When There’s a Glut of Nutrition Supplements Out There, Finally Something New Under the Sun…

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There occasionally comes a time in my hectic lifestyle of endurance, nutrition and fitness coaching, training and racing where I stumble upon something that truly alters my performance and recovery in a significantly positive way. But for each of these instances, there are a thousand examples of products that just don’t seem to work, and waste time and money for my athletes and myself. So when Mr. Stout from Mt. Capra called me on the phone and asked me to try their new “sports recovery” product, I was naturally skeptical, since the market is saturated with literally hundreds of recovery compounds.

What arrived in the mail the next day was a small canister, about the size of a yogurt container, of something called “Solar Synergy”. When I opened the lid, the container revealed a dark orange powder that smelled like a mix of sweet tropical aromas and salty minerals. I was instructed to take about 1 tablespoon per day, mixed into a glass of water or smoothie – preferably after a workout.

They also sent over a nutrition label image which you can read here and a facts sheet PDF document which you can read here.

My experience with recovery powders and drinks up to this point had taught me that all sports recovery products currently on the market are either 1) electrolyte drinks, such as the popular Gatorade and it’s various competitors; 2) protein drinks, such as the various protein powders you see lining the shelves of a grocery store and 3) anti-oxidant beverages, typically comprised of various densely concentrated blends of fruits and vegetables compounds.

Now, here was my primary beef with the three choices listed above: A) the first two are calorie dense, meaning that if an athlete were trying to maintain weight or lose fat for a competition, they couldn’t sit down with a big glass and consume along with a post-workout meal without risking mass gain; B) the second two don’t replace any of the extremely valuable salts and electrolytes that an athlete loses from perspiration and sweat during competition.

Upon inspection of the ingredients, I realized that the “Solar Synergy” from Mt. Capra was highly unique. Not only did it contain the very same high-quality goat based minerals that are the defining characteristic of Mt. Capra’s nutritional products, but it also boasted a blend of some of the most incredibly powerful recovery aids that I had only before seen in expensive isolated forms, but never before seen gathered together in one single powdered compound. These Solar Synergy ingredients include:

Grape Seed Extract – Perhaps you’ve heard of resveratrol, the potent anti-aging compound found in red wine. What most people don’t know is that it can be just as high in grapes, which are also loaded with potent phytonutrients that support healthy brain function, cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory action, cell function and immune response.

Gojo berry – This berry has one of the highest antioxidant ratings of any fruit or berry, many times more iron than spinach, more amino acids than bee pollen, more beta carotene than oranges, cancer-fighting selenium and germanium, and even a unique polysaccharide found in no other food source that is known for its potential to increase human growth hormone production.

Acai berry – Similar to the goji berry, the acai berry is known as a “superfood”, and is another rich source of the compounds called anthocyanins, which are the same compounds that give red wine its health benefits (with none of the health risks associated with alcohol). The acai berry is also a rich source of protein and dietary fiber, and uniquely high levels of both omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which have a protective effect on the heart and cardiovascular system.

Sea Buckthorn – Sea buckthorn is yet another powerful antioxidant, scavenging the damage produced by exercise with its very high vitamin C, carotenoid, and phenolic content. As a result of the powerful antioxidant levels, its ability to protect against aging of the skin and the effects of environmental pollution have also been noted. It’s berries contain more than 100 different kinds of nutrients and bio-active substances, including vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids.

Sensoril – Sensoril is an extract of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), a plant grown in India that is revered for its ability to balance, energize, rejuvenate, and revitalize. Sensoril’s energizing and restorative characteristics result from unique bioactive compounds that are extracted from specially grown Ashwagandha roots and leaves. Not only can it assist with physical energy, but it also helps reduce stress-induced appetite cravings and weight gain, inhibits cellular oxidative stress and helps slow the effects of aging by inhibiting free radical damage.

Yacon – Another antioxidant “superfood”, the Yacón is a perennial plant grown in the Andes of Perú for its crisp, sweet-tasting tubers. The texture and flavour have been described as a cross between a fresh apple and watermelon which is why it is sometimes referred to as the apple of the earth. This is yet another incredibly unique component of Solar Energy that you’ll never find blended with the other compounds in this list.

Aronia Berry – Also know as chokeberries, the rich antioxidant content of this fruit is highly beneficial as a dietary preventative for reducing the risk of diseases caused by oxidative stress and heavy exercise. The dense anthocyanins in the Aronia Berry may protect against colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, ulcers, eye and liver failure. It also contains high levels of quercitin, the same compound that Lance Armstrong consumes in his energy drinks.

I dare you to find any other blend as potent as this. There is nothing like it in the sports recovery drink market or popular health juice industry. You can literally feel the damage of exercise being reversed as you sip this post-workout blend.

And what about the electrolytes in Solar Syergy? Not only is sodium crucial to counteract the acid build-up that occurs during exercise, but also to maintain the solubility of calcium so that an athlete’s joints can withstand daily pounding. But compared to the other important electrolytes, sodium is often overemphasized in popular electrolyte blends. This is why the Solar Syergy has sufficient sodium for any serious athlete’s needs, but just half the sodium of a drink like Gatorade. On the other hand, consider potassium, another equally important electrolyte that affects an enormous range of physiological activities, including muscle integrity, protein metabolism, kidney function, hydration, acid balance, heart rhythm, and calcium deposition. Solar Synergy contains 315mg of potassium, compared to Gatorade’s 36.6mg! And magnesium, one of the body’s most important salts, and one which is deficient in over 75% of the athletic population, is present at 11mg per serving in Solar Synergy, compared to 0 mg in Gatorade!

It has been nearly 3 months now since I’ve been using Solar Synergy on a daily basis, putting a half scoop of the tasty, low-calorie powder into a tall, refreshing glass of water and consuming it along with my post-workout meal. Not only do I feel an instant boost in energy levels and mental clarity following my triathlon training routines, but I also find myself earnestly missing my “magic elixir” if I ever skip a day of Solar Energy dosing. It has quickly risen in the ranks to join massage, baths, stretching, and spa as one of my favorite post-workout recovery protocols – and in my work as a coach, sports nutritionist and athlete, I have never come across any recovery blend this potent, especially one that you can instantly feel.

Your best bet for a good deal is at http://www.doctorschoicenaturally.com . They'll even give you an extra 5% discount if you use code BGF. In full disclosure, Mt. Capra does sponsor me for my triathlon racing, and so I didn't actually have to buy Solar Synergy myself, but considering it's one of the most affordable supplements out there today, I'd buy it even if they weren't sponsoring me. I'm hoping I turned you on to something you find valuable here.

If you like it when I tell you about products like this, just leave a comment below. If you think that I get too “sales-ish” on this website, also let me know! Your feedback builds this site.

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22 thoughts on “When There’s a Glut of Nutrition Supplements Out There, Finally Something New Under the Sun…

  1. James says:

    Hey Ben. Now that you're using the solar synergy are you not using the mt capra goat mineral whey that you've talked so highly of?

    1. The Solar Synergy has the mineral whey in it, plus a bunch more antioxidants. I still use the mineral whey occasionally, since overuse of antioxidants can stunt exercise response, but primarily use solar synergy. It's made by Mt. Capra as well, and was designed primarily for athletes.

  2. Becky says:

    Thanks Joe for the info, I will definitely check that out!

  3. Joe Stout says:

    Hi Becky and Todd,

    Joe Stout from Mt. Capra’s R&D team again. I have on good authority that St. Francis Herb Farm in Canada will be picking up this product soon! http://www.stfrancisherbfarm.com/

  4. Joe Stout says:

    Hi Craig,

    Joe Stout from Mt. Capra’s R&D team here. Ben is right, the Solar Synergy formulation he tested was slightly different than the current formula available now. However it isn’t a measure of potency, Ben was just using a bigger scoop and therefore only needed to fill his scoop half way. The scoops that ship with the final product are smaller and thus the 2 scoop recommendation.

    Hope that clears up any confusion.

  5. Steve…I’m a fan of the Enerprime, but I also supplement with Vitamin D and Magnesium. A local physician that I know who has been on the podcast (Dr. Todd Schlapfer) is introducing a multi soon that I’ve tried and like, and I’m also a fan of the Millennium Sports multivitamin…

  6. Steve Kushner says:

    Thanks Ben. Good info. Just ordered some. Also following your advice on enerprime. Any recommendations for a good multivitamin, or does the enerprime cover all the bases? Saw something recently about 7systems endurance sports supplement. Do you know anything about it?

  7. steve says:

    Good info, I will definately try this.

  8. Todd says:

    Hi Becky, great news. You can phone Mt. Capra directly and order from them. 1-800-574-1961 is their international orders number. The shipping is a little pricey, but since this product isn’t distributed in Canada this is our only option for now.

    Ben, hope it’s cool passing on this information.

  9. Sam says:

    Ben, the information is very benefitial, especially the incrediant breakdown and the value explanation. Look forward to trying this product. Thanks.

  10. Paul says:

    Hey Ben. I love your podscast. I was wondering if you have any advice on dealing with Restless Legs. I have read many things relating to the topic but nothing seems concrete. I have been dealing with this for the last six years or so. I never know when it is going to happen. I started taking a multi-mineral supplement in the evening which I was told could help. I feel like it is hit or miss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work with the show and website!!!

  11. mark gitlen says:

    Interesting article. I am always looking for something new and improved that provides results. I appreciated the disclaimer at the end. You never know who is just selling product vs true believing in it.
    I just ordered a bottle.
    I will follow up with my feedback.

  12. Becky says:

    Looks like a fantastic product… I would also be interested in finding out how I can order this in Canada, thanks!

    1. Maya says:

      Swanson's vitamins sells it and their shipping to Canada is reasonable.

  13. Todd says:

    Hey Ben, great article. Thanks for letting me try some of this at the Pacific Elite Fitness Austin Triathlon camp.

    Doctorschoicenaturally.com doesn’t ship to Canada unfortunately. Is there a way you can find out from Mt. Capra if there is a distributor in Canada, or a way to order this directly from them? This stuff would sell like crazy up here!

  14. Craig says:

    I’m a little confused about measure/amounts. their literature says that 2 scoops is a “serving” (30 servings to a container) which gives you 300+ mg of potassium. you refer to using 1/2 scoop a day which by my math would equal around 75+ mg… roughly 2x that in Gatorade (which I’m not fond of in any case)
    have I missed something here…?

    1. Great question. The formulation I was testing was slightly stronger…the new formulation you would want to follow according to dosage instructions!

  15. Wendy Emmer says:

    I found this to be valuable and informative, and am ordering some now. thanks for the comprehensive review. Jamie Emmer P.S. Are you doing the Leadman at Silver again?

    1. I’m gonna go for Leadman for sure! Just posted my season race plan at http://bengreenfieldtri.blogspot.com

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