A Rant About Supplements.

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Last week, I posted my birthday rant.
It was so popular that I'm back now, one week later, with another brief rant for you.
I'm often asked the difference between something from the “Nature” brand of supplements I've personally developed…
…and, say, another supplement brand or product that appears to be very similar. My recent article about NatureAminos is a perfect example of this: obviously there are many other similar amino acid supplements out there, such as Master Amino Pattern (MAP) or PerfectAminos.
The answer is very simple, and twofold:
1) I used my modifications and recommendations on an existing brand to make it better.
In some cases, a lab or supplement company has developed and patented a very good technology – a technology that I want to use to create a product which that company has not yet created. A perfect example of this is NatureCBD. The company BioCBD+ developed the process of blending turmeric with organic cannabis to isolate both the curcuminoids and the cannabinoids.
But I wanted to take this one step further and add in ashwagandha and lemon balm for relaxation, cortisol lowering and in higher amounts, elimination of insomnia or the inability to fall asleep. So I approached them and had them “custom formulate” a modification of their formula for me. This means NatureCBD is similar to many products BioCBD+ has, but different in that I've added my own personal twist and extra ingredients to an existing supplement delivery technology.
2) I've private labeled an existing formula under my own brand to more effectively spread my message.
In some cases, a supplement you will find at GreenfieldFitnessSystems.com is indeed nearly identical to another supplement or formula that already exists, but has been branded with my “Nature” brand and label. The advantage of this for you is that: A) GreenfieldFitnessSystems.com becomes a convenient “one stop shop” for you, rather than you needing to go to the four corners of the earth to find the stuff I recommend or endorse; B) you save on shipping; C) you avoid getting any fake knock-offs; D) every time you use my brand vs. another brand, you (and I know this sounds potentially selfish) are “brand-building” Ben Greenfield and the Nature brand, and you are helping me to spread the message and my unique flavor of living life to the fullest and getting the ideal blend of performance, health, happiness and longevity.
So…let me know if that makes sense, and please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. I hope these little rants help you better understand me and my message. 

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12 thoughts on “A Rant About Supplements.

  1. Tanja says:

    Hi Ben!

    What’s your experience with personanutrition.com? Do you know any of the docs? I was considering some vitamins and while searching Thorne I ran across this website. You take a quiz and then they suggest personalized supplements.

    I’m also looking at your Kion Aminos and Flex.

    I’m a 47 yr old female , 5x week exercisor and dealing with hormone decline. So, I’m trying to see if I should start with the aminos and flex or another set of vitamins.

  2. Jen says:

    Isn’t Thorne being investigated by the FDA for the claims on their supplement bottles?

    1. Here's a response from Thorne:

      Thorne Research received a Warning Letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2004 regarding a number of product claims on the Thorne Research website that the FDA did not consider to be appropriate structure/function claims for dietary supplements. Following receipt of the Warning Letter, the product claims objected to by the FDA were promptly revised. Thorne Research’s website has remained in full compliance with FDA labeling regulations since that time. In addition, during two week-long FDA inspections of Thorne Research’s manufacturing facility in Sandpoint, Idaho, in April 2011 and January 2014, both of which included FDA review of the Thorne Research website, no regulatory violations of the Thorne Research website were noted.

      The September 2004 Warning Letter pre-dated the June 2010 sale of Thorne Research to the current owners and management of Thorne Research by almost six years.

      Kim Randall Pearson
      General Counsel
      Thorne Research, Inc.

  3. Sam. S says:

    I heard on a recent podcast that you are interested in having a branch of Greenfield Fitness Systems in the UK so that people can order products more easily over there…

    I’m from the UK but do not live there any more. I recently moved to New Zealand with my wife and kids and would love to see your products over this way too!

    1. Stay tuned. Working hard on it!

  4. serialimprover says:

    Ben, something I've wondered about your mid-race nutrition and EAAs – are you actually choking down 5 each hour during the race? Do you carry them in pocket of your shorts in bag or something? I'm a fan of amino acids, but I hate having to try and swallow down 10 pills before or after a workout. I can't imagine hauling them around during a trail run, trying to keep them dry, and then remembering to stop and swallow a hand full of pills each hour.

    1. Heh…during an Ironman 10/hr and I've done everything from chomp them down from a ziplock bag to blending them in a blender with my other race nutrition to put into a water bottle.

      Oh, and they're chewable.

      1. Cy says:

        Ha, I can see myself trying to pour some tablets down my mouth while also trying to not break stride on a trail. Probably not going to end well. Do any of the EAA supplement manufacturers make a bulk powder form, rather than pill, so they can be dissolved into a peri-workout liquid? I’m guessing there must be some catch that’s preventing them from doing so. You should have Thorne create a keto-friendly mid-race fuel mix: 5 mg EAAs, tablespoon of MCT oil, some blended chia seed, top it off with some stevia or honey or something.

        1. Yep, this stuff: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/thorneaminos

          And in meantime, just between you and me of course ( ;) ) – exos is working on that very thing.

  5. Rachel_Browne says:

    I love a Ben Greenfield rant. I get asked these questions all the time also so it's super helpful. Thanks Ben!

  6. AndrewFlynn says:

    Great post, Greenfield Fitness is a one stop shop.
    I was listening to one of Chris Kelly's podcasts and wanted to ask what the difference is between Thorne Research, ThorneFx and EXOS is?

    1. Thorne is where the products are made. ThorneFX is now EXOS. Check this out: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2015/03/behin…

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