#283: How To Lower Lactic Acid Burn, Water Retention and Bloating, How Muscle Testing Works and Much More!

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May 21, 2014 Podcast: How To Lower Lactic Acid Burn During Exercise, Should Multivitamins Have Fish Oil, Multivitamin Timing, Can Digestive Enzymes Make You Gain Weight, How Muscle Testing Works, and How To Get Rid of Water Retention.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

How To Lower Lactic Acid Burn During Exercise

Thea asks: She would like to know why within a couple minutes of exercising she gets severe “lactic acid” burn. It doesn't matter if she is spinning, running or climbing the stairs. Even before she has really done anything yet. Do you know why this is and if there is any way she can make the beginning of her exercising more pleasant?

In my response I recommend:

Should Multivitamins Have Fish Oil?

Fishy asks: Why doesn’t the Thorne multivitamin have fish oil in it?

In my response I recommend:
Thorne EPA/DHA
My article on multivitamins
-My Multivitamin FAQ

Multivitamin Timing

Diane asks: How does the Thorne multivitamin compared to the “anti-competition” multivitamin technology in the Nutrience multivitamin from Jayson and Mira Calton. It’s a two-a-day powder for morning and evening, so curious how it compares to Thorne?

In my response I recommend:
My article on multivitamins
-My Multivitamin FAQ
-the studies Ben mentions on nutrient competition:
Am J Clin Nutr-1998-Minihane-96-102
Am J Clin Nutr-2005-Mølgaard-98-102

Can Digestive Enzymes Make You Gain Weight?

Cathy asks: She has heard lately that amylase inhibitors may be used for weight loss by slowing down the digestion of carbs and thus lead to better insulin sensitivity. By that logic would digestive enzymes be good for gaining weight? First, can amylase be used for weight loss? And if so, is her logic correct?

In my response I recommend:
Carb Backloading
Thorne Enzymes

How Muscle Testing Works

Erin asks: She is curious to know more about muscle testing for or applied kinesiology that practitioners use to test for nutritional deficiencies.

How To Get Rid of Water Retention

Susan asks: She's in desperate need of help. She is two weeks post-contest and is experiencing severe water retention, she's gained 10lbs, mostly in her belly. She looks pregnant. She didn't binge after the competition, she just went back to her regular per-competition diet. She was expecting some water gain but not this much.

In my response I recommend:
Chinese Adaptogenic herbs like TianChi


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