Making Biomechanics Fun: How to Fix Your Body, Align Your Posture and Look Like a Million Bucks From Head To Toe.

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Allow me to introduce you to Katy Bowman from – one of the smartest cookies I know when it comes to all things related to human movement, posture and biomechanics.

She rarely uses furniture.

She has a very controversial opinion on Kegel exercises.

She is in love with something called the “psoas”.

And she really, really hates high heels.

She's kind of like a female version of the Supple Leopard guy (Kelly Starrett), and her book Alignment Matters is – in my opinion – a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to troubleshoot the human machine and resolve the deeper alignment issues affecting your health. You're going to be floored at the kind of things that can drastically affect your health – such as wax in your ears, looking at a computer screen for too long, and of course, high heels.

Through her blog, Katy SaysKaty has been educating hundreds of thousands of people about optimal alignment and natural movement since 2007. She has written several excellent and easy-to-understand books on biomechanics, including the one I just mentioned “Alignment Matters“, and also “Every Woman's Guide To Foot Pain Relief“. In addition to directing the Restorative Exercise Institute in Ventura, California, Katy is also the producer and talent of the Aligned and Well DVD line, a consultant for Gaiam's Restorative Exercise series, and sits on the science advisory board for various product lines.

I personally just finished Katy's newest book “Alignment Matters“. It starts with the feet and works all the way up to the head in a clear, engaging writing style that lays out a veritable user's manual for the human body, including stretches, habit modifications, spiritual insights, and enough laughs to soften even the tightest psoas.

In today's podcast, you're going to discover:

-Why your alignment matters…

-The extreme importance of your “psoas”…

-Why high heels are destroying you…

-Why Katy doesn't use furniture…

-Why standing can sometimes be a bad thing…

-Special socks you can wear at night to fix your feet…

-Why Kegel exercises may not be all that good after all…

-Why you shouldn't suck in your stomach…

-How your boobs can be a biofeedback device (yes, I said boobs)…

-Why you should care about your earwax…

-What the best stretching and sleeping positions are…

-How we can get our kids stronger…

-And much more!

Whether you're a couch potato or a professional athlete, you need to read “Alignment Matters“. If you have questions, comments or feedback about how to fix your body, align your posture and look and feel like a million bucks from head to toe. And by the way, here's a link to The Happy Feet socks that Katy talks about!

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13 thoughts on “Making Biomechanics Fun: How to Fix Your Body, Align Your Posture and Look Like a Million Bucks From Head To Toe.

  1. mattfeato says:

    Bought the socks. Actually found "another brand" on eBay for a lot less. I'll bet they are built the same. After wearing them for some 20 minutes now I can now feel the stretch in the toes. See what the results are after a few weeks.

  2. diania says:

    So happy that I’ve found this article and podcast. I have a question for you Ben, I’ve read somewhere that a bad posture can acctually reduce the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain. Is that true?

    1. Yes. And not just the brain.

  3. pauks says:

    What episode is the gynecomastia material? (Asking for a friend)

    1. Take a look at Joe's question on this page:… It should help.

  4. sanketbakshi says:

    Hi Ben & Katy, that was some awesome information in the podcast there. During the podcast, Katy happened to mention about 80 different ways of sitting down and having some visuals about that. Is there a link to that somewhere? I would love to see if I can make more postures as a part of my routine.

    1. I don't know if Katy has ONE resource in particular for sitting… but if you go to her site and search for "sitting" there are tons of articles.

      1. sanketbakshi says:

        Thanks. I found what I was looking for on one of the links. For all the other listeners who might be interested, check out the graphic on this page. A good guide to sitting postures that one can use in their day to day life – add a bit of variety to the butt rest.

  5. davidkthompson says:

    Hi Ben
    Loving all the great information you put out there!
    You mentioned in this great interview with Katy that you use a foam roller. Which type do you recommend? Knobbly, smooth, stiff etc. – there are so many to choose from.
    Many thanks

  6. nigelregal says:

    I didn't see the calf muscle stretch in the show notes. I get calf cramps sometimes and wondering if these calf stretches will be helpful. I went to her website but couldn't find anything.

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