How To Biohack Your Workouts, Your Diet & Your Life To Get More Done In Less Time.

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Ever wished you could be as productive as possible, even when you're exercising?

How about use special “biohacks” to help you eat the right way?

Or have little tricks to save 10 minutes here or 5 minutes there?

In today's podcast episode with Ari Meisel (pictured above) from, you're going to learn how to biohack your workouts, your diet and your life to get more done in less time.

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources that Ari and I discuss in this episode:


Ubersense Slow Motion Video Analysis – use 50% discount code “GREENFIELD”

-The ManMaker exercise (video below)

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about getting more done in less time? Leave your thoughts below and either Ari or I will respond!

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16 thoughts on “How To Biohack Your Workouts, Your Diet & Your Life To Get More Done In Less Time.

  1. Olivr2 says:

    Anyone get the 'greenfield' code to work?

    1. try all caps perhaps…

      1. Olivr2 says:

        Coupon code GREENFIELD is sold out… Guess I'm to late

  2. megs1768 says:

    Ben & Ari,
    What app do you like the best for HR Variability… the Azumio Stress Doc like Ari mentioned or Sweet Beats?

    1. Sweetbeat is a little more thorough in terms of frequency data, etc.

      1. LessDoing says:

        I second that, Sweetbeat is the real deal, Azumio is really good if you want an intro to HRV training

    2. Ari Meisel says:

      I second what Ben said, Azumio is great if you want to dabble and introduce yourself to HRV training but Sweetbeats takes it much further

  3. Jim says:

    This is the second time I’ve listened and thought about the current studies on myelin and its relationship with deep practice and performance, which you both addressed as being mindful of what you are doing while training. Check out
    Take care,


  4. Brian Beaven says:

    I heard Ari mention Ubersense in the podcast, but I didn’t see a link in the podcast notes. Unfortunately Ubersense doesn’t work with Andriod yet, but they are working on it. I found Coach’s Eye for Android though. It looks like it does pretty much the same functions as Ubersense.

    1. It's there in the shownotes, Brian!

    2. LessDoing says:

      They are nearly identical

  5. bzembower5 says:

    At that point assess how I feel? This has been going on for quite a while, diet has always been good but energy has been shit over the past 6 months plus.

  6. bzembower5 says:

    Ben, I believe that I'm in some of the significant stages of adrenal insufficiency. Lots of stress from optometry school, life, training and self induced bullshit. Im at the point where you describe getting through the day via caffeine essentiially and feeling pretty hormonally messed up. I know recovery is your best advice but what are some of the first steps you think I should take in order to get back to where I need to be? Im an ultra runner who recently came in 3rd in the North Face Endurance challenge 50K who tries to put in around 50 miles per week running. Im eating typically around 80% paleo right now but starting to incorporate a lot more healthy fats into my diet in hopes to get my hormones under control (back) I know this is unrelated to the current topic here but Im reaching out for a life line because I feel like crap and have had alcohol troubles in the past. Trying to get things/ life back to normal. Please help. Thank you for your time.

    1. 1. Quit training for 1 week.

      2. Sleep 8-10 hours a night during that period.

      3. Eat a bunch of liver during that period.

      Those are my top 3 tips. Happy to do a consult to dig into it more:…

  7. 50by25laura says:

    So excited to hear this interview! I'm a big fan of Ari's blog/podcast and have learned so many great tricks from him over the last few months that have really helped me get more done. I'm also really intrigued by using IFTT to instagram/log reactions to food… I've heard Ari mention it before, but this detailed description was really intriguing and is making me consider trying it myself.

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