to-cell communication.

In this article, you'll learn why you should care about this.

After I interviewed Dr. Pollack, I took some time to actually sit down and watch his video lecture, so I could grasp this concept visually. I'd highly recommend that you watch the video too if you're interested in how consuming certain types of water affects your health or performance. If you want the cliff notes version of the video, Mark Sircus (who I've interviewed in several podcasts ), also has a very good article about this EZ water concept.

Here's the video lecture by Dr. Pollack:

Dr. Pollack alludes in this video to another (very controversial) video called “The Memory Of Water”. Below, you can view 6 short videos on the Memory of Water (don't worry, you don't have to watch them all right now, but bookmark these to check out later).

The Memory Of Water, Part 1:

The Memory Of Water, Part 2:

Water Effects on Blood:

Water, The Future of Medicine:

Water has Memory:

The basic idea of the Memory of Water videos is based on the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who published a book of photographs of water crystals which had been exposed to either positive and negative emotions.

These photographs, when taken through a dark field microscope, showed that the crystalline structure of water was altered depending on the emotions to which it had been exposed (these photos were also featured in the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know!?).

If you understand the concepts in Dr. Pollack's video and the Memory of Water videos above, then you now realize one important concept:

Water penetrates every organism on a cellular level, and coherently structured and vibrating water molecules should theoretically allow for better hydration and cell-to-cell communication.


So what am I getting at here?

Based on these concepts, I have actually been drinking structured water drops that are exposed to the identical frequencies as the piezoelectric ceramic disc that I'm wearing on my wrist.

These drops are simply pure spring water that has been imprinted electronically with a range of frequencies identical to those on the disc.

So if you read my wristband article last week, you know that a piezoelectric ceramic disc (like I'm wearing on my wrist rightnow) can store the frequencies to which it is exposed, and if you understand the information in the videos above, you know that the water I'm drinking can also store those same frequencies.

In summary, I'm basically filling my body with structured water that vibrates at the same frequency as my wristband, with the overall goal of supporting and enhancing the efficiency and performance of my body's cellular processes.

Important update: the Encoder wristband and Encoder drops I discuss above are now completely sold out. But you can outfit your home with a very simple and easy-to-use structured water generator (It's the same one I use. You can grab it at a discount here (it's called a HydroEnergiser). 


Is this slightly woo-woo science? Absolutely.

But if I wasn't a progressive thinker willing to try out new ideas, then this blog would not exist.

To be fair, I had a discussion just last year about how much of this water simply isn't worth it.

However, to also be fair…

-I used to fuel my tennis matches with “healthy” protein bars, protein shakes and sugary sports drinks

-I used to drink 3-4 Rock Star energy drinks a day to give me vitality and energy for doing hard workouts…

-I used to drink a few glasses of milk a day to keep my bones strong…

-I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool fitness trainer eating six meals a day of a low-fat, high-carb diet with lots of whole grains, and recommending that approach to all my clients…

-I'd of laughed at you 12 months ago if you told me that putting a pulsing magnet under my mattress would help me sleep better…

-I thought I was invincible to the effect of cell phones and radiation from my computer

-And my two main “supplements” I took for most of my life were Flinstones-style multivitamins and a Z-Pak antibiotic if I got sick…

In other words, if I dial back the clock and review just the past 6 years of my life, I have drastically changed my health, my diet, and the way that I respond to “fringe” concepts that I would have otherwise simply blown off as kook science.


So I completely understand and acknowledge that this whole structured water thing and embedded frequencies thing is “out there”, and I'm not telling you that drinking structured water or wearing piezoelectric wristbands is something that you  must do, or even something that has been proven clinically to work.

I'm simply reporting on what I've experienced, and trying to help you understand why I'm personally convinced this stuff works.

And since using the wristband and drops, I have noticed a difference in my sleep, energy, and performance, and I've noticed it more significantly when I combine the two.

So if you care to join me in this process, then you can get a wristband and drops here, and get a whole house home water structuring unit here (use code BEN10 to save 10%).

Important update: the Encoder wristband and Encoder drops I discuss above are now completely sold out. But you can outfit your home with a very simple and easy-to-use structured water generator (It's the same one I use. You can grab it at a discount here (it's called a HydroEnergiser). 

Questions? Do you drink structured water? Have you tried drinking structured water before and noted a difference? Do you think it is all placebo? Feel free to be critical, open-minded, neutral, or whatever you'd like, and leave your comments and feedback below!

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41 thoughts on “What In The Bleep Do We Actually Know About Water?

  1. Chris P says:

    Ben – big fan and got the book. Sadly one of the prime references on the internet really bashes Structured Water – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagonal_water. Is there further science that can be added to this page to re-balance the perception of Structured Water?

  2. Barbara says:

    Are you still drinking structured water?

  3. sonia says:

    Hi Ben,

    Basically I’m interested in getting a whole house structuring system but I guess I’m concerned that you also use an RO filter and remineralizer (i believe) for your well water at home. If the structuring system effectively neutralizes everything then why do I (and you) need to also filter and remineralise? Unfortunately in Australia we have fluoride in our water.. so, i’m wondering if structuring is enough.. TIA

    i’ve had people recommed that i use an RO filter and remineraliser for my drinking water and then just structure the rest.. but then I’m still showering in unfiltered water… so, little help. cheers.

    1. For my own well at home I use an iron filter and manganese filter and a structured water filter. I do not use reverse osmosis or re-mineralization because in my unique situation I do not need it. If you have fluoride in your water you need to use a reverse osmosis filter and a re-mineralized or an unstructured after that… More here: https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/stru…

    2. Manuel says:

      Greetings Sonia,

      Have you acquired your structured water needs? I just got mine and I wanted to see if you still needed help.


    3. Emily Hoon says:

      You need to re-mineralize your RO water because the RO removes literally everything in the water: the bad AND the good. RO water with no remineralization is super aggressive and will corrode the pipes. Imagine what that will do if you drink it :-(
      So re-mineralization is simply putting the good stuff back in.

  4. Juniper says:

    I’ve been drinking structured water nearly every day for 2 years. Not only do I feel the water tastes better, but it also leaves me more hydrated than ever before. I used to drink lots of water that would pass through my system very quickly (I was always running to the bathroom). Since switching to structured water, I go for hours without having to urinate. It’s really amazing.

  5. Josh Finlay says:

    Hey Ben,

    We are in the process of getting a borehole drilled on a new property out in the country. Do you have any advice on setting up a water system? Piping materials, vortex etc.


    1. This would be a good question to call into the podcast! Go to speakpipe.com/bengreenfield and keep it under 1 minute if possible.

      1. Josh Finlay says:


  6. CarlyNuday says:

    There is a new book detailing the science of structured water, which is called “the most comprehensive collection of solid science on the subject”. It details not only the science of water, but through that the science of health, consciousness, and enlightenment. A must-read for anyone interested in water, healing, consciousness, or reality.

  7. NatureConsensus says:

    It’s great to see people spreading the fascinating information about structured water! If you find this topic interesting, visit nature consensus where we sell exclusive energy-informational plates for structuring water at home. Each plate has different benefits and healing purposes – our testimonials show just how effective and powerful they are!

  8. Jim Proser says:

    Very interest post.I like your information which youshare about structured water.Thanks for sharing and keep blogging..

  9. Jane Jones says:

    Personally, I have been enthused on not necessarily the magnitude of claims of structured water, but moreso how it leaves me feeling energised and significantly improves the taste of my water, and awakens my inner being. I found the videos at http://watersrevived.com/videos particularly insightful.

  10. @tchazzard says:

    I grew up drinking spring water here in Maine. Spring water is your best bet for healthy hydration. Check out http://www.findaspring.com for a list of springs in your neck of the woods.

  11. Joe Killian says:

    You are all Bozo’s:

    Dr Pollack is on the tail end of truth, He make it hard to doubt that. On the other end are flimsy attempts to profit from his and other scientists work.

    The truth is so beautifully in the middle here.

    What are the consequences of excessively ordered/structured water in human cells?

    Dr. Pollack should have termed this 4th phase of water “reticulated hydronium” and then there would be nothing but good scientific articles on the subject.

  12. Billy says:

    Wow Kevin, I like your thought process and writing style. Have you publish anything? If so, I’d like to read it. Well said

    1. Kevin says:

      Billy, I truly appreciate the compliment. Yes, I have some published materials about (some professional, some simply cathartic – a fancy word for 'unpaid' :-)

      But I would humbly defer your time to the works and lectures of Dr. Sagan; partly because I invoked his name above, and partly because I think he was one of the most beautiful writers of our time on the subject of science.

      My father set me forward in life, not espousing his own views, but rather pointing to an episode of Cosmos on TV being hosted by Dr. Sagan and said, "You would do well in life to listen to this brilliant man" – I did – and I have.

      Relevant to this post (and today's world) would be his book, "The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark"

      If it was my (albeit often inappropriate sarcasm) you enjoyed, then know that I'm simply regurgitating a couple other of my favorite, but more cynical and biting sarcastic contemporary writers; Nick Hornby and David Feherty – sorry, not all my reading is as noble :-)

      Cheers ~Kevin

      ps: my 'proxy' eMail is: av63kts 'at' Yahoo

      1. Jonathan says:

        Good call Kevin
        this is straightforward bullshit.
        I was actually interested in exploring this site but unfortunately stumbled upon the "structured water" stuff early on. That's it for me.
        With regards to open mindedness, another well known quote suggests itself:
        "Keep an open mind – but not so open that your brain falls out"
        The open minded person's response to all talk of structured water should just be: "don't be silly"
        Unfortunately I just cannot take a single thing you say seriously now. You may as well be wearing your undies on your head and making animal noises. I may well be missing out but I'm happy taking that risk!
        Ben, you may find that short-term financial gain is offset by a lack of long-term credibility.

        1. I'd still recommend you at least explore Dr. Gerald Pollack's work at University of Washington, if you need scientific evidence: https://bioe.uw.edu/portfolio-items/pollack/

          1. Jennifer Hertweck says:

            Hi Ben,

            This web link is not working. Would you mind finding one with the info?

            Thank you


  13. Clint says:

    Water is amazing.

    Bottom line, water is a liquid crystal and is structured or ordered through its ability to bond molecule to molecule known as “hydrogen bonding”. The organization and amount of hydrogen bonding can be scientifically measured. One way is by flash freezing and visually observing the crystal structure as Masaru Emoto has demonstrated. A simpler way is measuring the level of hydrogen bonding or structure optically with polarized light.

    Just blessing water or using intention changes its structure. This can be scientifically and repeatedly measured. And not all holly water is the same. Some Priests are better than others at blessing and creating holly water!

    They best way to erase all structure (memory) in water is to microwave it to a boil. Freshly microwaved water is nearly toxic.

    Having water flow through a series of patterned vortex channels is one of the easiest ways to mechanically or artificially add beneficial structure to the water.

    The type of material and shape of the containers that water is stored changes the structure.

    Ben, thanks for all your info.

    1. Very interesting on the microwaving, Clint – I did not know that!

      1. Kevin says:

        (sigh) Clint was (hopefully) being artfully sarcastic. If not, I'd update your stalker list.

        With regard to the article, video and links in this post:
        The complete disdain and abuse of scientific terminology, coupled with a theatrical presentation style literally wreaks of classic snake oil selling. Either you're narcissistic tendencies (generally the anchor point for such 'special knowledge' new age naivete to take on another 'enlightened convert') have now overwhelmed you, or you've realized the financial gain to be had at selling $100 gizmos to the moronically superstitious of the world.

        My guess is based on your business acumen and ubiquitous internet presence and following (especially among middle aged women), it's the latter. Certainly not the worst unethical play out there.

        If it's the former – then you should spend a little bit more time on becoming educated in actual science (beyond nutrition – which admittedly, you seem to be exceptionally well versed in) and a little less time shaving your entire body and practicing your Zoolander pose.

        More seriously – it really discredits your credibility to go to la-la land like this on such a trivially discreditable target. At least pick something that has some sophistication. This one is easily discredited by anyone with a state school bachelors degree in electrical and/or chemical engineering.

        I watched the first video. It reminded me of classical WatchTower media. Well produced, twisted misdirection representative of an intoxicated Howard Thurston, scientific aptitude of a kindergartner with a missed nap and four too many juice boxes.

        I started listening to you because you are rock solid and well educated / read with regard to nutritional advice. But no longer since either your ethics or intelligence are seriously compromised.

        1. Billy says:

          I really liked Kevin's comment and he nails it on the head!

          Don't get me wrong, I love Ben's podcast- and he seems to be a great marketer and self promoter.
          Even labeling everything as "Superhuman" is bound to capture much of a naive audience- I'm sure it's working just fine.

          In the realm of everything Ben endorses, it seems to me that EVERYTHING improves his sleep, his thinking, and his performance. How well are the other gizmos and/or supplements working, if he continues to "improve" sleep, thinking, and performance every front?

          I like to consider myself as a open minded individual, but this snake oil selling pitch is a large creditably hit for Ben.

          I think Kevin's comment above articulates my same thoughts precisely.

          1. Artemios says:

            Kevin and Billy are ignorant.

            I wish them love and more time to practise reasoning :)

        2. Billy & Kevin,

          I stand by what I said: I found something that works, I can't fully explain why it works, but I'm not going to keep it to myself. My blog often dips into the "fringe", and I've discovered some very cool things because of that, like Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Distance Healing, Structured Water and others things I would have scoffed at 10 years ago, but that have made me a better person because I take an open minded approach.

          I'll be publishing a blog post later today about some other "new" things I've been doing that I never would have tried if I stayed in my "safe zone".


          1. Clint says:

            To address Kevin and Billy, I was serious. I am an Engineer, BSME, MSEE, Registered PE.

            I survived a formal scientific education with my mind still open and curious.

            Sure, there are charlatans and scammers that take advantage of our human propensity to seek quick fix miracle cures and solutions. A little skepticism is healthy. But narrow minded adherence to a status quo and fenced in belief structure as demonstrated by Kevin and Billy is what limits exploration and discovery.

            Ben, I applaud your openness to explore non-traditional options to health, nutrition and athletic potential. It takes courage to face ridicule from those that have different beliefs and are inflexible in their beliefs.

            Some of the technologies that even you, Ben, label as fringe are really no longer fringe. For example, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is standard medical practice for treating certain types of bone fractures by taking advantage of the Piezoelectric properties of bone.

            Also, our cell salts (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium… Ions) transportation behavior across cell membranes can be controlled with pulsed magnetic fields. Given the magnitude of the earth’s background magnetic field, the natural cyclotron resonance frequency of the cell slat ions are in the ELF (extremely low frequency) range. And these low frequencies are the exact ones that are bio active.

          2. Kevin says:

            Ahh yes… ‘open-minded’ – the battlement of all pseudo-scientific chicanery when called out for nonsensically stringing together meaningful and precise scientific vocabulary in order to confuse and misdirect.

            Sorry, but being ‘open minded’ does not imply you abandon the scientific process, which this posting, supporting videos and ‘science behind the device’ all do in spades. Clint’s response is also rife with the classic argumentative approach of equating two technologies that are so vastly different (along the lines of frequencies and power delivered).

            If you want to carry a lucky charm, then call it that. Say it has spiritual powers or mystical properties. Be forthright with your argument. People pray, they carry locks of hair of loved ones – all derive measurable strength from those things. And I agree that these things do have a positive effect on performance for many people.

            But drag science, sideways into the mix through abuse of terminology and misstatement of basic scientific principles – all with the sole intent to mislead and add false credibility to your ‘lucky charm’ – steps over the boundary of intentional fraud and is categorically offensive to a community that relies on the preciseness of those terms to move science along.

            Recall that mysticism had tens of thousands of years to advance humanity, extending its unwelcome stay throughout the Dark Ages, where the scientific process was perverted and true scientists imprisoned for clashing with the established elite that rooted mysticism as a source of power, corruption and personal wealth. This finally ended with the Age of Enlightenment. This dark history of what happens when mysticism takes root and over-rides reason seems to have been conveniently swept under the rug by the current self-labeled ‘progressive and open minded intellectual thinkers’ of our day.

            As Carl Sagan, one of the most celebrated critical thinkers of our time once remarked that ‘there is much more wonder in science than pseudo-science’.

            He also said, “"But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."

            On the flip-side, PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute. So Ben – I’m sure you and your $100 device are well on their way to personal wealth.

            I weep for humanity.

    2. Marko says:

      Hi Ben, you've hit a nerve with all the educated (post'ers) & (bloggers) with "structured water". I read the comments below to include the microwave memory statement and want to direct you to some scientific research considerations for your journey. First of all, (structured water) falls in the category of "biomimicry". To measure the effects of "structured water" you have to do an evaporation process and view the degree angle of change from non-structured water vs. structured water. You can find an independent German Lab Report about this on www.naturalactionwater.com or e-mail me. The difference is non-structured water has a 90 degree crystal structure vs. structured water having a 60 degree crystal structure. Also, chemistry cannot show you the biophoton increase as the result of structuring which is scientifically proven with GDV, Gas Discharge Visualization. Listen Ben, as a trainer it is paramount to understand how to hydrate the cells "Gerald Pollack" and neutralize the calcium bonding for calcium assimilation.

      1. Marko says:

        So honor the, FPOV (frozen points of view), or CB (cement brain), education of those throwing all of their over rated ( mental masturbation) at you and explore what is being said here. Also look into Dr. Kanstantin Korotkov, GDV, structured water etc.

        1. Thanks for the pointers! And Dr. Korotkov is coming onto the podcast soon!

      2. Rosanna says:

        Hi Marko,

        Do you have one of Clayton Nolte’s units? I am curious! I have the personal hydro energiser from Greenfield naturals.

        Thank you!


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