Living Large: The Skinny Guy’s Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building With Vince Del Monte.

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Nine years ago, I sat slack-jawed in the crowd at an event called “Fitness Business Summit”, listening to a massive, muscle-bound trainer on stage tell his story of creating an e-book that made millions of dollars online and helped hundreds of thousands of skinny guys across the globe sculpt their thin bodies into herculean, Adonis-like physiques.

I was actually so inspired by this guy's story that I went on to create my own “e-product” – a training system for Ironman triathletes to cross the finish line of an Ironman triathlon with less than ten hours of training per week, and still have plenty of time left over for friends, family, hobbies and career. I called it “The Triathlon Dominator“, and it was my first big training program that I ever sold online.

In an odd collision of fitness worlds, I have suddenly reconnected with Mr. X via a brand new book I recently received in the mail: Living Large: The Skinny Guy's Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building.

Formerly known as “Skinny Vinny”, Vinny's real name is Vince Del Monte, and he now goes by the name “The Skinny Guy Savior”. Vinny's new book is jam-packed with everything you need to quickly build 30 pounds of rock-solid, shredded muscle without dangerous bodybuilding drugs, expensive supplements, and long hours in the gym, and it's actually not written like most books of this nature are, with pure meat-headedness.

Instead, this book is intelligently written, full of practical advice and during our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Vince made the transition from skinny endurance athlete and collegiate runner to becoming muscle-building phenomenon…[16:15]

-The extremely unconventional training program Vince's first bodybuilding mentor used…[18:40]

-Vince and Ben's thoughts on steroids…[24:40]

-Why Vince says “get lean to get big” and how fat can diminish your ability to build muscle, especially in response to a high protein meal…[27:25]

-The three mechanisms via which muscles actually grow, and how to target each of the three mechanisms…[47:50]

-How massage therapy or foam rolling can directly assist with muscle building, and why Vince is such a fan of a muscle activation technique called “MAT”…[55:05]

-What science says about how much muscle one can really build in a month…[63:05]

-The seven key oils Vince uses and why…[73:00]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

My interview with Vinny's wife Flavia “7 Essential Kitchen Items You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Have.”

-Vince's new book: Living Large: The Skinny Guy's Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building

Photos of Vince's brother Michael's impressive muscle gain

Study: Anabolic sensitivity of postprandial muscle protein synthesis to the ingestion of a protein-dense food is reduced in overweight and obese young adults.

-Podcast: “Dr. Two Fingers” Reveals His Teeth-Gritting, Body-Healing Secrets.

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9 thoughts on “Living Large: The Skinny Guy’s Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building With Vince Del Monte.

  1. Candace says:

    I’m having a ton of fun watching his YouTube videos/channel!! Pretty good info and funny stuff too. :-)

  2. gene says:

    After I listened to this podcast last week, i jumped on amazon and used some Christmas $$ to buy Vince’s book! It arrived today, and I can’t wait to get home to tear into it!!

    I was skinny as a kid, and now i’m ‘skinny-fat’ as a 48 year old man.

    time to get my freak on!


  3. Jamen Langlois says:

    Hey Ben,

    I was curious what your number one resource for building muscle and strength on the “Keto diet”…does “Living Large” allow for this?

    Thanks :)

  4. Nancy says:

    Ben and Vince, I enjoyed the podcast. I was wondering what the recommended percentages for body fat would be for women. Can I apply this book to my training as a women? I am short of time and have a hard time keeping muscle.

  5. Todd says:

    I had hoped to find a lot of useful content in this interview but very little of it resonated with me as most of your other interviews have done.

  6. Bill says:

    Interested to hear Vinny say that 16 of the 20 pounds his brother gained were actually fat (based on a dexa scan). Does this call in to question the accuracy of dexa or is it just proof it’s impossible to gain ~20lbs of “solid” muscle in 12 weeks?

    Further, I would be curious what his body fat % were in each of the pics

    1. Hey Bill, I reached out to Vince with your question- here is what he said: Yes, it is impossible to only gain muscle. As for the pictures– He was 9% in the first photo and 15% in the second. AND-The dexa is dead accurate.

  7. Dwight Jessup says:

    Sounds like Vince believes that a keto diet will not work with his approach.

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