7 Crazy New Biohacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

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Strap yourselves in for a wild biohacking ride full of new biohacks—some of which I hadn't even heard of.

My guest on today's podcast is named Marc. That's it. That's the only information I'll release about his identity.

He started his career in investment banking and financing renewable energies and now arranges financing for various government projects—from hydro dams, to farms, to airports—and is now heavily immersed in the fields of biohacking and researching emerging health-enhancing technologies, primarily inspired by managing an incurable genetic defect in his kidneys.

In this podcast, we delve into a host of new biohacking technologies you've probably never heard of, from NAD boosters, to stem cell enhancing protocols, to longevity and anti-aging molecules, and much more!

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Marc got interested in these biohacks…8:03

  • Doing due diligence for banking investments revealed a lot of flaws in technologies such as solar and wind power
  • Became a trusted voice among his partners and investors due to his findings

-How to change the gravitational pull inside your cells to speed up the healing process…11:38

  • Marc was diagnosed w/ polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
    • Defective on PK-1 protein; cysts develop on the kidney
    • Standard medicine considers it incurable
  • Began ketogenic diet (low glucose slows the growth of the cysts)
  • Increase in klotho protein halts the disease
    • Changes the gravitational pull inside the cells, thus changing the time perspective in which they can heal (40 hrs of healing w/in a 24 hr time frame)
  • Immortalis probiotic
    • Very expensive: ~$2500/month
    • Extremely detail-oriented protocol
    • Use olive oil or yogurt as a precursor approx. 3-4 days before ingesting
  • How the klotho protein is activated and suppressed
    • Psychological stress, inflammation, oxidative stress and depression mitigate its production
    • Angiotensin decreases klotho
    • Vitamin D, insulin, exercise (resistance training), cordyceps, ginseng extract, activated charcoal increase klotho
    • Vitamin D transport system activates immune system
    • Nagalase enzyme suppresses the immune system by suppressing immune cells
    • GcMAF mitigates damage done by nagalase

-Ways to protect from harmful 5G technology…32:15

-The skinny on V-cells…44:30

  • V-cells are totipotent cells
  • Different types of cells:
    • Totipotent cells can become any type of cell (the crème de la crème of stem cells)
    • Pluripotent can be a variety of different cells
    • Multipotent cells, less variety
    • Singular potent – only one type of cell
  • Embryonic-like stem cells
    • “Non-activated”—dormant, body doesn't know what to do with them
  • Device in the works to increase bioavailability of V-cells
    • High-frequency pulse laser
    • Very small margin of error for it to be efficacious
  • BGF podcasts mentioned:
  • Increased exercise and caloric restriction will mobilize small v-cells

-A mostly unknown way to boost NAD levels…58:02

  • Change the environment so that cells produce NAD sans precursors (such as nicotinamide riboside, NR)
  • NAD increase of 242%
  • NAD+ is used by the body, then converted into NR
    • This becomes downregulated w/ age
  • Nuchido for boosting NAD

-A natural way to upregulate endothelial stem cells…1:03:55

-Interesting biohacks related to water…1:07:42

-A device that increases the mineral density of plants…1:18:03

  • Ark Crystals
    • Get Instant Access to the ARK crystal Human Study Report
  • Lab-grown
  • Placed close to organism w/ water, allows water to come back to its original structure
  • Pesticides are not necessary
  • Water becomes 100% coherent
  • Water and Wellness deuterium-depleted water

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Endocrine function and neurobiology of the longest-living rodent, the naked mole-rat

The secreted Klotho protein restores phosphate retention and suppresses accelerated aging in Klotho mutant mice

– Immortalis (Klotho supporting probiotic)

– Theory Of Relativity Video by Dr. Marco Ruggiero from RAADFest

5G Bio Shield

– Impact of EMF on the microbiome

The BluShield device (code: BEN)

Flula Borg's YouTube channel

– Book: The Human Photosynthesis

– Book: Boundless

Nuchido for boosting NAD

Water And Wellness hydrogen water drinking tablets (code: GREENFIELD)

Water And Wellness hydrogen bath tablets (code: GREENFIELD)

HBOT chamber Ben uses

Ark Crystals

Water And Wellness Deuterium Depleted Water (code: GREENFIELD)

Dr. Halland Chen

Dr. Neil Riordan

– Get Instant Access to the ARK crystal Human Study Report

– BGF podcasts mentioned:

The following links are research articles and reports sent to Ben by our guest.

– Reports on Low Deuterium Water

Advanced Resonance Kinetics Crystal Technology

Effects of Pre-surgical Vitamin D Supplementation and Ketogenic Diet in a Patient with Recurrent Breast Cancer

Molecular Hydrogen Increases Stress Resilience in Mice

Aqua Cure brochure

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Advanced Resonance Kinetics Crystal Technology

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Serotonin and dopamine graphic

Fecal microbiota and brain microbiota in neurological diseases

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A new methodology of viewing extra-axial fluid and cortical abnormalities in children with autism via transcranial ultrasonography

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A New Approach for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders. Molecular Hydrogen Significantly Reduces the Effects of Oxidative Stress

On the impact of quantum biology and relativistic time dilation in autism

Effects of Vitamin D3 and Paricalcitol on Immature Cardiomyocytes: A Novel Role for Vitamin D Analogs in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Molecular hydrogen: A preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases

Independent expression of human a or B platelet-derived growth factor receptor cDNAs in a naive hematopoietic cell leads to functional coupling with mitogenic and chemotactic signaling pathways

Protease and cyclooxygenase inhibitors synergistically prevent activationofhuman platelets

Klotho: a humeral mediator in CSF and plasma that influences longevity and susceptibility to multiple complex disorders, including depression

Recent Advances in Studies of Molecular Hydrogen against Sepsis

Modification of plasma glycosaminoglycans in long distance runners

Hydrogen sulfide increases thermotolerance and lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans

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91 thoughts on “7 Crazy New Biohacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

  1. James F says:

    Loved this podcast. I didn’t see a link to the “imuno(R)” product that Marc mentioned. There is information about it here:

    https://imuno.biz. One of its references is a letter written by Dr. Ruggiero. It states “Here we demonstrated for the first time that GcMAF directly binds to, and inhibits, human nagalase in vitro, thus elucidating the mechanism of action of GcMAF and explaining its effectiveness in a variety of conditions ranging from cancer to autism (Saburi et al., 2017a; Saburi et al., 2017b; Bradstreet et al., 2012; Greilberger and Herwig, 2020). In addition, we demonstrate that a novel supplement containing low-molecular-weight microbial chondroitin sulfate, ultrapure phosphatidylcholine, and vitamin D3, (imuno®, imuno Corporation, Vanuatu) shows more than 100 fold higher activity than purified GcMAF.

  2. James F says:

    A couple online articles on nagalase (whose full name is alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) are the wikipedia article here:

    and an article by Dr. Hugh Riordan (or maybe by someone from his clinic) here:

  3. James says:

    “Time dilation” means that if a subsystem is subjected to increase gravity or undergoes acceleration, a clock will tick more slowly (time will pass more slowly) in that subsystem as viewed by an unaccelerated observer external to it. Chemical reactions would proceed more slowly in the subsystem that is subjected to increased gravity or acceleration compared to the rate at which they would proceed in the unaccelerated external observer.

    1. James says:

      That was supposed to be “subjected to increased gravity”

    2. Mark says:

      That’s what time dilation means, but there is no increased gravitational field (no black holes or neutron stars) inside the human body to cause any noticeable time dilation effort. This is the worst sort of pseudo science that this guest is pushing.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi Ben and Marc,
    Fascinating insights. I would like your thoughts on this company, Sküma, I saw on an add on Instagram. They ‘’claim’’ they use reverse osmosis and they add minerals back into the water using a liquid concentrate apparently to have the same composition as store bought bottled water. Their website is https://www.skumaltd.co.uk/
    Do you think its worth it?

  5. Donny says:

    Some of the most profound research at the moment, in relation to cellular regeneration and anti-aging, focusing on the ATP-synthase nano-motor, is in the field of hydrogen water and deuterium depleted water.
    Check this list of research comparing both on the same subjects:

    Hydrogen water research and deuterium depleted water research

  6. Michael Chase says:

    My business partner and I have been injecting small amounts of Human Recombinant Klotho Protein AKA KL1 for the past 6 months. We plan to get some blood work done soon. We had some pre injection labs done back in September of 19′ when we first heard of Immortalis. The dosage is somewhere around 10 mcg a day in PBS solution. If this protein can increase life span and decrease IGF-1 we should have a pretty good idea after getting these labs done in March. We have also been drinking Rhizoma Chuanxiong tea daily. The stuff is nasty but we mix it with honey and some other teas to make it tolerable. The herb contains a bioactive ingredient known as ligustilide which has been known to activate and upregulate Klotho in the CSF rich areas of the brain also known as the cerebral choroid plexus. We also have liver tests coming and a specific Klotho test. If your interested in obtaining this protein check out the internet . There are many places to get a hold of this and give it a try.

  7. Sam says:

    HI Everyone,

    I am trying to optimise my water situation all round at the moment and I am struggling with a couple of things.

    I would love to know:

    1. What is the most economical/least maintenance requiring filter I can get for showers/baths?

    2. For drinking water, currently from your podcasts and website I have narrowed down the following as the best way to enhance my drinking water:

    – AquaTru countertop reverse osmosis filter

    – remineralise with Quintone or other trace minerals

    – enhance further with hydrogen

    Now the above is great in principle, what I am struggling with is:

    – How do I remineralise most efficiently and effectively? ie. what quantities and how? Do I just chuck the trace elements in the bottle or glass I pour the aquatru water into, or is it more efficient to put them in the aquatru container itself?

    – With hydrogen water, I know you use tablets, but I am looking for a system to make this more efficient and economical. I have been looking at the portable bottle sized ones – it is a minefield though knowing if you are actually getting something which works or just junk which will void any of the benefit of what I am actually trying to do.

    So can you recommend any portable hydrogen water generators? I know Marc recommended an osmio infinity – this is quite expensive, the same company does a portable too though, the osmio Duo – is this ok to use?

    I have tried as hard as I can and can not find anywhere I can make sense of what is going to be a worthwhile purchase or not. Are they all junk and I have to spend the $3000+ AUD to get a larger system?

    Appreciate your help.

  8. Ram says:

    Marc/Ben, Any update on the 5g BioShield redaction?

  9. LP says:

    Just received 5gbioshield usb stick.

    Should I return ?

    Do you guys think its a fluke after all ?

    Any thoughts ?

    1. LP says:


      Is this the actual product Marc was talking about ?

      1. Casian says:

        Looks like it…maybe — at this point I’m thinking why not just get one of the portable “BlueShield” devices. They seem quite proven.

  10. Marc says:

    Please apologize the delay to my redaction. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

    The device which I have mentioned on the podcast is not the same that which is being sold right now.

    The device which I tested was a clear USB stick. Invented by Russian scientists. The Biological effects that which where measurable on the human body seemed to be out standing. With further test being conducted to measure the true impact on the human biome.

    After our podcast was released I had a look at the website again and found it to be a different device. I was under the impression that only the housing was changed. Only when I had reached out to my point of contact was I informed that the device structure had changed. I was told that there was delivery problem of the “original” device and that it had been changed to a different technology. Allegedly it is now a holographic nano technology invented by this guy http://teslastyle101.com . I was trying to get a hold of the new device, but have not yet been able to make the arrangements. It seems to me that the new USB-Stick only works because of some holographic nano coding. If it is holographic structured nano coding than I don’t understand the reason for even having a USB stick as the nano coding could be applied to other carrier surfaces. I urge everyone to please look at this new device with caution and scepticism. I was told that the new device has similar effects as the old one. Yet I can’t confirm that from first hand experience. Once some form of independent testing has been conduct I will share the information. At this point I do not know when this will happen.

    1. Erik says:

      Thank you for this thorough follow up. I can report that the company was very easy to work with when cancelling my order, and has already refunded me.
      Too bad the original product isn’t available anymore. That sounds promising.
      I’ll wait to hear to how this one performs.
      Thanks for the HHO recommendation. I’m very happy with mine, and I just ordered a second AcquaCure AC50 for my parents.

    2. Jeremy says:

      You can see/hear what Dr. Lakicevic says about the 5g BioShield in this video. Skip to 14:14 if you don’t care about the other guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XN7ZjSx1sw

    3. Daniel McNamara says:

      Thanks very much Marc, I found this site while trying to figure out what your redaction might be about. https://5grezotoneshield.com/
      But also found a video with Sasha stone about how benevolent aliens had given the Russians this tech (at which point I was pretty much out) 🤭

    4. Gabriel says:

      Thank you Marc for this follow-up.
      I just cancelled my order and requested a refund for the 5gbioshield usb stick.

      I assume the actual product Marc was talking about is: https://5grezotoneshield.com/scientific-research/

      Has anyone tested the 5G Rezotone Shield yet? Ben, are you going to test it? This would be awesome because you have my trust. I’m still hesitating. I wonder if the Oura Ring would show any changes in HRV.

    5. Oshie says:

      Hi Marc, just wondering if you had an update on the 5GBioShield (if you were able to procure one and if you found out any more about its efficacy) and how it compares to the device you had originally recommended. Thx

      1. Oshie says:

        …it does seem like the device you used was the Rezotone USB. Do you think this is correct?

  11. Aaron Dirnfield says:

    Hi Ben I loved the podcast.
    I have many family members with PKD and it’s having a devastating impact on their health.
    It’s there a way for me to contact Marc? I would love to know if he found any natural strategies for dealing with PKD.
    Also, I have lots of info that might be of use for him, as I have done extensive research on this condition.
    Waiting anxiously for Boundless to arrive….

  12. Daniel McNamara says:

    Did we ever get the 5g bioshield redaction?

  13. Daniel Thompson says:

    Nuchido for boosting NAD

    – I’m currently taking NR and feel good on it.
    – Is there research available online to prove the 242% increase in NAD from Nuchido Time ?

  14. Thank You Marc for all this incredible information & research!!! I appreciate your passion, dedication and excellent references! I am especially appreciative of your sharing about the ARK crystals * https://arkcrystals.com/about/ and would love to hear more about your experience with them!

  15. Clint purches says:

    Two grand for a water hydrogen machine.. “ not that much” … in whose world?

    1. £299 for a portable Hydrogen Water bottle:

      Osmio Duo Hydrogen Water Bottle 400ml

      The Osmio Duo Hydrogen Water Bottle 400ml is a dual hydrogen water product that can be used for both enriching the water with hydrogen and for breathing hydrogen gas.

      The product comes complete with USB Charging kit, the nasal cannula kit and another kit designed to enable you to use a standard sized off the shelf PET plastic water bottle too. This means you can use your Osmio Duo Hydrogen Water Bottle anywhere on the go, and even if you have to buy bottled water (which we all do sometimes, but we must avoid as much as possible for our environment) then you can still use that to generate the hydrogen.

      The Osmio Duo only puts, and can only ever put pure Hydrogen H2 gas into the water. Oxygen is separated out. This means any kind of water can be used (i.e. tap water, mineral water, spring water, filtered water, osmotic or distilled water). Please note that the quantity of h2 can vary depending on the level of dissolved solids (TDS) in your water.

      The Osmio Duo Hydrogen Bottle improves of the first Osmio Hydrogen Water Bottle, as it is made from high-quality glass and generates much higher concentration of hydrogen water than our old bottle and lots of other standard electrolysis bottles.

      How long does hydrogen-rich water last?

      After you have produced the hydrogen-rich water for the bottle it has a 2-hour half-life from the hydrogen in the bottle. This means that after two hours half the hydrogen will be left in an open container that has not been disturbed, so we recommend you consume the water as quickly as possible and only produce as much as you are able to drink at that time.

      Key features:
      · Makes an ORP Value of -300 to -750 mV.

      · Delivers an H2 concentration: 1100 to 2000 ppb (1.1 to 2.0 ppm) with a 7-minute cycle.

      · Uses the latest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology.

      · Chlorine, Ozone, and Oxides – a built-in mechanism to separate and expel this from the bottle.

      · Made of Borosilicate Glass and using the Platinum coated Titanium electrode. The lid and all other parts are plastic but have no contact with the water.

  16. Arthur Kiwacz says:

    Come on Ben, is this guy for real? He is so phony and ignorant i think you’re hurting your listeners by having him on. He’s obviously selling for “a friend of mine” but doesn’t have full product knowledge. I’m tired of these small pharma or supplement companies promising the sky but delivering little results and profits for them. I’m not saying their products are bad but why be so secretive??
    He didn’t know Rioridan and then a second later he said he worked with him for a long time…

  17. Nassim Haramein (probably THE most brilliant “amateur physicist on the planet) did the research and development of the ARK Crystal technology.

    https://resonance.is/ark-crystals/ https://resonancescience.org/about/nassim-haramei…

    He is also amazing at explaining how and why the quantum physics for this device work…it would be like a dream come true to hear him on as a guest of the Ben Greenfield podcast!!! I truly believe Nassim Haramein will ho down in the history books as greater than Einstein.

    1. YES! Nassim is a brilliant award winning Physicist and extraordinary Speaker * I love his movie THE CONNECTED UNIVERSE and the BLACK WHOLE as well as CROSSING THE EVENT HORIZON ~ THE ARK Crystal Technology is powerful & AMAZING!!!

      Enjoy learning more ; https://arkcrystals.com/about/

  18. Daniel McNamara says:

    Any chance of reading the 5g bioshield redaction? Very interested to see what Marc wanted to tell us. Sorry if it’s been posted – I’ve looked and can’t find it.



    1. Erik says:

      Marc, I too an anxious to hear about any modifications to your endorsement of the 5G Bio Shield. I had already purchased one before hearing about the pending “redaction,” based on your testimony and the study results on their website (https://5gbioshield.com/science-research/). But, if something has changed I can still cancel (or return if they’ve shipped).

    2. Jeremy says:

      Has the redaction for the 5g BioShield been posted yet? I also ordered one right after listening to the podcast, so I’m curious as to what’s going on.

      1. ERIK says:

        I’m was able to cancel my order today.
        I’m very disappointed in Marc’s lack of follow through on this. It would’ve only taken any a moment to let us know if he was pulling his endorsement. Saying you’re writing a “redaction” doesn’t tell us anything, and really doesn’t make any sense.
        Maybe he meant “retraction,” in which case I’m glad I cancelled my order.
        I don’t mind spending some money on something I don’t understand, as long as I have sufficient evidence it produces results. In the case of the 5GBioShield, I was relying heavily on Marc’s endorsement and reported increased MPG.

        1. Jeremy says:

          Mine shipped today and should be delivered on Friday. I figure it has a 30 day return policy, so I can try it out. I’ve also seen it being recommended by a spiritual guy I follow, so it’s worth a shot. I’d still like to know what Marc has to say about it.

          1. ERIK says:

            Jeremy, he posted his update.
            Please let us know how you like the model they send you.

  19. Matt S says:

    With the focus on Hydrogen in this podcast. Is there a low cost entry for this?
    Is something like this even worth trying?

  20. Alan says:

    More info on the Nuchido product, Time+.


  21. Adam N says:

    Hey Ben, think you made mention that water and wellness made/produced Deuterium Depleted Water although I don’t see it on their website? If they don’t sell it can you point us to a reputable seller?

    1. DonC says:

      Hi. See some more research and list of published studies on Deuterium Depleted Water here.
      For sports and bio-hacking (just to name a few) it is a truly amazing tool…

      for bulk or wholesale to clinics, doctors, sports clubs etc, try:

  22. Kathleen says:


    Are you going to try QIAPI 1 created by Dr. Arturo Solís Herrera, author of the book “The Human Photosynthesis”?


  23. Brian says:

    Thanks for the conversation Marc. The only curious thing I heard was that you were not mentioning products that you invested in and you found these products through investigating places to invest.

    It would seem more realistic that you would mention the products you did invest in not only to help your investment payoff but because they are more successful, viable products that would interest the podcast listeners. Mentioning the ones you didn’t invest in seems less likely as you probably didn’t invest in them because they didn’t work as well or would be of interest to people.

    1. Inogen MacKenzie says:

      Just what I was thinking!

  24. Manjit says:

    I looked at the clinical study for NUCHIDO and the 242% increase over other NR precursor Supplements had a total sample size of 2! One male and one female. Can Marc comment on this? Looking for a way to increase NAD. Also how can you test this 5gbioshield? Ben any support with that bc I think you have the tools to verify if it actually works!

    1. Marc says:

      I will be writing a redaction on the 5G Shield Information in the next 24-48 hours. Please hold off until then. There was a change, between the things I had investigated in the summer and now, which only occurred in the past 2 month. I was only made aware of that by my team yesterday.

      1. An says:

        I would like to read the respons from Marc about the 5G Shield. It is not clear to me how the device works…

      2. Marc, You may not be aware of the use of Brown’s Gas (aka HHO or HydrOxy) to prevent radiation damage and/or help the body heal from previous damage. I have some personal experience with this and there are several scientific studies proving it. Quite amazing.

      3. An says:

        What do you mean by there was a change…etc.? What kind of change?

      4. Jeremy says:

        Any word on the redaction? It’s been a week.

  25. ERIK J MCKENZIE says:

    I was interested to see that this 5GBioShield is owned by the probiotic supplement company he mentioned (Immortalis). I don’t see this as good or bad. The device does look like a cheap USB drive, but this doesn’t put me off either. If it can do what it claims, it’s the smallest (most portable) device of it’s kind that I know of. Blushield’s Disc is small (and water resistant), but has a smaller coverage are and isn’t currently available because they’re ironing out a design flaw.

    Since the 5GBioShield has such a low barrier to entry (relatively cheap), I’m going to try it out. I’ll be measuring my HRV and MPG, as Marc said it gave his car a significant MPG boost. If it’s ineffective, I’ll return it within the 30 days.

    MARC, thank you for coming on the show to share some of the things you’ve discovered. You are a wealth of information!

    1. Marc says:

      Erik, glad you like it. The owner of Immortalis and 5G are not the same, this was an honest mistake. I will be writing a redaction on the 5G Shield Information in the next 24-48 hours. Please hold off until then. There was a change, between the things I had investigated in the summer and now, which only occurred in the past 2 month. I was only made aware of that by my team yesterday.

      1. Erik says:

        Thanks for the heads up. I had already made the purchase before I saw this, but I might be able to return in within 30 days.
        I’m assuming your write-up will be posted here in the comments section? Anxious to see it.
        I’ve spent the last couple of days digging into Brown’s Gas and George Wiseman’s ExW, and I ended up ordering his AquaCure AC50 machine today. I’m very anxious to get it working on some very sick relatives.
        BEN, I would like to add support to those who requested George Wiseman as a podcast guest. TMK, he hasn’t made an appearance on any shows as big as yours. ExW and Brown’s Gas therapy is going to be big, and it would be great to see it on BGF podcast first.

        1. Marc says:

          Hello Erik, once the redaction is completed it will be posted into the show notes. I wish you all the best with your relatives.

  26. Brian palmer says:

    Ben please have George wiseman on the pod cast. One of the pioneers in browns gas. Browns gas is a little different than hydrogen gas.

    1. Marc says:

      Very honorable person. I hope Ben can get him on the show. Thank you for mentioning his name

      1. It would be my pleasure to be on the show. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun and I’d like to help people learn about the Healing potential of Brown’s Gas (aka HHO or HydrOxy). I can be contacted via my website: https://eagle-research.com/contact/

      2. Kira Miftari says:

        MARC, do George Wiseman’s product is a good choice, given your qualifications for hydrogen machines? THNX!

  27. Beth Gerry says:

    Could you please add a link for the Molecular Hydrogen machine Marc spoke about? I am looking for a good one and was intrigued by the information provided on the one he is using. Thank you!

    1. Alec says:

      I am also in the market for a Molecular hydrogen machine. The link will be appreciated also. Thanks for the great yarn Ben.

      1. Beth says:

        Based on the comment from Brian Palmer about George Wiseman, I am thinking his AquaCure Model AC50 may be what Marc was referring to in the podcast.

        1. The AquaCure AC50 can be found here: https://eagle-research.com/product/ac50/

    2. Rob surf says:

      Hi Beth,

      I’ve had an osmio duo for months now and it had been an excellent purchase.

      Contrary to discussion on this podcast I can use it to generate Hydrogen water on airplanes by fitting to any regular water bottle, which is really handy.

      Also has cannula for gas intimation but the % is very low vs any clinical effective dosing… To probably need to invest in a bigger machine if you interested in the gas more than the water.

  28. karolina says:

    Hi Ben.

    What’s your tought about emf protecting device made by comosystem?

    Thank you


    1. I'm not familiar with that particular product.

  29. Karolina says:


    Maybe one day you can talk about cheap way of structuring and purifying water with shungite stone?
    And erasing water memory by putting it in the fridge for 5 seconds (Faraday cage)

    Thank you.


  30. Neel says:

    Hey Ben when it comes to fat loss is there a way to completely avoid or by some preemptive strategies to not get loose skin which many do develop after losing a substantial amount of weight? The only answer to this that I have stumbled upon is to decelerate the weight loss and to prevent extreme fat loss in a shorter amount of time. I would appreciate your response to this.

    1. Yup, that would be my number 1 tip. There are a few more in this article: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/…

  31. Imed says:

    Hello Marc,
    Thank you for your contribution. What kind of immuno therapy are you doing? I am looking for something which can specifically increase NK cell activity. Do you know something which can help?

  32. Sven says:

    Marc (and Ben), maybe you should look closely at Marco Ruggiero, the author of many of the papers presented here.

  33. Jim says:

    I was surprised how often the guest could not remember names , or seems unfamiliar with concepts or protocols that Ben would reference . For me he didn’t come across as very credible .

    1. Rob Surf says:

      I would not be put off by this personally, given the scope of the discussion, his non medical background and financial framing of things.

      The lack of reported or even hypothetical mechanisms of action bothers me more.

      Either you have significant results and plan trials to verify them independently to explore what’s going on…. Or you have a no el research based hypothetical mechanism and plan trials to see if you will get the results desired.

      I would really love to hear more about results and mechanisms for everything mentioned if Marc has access to this data.

      Of course if you are summarizing well informed people and presenting info second hand this can be tricky… but it’s the core of why we listen to Be . We have to separate the wheat from the chaff and he really helps.

      Enjoyed it very much by the way.

  34. Daniel says:

    Very interesting post. As I was reading it I thought about a quantum infusement oil which has similar properties. The guy who has developed it is called Drunvalo Melchizedek. This is his website http://bit.ly/2N1nKTZ

  35. Kamil says:

    The deeper we go, the harder it is for me to believe.

    For example, the 5gbioshield looks like a cheap b2b flash drive I can buy a container of. Even if it’s real, the external look of this device looks so scammy for me. Note I’m not judging. Just sharing my perspective.

    1. Kelley says:

      Agreed. I’m struggling with this one…mighty powerful little flash drive to protect an entire home.

    2. KELLEY says:

      Indeed, it is a cheap flash drive.

  36. Joshua Wills-King says:

    This guy sounds more like Bob Lazar than a biohacking expert! Still totally fascinating to hear. Thanks again for another awesome episode. I was wondering if you’d be able to update us on the guest’s progress in controlling his disease? Would be interesting to hear how his protocols are seeing viability.

    1. Marc says:

      I am starting a fully audited study on myself during this year and have a European Clinic measure the Progression of my disease, at regular intervals. Protocol consist of: Immune Therapy, HHO (Brows Gas), DDW (Light Water) at 5ppm, Klotho supplements, NAD+ increasers, Keto. Stagnation or decrease of cyst growth while keeping kidney function at the same or better levels will be considered a success.

      1. Joshua says:

        Good luck to you and thank-you so much for sharing all of that information!

      2. Sven says:

        Marc, you should absolutely blog about it!

      3. npsinc says:

        Any chance to share the protocol (doses, brands…) and keep us updated on cyst reduction/disappearance; ty

      4. citizenevan says:

        Marc, I’ve been thinking about starting a business around deuterium depleted water. If that’s interesting, feel free to email me at protonmail. (Confidentiality assured)

      5. Jane says:

        Marc- For those of us with PKD we need more info. As you mentioned according to modern medicine we have NO options. PKD websites offer worthless information. My mother and daughter have PKD. Even the basics on why Keto would help. We need you to share detailed info because nobody else is out there!

        1. Aaron Dirnfield says:

          Please reach out to me I have useful info and I put together a protocol

      6. Bill Moore says:

        Wow! Cheers, Marc you’ll do great!

      7. Aaron Dirnfield says:

        Hi Marc
        I have information on PKD please reach out to me.
        Ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones have recently been shown to happy halt for cystogenesis in rodent PKD models. Check out Dr Thomas Weimbs work.

  37. Danny says:

    Just looked up that Nuchido and someone had said the didn’t include the patent WO2019175587A1 molecule in the bottle. If so, would this make Nuchido ineffective compared to the claims, no?

  38. Hannah Hausman says:

    Can you make this a transcript I can read ?

    1. Yes, transcripts are posted a few days after the podcast airs.

      1. Jeremy says:

        What’s going on with the 5g BioShield redaction?

  39. Jeff says:

    Ben, would love your thoughts on the ark crystal after you read those research papers and if you think they are legit studies. Seems like such a far out there concept but the results of the studies are pretty fascinating.

    1. Yeah, I need to talk to the company to just get one and try it for myself.

    2. Cari says:

      Hi Jeff,

      You can request the third party pilot human study here https://connect.arkcrystals.com/human-study-request to read over for yourself :-) Enjoy!

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