Episode #94: How To Dominate Your Next Marathon

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In this May 12th  audio episode: Marathon training tips, power to weight ratios and body fat for triathletes, craving carbs, not sweating during workouts and is exercise without eating in the morning bad?

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Featured Topic:

Jill Bruyere is a fitness professional living in Seattle, WA.  Her true passion in the fitness industry is to help as many people as she can run a successful and healthy marathon. Personally, she has run marathons in: Maui, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, and New York.  She did not reach her goal of beating 3:40 on her first marathon attempt, so she signed up for her 2nd. In her 2nd attempt, she still did not reach my goal. So she changed up her training plan and by the 3rd marathon, she was able to take 16 minutes off her time and finish with 3:27. She continued with the same training program and finished her next two races under 3:35.

During our interview, Jill and I talk about the following:

-Jill's 10 Laws of Marathon…

-What type of equipment is crucial for good marathoning…

-Jill's shin splint fixing secret…

-Ben's new favorite twist on a plank exercise for runners…

-How to go from couch potato to marathon with a 16 week program…

-Exactly what the new Marathon Dominator program is…

-And much more!

Jill has now joined forces with Ben to create a new program that allows the beginning marathon to achieve success with zero guesswork, or the advanced marathoner to break a PR. The program will be released on May 21st, from http://www.marathondominator.com.


Special Announcements:

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Listener Q&A

Listener Mo asks: I have a question regarding eating and cycling. I am fairly new to the triathlon world and would love to do a half ironman, have completed several sprints,  two Olympics and several half marathons along with 2 marathons. I started this journey 5 years ago. My concern is this, when I am just in running mode I can keep  my weight  115 which is normal weight for me.(height 5'2)  When I switch to more cycling to get into cycling shape I am so hungry all the time. I immediately start putting on weight. I did a 50 mile ride yesterday and tried some of the things I have heard on your podcast and I stayed away from the cookies at the rest stops, ate carb/protein mix right after riding, had a fish dinner but today I can not stop eating, craving carbs.  HELP!!  Should I stick with GU packs and protein bars for nutrition which would be less calories?

Listener Chuck asks: What is the “ideal” body fat level/ range for a competitive triathlete and what would be getting to low.  What effects on performance would a too low body fat have and in what ways would I perform better if it were higher?

In my response to Chuck, I reference the following power to weight ratio graph (although power to weight ratios for triathletes were not available)…

5 s 1 min 5 min 20 min
World Champion/World Record Holder 23.5 11.5 7.6 6.62
23.16 11.35 7.46 6.5
22.82 11.2 7.33 6.38
22.48 11.05 7.19 6.26
World Class 22.14 10.9 7.06 6.14
21.8 10.75 6.92 6.02
21.46 10.6 6.79 5.91
21.12 10.45 6.65 5.79
UCI Div. I/II Pro 20.78 10.3 6.52 5.67
20.44 10.15 6.38 5.55
20.1 10 6.25 5.43
19.76 9.85 6.11 5.31
UCI Div. III pro 19.42 9.7 5.97 5.19
19.08 9.55 5.84 5.07
18.74 9.4 5.7 4.95
18.4 9.25 5.57 4.84
Cat. 1 18.06 9.1 5.43 4.72
17.72 8.95 5.3 4.6
17.38 8.8 5.16 4.48
17.04 8.65 5.03 4.36
Cat. 2 16.7 8.5 4.89 4.24
16.36 8.35 4.75 4.12
16.02 8.2 4.62 4
15.68 8.05 4.48 3.88
Cat. 3 15.34 7.9 4.35 3.76
15 7.75 4.21 3.64
14.66 7.6 4.08 3.53
14.32 7.45 3.94 3.41
Cat. 4 13.98 7.3 3.81 3.29
13.64 7.15 3.67 3.17
13.3 7 3.53 3.05
12.96 6.85 3.4 2.93
Cat. 5 12.62 6.7 3.26 2.81
12.28 6.55 3.13 2.69
11.94 6.4 2.99 2.57
11.6 6.25 2.86 2.46
Untrained 11.26 6.1 2.72 2.34
10.92 5.95 2.59 2.22
10.58 5.8 2.45 2.1
10.24 5.65 2.32 1.98
9.9 5.5 2.18 1.86
Note: Values are displayed in watts/kg. The weight should be the weight of the body only. Bicycle, kit, water bottles, etc… are all excluded

Listener Sean asks: I have been listening to your podcast now for the last couple of months. I live in New York City, and I'm a 25 soon to be 26 year old male. For the last 4 months I've been training (mostly indoors) to do a solo 450 mile bike ride from Montreal Canada down to New York. The other day I realized something interesting while riding on a trainer that I had no noticed before. The first hour of 3 I was sweating buckets, and drinking a good amount of water. But the last two hours I didn't sweat. Did I run out of water to sweat? Or did I my body's temperature adjust and therefore stopped sweating as much?

Congratulations to Sean, who was nominated as the top question for this week's podcast! Sean will receive a free month of membership to the Body Transformation Club, full access to the Club's secret video page, the life-changing piece of Club mail that I will personally send him each week, and much more. To learn more about the Body Transformation Club, click here.

Listener Bracken asks: “I went to an Training program three years ago in Orlando; the program is run by Jim Loehr, who runs a tennis program, etc. P&G, where I used to work, used his ‘Corporate Athlete' program very broadly internally starting with the top experts. The nutritionist there, who was really impressive, said that the current literature says that if you don't put something in your stomach before you exercise in the morning, your body will naturally consume/burn muscle, as it continues to sustain the ‘biological/genetic' drive to store fat that happens during a period of fasting.  So she said NEVER exercise without eating in the morning (can be very small, but something to get the body digestive process moving). Seems to contradict your fasting approach to losing fat.  Was she wrong?”

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9 thoughts on “Episode #94: How To Dominate Your Next Marathon

  1. Dawn Tenebruso says:

    I tried to purchase the package on this site, http://marathondominator.com, but it says it is not available. Is there a similar package or training program available? I was interested in this package because it included nutrition and injury prevention.

    Dawn Tenebruso

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Yes! You can find all my training plans here: https://home.trainingpeaks.com/products/trainingp…

  2. Erin Wiltshire says:

    Do you have a training program for half marathon or a recommendation on one? I used your ironman dominator program and loved it!

    1. Yes, http://www.marathondominator.com works for half marathon and comes with modification recommendations

  3. Payam says:


    You talk about a move you do on a foam roller, and analogize it to the missionary position. However, I am sortof confused as to how this move actually works, and I was wondering if you could make a short video clip of it. I am looking for new things to do with my foam roller and would love to see this.

    1. Here’s a video (copy and paste this url into your browser): http://www.motionbox.com/videos/7c98d8b51f1feeccf4?affiliate_name=pro&guest_pass=6082dda85c19e3870fd6d587c4754c97ab&iid=share&sharer_uid=ac9cd1bd1b1be1c822&sharing_uid=a697d0b31e15e929&sid=mbox_shareemail&type=sd

  4. Brian says:


    I loved the podcast and am really glad that you're putting some focus on the marathon training. Please continue to post information like this as age groupers like myself need all the help that we can get!

  5. Jesse says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have been working on getting over my diet soda addiction and been trying other flavored drinks. I like the stevita packets but having to order them online isn’t the most convienient. How do you feel about vitamin water zero or maybe the zero calorie sobe drink. I have some nuun tablets in the mail to try as well. Thanks for your help!

  6. Jeff says:

    Looking forward to grabbing this new BGF program. Too many runners (and coaches) are fixated on weekly mileage totals. Ben and Jill's program will be running 4x per week with XT and other tips. Bring it on!

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