Special Podcast Episode: How To Biohack Your Home And Create An Unbeatable Environment

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Last week, I spoke at former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind Summit. During my presentation, I showed how to stop electrical pollution, enhance your cognitive performance, detox your surroundings, and do everything possible to create an unbeatable environment in your bedroom, kitchen, gym, office and bathroom.

In today's podcast, you get to sit in and listen to the whole presentation. Click here to download the slides, and see below for all the resources. Enjoy!


Resources For Your Bedroom


Resources For Your Office


Resources For Your Kitchen


Resources For Your Gym


Resources For Your Bathroom


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17 thoughts on “Special Podcast Episode: How To Biohack Your Home And Create An Unbeatable Environment

  1. Frank says:

    This is irresponsible journalism (and science communication, to boot—I mean you, Prof. Dirnfeld!) at its worst. Basically, the message is: Hey, you men! Stop being addicted to your mobile phones! They’re sapping your precious bodily fluids frying your sperm! Stop being so into your cell phone, you idiots! Of course, that might not be such bad advice, but why it might be reasonable advice has absolutely nothing to do with sperm counts, sperm motility, or infertility. If it’s good advice, the reason has more to do with being less obsessed with a handheld device and more interested in what’s going on around oneself.

    Whenever I see an article like this, I always have to go straight to the study. That proved to be harder than usual, which lead me to curse journalists for not providing direct links, DOI numbers, or even formal references to studies that they report on. Eventually, I did find the paper. It’s an article in Reproductive BioMedicine Online by Zilberlicht et al, entitled Habits of cell phone usage and sperm quality – does it warrant attention? At this point, I was tempted to invoke Betteridge’s Law of Headlines and leave it at that, just answering no, but I’m a glutton for a study, even a bad one. It’s one of my blogging specialties.

  2. cookin74 says:

    Curious what you think about shielding devices for EMF's. Things like Faraday Canopies to put around your bed etc. For a renter, it's difficult to control and shield certain EMF sources. Seems like Faraday Canopy might be a good solution, but just so darn expensive…

    1. Problem is you basically can "cook yourself" if you use devices while inside these type of canopies…as long as you're willing to make 100% sure you're not using your iphone in bed for example, then they can do a good job "blocking the neighbor's wifi" basically.

  3. ijwillis says:

    Hi Ben. The greenfield water filter system is that all you use from your well/septic?If so where would you place it within the plumbing? The system looks very good and user friendly.
    I really appreciate you helping us become better people

    1. I asked. He said.

      Great question. The Waterline Harmonizer can be placed just about anywhere on the water supply line. The best placement would be before the water supply line tees off to the outside faucets if that's applicable. Typically, it's placed on the water supply line just as it's entering the home in the utility room, the basement or crawl space. If you don't have access to the water supply line, then the next best placement is on the cold supply to the water heater. Lastly, if you don't have access to a water heater, it would be best to place the Harmonizer on the most centrally located plumbing within the living space.

      Hope that helps and feel to contact me with any other questions or concerns,

      Gary Greenfield <a href="http://www.greenfieldnaturals.com” target=”_blank”>www.greenfieldnaturals.com

  4. Healthy1Maui says:

    Hi Ben, Curious if you know how much emf is emitted by the dehydrator? Also a concern for me is the amount of electricity used to run it for so long as well as the noise it makes.

    Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Not much, Dana. It runs on pretty low power, using very little electricity and EMF.

  5. ijwillis says:

    Hi Ben, i am designing a new home on a two acre plot with only electricity as a source. Will be on a well/septic but not sure what is best for heating and cooling. Propane boiler? Forced air ? or Under floor heating and cooling using an outdoor wood furnace? with ceiling fans? What did you decide and for what reasons in health? monthly bills etc?

    1. We did buried propane, and then a super efficient "Falco" wood burning stove. We added ceiling fans to move the heated air around. For a 3K square foot home, we are still at around $200/month, but you have to remember the propane is being used for cooking too…

  6. zswaps123 says:

    Hey Ben, long time podcast listener here. Last week you had Casper Mattress as a sponsor and in this presentation and on your October article about Organic Mattress, you recommend Essentia. So what's the difference between the mattresses? If price wasn't an issue, which one do you like? If price is a consideration, does that change your choice? Mucho thanks!

    1. So it's kinda like the difference between a Prius – awesome, dependable car at an excellent price that will last for years (this would be like the Casper) vs. a Tesla – one of the nicest cars money can buy in my opinion (the Essentia). I wanted to give my listeners BOTH options. I have BOTH. If price is absolutely no issue go for an Essentia….

      1. zswaps123 says:

        Thanks Ben!

  7. ijwillis says:

    Hi Ben, just another amazing podcast. So informative, my family and i really benefit from your knowledge.
    I have just bought the sweatbeatz hrv app using my new iPhone 6. Which is the best way to monitor everything. Vital connect health patch? and a HR strap but which one? What is the difference between your app 'Nature Beat' and the sweatbeatz app? I see yours is more money but what is the difference?
    Thank you for everything

    1. I wasn't aware the SweetBeat is less expensive than https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/naturebea…. You sure? They should be same price. And any of these HR monitors is compatible: http://www.sweetwaterhrv.com/healthsensors.shtml – the difference between Sweetbeat and mine is pretty minimal…except mine is private label and branded as Greenfield. Which automatically makes it cooler. ;)

      1. ijwillis says:

        I may be wrong about the price. but i would have rather give you the money as you have given me a lot of knowledge which i appreciate tremendously.

  8. CanBliss says:

    Great Podcast Ben! I could not find the Ground to USB device you suggested. Where should I look?
    I get EMF symptoms from my mouse. I just wrapped it up with foil, as per the suggestion at safercomputing. Is this a good idea? If I don't wrap it, my whole hand goes numb. Is there a mouse out there that can protect us? My last question, is there a cover you can put on top of your bed to protect you from potential damage from EMFs and chemicals without having to buy a whole mattress? Your healthy home/office podcasts are my favorites. Thanks so much!

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