The Ultimate Human Recharging Station – How To Reboot The Human Battery, Get To Sleep Faster, Increase Energy, & Restore Your Cells’ Proper Electrical Voltage With A BioCharger.

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My guests on today's show are Jim Girard and Jim Law. These two Jims are the masterminds behind something called the “BioCharger,” a crazy new biohacking device I've been using for “recipes” such as sleep onset, relaxation, athletic recovery, nitric oxide production, headache clearing, “5-hour energy,” immune system boosting, and much more. The BioCharger utilizes four different energy types—light, voltage, frequencies & harmonics, and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs).

Turns out Tony Robbins is a huge fan of this thing and uses it at all his events, and a host of biohackers I know seem to be incredibly excited about it and use it nearly every day, so I finally decided to try a BioCharger out for myself and interview the inventors on today's show.

Jim Law has served as a managing member of Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC since co-founding the firm in 2013. With a focus on strategy and business development, Jim’s entrepreneurial track record includes founding/co-founding two prior start-ups that implemented innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions that changed the way their respective industries did business. Both firms were sold to public companies (Siemens and Comfort Systems USA) and were successfully integrated into these firms’ product and service offerings. Prior to starting his own businesses, Jim held executive positions in the technology world at companies such as Apple Computer and NeXT. Jim is married with 4 children, lives in Orleans, MA, and is a daily BioCharger user himself.

Jim Girard brings more than 30 years of subtle energy research and development experience to the team, which led to the introduction of the original BioCharger concept in 1993. In 1988, Jim was privileged to have studied under Dr. Orville Fitz, a protégé of Nikola Tesla, which led to Jim’s experimentation with Tesla coil and multiple wave oscillation (MWO) technologies. He then experimented with combining various noble and inert gas-filled tubes to incorporate the visible light spectrum and applied the concept of pulsing frequencies from Rife and Lakhovsky to form a unique and hybrid subtle energy platform. In a few short years, his company Advanced Technology Concepts (ATC) had accomplished what no others previously had by discovering how to unlock the benefits of multiple subtle energies simultaneously and wirelessly. Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC acquired ATC in 2013 and Jim is now a lead on the BioCharger product development team. Jim attended the University of Akron and Kent State University where he studied applied math and resides in Brewster, MA with his wife and 5 children and is also a daily BioCharger user.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What the BioCharger is and what it does for those who use it…11:00

  • “Subtle energy revitalization platform”
  • Simulates 4 distinct energy types found in nature
  • Essential for proper cellular function
  • Dr. Jerry Tennant's book Healing is Voltage
  • 3 characteristics of healthy cells:
    • Uptake of nutrients
    • Dealing with toxicity
    • Voltage
  • All diseases have the common characteristic of inadequate voltage
  • The body makes new cells at a rate of 2-3 million per second
  • Healthy new cells are vital for proper healing, regenerating of the body
  • We're low on energy because we don't spend enough time in nature
  • Buildings contain non-native EMFs
  • Robert Becker's book The Body Electric
  • When you're outside, you're “inside” nature
  • Energy Medicine: Current Status and Future Perspectives

-The technologies used in the BioCharger…17:55

  • High concentration of PEMF (magnetic field)
  • Electric field
    • Different response on the cell membrane
    • Create tiny holes in the cells called “ion channels”
    • Allows sodium-potassium pump to kick in
    • Gilbert Ling on the sodium-potassium pump
  • Frequencies and harmonics
    • Everything is vibrating at differing speeds: atoms, molecules, nuclei…
    • Resonate frequencies and harmonics
    • Similar to two tuning forks at the same pitch
    • Energy is transferred at specific hertz frequencies
  • BioCharger is similar to bringing the effect of lightning into the home
    • Lightning releases negative ions onto the earth
    • Produces unique set of harmonics and frequencies
    • Each tube contains differing gases, all of which releases different frequencies

-The best way to absorb the light from the device…39:05

  • Our bodies perform photosynthesis just like plants
  • More energy during the summer, seasonal affective disorder, stress, recovery, etc.
  • Max Planck Institutes
  • Our bodies are designed to be in the harmonics and frequencies generated by the BioCharger

-The effect of the BioCharger on various parts of the body…44:15

  • How to maximize the photobiomodulation element of the device:
    • Keep your clothes on
    • Pulsed light triggers a more efficacious response in the body
    • Don't look directly at the light
  • What happens when you touch the device:
    • Energy wants to arc to the lower potential (the body)
    • Someone close to you may feel a slight shock
  • On the sounds the device makes:
    • Two notes in music generate harmonics
    • Changes in pulsed frequencies result in changes in tone
    • Constantly changing every second
  • About the sound “recipes”:
    • Four characteristics: frequency, duty cycle, output, duration
    • Medieval chants used as a base
    • Affect circadian rhythms
    • Many users contribute to the recipes
    • Can be customized or created for general use

-Whether other biohacks can be “stacked” with the BioCharger…53:54

-How the device affects pets, children, and cell phones…57:20

  • No problem with proper adult supervision
  • Many clients make it a quiet family event
  • Animals love the experience
  • Touch capacitor on the screen is affected by the voltage
  • As though you're constantly touching the screen

-The most popular recipes of BioCharger customers…1:03:30

  • Tony Robbins has the devices at some of his events
  • Ultimate Adrenal
  • Get the Edge
  • Pineal Mastery
  • Theta Wave (for sleep)
  • Happy Days

-Whether it's possible to overuse the BioCharger…1:08:10

-And much more!

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22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Human Recharging Station – How To Reboot The Human Battery, Get To Sleep Faster, Increase Energy, & Restore Your Cells’ Proper Electrical Voltage With A BioCharger.

  1. Jennifer says:

    I recently got my Biocharger! Before anyone closes their minds off to it, try it for a week and you will be pleasantly surprised.

    1. Travis says:

      Hi Jennifer – how would you compare it with other devices in terms of effects? For example, EarthPulse (PEMF), Biomat (negative ions + far infrared). Seems much of these same benefits can be achieved from combining other devices? Let me know where I’m missing something. The company website isn’t very clear on what exactly it does beyond high level fluff.

      1. Jennifer says:

        Hi Travis, I have never tried EarthPulse. I have a biomat on my bed and chair, there is no comparison. Biocharger is powerful, palpable, and you feel the effects of each recipe. Like relaxation, warmth in the heart area, clear thinking, energy, etc. I have tried AMP Coil, Theraphi, and The Rasha, and the Theraphi is as close to Biocharger for feeling the positive effects. I met with the CEO twice and spoke to the inventor, there is nothing fluff about this device. Their device is so powerful they simply are not allowed to say what they really need to say for the sake of our corrupt country that witch hunts suppressed legacy technologies.

  2. Kyle Kendall says:

    Interesting, thanks Ben. Did I miss an explanation of how the voltage from the device is transmitted to us as one of the 4 energy types? Is this done independently from the effects of the light, PEMF, and harmonics or is it really just these 3 energy types that increase cellular voltage?

  3. Kelley says:

    I would like to see one study verifying the benefits of using this machine. Is there one? Something, anything showing positive, quantifiable, physical changes at a cellular level through use of this machine. Way to woo-woo for me. This is for people who have $15k to spend without blinking an eye. I would say your average listener is far more interested in proven technologies or health strategies that have science-backed evidence for health and performance gains. At what point in human evolution was it discovered that humans need this contraption next to them in order to maintain health? Love your podcast…keep it real.

    1. Jen says:

      I met with the CEO Jim Law last week and felt the powerful effects of the BioCharger, it undeniably works. They test with HRV software that measured brain activity also as well as tested the energy field with BioWell. This is not woo woo in my opinion and I try as many kinds of these technologies as I can. Hope this helps. I am about to purchase mine.

  4. gino says:

    Lets see, a car or BioCharger. I love the podcast, but seriously.

  5. walter says:

    Any health clinics using these?

    1. Jen says:

      yes. NYCIM medical clinic in NY uses it and they are MD’s.

  6. clint says:

    I can imagine this being pitched on Shark Tank…” so you’re asking $15,000 for something that if i stood outside barefoot I’d get for free” …. “I’m out”

    1. Jen says:

      you cannot get this power from the earth alone – not even close. i tried it last week and it was insanely powerful

  7. Simon says:

    Sounds amazing but it’s quite a piece of kit. I’m often underwhelmed by much of the gear or supplements I’ve invested in, so would hate to save for this and be disappointed. Ben, I think you’re in the unique position of having a Pulse Centers PEMF device, a Joovv and the Biocharger. If you could choose only one bit of tech for overall health which do you think it would be?

  8. Steph says:

    $15k for this machine. Jeez. Another toy for the super rich, the rest of us can carry on being overtaxed and overworked…. know your place peasants!

  9. Tim Mason says:

    Limited Time Offer $14,990. LOL. NO THANK YOU. WOW. JUST WOW. I’m open to some kinds of “woo” but this is woo-squared.

  10. Silv Pane says:

    This sounds “too good to be true!” Im very excityabout this technology. Its well overdue and much needed. I just wonder – Is this the same machine that poor Pete Evans in Australia is getting grilled for? He is a superstar in my eyes even though he would be so uncomfortable with that title being such a humble, normal man.

  11. Tony says:

    Dear Ben,

    This technology looks amazing. But who on the planet can afford it? It appears to be same story over and over again. Elites making tools for the elites. Where are the technology companies that deliver values accessible to the majority of the planet?

    1. Richard J Hetherman says:

      Try its much more affordable. Its like a small theraphi

      1. Jen says:

        I love Theraphi I didn’t know of the PlasmaPhire thank you.

    2. Vicki Milne says:

      Hi Tony,
      I completely agree with your statement. As a retired teacher struggling with chronic Lyme I was excited to listen to this podcast–especially since I’ve read Jerry Tennant’s book, but when I heard the price I wanted to cry. It seems like health care is for the rich no matter which medical system you subscribe to! A

      1. Jen says:

        supposedly the sentient element coil unit was created by an engineer who was severely suffering from lyme. this one is almost $5k.

  12. Henrik Ekeblad says:

    Have they done any studies on performance, cognition …

  13. Clayton says:

    Could you get the same or similar effects from stacking an Apollo, Joovv, PEMF mat or device (like an Earth Pulse) and listening to ocean waves recorded at high quality while meditating? You could also throw in an infrared sauna session afterwards for good measure with hot/cold rotating shower. The price tag is really high unless it’s leaps and bounds better than much cheaper devices.

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