The Most Effective Detox You’ve Never Heard Of (And Exactly How To Do It).

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In 1974, the World Health Organization stated that environmental toxins create approximately 84% of all chronic diseases. Over the past 40 years this number has increased dramatically…

…and as a matter of fact, an oft-neglected but serious issue called “cellular toxicity” is one of the major epidemics of our lifetimes, and remains an underlying cause of numerous health issues, including gut problems, thyroid issues, sluggish metabolism, brain fog and much more.

In today's episode, you're going to learn exactly why that is, what cellular toxicity is, what you can do about, and the most effective form of detoxification that you've probably never heard of.

My guest on today's episode is Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc., who is widely considered to be a global leader in the health and wellness industry. He travels all over the country educating practitioners and the public on the root causes of inflammation driven diseases such as Weight Loss Resistance, Hypothyroid, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autoimmune Disorders and other chronic conditions.

…and I happened to have had the pleasure of hanging out at Dan's house with him in Park City Utah during my TrainToHunt National Championships competition, and finding out everything I've always wanted to know about how to detox the body as effectively as possible.

Dan's authority is rooted in his own personal battle. He has overcome serious neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning, and he did that using the cellular detoxification strategies we talk about in this show. His methodology is rooted in self-experimentation, and runs very much counter to mainstream detox tactics.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Dr. Pompa developed extremely”toxic” cells despite being a seemingly healthy pro mountain biker and chiropractic physician…[9:30]

-The big, big problem with detoxifications such as cilantro, chlorella, juice cleanses, colonics and other popular detox methods…[30:00]

-Why the popular cleansing mineral zeolite is too big to cross a cell membrane, and what you can do about it…[34:05 & 53:55]

-Dr Pompa's 5 “R's” of fixing your cells for good, and how you can personally do each of these R's…[37:35]

-Why you must detox your cell, and not just your tissue or your blood, and exactly how to detox your cells…[40:15]

What happens if you mix popular detox methods, like fiber supplements or glutathione or n-acetyl cysteine or juicing, etc…[58:15]

The tiny white bottle that Dr. Pompa gave me that made me feel like complete crap and call him on the phone three days later…[63:20]

-What you should feel like when you are detoxing, and how long you should actually detox for (you'll be surprised at the answer)…[64:30]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

-CytoDetox supplement is sold only through health professionals only. Please call us for an evaluation, qualification and practitioner supervised use of this breakthrough product at 888-600-0642 and mention you are a client of Ben Greenfield. Be sure to mention this show for a discount!

Six hour urine challenge

Evidence Of Harm DVD about mercury dental fillings

The “Smoking Tooth” video on YouTube for finding a holistic dentist

Biology Of Belief book

NOW Foods liver capsules

USWellnessMeats (Ben mentions braunschweiger and head cheese in this episode)

Cancer As A Metabolic Disease book

Thorne multivitamin

-Dr. Pompa's article about detoxification mistakes

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Dan or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply!

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163 thoughts on “The Most Effective Detox You’ve Never Heard Of (And Exactly How To Do It).

  1. Omar Ali says:

    Ben you are the man, now is there any alternatives to the Prep, Body, Brain supplementation that you would recommend before using cyto detox ? Give me options please man.

    Thank you

  2. Michelle says:

    I just got my heavy metals test results back and I’m extremely high with arsenic and mercury. I bought a bottle of the Cytodetox to start getting the heavy metal detox going. Can I just start that or do I have to get the PREP, BODY and BRAIN Cytodetox? I’m extremely heathy (otherwise) with my diet since I listen and follow you and a lot of your different guests recommendations so I feel like I’m as good as I’m gonna get to start…. :-)

    1. Omar Ali says:

      Hey Michelle,

      I was wondering the same thing actually, did you end up just using cytodetox only ?

      Please let me know

  3. Michelle says:

    About a year ago listened to this podcast and a couple others you posted about heavy metal detoxing, I have all the symptoms and have taken time to remove things affecting me so I can go on to the next phase of getting tested and detoxing. I clicked on the 6 hour test and it goes to a page that didn’t seem to have the test listed. All I can find is a 24 hour urine test…can you send me the link? 🙏🏽 Or is there a newer podcast with more information, or is this still the latest and greatest? Thanks! This is ALL SO helpful!!!!!

  4. Jesse Gilpen says:

    Did you experience depersonalization during your toxicity?

    1. What's never been written in these articles is, as a result of a vindictive family member with political and legal connections, Dr. Pompa was forced into a decision that was best for his family to take care of the children and avoid further stress to do something he was going to do all ready. It was a hard but easy decision. Both of the "children" are now happy, successful adults, who love their family and incredible father who provides for them. Neither of the children have any relationships with the vindictive family member. If you want to learn more about the story, there is a Cellular Healing TV episode on his website where they discuss it in more detail. Please go hear to view the CHTV episode 86 – 30 min 15 sec >>…

      1. Andrea says:

        This link does not work

  5. KM says:

    The trouble with this product and all products on the Cytodetox site is they are only available to “licensed professionals” which is crap. This means you have to first find one of these professionals, and if they are from the allopathic camp, they have no more “professional” training in this than I do. NONE. NADA. They did not take the first formally recognized class or have the first question about any one of these products on their USMLE test. They may have taken some weekend antiaging class or natural health class that only “professionals” are allowed to attend. Many of us have “practiced” creation healing for over 50 years. They take a weekend class and they are “board certified”. There is no such formally recognized board certification. Ask yourself whose board? Not anything sanctioned by the AMA. This is what is happening. Allopaths, now aging and dying, know that all the protocols and poisons they have doled out don’t work and have nothing to do with health. They are flocking to these courses in panic for their own lives and voila! They are now experts by virtue of a license that never taught them the first damn thing about this. Now, people are waking up by virtue of the internet and seeing what was once not common knowledge become available to all. Now the Medical Mafia seeks to bio-regulate natural therapies that have always worked. In other words, you have to PAY to get these products THROUGH A PROFESSIONAL and how to take them if you don’t know how and which tests to order for yourself. You have to be entered in their medical databases which are NOT private (look up Health Gorilla) and which will be held against you should you ever have to be subjected to allopathy. Companies like Cytodetox NEED to be validated by the “licensed professional” that is why they are so secretive to the public at large. Their site will not even let the public see what their products contain, but know this, nothing which is recognized or approved by any medical education or for any condition. Finally, forced purchase of insurance to keep the Medical Mafia solvent, will not pay for any of this. So only the upper middle income or wealthy can afford this company’s forced “licensed professional” products. Since medicine has not been successful, patenting natural substances, though they continue to try with all their might, company’s like Cytodetox, with their insatiable need for validation, help them by VOLUNTARILY bio-regulating the product to “licensed professionals” only. Cytodetox does not have anything which cannot be made by anyone with a minimum of education and common sense. Save your money, or buy low molecular weight zeolite and mix with liposomal l-c to the same concentration. Otherwise the poor to low middle income population can just continue to be “population controlled” by allopaths, pharmaceuticals, and sell outs like Cytodetox.

    1. Chandra Wellness here, I’m a 25 + year veteran holistic heal consultant using this detox program. I am a Certified professional, not in the medical industry, and I am leading people through this detox that is giving people their life back, that they thought was lost forever. And no, the amount of science, time and money that went in to developing not only Cyto-Detox but the complete program, is far beyond what it takes to write a unresearched response. Your comment on suggesting to purchase low molecular weight zeolite and “mix” with liposomal Vit C as if it will be the same results, speaks to the basic problem of finding information online – people will speak without any credible, viable, or internal integrity, just to make a point that is actually of zero value, and sometimes potentially damaging, as in this case. The reason why Dr Pompa encourages people to work with a practitioner, is to ensure that the process is done with cautiously and with a professional eye on how ones body is responding, to make sure that it is always done properly and to the clients advantage.

    2. KB says:

      I bought it and I am not a licensed professional. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. AC says:

        KB , how did it work for you? Did you test yourself after the program to see if it lowered the toxicity? Thank yog

  6. scott says:

    is there a discount code for revelation health orders

  7. Melva says:

    Greetings Ben,

    Just heard your podcast with Dr. Pompa. I’m interested in your feedback since you also actively use PEMF & Far infrared saunas.

    When I 1st started using PEMF at my chiropractor’s office I noticed I started breaking out, First my upper back, then lower back and finally my abdomen and arms. My chiropractor, after researching said it was a detox side effect.The rash remained for several months and back then the itching was bearable. After 4 months I went to see my dermatologist who gave me a steroidal cream.

    Would you recommend I do the CytoDetox? should i also follow the 6 steps outlined by Dr. Pompa?

    1. Melva says:

      Forgot to mention rash has returned on my back after using Infrared Sauna with Red light therapy 4 times for 20 minutes last week.

    2. Yes I would follow Dr Pompa's plan.

  8. How did your Feb 2018 Cyto Detox go vs any other Detox’s you have done? I know there was a ton of marketing around it by Dan Pompa (as usual), but your transparent thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. True Cellular Detox is the detox I've done with Dr. Pompa for the past two years. I'd say it went well considering I've done it two years in a row!

      1. Mick says:

        How can you assess if the detox has actually worked? You would need to test before and after and even so my understanding is that tests are inaccurate or full of caveats (there are many variables that are different from person to person)

        1. The overall way I felt afterwards, and also I did test and saw an impressive drop.

  9. Marc says:

    Hey Ben,

    I completely forgot a bought a bottle of this last year. It’s now about to expire so I plan on using it soon.I recall that there was a multistep process for taking CytoDetox. However, I can’t seem to find that information anymore. Is there anything I need to take with CytoDetox or will just taking it by itself be okay and bind some heavy metal toxins. Just want to make sure I don’t cause any other issues when I start taking CytoDetox.

    Let me know! Thanks.

    1. Marc says:

      I bought a bottle*

    2. Which CytoDetox product?

      1. Marc says:…

        I believe I was able to get a bottle before a practitioner had to order it…. I re-listened to the podcast and thanks for responding. I also looked at the lot number on the bottle and it wasn’t part of the recall that was mentioned below.

        I had one more question. I plan on starting CytoDetox in November for a month and during the second week of November I was going to do a 7 day fast. Should I wait to do the fast or would it be alright to do both at the same time?



    3. Stefanie Hilton says:

      Just curious…I have some charcoal pills and Redmond Clay that I bought after listening to another podcast of yours. Would these help with toxicity? I would like to use these before I bought something else (like Cytodetox).

  10. Dan OBrien says:

    I also have the pinkish orange discoloration around the nozzle/cap as mentioned by another CytoDetox customer. Is this normal or is there a problem with the product? I’ve called 702-960-4540 a couple of times now but have not heard back yet.

    1. It is just the vitamin c- nothing to worry about.

      1. Norma says:

        Is the ascorbic acid in cytodetox in the form of L-ascorbate? L-ascorbate is the only form that binds to heavy metals and unless indicated acorbic acid is synthetic. That concerns me about this product. Would you please speak to my concern? Thank you.

  11. Ed Freire says:

    Where can I buy cyto detox? Bought first bottle from link now it’s no longer there!

    1. Now you must call the number in the shownotes above!

  12. Steve Gisler says:

    After three weeks of taking Cytodetox, I happened to notice a pinkish orange discoloration growing inside the container cap and around the nozzle! I keep the container stored in a dark cabinet, and maintain very sanitary practices, so this is troubling. I Googled this problem to see if it happened to anyone else, and saw the recall information as well, which is alarming. I’ve tried e-mailing the company twice and haven’t heard anything back. I’d like a replacement, or my money back, but can’t get anyone to respond. At this point I’m feeling pretty dubious about this company…

    1. Steve, I believe this is vitamin c staining and is common, however the Cytodetox team will be in contact with you asap.

      1. Steve Gisler says:

        Thanks to the Cytodetox team for contacting me, replacing the product, and sending a friendly card. Faith restored! Looking forward to confidently resuming my use of Cytodetox.

      2. Dan O'Brien says:

        I also have the pinkish orange liquid around the top of the CytoDetox cap. Is it vitamin C staining or a problem with the product? I called and left a message at 702-960-4540 but no reply as of yet.

  13. Alanna French says:

    Does anyone know if you still take supplements and tonic herbs, such as zinc, magnesium, he shou wu etc when taking the cytodetox? Or do you only use these on the ‘off cycle’?

    Thank you! :)

  14. Bronson says:

    Ben. It appears that the CytoDetox tested negative for the burkholderia cepacia bacteria but are still testing. Is this still the product that you recommend for full cellular detoxification given the controversy surrounding the recall? Thanks.

    1. Yes- and here is some more info: please find the attached letter from the supplier providing clarity about Cytodetox. Here is the Link:… There have been no reports of anyone having health challenges with this product. You may experience certain detox symptoms. If you have any additional questions, call this number: 702-960-4540.

  15. bradley says:

    Any updates on the recall? Two messages in with no call backs is all got so far from dr pompa.

    1. I reached out to Dr. Pompa's team— here is the reply: "Guys, please find the attached letter from the supplier providing clarity about Cytodetox. Here is the Link:… There have been no reports of anyone having health challenges with this product. You may experience certain detox symptoms. If you have any additional questions, call this number: 702-960-4540."

      1. David Hornung says:

        Thanks for the update Ben. Thanks for following through. I will continue taking :)

  16. David Hornung says:

    Please update of recall info. Listened to podcast and ordering around time of release seems to be affected lot. Please help Ben!

  17. Sherrie says:

    I would love to know if this can be used with children. I know studies show excretion through the kidneys, have studies been done to see if any is excreted in the stool.

  18. Ashlea says:

    Hi Ben, great podcast. Dr Pompa mentioned not just taking the fillings out, that there’s a prep phase.. what is this prep phase?
    And then a prep phase of detoxing the body before the brain, is that like using cilantro etc?
    Also, any idea how I could get Cytodetox in South Africa?

  19. bradley says:

    The exact product lot number and expiration date are listed in a recall for a serious bacterial contamination. I bought mine days after the podcast aired. Happened to google side effects after I got really sick two times in a row after taking this. I get sick once every two years. 1st lung infection took four weeks to get over. Red flag! Google fda recall cytodetox

    1. No, they took care of this issue! I will let them reply in full.

      1. Bradley says:

        Help us out here Ben!

        Revelation Health said other products were recalled not cytodetox. I told them I’m confused because the FDA has it listed specifically in the recall on their website. I then contacted the manufacturer, possibly there is in fact an error or misstatement in the FDA publication… Here is a copy and paste from an email I received today from the manufacturer. I spoke with them on the phone and had them follow up with an email. Also, Unfortunately they said they do not offer refunds or replacements, that would be up to Revelation Health who is not aware of it, take my name and number still waiting a call back….


        This is just to confirm the product you have, information listed below was part of the recall from August 8, 2016. Please discontinue use and discard the product.

        CytoDetox, Hydrolyzed Clinoptiloolite Fragments, 30mL, UPC 632687615989, Lot#30661601, Exp. Date 05/2018

        1. Brad, stay tuned, we'll have an update from CytoDetox soon.

        2. TCM says:

          Wow. Interesting – I also got the same batch/lot that has supposedly been recalled.

          I’ve never been sicker in my life than the past 5-6 weeks. I literally had a coupe that lasted 5 weeks along with intense sinus symptoms, sore throat and headaches.

          I didn’t even make the connection until today, reading these posts.

          I also never get sick. This was worst I’ve ever been sick in my life. Was wondering if it was part of the detox.

          Really disappointing that this is happening.

  20. ed says:

    Did Ben ever do the follow up podcast about this?

    1. We are working on getting all these questions answered and they should be done soon.

  21. Russ McBride says:

    There’s a recurrent confusion about the “gold standard” test for mercury toxicity. As discussed, most tests are pretty useless since a hair, blood, urine, or feces tests just test mercury that has made it into the hair, blood, urine, or feces and for various reasons (including genetic predispositions) the detected levels may or may not reflect internal mercury levels, especially the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, and brain, where mercury typically settles. In fact, it’s not unusual for autistic kids to show zero mercury, seemingly an indication of zero mercury in their system (which would be impossible), but it’s really an indication that they are often just very bad at eliminating mercury from their system. Typically, their levels are quite severe.

    One problem with something like the DMPS challenge test is that, imho, it can be a bit dangerous, if you are already facing a toxic load, because you will stir up that mercury and, even though DMPS is a great binder, a single does will not mop up all that has been stirred up. The reactions can be quite bad. So, what are the options? Well, I recommend two tests: a hair test; or a porphyrin test. When you look at the hair test you are *not* looking for the mercury levels. You are looking for an indication of what is called trace-mineral derangement. You are looking for 3 or more minerals that are in the top 5% or bottom 5%, a clear indication that your trace mineral transport systems are screwed. The most likely culprit of that is mercury toxicity. Andy Cutler discovered this (he also has some crazy recommendations about using alpha lipoic acid as a chelating agent but a quick scan of people’s results with this should dissuade you). The second test is a porphyrins test which you can also get through Doctor’s Data. Mercury toxicity has a very unique id (like a fingerprint) that it leaves behind after it damages your kidneys enough to affect heme synthesis. Heme synthesis involves kicking off 13 different kinds of porphyins in the process and mercury toxicity leaves and very unique “exhaust” product inefficiency signature. I would consider the porphyrins test the “gold standard” and the trace mineral derangement to be pretty good as well. I would not consider the DMPS challenge test to be a “gold standard” because there are cases where even a DMPS-challenge test won’t show much mercury (Klinghardt claims that he’s seen many dentists who didn’t start kicking out mercury until dozens of cycles into DMPS chelating). On the other hand if you *do* show elevated levels of mercury in a challenge test then you do hae a problem; if you don’t though, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

    1. Cathy Cooke says:

      What are you referring to in regards of the alpha lipoic acid? Are you saying that it does not help with mercury detoxification?

  22. Oskar says:

    The dude in this podcast didnt seem to be as scientific and fact based as i’d expect from someone who understans metobolic detox mechanisms and chelation.
    Besides, all that zeolite thing might be a fraud that gives you aluminium poisoning instead of detoxifying.

    Maybe you should have this fellow on the podcast to counterbalance the hype a little. :)

    1. TSV says:

      Hi Oskar – I saw that article too (dated Nov. 2, 2015) and it made me skeptical about the CytoDetox product, but then I saw the following article (dated Dec. 1, 2015) from the same website and the same author:…

    2. TCM says:

      Did you read this article from the same website??…

  23. ed says:

    i’m 40 male, have been on a quest to feel better for at least 2 1/2 years now with the help of an ND, my complaints were the usual, fatigue, poor sleep, low drive, lack os strenght in the gym, mild depression, was put on TRT (t was very low at 330), most symptoms persisted, except for increase in strength, fat loss and slight increase in drive, fixed my methylation and started focusing on detox and improving sleep, also had mild apnea, which is now under control as well, symptoms of fatigue and mild depression still persisted, so my last attempt at detox was to focus on metals, since i’ve had amalgam fillings most of my life (gone for 10 years now) and after listening to Dr Pompa’s podcast, I figured I had high levels anyway, so instead of testing, I decided to give a shot, if anything will be placebo effect like most supps and i’ll stop.

    I’ve been taking CytoDetox for about 3 1/2 weeks now, first week I felt horrible, fatigue (worse than usual), anxiety, nausea, headaches, etc very, was taking 20 drops/days/am/pm, I didn’t decrease the dose, as I figured it was doing me some good and I’d stick to dose. After researching a lot online, came across an FDA warning about possible contamination of cytodetox (, so I started to panic, thinking my symptoms were due to the contaminant. After reaching out to cytodetox’s customer service, the nice girl sent me the tests performed by them , and assured me the product was not affected and could continue to take, so I felt relieved. The sickness symptoms continues into week two, but were less severe still a little nauseous, less fatigued, I also noticed caffeine had a much more pronounced and longer lasting effect. I’m a fast caffeine metabolizer and usually doesn’t do much to my energy level, the caffeine is still acting stronger than before the detox, but obviously tolerance is always at play, so I’m trying to not take caffeine daily to keep its effectiveness, but granted the detox did something to my caffeine tolerance, in a positive way!

    I also noted on week three that my energy was better than before, no more slumps in the pm, my mood is better, I feel like doing stuff, the gym is not a struggle anymore, i’m actually enjoying my workouts more and definitely have more energy to finish stronger, and don’t feel drained like before, sleep is good, but not great, I figured may take some time for my body to adapt. All in all, I see this product as legit and seems to do what is supposed to, unfortunately I’m not lab testing, as I normally would, but I figured by now I know how my body reacts, i’ve tried hundreds of supps and herbs, most of them, either never did anything or I’d build up tolerance too quickly to be worth taking it in the long term. Now in retrospect, cellular toxicity, could’ve been a factor here in tolerance or lack of effectiveness, since it seems to have improved my caffeine sensitivity, I’ll continue the detox and try individual herbs and supps again and see how different they work this time. My next step is to try getting off TRT, since metal toxicity seems to affect the HPT axis in a negative way, i’m hoping my body can naturally increase my T production, not too hopeful yet, but seems to be a real possibility. Will report back soon!

    1. TCM says:


      Would love to hear how you’re taking?

      Did you do the prep phase first?

      Are you taking activated charcoal and glutathione as well?

      And are you taking on/off weeks?

  24. Lisa says:

    I took CytoDetox and had no symptoms with taking it. I had 6 mercury fillings (3 of which were removed improperly). I have horrible fibromyalgia symptoms and want to know how long I should take this product? Is it good to take this to get rid of Candidiasis?

  25. Fredrik says:

    If combining cytodetox with Gcel and Bind (glutathione elevator and activated charcoal), when am I supposed to take those products? On the on or off cycle of the Cytodetox? Or is it better to take it after finishing the detox bottle? Also, would it be beneficial to take glutathione during the process, ie not just the Gcel?


  26. Jason says:

    It sounds like it’s proven Zeolite can get penetrate a cell. Is it proven it leaves and if so, that it doesn’t adversely change the cell and takes ONLY toxins with it.

  27. Rubicon says:

    I picked up some CytoDetox via the link off this site after listening to the podcast. Previously I’ve tested for high levels of mercury with blood and hair tests.

    In the past I’ve tried a few rounds of low dose chelation with DMPS following the Andy Cutler protocol, but I thought CytoDetox might be a good alternative that would work a little faster.

    I’ve started taking 3-5 drops of CytoDetox twice per day. Day 1 noticed nothing. Day 2 developed strong headaches and flu like symptoms. Day 3 (today) milder headache and still feeling pretty lousy.

    It seems like something is happening, and that’s pretty cool. Looking forward to finding out how things go for the next 1-2 months.

    1. TCM says:

      Rubicon, similar results for me. Day one nothing. Day two felt pretty crappy after taking 5-6 drops in AM. Naseous, headache, tired, achy.

      Would love to have some feedback thru the comments section as there is VERY little info online about this.

      1. TCM says:

        Just curious if any updates Rubicon or anyone else taking cytodetox?

        I’ve taken for the last 5=6 days and got up to 10 drops AM and PM. Has been interesting. Definitely experiencing some detox symptoms, discomfort, etc…even some achynesss in the body. I’ve woken up with a slight hangover type feeling the last few mornings, but i’ve had moments in the last couple of days where i’ve felt clearer and more alert than normal.

        I’m taking 10 drops cytodetox AM and PM now along with the glutathione in the AM and activated charcoal in the PM. Is the cytodetox and/or charcoal something that should be taken AWAY from other supplements?

        Just wish there was more info/resources for QA’s.

        1. Rubicon says:

          I continued the Cyto Detox into week 2/3. Overall I’ve been feeling pretty lousy with a headache most days. I’m going to take at least a week off until I’m back to normal. Once that happens I plan to continue on. I’ll leave another comment here in the future when I have more experience using Cyto Detox.

      2. lvp says:

        I second that.

      3. Nathan says:

        I have also been taking the CytoDetox for just under a week, and noticed similar feeling of crappiness, as well as recurrence of some allergies. It is early days, but I am hoping it will help in the long term.

        I am also taking liposomal glutathione – from another popular source – and am just about to start taking activated charcoal. These are not the specific ones mentioned, but I already have these on hand.

        Additionally I hope to add some sweating sessions to the mix, just to get as much out of me as possible while on a detox. There are no clearlight sauna’s in the area, and I’m not able to set one up right now, so I’m researching other ways to cleanse in lieu if being able to do the full niacin/sauna approach.

        I suppose with a treatment like this the symptoms can be very personal. We almost certainly all have different combinations of toxins, and reactions to those toxins, so I doubt we’d all feel exactly the same, for the same amount of time, etc.

        I don’t expect instant healing, and hopefully it won’t take too long to notice a beneficial change. If anyone else is testing the Cytodetox product it would be good to hear your experiences.

        Good luck :)

        1. TSV says:

          Hi Nathan – One of the studies on the CytoDetox website ( shows that metal excretion levels were highest on day 4, so it sounds like you are right on track.

      4. Cathy Cooke says:

        This is confusing to me, if this is a binder, then why the die-off and fealing crappy? Shouldn’t it be binding and eliminating?

        1. dave says:

          You are right. The ‘stearing up’ of the toxins is the highest on day four (when you feel awful).
          The study shows that after about 25 days the zeolite is not doing anything positive.

          Why would anybody take it for three or six months?

  28. Steph says:

    I am finding there is need for more information on how to use the product. I just got it yesterday and as far as I know is 10 drops am/pm. There is no info on the site,nor FAQ area to clear basic questions. If you selling a product of this level, this should be a must. I’m here wondering for how long should I do? I have two bottles, should I go through both bottles without a break? Can I drink wine during it? Or my diet should be completely clean, I received the detox book but it doesn’t what you shouldn’t eat. I like more information?

  29. Ari says:

    Ben, great interview with Dr. Pompa. I believe I’ve got everything straight but one point. What is his/your issue with DMSO, exactly? I would have thought you’re in favor of DMSO since it, like MSM, enhances cell wall permeability, which goes to the subject at hand: getting nutrients into the cell and trash out. Thanks!

  30. wayne says:

    Great podcast as usual, definitely going to try the Cytodetox. Have to ask about what I just read in a book on Cancer. This is directly from the book:

    Only by eating animal products do the cancer cells receive a superabundance of all the essential amino acids, creating a rich “well-fertilized” environment for them to replicate. It now appears that insulin and animal protein are the real culprits for cancer cells to thrive…? Thoughts.. Because Dr Pompa and Thomas Seyfried seem to disagree.


  31. Patricia Henry says:

    Would love for you to get Chris Shade with Quicksilver on a podcast. I believe he has the best testing available for Hg. If the science is truly legit for the Cytodetox going into the celll, it seems his IMD product along with his liposomal glutathione, etc would be a great one/two punch with the Cytodetox. Would love to hear his take on the Cytodetox.

    1. dave says:

      ToxDetox is superior to Cytodetox or Chris Shade’s products.
      Falsely, these protocols force the body into an elevated day-time detoxification.
      Yet, the overnight detox should be supported that is a natural and normal process.
      Dr. Pompa and Dr. Shade are marketing geniuses, but lack a common-sense approach.

  32. bob says:

    Your voice sounds like a fart

  33. Michael Brashier says:

    I’m very disappointed. I listened to this podcast a second time because I was frustrated with the lack of concrete information not he first pass. I was listening to it during a run so I has hyper focused on it but even on second listen there was just nothing substantive there.

    The guest sounds EXACTLY like a snake oil salesman. Many times he says some version of “studies show. The studies are out there. etc.” Then never cites a specific study.

    He made so many claims and did not cite any proof of.

    Also, Ziolite is bad because its a particle. WTF?

  34. gina says:

    Oh, and great podcast as always!

  35. gina says:

    help Ben!

    I just ordered the clear light sauna and was about to order all the supplements to growth the detox. Would you think you should do both supplement regimes or would this suffice? Now I’m really confused

    1. If it were me and I were doing the sauna, I'd still include the niacin.

  36. Neil says:


    Did you receive your blood tests since using cytodetox? Have your metal levels gone down?

    1. Yes, I'm seeing an impressive drop. Podcasting on it soon!

  37. Hi Ben,

    You’re a legend and I can’t wait to see you in West Oz (Western Australia) someday…

    How does the Cyto Detox compare with something like Fulvic Acid and what difference with heavy metal detox is there between these?



  38. Mike Mierz says:

    simple question, maybe it’s too simple, but I can’t decide on the responsible decision right now. I’ve been having issues with brain fog, weightloss, skin and energy dips for years now. When I really trace these issues back I can remember dealing with all of these issues as early as high school or jr high. Nothing I have done so far as really fixed these issues. What I have done is narrowed them down to toxicity in my body, a thyroid problem, adrenal fatigue or stress. I am on a budget. Is it okay to throw cures at the problem without getting tested and just see what sticks?

    I ask because it is hard to get a doctor to give me an unbiased opinion on what the cause of my issues might be or even to run test besides the one that they think will expose the problem they think I’m having. i.e. my most recent doctor is convinced I have a thyroid problem and that I should go on thyroid replacement hormone. The only test she would run was for thyroid and it was irregular by .01. When I did further research it looked like my body is resistant to thyroid hormone so I can’t see how adding more to my system really helps solve a problem. Also, it seems like problems with thyroid, adrenals toxins, and stress can all be related and often a problem with one means a problem with all or some. I’m feeling stuck and frustrated and I’m really not sure how to move forward. thanks for reading

    1. You can certainly use something lke Cyto, see how you look/feel/perform and have a somewhat educated decision. But nothing beats targetd blood/hair/saliva/urine testing to ensure you're not using something you don't actually need!

  39. Angela says:

    Hi Ben,

    Great podcast! This got me thinking a lot about consumption of foods that supposedly have detoxification effects (like you and Dr Pompa mentioned in the podcast – cilantro, for example). For the past couple of years, I’ve taken cracked cell wall chlorella tablets (5x2500mg with that dose containing ~75mg chlorophyll total) on and off with the thought that this would help counter balance toxin consumption from pesticides, herbicides etc on produce. I know that this type of toxin is different to the heavy metals Dr Pompa was talking about, but following the analogy of the street cleaner trucks that stir dirt up into the air, I wondered: Is taking chlorella actually serving the intended purpose, or is it just stirring up toxins in the body? If so, is there something you’d recommend taking alongside to act as a binder? Thanks so much.

    1. I would indeed be using a binder like Cyto along with the cilantro. I take Cyto now a few days a week to ensure the street cleaner effect doesn't happen.

  40. James says:

    I accidentally posted this question in reply to someone’s comment. Here it is again. Thanks for the help Ben:

    Is this product safe to take if you have issues dispeling metals/toxins out of your urine? Does it help with this? I will be conducting dr shade’s tri test with quicksilver scientific next week. He states that if your blood tests are high for Mercury but low for urine, then you may have issues getting the toxins out of your body and therefore could get sicker while detoxing. He suggests a kidney support regime to combat this. Thanks for the info! Dr Pompa’s story sounds so similar to mine I couldn’t ignore it and would like to try Cyto detox right away. But i have fears since a previous detox made me worse off as described in the podcast. Thanks!

  41. Jack says:

    Since I really took this information to heart, I went down the rabbit hole to research this and Dr Pompa. Stumbled upon this piece of interesting info and it sure makes me question everything. Yes, it’s same Dr. Pompa – on Dr. Pompa’s web site they do refer to the twins they’ve adapted. Of course, no mention of the stealing.

    “…adoptive parents, 46-year-old Daniel Pompa and his wife, 44-year-old Merily Pompa, pleaded guilty to stealing $1.5 million from the twins’ trust fund.”

    Couple Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Children’s Trust Fund (2012)……

    1. Michael says:

      Hmmm so what now..

    2. If I read that, I would be concerned as well. However, what has never been written in these articles is, as a result of a vindictive family member with political and legal connections, Dr. Pompa was forced into a decision that was best for his family to take care of the children and avoid further stress to do something he was going to do all ready. It was a hard but easy decision. As a mater of fact, both of these children are now happy, successful college students, who love their family and incredible father who provides for them. Neither of the children have any relationships with the vindictive family member. If you want to learn more about the story, there is a Cellular Healing TV episode on his website where they discuss it in more detail. Please go hear to view the CHTV episode 86 – 30 min 15 sec >>….

  42. wendy ralfe says:

    Is there a distributor for cytodetox in the UK?


    1. Tom says: currently out of stock.

    1. gina says:

      I think I replied on the wrong comment. Google CytoDetox reviews and you can read the Natural News follow up testing of this exact product. Hope this helps

  43. Matt says:

    Dave said: “…a familiar pattern. Person has serious issues, recovers, goes on crusade about a critical problem that everyone has which can be fixed by an expensive product that they sell.”

    Spot on Dave! Excellent. This is probably the greatest threat to Ben’s credibility. It is a troubling pattern with little follow up or proper testing. Note that Dr. John Sarno has a wonderful quote about how most medical/healing practitioners would have no success at all if it were not for the placebo effect. And how often do practitioners control for the placebo effect in their “treatments”?

    1. gina says:

      Natural News has a follow up on testing this exact product and it came back clean. For some reason I can’t get it to link but if you Google CytoDetox reviews it’s within the first few choices of articles that pop up. Hope it’s helpful.

  44. Dave says:

    It was an interesting podcast for sure but seems to follow a familiar pattern. Person has serious issues and recovers. Goes on crusade to tell the world about a critical problem (heavy metals, mycotoxins, etc) that everyone has which can be fixed by an expensive product that they sell.

    1. Alex says:

      Does seem pretty annoying…but it still leaves us with problem of getting rid of toxins…which i can definitely tell you is real. Had a very interesting experience a yr ago…best id ever felt in my entire life like i was on another level above everyone else

    2. James says:

      Is this product safe to take if you have issues dispeling metals/toxins out of your urine? Does it help with this? I will be conducting dr shade’s tri test with quicksilver scientific next week. He states that if your blood tests are high for Mercury but low for urine, then you may have issues getting the toxins out of your body and therefore could get sicker while detoxing. He suggests a kidney support regime to combat this. Thanks for the info! Dr Pompa’s story sounds so similar to mine I couldn’t ignore it and would like to try Cyto detox right away. But i have fears since a previous detox made me worse off as described in the podcast. Thanks!

      1. Alex says:

        James, sounds like you would really benefit from improving your gut health – colostrum, fermented/cultured veggies, possibly probiotics. Look up Dr Sircus regarding kidneys, pretty sure bens had him on the show before

  45. Emily Nixon says:

    Question- If I still have mercury fillings than this product is not for me, correct? I didn’t hear much detail regarding the time it takes to remove mercury amalgams and when to then start the process of detox with this compound, zeolite… Can you comment further?

    1. Brooke says:

      I feel the same. I have one Mercury filling. I checked the link and there are no dentists near me who do the removal as suggested. I suffer from Hashimotos and have had little success with recovery through diet and supplements. I’m wondering if this is the missing piece and if I should find a way to travel to get the filling out?

  46. Alex says:

    Ben when you brought up the combination of other detox protocols (niacin+sauna etc) would something like cytodetox be taken after a full niacin-exercise-sauna session?

    1. Yes, I would do it BEFORE along with the niacin protocol at for the ideal results!

  47. Ed DeBolt says:

    For people that have mixed metals like gold and amalgam in their mouth and concerned about galvanic charge buildup then can purchase for <$20 tape head demagnetizer. After brushing the teeth zap briefly on your teeth and back to normal.

    It's more work but can improve health right away and then busy some time to replace materials in the future.

    1. Thad says:

      Neither gold, silver, nor mercury are significantly magnetic. I also don’t see how a magnetic field would affect galvanic response, except for some possible eddy currents when the magnetic field is applied, but not afterward.

      I don’t expect a demagnetizer to have any significant or lasting effect. Please provide an explanation of any positive effect.

  48. Dwight Jessup says:

    The link for doctors data six hour urine challenge goes to:…
    Which is Direct Labs –

    Any suggestions on finding this lab test?

  49. Mehva says:

    can we use these products if we still have mercury fillings?

    1. Alex says:

      Mehva, i dont speak for ben but in podcast they specifically say to follow the steps dr pompa has… 1st – get rid of sources (fillings)

  50. Melisa says:

    Wonderful podcast! Is it advisable to try CytoDetox if one still has Mercury fillings or would it be counter-productive?

  51. Horatio says:

    Sorry but I feel a need to expound. In Dr. Pompa’s interview of Dr. Bush, he explains how everybody has a chronic leaky gut, brain, kidney’s, and blood vessels, plus more. He shows that the biggest causes of this are !. Glyphosate and 2. Gluten for everybody. He shows in testing of intestinal epithelial cells how gluten immediately causes large gaps between cells in healthy controls, and that glyphosate is even worse, and then they both act synergistically causing even larger gaps. Depressingly he explains that glyphosate is unavoidable in todays environment even if eating a 100% organic diet. Then he shows how his labs product “Restore” closes these gaps almost immediately, even tighter than they were pre-exposure, and how it causes the microbiome to communicate and become more diverse. He also explains how long term probiotic use is contributing to the problem. In addition to Dr. Pompa’s interview of him I was most impressed by Dr. Bush’s presentation at the 2015 AutismOne conference he gave in April of 2015 (better than his May 2016 AutismOne presentation). He explains that Restore treats and can cure autism, among other things.

  52. Horatio says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Dr. Pompa is one of the guys that comes off as really knowing his stuff and being a reputable source. Another one which Dr. Pompa must surely have told you about is Dr. Zach Bush and his product “Restore”. Please try to get him as a podcast guest! This stuff seems like the only possible cure for all of us with chronic leaky gut and all its associated issues, which is just about everything. The man himself is very impressive to listen to and Dr. Pompa published a YouTube video of himself interviewing him for well over an hour. Very compelling.

  53. Colin says:

    Ben, just curious if you know how long one bottle of cytodetox lasts for?

    1. Colin says:

      Ignore, found it

  54. Evan Brand says:

    When you talk with Dr. Chris Shade, you’ll hear the opposite about challenge tests.

    The idea against them is that you do not want to push metals from the tissue, blood or anywhere into “active mode” which can be measured.

    Can make people very sick to do push tests, says Chris. Recommends a tri-test. We can chat more about it Ben. Interesting stuff.

  55. Soule says:

    Is it necessary to do the test or can I just take the detoxing agent recommended. He didn’t really say how long to take it. Is it 6 months or is 1-3 months ok?

    1. Darlene says:

      I would do the product and not do the test. I have mercury poisoning form my fillings. Never felt at peace doing the test. Did the hair test and mercury never showed up but told it won’t show only other heavy metals. My body was not excreting it cause of the MTHFR gene I have. I am this product. I would order if but only if your amalgams are removed.

  56. Soule says:

    I’m confused about the 6hour test. The link leads to a 97$ test but seems to be a series of tests. I have done many of these already and insurance covers them. I’m just interested in the test for heavy metals (challenge test) mentioned in the podcast. Is there a way to just do that test.

    1. Mike says:

      same issue. I can’t find anything on the challenge test

    2. rebecca says:

      I cant get the link to the 6 hour urine challenge to work either? help..

  57. Sabatino says:

    Was just wondering if it’s ok to do the cytodetox if someone still had amalgam fillings in?


    1. Horatio says:

      Seems I hit the wrong REPLY button so my response to this is above your question.

  58. Abusafian says:

    A very interesting and insightful podcast. Definitely agree with doing things at a cellular level. What simple steps can I take to help with this? Apart from a healthy diet and exercise. Thank you.

    1. Horatio says:

      No, he said to clear the body before doing this. Otherwise you’ll be binding to the mercury from the fillings, and you’ve got an endless supply there so you’ll probably get minimal removal elsewhere. Plus you’ll be flooding your detoxification pathways (liver, kidneys, bowels, etc.) with that mercury though he said it would be locked into the hydrolized zeolite in Cyto-detox, and properly extracting your fillings would be a much healthier, more efficient, and practical way of doing that!

      1. Darlene says:

        Also once they are removed you have to wait 90 days before you do any chelation. I would think it is the same for this product.

  59. Chris Conklin says:

    Ben, another great episode that really got me thinking. I have a mouthful of “silver” fillings and am definitely going to look into getting those removed after listening to this episode. I believe Dr. Minkoff also spoke about this issue on another episode of yours. How does one go about finding out if they have “heavy metal” issues and would need a detox?

    1. Kendra says:

      You should test for them. The best test I have seen out there is the Quicksilver Scientific Metals Test. Great test that has helped many of my clients!

  60. Smitty says:

    They tested the cytodetox and it has aluminum in it.…

    1. Alex says:

      Found this….

      “Please understand Zeolite is an alumino Silicate matrix and has aluminum in it by definition so its really silly to be searching for one that has no aluminum. That would be like looking for air with no oxygen. I am being kind here. The issue is whether zeolite chelates (binds) irreversibly heavy metals allowing excretion and thus detoxification.”

    2. Markus Imhof says:

      Look at the chemical formula of Zeolite


      you will notice th Al2- that’s two Aluminium atoms per molecule.

      The aluminium you are looking for is the free form (not bound to a zeolite molecule) or the oxid form which both can be harmful.

  61. Stu says:

    Will this deplete good metals such as copper, iron and zinc?

    Is there a protocol to follow to make sure it doesn’t deplete good minerals etc in the body?

  62. Jamie says:

    Great podcast. I feel like a bunch of other podcasts, from other sites as well, have circled around this question of detox. Some MD’s have alluded to the ineffectiveness of herbal, juice or other detoxes, but not provided a product that can be used outside of a medical setting and IV’s of powerful detoxing agents. Some natural methods seem to fall short of scientific evidence. I am happy to see this discussion around a product which is accessible with a long back trail of scientific investigation. I find the hard binding chelation argument compelling. It is very helpful to hear a real product pitch and there is research that we can check ourselves. Just what I would expect from Greenfield Fitness Systems. Good job!

  63. Dean says:

    Ben are you familiar with the health force zeolite it is 0 to 40 µm I forget what the numbers were you guys mentioned what do you think?

    1. Dean says:

      0-40 microns

    2. If you go to it shows you the exact size of the zeolite we talk about.

  64. Paul says:

    It’s over $1,000 or $2,000 a person at a chiropractors office told me

    1. Alex says:


      Lol i used fake email and regular ONE bottle price was about 90 dollars…

  65. Holly says:

    Is this safe for kids? My 9 year old son had attention, concentration, hyperactivity, impulsiveness issues and I’ve heard these behaviors linked to heavy metals.

    Just curious enough if there is a save dose for kids.

    Thanks….love your podcast!

  66. John Es says:

    I have to give up my email address to see the price of CytoDetox? That’s just one of the red flags! Ben, I guess I am not in your target audience. Cheers.

    1. That's why god made fake email addresses. ;)

  67. Ed DeBolt says:

    Great podcast and I am going to try Cyto detox.

    Next heavy metal interview I would be curious about efficacy of EDTA administered as suppository or transdermal cream.

    The autism community seems to think those are pretty effective because it’s more constant inflow of EDTA and not just a IV dump.

    Also some are making LIPO encapsulated EDTA cheaply for oral use.

    EDTA powder is inexpensive also.

    It’s really helped with my detox compared to cilantro, liver support and chlorella.

    Curious if there are downsides and how it would compare with HCF or IMD products for efficacy.

  68. Mitch says:

    Great podcast! Can you shed light on the issues with DMSO? I’m detoxing Lyme, mold, and metals. Because of joint pain, I’ve resorted to DMSO mixed with stuff like CBD and Traumel for pain. Wondering if DMSO should be avoided? Thanks!!

    1. Cameron Bethea says:

      While DMSO may have benefits, it may also be dangerous. Its a powerful industrial solvent for crying out loud. A few rat studies showed that it can cause severe damage to the developing nervous system and that it damages mitochondrial integrity and membrane potential in cultured Astrocytes astrocytes even at low doses. Keep in mind that DMSO will carry whatever may be inside of it deep into all of your tissues except Enamel. This makes it an excellent vehicle for drug delivery, but it can do the same thing with any contaminants. DMSO is controversial.

  69. Meredith Dykstra says:

    Awesome interview and info, as usual. I’ve been taking CytoDetox cyclically for almost 2 years and it’s made a huge difference in my health, especially in terms of increased brain function and energy.

  70. Do binders and/or zeolites also bind to the beneficial minerals that we want our body to absorb? Im curious how these supplements know how to discriminate between healthy minerals vs. toxic metals.


    1. Meredith Dykstra says:

      True binders do tend to bind to good and bad minerals–as the name implies–so I always “remineralize” when I’m not taking a binder with a high quality mineral supplement.

    2. Alex says:

      Justin, i do not speak for ben but in my own experience know that no binders do not discriminate between “good” / “bad”

      Regarding something like activated charcoal…it sucks up almost everything, food, minerals, alcohol, certain toxins

      So do take into consideration that these binders do remove beneficial nutrients for the body (have never tried zeolites fyi)

  71. Jaime says:

    Hi Ben, this was a good podcast. I would totally try theses protocols ( prescriptions) but there efficacy is really questionable. Most of the links are dead or don’t support the claims you or your guests are making. Also, there is no evidence that the detox chemicals ( natural and unnatural) are safe at the levels prescribed. Well I guess that’s for another show.

    1. I tried all the links and they are all working, can you let me know which ones you see that are dead and we'll get them fixed straight away.

  72. Ray says:


    The metal detox from Dr.Minchoff is supposed to do the same thing? I have been using that one. I am really glad you do the interviews as you try like crazy to nail him down but he seems a little evasive and I didn’t get a great feeling he understood the details. Was it just his delivery, or did you feel there was more then just a product push.

    1. This is different than metal detox in that it works on all toxins, not just metal.

    2. Jason says:

      Hi, in the Podcast Dr. Pompa states that the detox protocol is the 5R’s plus one supplement, the cytodetox, but on his website he recommends other supplements within the 5R process, but not how to integrate them with cytodetox and thus it is confusing. At which stage of the 5R protocol do you begin the cytodetox and how are the other 2 supplements he recommends integrated please? I am very interested in this detox plan, but feel that it needs quite a bit more clarity on the actual execution.
      Thank you!

      1. This is ALL spelled out in the program at but basically you don't start the cytodetox until after you have finished the prep phase in that plan. Anyways, if you want me to walk you through it all, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

        1. Matt says:

          Ben, is the cytodetox available for purchase? I tried the link in the show notes and it doesn’t seem to be working… thanks for your help

          1. Hey Matt – it is, but they've taken the page down to implement different processing systems. In the meantime you can call Revelation Health directly and their team can process that order over the phone: 888-600-0642

          2. Joe Tittiger says:

            Thanks for the clarification on a source and the links. I have a few hours tied up in finding someone that will sell to mere mortals at a decent price and it was not a good use of my time. :-)

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