Two Female Biohackers Reveal Their Top Tips For Enhancing The Feel-Good Effects Of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins & More!

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My guests on today's podcast—Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps—are two female entrepreneurs who came together to change the spa industry with revolutionary infrared light technology. Their company HigherDOSE is a new kind of spa that uses the power of light therapy to improve your health and mood. HigherDOSE goes a step beyond traditional self-care with offerings designed to transform your body, mind, and inner alchemy. By merging the beauty and wellness industry with powerful biohacking technologies, they have broken through to supercharge at-home wellness. Their products (which include an Infrared Sauna Blanket and PEMF Mat) are designed to naturally stoke a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins).

Lauren Berlingeri began as a renowned nutritionist, health coach, and host of the popular viral series Woman vs. Workout when she discovered the power of infrared saunas to help boost mood and recover from her intense exercise challenges.

Katie Kaps met Lauren while at a detox center in NYC. Katie is a former investment banker at Merrill Lynch and International Employee of the Year at Tough Mudder. She had just started pursuing her passion for consulting for health and wellness companies when she met Lauren. When she heard about Lauren's plan to bring a natural high to people through infrared sauna technology, she was hooked.

Founded in 2015, Brooklyn-based HigherDOSE is a rapidly growing, premium wellness/beauty brand offering differentiated spa experiences in and out of the home. Combining the benefits of infrared and healing light therapy, their signature Sauna Blankets and Infrared PEMF Mats leave customers feeling euphoric and rejuvenated—truly glowing from the inside out. HigherDOSE has both people and the press addicted to their benefits, with more than 1,000 mentions across media, including features in The New York Times, Forbes, NBC News, Entrepreneur, and other major publications.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-History of the HigherDOSE name…07:30

  • HigherDOSE (use code BEN to save $75)
  • DOSE = Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins (happy chemicals)
  • Getting high “naturally”

-About the infrared sauna blanket…09:15

-How the sauna blanket avoids kicking out dirty EMF…16:25

-The most common uses of the sauna blanket…19:50

  • 80% use it for a deep sweat session
  • Use for recovery, burning calories
  • It's very portable for when you can't access a sauna
  • Wearables that show an increase in calorie burn while the body is hot may not be accurate
  • Keto Twins documented weight loss using sauna blanket (YouTube)

-The best way to maintain and clean the blankets…23:30

-The importance of magnesium in remaining hydrated with regular sauna use…25:55

-How crystals impact the efficacy of the Higher Dose PEMF mat…33:10

-Benefits of the light that is radiated by the blanket and mat…40:25

  • Infrared light is invisible to the eye
  • Can see the wavelengths recording it from the phone
  • Launching a red light infrared face mask soon
  • Alitura clay mask (use code GREENFIELD to save 20%)
  • Benefits of red light:
    • Feeds cells within the skin
    • Builds collagen
    • Increases blood flow and circulation
    • Great to be paired with infrared
    • Mood enhancement
    • Boost testosterone and regulate hormones

-The benefits of dry skin brushing while in the sauna…48:10

-What to put on the body prior to a PEMF mat or sauna blanket…52:20

-Differences in the biohacking field for women and men…55:10

-And much more…

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22 thoughts on “Two Female Biohackers Reveal Their Top Tips For Enhancing The Feel-Good Effects Of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins & More!

  1. Realistically, that much power from pellets will cause some bruising, welts, or wounds to the exposed area. There are a lot of paintball players that just get used to welts and bruising in the intense paintball showdown.
    To look cool, some people expose their arms, legs, chests, and stomach, but the face, on the other hand, is the most fragile part of the body. I’ll be honest with you, you can lose an eye, or a couple of teeth, and don’t let fools tell you otherwise.

  2. Does the blanket provide essentially the same benefits as an infrared sauna?

  3. Julie Walter says:

    Love all the great info your podcast provides!! If you had to choose between the sauna blanket and the PEMF blanket which do you start with? Also thoughts on Joov vs the infrared used in this technology.

  4. Michael says:

    Do you have a recommendation for a similar product. I had a horrible customer service experience with them after the sauna blanket was lost in the mail. I’m hoping just for a refund and to buy something else.

  5. Noelle D Miller says:

    Enjoyed this! Love hearing from gals on ways to improve and become more balanced!


    Cool episode! What were the plug ins that you have in your house that transmit negative ions? Was very intrigued by that!

  7. Theresa says:

    Hi Ben,

    Long time listener and an appreciative fan. I love your podcasts, recommendations, Kion, etc.

    That said, I was a bit put off by the introduction to this podcast. Women have played a big role in biohacking – working in labs, promoting researchers, and (maybe not as visibly as men) discussing new methods and medicines. It was strange to hear you suggest that women should be called something other than a biohacker.

    As another commenter said, the comment about waxing your vagina was strange and off-putting.

    Beyond those items, this podcast had a lot of great information and I am definitely interested in the products that were discussed. Thank you for having Lauren and Katie on.

    1. S says:

      I laughed at the vagina waxing. Lighten up :)

      1. Rebecca says:

        How lovely that you found it funny, please do not go and invalidate others’ experiences by telling them to “lighten up”.

  8. Gail MacKenzie says:

    So wonderful to hear two very smart women in the biohacking world, the number of podcasts I listen to in this field is diminishing as a lot of the information comes across as very male oriented and there is not a lot of research that accurately reflects the health of women especially women my age, which is waaay past menopause. Look forward to listening/viewing Biohack Her!
    Thanks for having them on Ben.

  9. Greg says:

    I am wondering, I have a Sunlighten full spectrum infrared sauna. What is the difference between the benefits I get from that vs what I would get from the HigherDose Sauna blanket?

  10. Tarra Groth says:

    Ben – aside the heat, how is the blanket different form Joov in getting the infrared into the body?

  11. Rob says:

    Does the blanket provide essentially the same benefits as an infrared sauna?

  12. Patricia says:

    Thank you !Thank you! For this episode focused on women and biohacking. As a woman going through perimenopause and in the medical field – hormone shifts greatly affect women’s health and quality of life and we all deserve a great quality of life. Would love to see more podcasts like this. Thanks again Ben for opening up this conversation.

  13. Ralph Nevill says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for having Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps on your podcast – I really enjoyed the banter you had with them and the great information they provided.

    I’ve just bought a HigherDose sauna blanket and can attest that it is a really great product! I am not sure what the crystals do and if they are not just woo, but I really appreciate the fact that it was developed in conjunction with the folks from Clearlight and that the blanket produces really low EMF. If you check Amazon there are less expensive blankets out there, but the low EMF was the real seller for me.

    I’ve been using my blanket pretty much every other day and I am now up to 40 minutes per session! I will have to get some magnesium oil and pepper tea to see what effect that has. So far I have only tried niacin to help get the blood flowing.


    1. Mike says:

      Hi Ralph, they are similar to the Dilithium Crystals from Rigel 12 used on on the TV show Star Trek and will work just as well. (joke)

  14. Dawn Warner says:

    Hey Ben – glad to know you don’t ‘wax your vagina’. Totally inappropriate thing to say and yes, inappropriate even in the context of you being a princess. So I will explain – when speaking to women (here 2 accomplished, successful and educated entrepreneurs) it is distasteful and boadering on misogynistic to talk about female private parts (outside of the context of medical/health related topics). Did you feel better inserting you alpha male banter into a conversation about infrared technology? Was that your way of shutting down or devaluing these ladies? Or were you just appealing to your base audience? Maybe next time you could invited them to your studio to record and reach out and give them a little nipple tweak. That is exactly the way it felt to me when I heard you ‘vagina’ comment. Sir, you need to check yourself. For all the insight you claim to have gained (referencing your book), it seems that you still have a ways to go. These women have a valuable contribution to make and you are in a position to help them. You can do that without referring to female anatomy. You think it’s funny – but what it really does is diminish. Imagine uttering that comment in a business meeting while sitting across from a woman. Shame on you. I feel fairly confident in saying this is not speech you would want your sons to emulate. I truly want you to think about this.

    1. McGrath says:

      This is spot on, couldn’t agree more. I can’t imagine a scenario where this would be acceptable during an interview/podcast like this. Just comes off as completely tone deaf.

    2. Vange Johnson says:

      I had to rewind to make sure that was what came out of his mouth!
      Ben… no, don’t do that, it lowered the particles of the universe and humanity by making the private-ness of a woman’s body sound like some gross joke.
      Ben…. You are called to speak of the female body in an honoring way, thereby lifting the atmosphere of all women to a sacred place.
      Cheers to the rest of the wonderful podcast where you honor what these two ladies are doing. Fantastic.

    3. Mike says:

      Wow, this is a real “Cringe Worthy” statement, and I’m glad I didn’t hear it. Ben, son, here are some famous old homilies-sayings you might want to keep in mind and take to heart.

      “Open mouth, insert foot.”
      “Think twice, and then say nothing.”

      Ben, the info and link to the air purifying plants was great. This is just what I like to see in your podcasts!

    4. Jack says:

      Maybe, Dawn (Karen), you should wax yours.

      Clearly you do know know Ben and his humour regarding how he takes care of every single part of his body, inside and out. If he was a female, he would wax his moot. If he was an alien, he would use a space probe daily, if he was a dog, he would sniff the highest organic quality poop he could find.

      Thank you for being a stereotype we were waiting to see in the comments.

      1. Thanks Jack… I think ;)

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