A Crazy, New Cutting-Edge Method To Instantly Repair Your DNA In The Comfort Of Your Own Home: Everything You Need To Know About The Eng3 NanoVi Device.

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For the past four months, I'd been breathing air from a special device on my desk – a device called a “NanoVi“. It gives me a clear head, better workouts and more focus – but the effects go deep, deep into the body and actually cause repair of DNA.

In today's podcast, I interview Hans Eng, who invented this device and explains exactly how it works.

Hans is President and CEO of Eng3 Corporation, a Seattle-based company that produces applied biophysics technology for the US and international markets. His 31 years of experience with advanced medical technologies includes working for Johnson & Johnson in Europe and the formation, growth, and successful sale of a German medical implant company. Hans has deep experience in research and development, production, and quality assurance for medical devices. An advanced Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, combined with his background in material science and proteomics enabled Hans to develop the patented technology that underlies Eng3’s NanoVi products.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Hans, as a biophysicist, developed a particular interest in repairing DNA damage…[8:40]

-How your DNA becomes damaged over 700,000 times per day…[16:05]

-Whether there is evidence that it can be repaired and if so, what is the mechanism for that…[20:12]

-The difference between good and bad reactive oxygen species (ROS's) and how this relates to DNA repair…[22:50]

-How Hans came up with the idea of this crazy contraption that now sits at my desk and that I use every single day…[29:40]

-The electromagnetic wave the NanoVi is exposing to the water that would assist with DNA repair…[30:20]

-The effects of the production of specific electromagnetic waves on physical performance…[42:05]

-How it should be timed for exercise (and whether it can be used during exercise)…[44:10]

-How the NanoVi compares to oxygen, exercise with oxygen therapy, hyperbaric oxygen and antioxidant therapies…[46:30 & 49:40]

-How long to use the NanoVi and whether it can be used every day…[53:00]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

The Eng3 NanoVi device that Ben and Hans discuss

My interview with Aubrey De Grey

My interview with Gerald Pollack

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18 thoughts on “A Crazy, New Cutting-Edge Method To Instantly Repair Your DNA In The Comfort Of Your Own Home: Everything You Need To Know About The Eng3 NanoVi Device.

  1. Sandbox says:

    Ben, does the Nanovi administer molecular hydrogen by inhalation? (Your Tyler Lebaron podcast mentioned inhalation as one method of molecular hydrogen administration). Are the Nanovi and molecular hydrogen inhalation (Tyler speaks about) the same therapy or are they two completely different therapies? Thank you.

  2. Thomas Sullivan says:

    How much time should I spend on this device every day to see the best results
    I have the pro model?

  3. Rick says:

    Ben, Since you’re a big Jack Kruse fan have you thought about using Deuterium Depleted Water in your NanoVi? Seems like a great way to get it into the cells where it can do some good. I just bought a NanoVi and am trying it, but too early to tell if there’s any noticeable benefits.

    1. Interesting, keep me posted!

      1. Rick says:

        Ben, thought I report back. Hard to quantify anything specific from the combination of DDW in the NanoVi, but since starting on both physical and mental workouts have improved nicely . One big change I’ve seen is that I barely noticed a nasty allergy season in town this year unlike the last few. Another change I attribute solely to the DDW is that I no longer have to get up and pee at night and seem less thirsty.

        On another note since you’re in Spokane you ever get up North to Red Mt? I have a place there and the trails in the summer for running and biking are made for a guy like you. Have decided I like the place as much in the summer as I do in the winter.

  4. Luke H says:

    Ben, you mentioned using it for four months and being really impressed. Can you tell us what actual changes you’ve seen from using the device? Just better recovery after work outs or is there more? Thanks!

    1. Telomere length (longevity) and deep sleep levels are the two biggest so far.

  5. Dougie says:

    Hi. Trying to look into this device but not available in the UK. . Will it be available at any point and how much does it cost…

    Thanks Dougie

    1. Eng3Corp says:

      Hello Dougie,

      We ship directly into the UK. Pricing is available through our webform at the eng3 site or through the link that Ben provided. There is an extra charge for international shipping. Shipping and Handling is free within the US.



  6. Phillip Wingfield says:

    What is the difference between using the NanoVi and breathing or drinking structured water from a structured water filter like the HydroZ?

    1. Eng3Corp says:

      Hey Phillip,

      It sounds like HydroZ would be quite complimentary with our technology. Our device works quite different and the energy from it cannot be stored in a bottle although the quality of the water is important. – Martin

  7. Eng3Corp says:

    Hello John,

    There are no drawbacks. If your head is out of the sauna, they work great at the same time. But if it is a whole body sauna then most people do the device afterwards. Just give me a call if it helps to discuss: 206-525-0227 – Martin

  8. Craig says:

    Is there a Ben Greenfield discount?

    1. I'm sorry there is not.

  9. john says:

    would there be any drawbacks to using this in a sauna?

    1. I'm not sure the electrical elements in it would respond well to heat, but I'll check with them and find out!

      1. Owen L Monroy says:

        any update on this?

        1. Horatio says:

          They responded on Mar 19 above.

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