Tri-Ripped Just Went Live.

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13 thoughts on “Tri-Ripped Just Went Live.

  1. Not that I plan on, but I may be there watching and cheering!

  2. codpod1 says:

    Hey Ben, Is there anyway I can get the tri-ripped bonus. I saw my email too late. Anything you could do would be very appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
    [email protected]

    1. you need to order from before I can get you bonus.

  3. Patrick says:

    How long does it usually take for the email to come across if I ordered the digital version? I made my purchase over 2 hours ago and still haven't seen anything. I've added to my safe senders list as well.

    1. check your junk/spam folder, Patrick…it comes from [email protected]

      1. Joel says:

        I'm still waiting for the download instructions as well. It's been 4.5 hours.
        Great Podcast last night!!!

        1. Please email me separately, and check your email from [email protected]

      2. Patrick says:

        I added to my safe sender list so that it wouldn't end up there and it hasn't.

        1. we've sent you an e-mail multiple times, patrick. Are your spam settings set way too high? anyways, e-mail us separately rather than commenting here.

  4. John says:

    i've got a IM race on the books this summer. i already have a coach planning workouts. is the tri-ripped designed to work in conjunction with regular swim/bike/run training? or is it designed for off season work only? looking for a strenth training program to do along side my regualr workouts. thx

    1. Yes, it can work in conjunction with your current training John, or you can use it as a replacement for your current training.

  5. idaho says:

    so whats the difference between tri-ripped and tri-dominator? I bought tri-dominator a few weeks ago…is it out dated?????

    1. Tri-Dominator is DEFINITELY not dated! Watch this to learn difference:…

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