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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

My Latest Fascinating Discoveries: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

Amazing New Event on Sound Healing & Music

If you haven't yet begun to use sounds and frequencies to heal your body you are missing out on a big, big strategy for lifespan and healthspan. Modern science reveals much about the role of sound in the creation of the universe—as well as in fueling and healing your body and energy. Almost all the atoms in the universe create sound, and those sounds of creation give birth to light—the same light that radiates from stars and the infrared light that radiates from humankind. These phenomena provide an important clue that the most direct path to healing is through immersion in sound and light frequencies.

On Tuesday, October 4th, a guy I recently discovered who is an acoustics scientist named John Stuart Reid is helping you to explore the healing power of these type of frequencies, taking a deep dive into the relationship between sound, light, water, and electricity to reveal how they generate life-giving electricity.

In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Learn how sound creates infrared light, which powers the structured water-building mechanism in cells, which in turn powers our biology
  • Watch a profound experiment with pure water, which reveals how the cells of your body are powered by life-giving electricity
  • Explore some of the many medical conditions that can be supported by frequency medicine in the form of light therapy
  • Discover how some tracks of music automatically generate the ELF acoustic energy needed for optimal vagus nerve stimulation
  • Hear how you can boost your immune system, bring light and balance to your bodily systems, and activate your capacity to heal at a cellular level

The goal of all energy medicine healing modalities, including sound, is not to directly heal the body—for only the body can heal the body—but to cultivate the conditions within which your body can heal itself. It’s about bringing the entire mind, body, and soul together in balance and harmony.

You can join John for this journey into the healing potential of sonic science, light science, and music as medicine by clicking here to RSVP for free.

My Secret For Not Breaking During Intermittent Fasting

If you’ve ever done, or are currently doing, intermittent fasting, then you know how tempting it can be to break your fast early just for one tiny bite of your long-awaited meal.

When that happens to me these days, I have even been chomping on a piece of my friend Mark Bell’s new invention: Fasting Gum.

With all-natural ingredients and active ingredients to help aid in appetite suppression, it's the world's first gum specifically designed to help complement intermittent fasting.

Some additional perks of The Fasting Gum include:

  • Zero calories
  • Zero sugar
  • Gluten-free
  • Suppresses appetite
  • 25 mg caffeine

The active ingredients to fight that pesky hunger bug while fasting include apigenin, rutin, trehalose, and caffeine. Also, it's delicious, with a pleasant mint flavor to help alleviate “fasting breath.”

Click here to get your hands on some Mark Bell Fasting Gum and use code BENGREENFIELDFITNESS10 for 10% off.

A Quick Little “By The Way”

Senolytics are compounds that can remove senescent (non-multiplying) cells, helping to maintain optimal function and youthful health. Evidence suggests that supplementing with senolytic ingredients just a couple of times a month does wonder for supporting the human aging process, which is why I love Neurohacker Collective's brand new Qualia Senolytic anti-aging blend. Learn more here and pick up a bottle for 15% off with code BGF.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Dirt Cheap Performance Enhancing Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of, The Best Bottled Waters, Cold Thermogenesis Pre-Post Exercise Tips, & Much More With Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Author of WIN.

This episode was brought to you by Qualia Mind (code BGF), Timeline Nutrition (code BEN), Colima Salt, ChiliSleep, and ButcherBox



The Gift Of Failure, The Addiction Inoculation, Making “Your Life Your Argument” & Much More With Jessica Lahey (Boundless Book Parenting Series).

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Articles I Published This Week:

Precepts: What You Want, Golden Retriever vs. Wolf, Journey?

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Product Of The Week:

::: Monitor Your Glucose Levels With An Easy-To-Understand App :::

Monitoring your glucose levels is, hands down, the best way to understand how your food and lifestyle choices are affecting your health.

We now know that poor glucose control is one of the leading factors in many diseases, including obesity, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, stroke, and more.

However, the traditional route of pricking your finger multiple times a day is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, but it also only gives you a small snapshot in time of your blood glucose—you're simply not getting a full picture of how your body is responding to sleep, exercise, or stress throughout the entire day.

That's why Levels can be so dang helpful. Levels—an app that pairs with continuous glucose monitors—makes it easy to understand in real-time whether the foods you're eating are having a positive or negative effect on your health.

The Levels Membership provides access to continuous glucose monitoring, at-home blood testing, and expert coaching to help members improve their health and metabolic fitness.

In addition to making it easy to get a continuous glucose monitor through their website, Levels provides an app that interprets your data for you, scores your meal and lifestyle choices, and allows you to run experiments across different inputs like diet, exercise, and recovery techniques.

If you want to better understand how food affects your health and try a continuous glucose monitor yourself, check out Levels here.

Upcoming Events:

Runga: October 13th-15th, 2022 (Austin, TX)

This is the one event every year that I never miss. Join myself and my family to tap into your full potential over three days of fully immersive programming and therapies. Gourmet organic chef-prepared meals, live podcast recordings, and personalized health consulting make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are only fifty spots available, so claim yours today here.

Wild Health Awake + Aware Principles: October 22nd, 2022 (Lexington, KY)

Join me for a one-day intensive experience where I will guide you through a series of interactive lectures that explore purpose, meaning, and spiritual health. VIP guests will also join me on an immersive walk through nature and intimate dinner. Learn more here.

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Kion Product Of The Week: Introducing Brand New Kion Aminos Flavors

Kion Aminos just added mouth-watering Watermelon and Mango to their already delicious lineup of essential amino acid supplements.

If you aren’t using Kion Aminos yet, it’s time to start.

Check this out: You’ve probably heard that your body is made up of mostly water. What you probably haven't heard is that everything is 50% amino acids.

These building blocks of life are essential for health and fitness. No matter how you like to move—whatever you do to stay fit—amino acids are essential.

This is why Kion Aminos is my fundamental supplement for fitness.

I drink them every day for energy, muscle, and recovery.

Kion Aminos is backed by over 20 years of clinical research, has the highest quality ingredients, no fillers or junk, undergoes rigorous quality testing, and tastes amazing with natural flavors.

So, if you want to naturally boost energy, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery…you need to get Kion Aminos.

Click here to get your hands on the new, ultra-refreshing Watermelon and Mango Kion Aminos.

Asking A Quick Favor About My New Book Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits For Spiritual Stamina

I just wanted to quickly thank all of you who ordered a copy of my new book, Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits for Spiritual Stamina.

This book was written and inspired by my own personal temptations, struggles, and failures, and informed by what I’ve studied and learned along the way.

It’s my deepest wish and prayer that it touches your life and gives you the tools and tactics you need to build your own spiritual stamina, strap on your sword, trust God and experience the peace, love, and joy of His creation.

If Endure does make even the smallest impact on your life, I would love it if you could help me spread the word far and wide, by:

Thanks again for all your support!

With gratitude,

Ben Greenfield

P.S. I can also give special discounts for bulk purchases of my books. So, if you would like to use them for a Bible study or a book club, please email [email protected], and my team will get you set up.

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