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Charcoal Toothpaste Myth Debunked?

A while back, I addressed a Vice magazine article debunking certain health practices, and in that podcast episode, mentioned that charcoal toothpaste may not actually be all it's cracked up to be based on British research finding that it may actually wear down tooth enamel. Recently, my friends at Living Libations filled me in on some subtle nuances that I felt compelled to report to you.

Here's what they emailed to me:

“There are very few published scientific research articles on activated charcoal and its effect on teeth except for a medical literature review stating how there is no usable data on this. (Yet, activated charcoal has been used for hundreds of years to remove surface stains from the teeth.) As we were researching to answer your question, we also noticed that there are a few dentists/dental product sites that state that activated charcoal isn't safe, which seems bogus considering there is no supporting data.

The British Journal article, “Charcoal-containing dentifrices,” that you referred to appears to draw from the same limited research as the other journal article. The main concern was the potential that charcoal could damage enamel (secondary concerns were that charcoal is ineffective), yet neither set of researchers carried out any testing to prove or disprove their concern. Their central statement was this: “In considering abrasivity, it is to be remembered that users of charcoal-based dentifrices may have been persuaded to buy the product by claims of tooth whitening… and in pursuing this goal may brush frequently and vigorously and for extended periods of time using the product.” Essentially, their argument isn’t about the charcoal but the duration of brushing and the pressure used on the toothbrush.

Here’s their final statement: “Conclusions: Charcoal-based dentifrices, in the absence of supporting scientific evidence, may be considered to be a fashionable, marketing ‘gimmick’ based on folklore on the use of different forms of charcoal for oral and dental remedies, or present day uses of charcoal for medical purposes. Consumers are advised to check the ingredients in the charcoal toothpaste and there may be potential for increased abrasivity.”
As you can see, there is no warning of harm or danger. Unfortunately, it often happens when research is released that media and bloggers like to crank up the drama and turn neutral statements or calls for further study into serious warnings. And that is what happened in this case.

Here is why we consider activated charcoal safe for oral care. There are two ways to gauge abrasiveness safety in tooth enamel care: the Moh hardness value and RDA. To use the Moh scale to determine if a substance is too abrasive for the enamel, one compares the Moh hardness value of a compound (activated charcoal) with the hardness of teeth (enamel and dentin). Activated charcoal is a 1-2 on the Mohs scale compared to a 5 for tooth enamel and a 2-2.5 for dentin. (For comparison, baking soda is a 2.5 on the scale.) So activated charcoal shouldn't abrade or scratch teeth during brushing because it is significantly less hard than enamel and dentine.

The other test, relative dentin abrasivity (RDA), is frequently used to gauge the abrasiveness of oral care products. A higher RDA value indicates an increased chance of tooth abrasion and a value over 200 is considered unsafe for teeth. Activated charcoal has an RDA value of 70-90. The RDA of Crest is 106 and Colgate Total’s value is 70. According to RDA, activated charcoal is perfectly safe for teeth.

If you are still concerned, you can use activated charcoal as a tooth mask in lieu of a brushing paste. Simply coat your teeth with the paste and let it sit for a few minutes and then swish and spit before brushing.”

So there you have it. For more on Nadine Artemis's tooth care advice or to save 10% on any of Living Libations' oral/skincare products, elixirs, or anything else on their site, just click here and use code: RENEGADEBEN at checkout.

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Three Little Known, Unconventional Antiviral Approaches For Boosting Your Immune System.

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