How To Use Boxing, Sparring & Fighting To Turn Your Body Into The Ultimate Fitness Weapon.

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The last few times I've visited LA, I've had the privilege of getting my butt kicked in boxing and sparring with an English former professional boxer who won a bronze medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics, was a 7 time national champion boxer, and was undefeated in the sport all the way up to his 2012 retirement.

His name is Tony Jeffries, and in this episode, you get to tune in as Tony descends upon my home in Spokane, WA to podcast in my own backyard – just after our sparring session in my basement and workout on my home obstacle course.

Originally from Sunderland, England, Tony Jeffries moved to Los Angeles, California after being forced to retire from his career as professional boxer due to hand injuries.

It was in LA that Tony met business partner, Kevan Watson. The pair started teaching boxing classes on Santa Monica Beach for which demand grew so much that the two are now proud owners of two of Southern California’s most prestige boxing gyms, Box ‘N Burn.

Ranked number 1 gym in California by Men’s Fitness Magazine and named number 1 boxing class in LA by Time Out magazine, Box ‘N Burn provides clients – which for Tony, now includes the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Travis Barker, Tim Tebow and singer/songwriter Skyler Grey – with a highly effective, unique workout, teaching them real boxing technique through 1-on-1 mitt work. World-class athlete turned businessman, Tony, is also co-creator of the Box ‘N Burn Academy – the world’s number 1 boxing fitness and certification course for Personal Trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

Tony shares his motivation and passion for both business and boxing through his weekly Box ‘N Life podcast. Hosted with Head Trainer of Box ‘N Burn Santa Monica, Glenn Holmes, the two have featured notable names from the worlds of business, fighting, and the arts on the show, including Gary Vaynerchuck, Dan Pena, Chris Shifflet and Brendan Schaub to name a few!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What Tony thinks about the upcoming Connor Mcgregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight…[8:10]

-How common TBI's are and if Tony has had to deal with concussions/concussion repair…[13:50]

-What the training regimen of a professional boxer looks like…[21:20]

-What the physiological requirements of boxing are…[33:00]

-How the box n' burn sessions work…[36:15]

-Tony's recommendations to anybody who wants to step into the ring and fight…[43:00]

-What got Tony into boxing in the first place…[47:10]

-How Tony came to be undefeated…[48:10]

Resources from this episode:

Tony's Box n' Burn gyms

Box n' Burn academy

Teloyears podcast

Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle

Peak Brain Institute

Professor In The Cage book

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7 thoughts on “How To Use Boxing, Sparring & Fighting To Turn Your Body Into The Ultimate Fitness Weapon.

  1. Johnny Frey says:

    Great post! I never knew about those things before that it has some important effects on our body especially in becoming an ultimate fitness weapon. Amazing and thanks for the amazing write up!

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks Ben, enjoyed that episode.

    And as a Brit, it was nice to hear what Tony Jeffries is up to nowadays (well done to him, for making the move abroad and taking the leap into something new that is now obviously working out well for him).

    During the episode you asked about any other examples of boxers / trainers who incorporate mental tools into their training – so as a boxing-head, I just wanted to give you 2 examples that immediately came to my mind when you asked this…

    1. Brendan Ingle’s boxing gym out of Sheffield, UK – home of many world champions over the years and home to Ingle’s famous ‘lines’ footwork & coordination training.

    2. One of boxing’s current top fighters Vasyl Lomachenko – and the ‘mental flexibility’ training that is a major part of his regime. Check out some of the stuff his mental conditioning trainer has him doing – – I think you will find his unusual training regimes especially interesting.

    Hope that gives you a few more avenues to explore on that topic?!


  3. WC says:

    Ugh i want to so badly like you. Ive gained some great hacks nutritionally from your podcast. And you sometimes get great guests. However your elitism it just turns me off so much. I delete your app, then I see you have a guest that sounds interesting so I come back and listen again. WOW today when you were talking about how Everyone can achieve these health hacks that you do. Flippantly stating that you will live longer than other people. Talking about how easy it is. You go on about your house. About air filters, organic mattresses, red lighting, your water purifying you have in your house. Your recommended air filter= $500. Organic mattresses = $500-2000. Red bulbs= 19.95$ per bulb. A glass ball home purification system $1000-2000. Black median household income= $35000 a YEAR. So yeah no problem guy living on 10 acres who plays for a living and caters to other elites. I mean you have a Christian gratitude journal, Christian, charity, meek shall inherit the earth. it just turns me off and then I feel out of touch and gross for worrying about some of this stuff you go on about when I’m thinking about the impoverished surrounded by guns, drugs and access to liquor stores and awful food within walking distances.

    One more rant. The tellameres. I know you get a new guest and you love to tell them about your extreme lifestyle aging your cells. But we’ve heard it a copious amount of times. Your 35 years old with a 9 month gestation period. Take into consideration +\- accuracy on test results, your cells are right where they should be.

    I can’t decide to bail forever or weed through the repetative centric comments and pull out good info here and there.

  4. Chris says:

    Oxaloacetate/benagene is supposed to be good to recover from TBI. It’s a ketone and gives energy with low inflammation.

  5. Gary says:

    Hey so I live in Nortern Va – I tried boxing – liked it but the place was kind of commercial? How do I find a cool gym to work out and learn but not necissarily spar – I’m up near 48 yrs old but in good shape –

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