Loneliness, Community-Building, Introversion, Church, Monogamy & More With Chris Kelly Of Nourish Balance Thrive.

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While recently in Los Angeles at the Ancestral Health Symposium, I had the pleasure of a long, sunshine walk with my friend Chris Kelly.

We brought a microphone along and recorded a fantastic chat for you with topics including…

  • The growing epidemic of loneliness and how building a community can protect you biologically.
  • How introversion can be steered towards a great deal of social good.
  • My formula for the best dinner party guest list.
  • The rewards of systematic service to others.
  • And much more…

So who is Chris Kelly?

Chris Kelly is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, a graduate of the Kalish Institute, and the founder of Nourish Balance Thrive.

As a competitive cyclist, Chris trained hard and got fast, loving the buzz of a great workout session. However, at a certain point, he realized that in hindsight he spent most of his life feeling like crap—and his biomarkers spelled impending doom. Chris struggled with insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, his libido plummeted, and his recovery times took a nosedive. He wanted to train well, but he also wanted to enjoy the rest of his life.

So Chris transitioned to a Paleo-type diet, reading a book a week on the subject for a year, but that was only half the solution. The other half came through experimenting with and perfecting a system of functional medicine—he effectively became his own guinea pig. Now, Chris's body is back in balance—his symptoms have disappeared, his diet’s right for him, and his family life is as enjoyable as his training. In 2014, Chris quit his job as a software engineer to focus on helping athletes enjoy optimum fitness and health.

Nourish Balance Thrive isn't just a diet or motivational coaching—rather, it's the perfect blend of a lab-based supplement plan, expert dietary advice, and consultative performance planning uniquely tailored to your lifestyle. It's kind of the ultimate biohacking training course with a practical component developed just for you, with the goal of arming you with the knowledge you need to stay fit and healthy for life.

Chris Kelly has also been on my podcast on the following episodes:

In this special two-part episode that includes my talk about loneliness given at the Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS), you'll discover:

Part 1 – Ben and Chris Kelly

-How Ben had a hand in founding Nourish Balance Thrive…09:15

-Why Ben chose to talk about “loneliness” at the AHS…13:15

-Ben's thoughts on the introverted personality…18:48

-How Ben has used his introverted nature to his advantage in his personal and professional life…25:15

  • Studies show that loneliness is on par with smoking for the health effects
  • Loneliness is a disconnect between your perception of how many friends you have, vs. how many friends you actually have
  • Solving loneliness is not about being around a bunch of people; it could be being around the right people even if there's only a couple of them
  • Men are better at forming friendships with shared experiences
  • Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi
  • Transactional relationships; friendships that exist for what's in it for me
  • Food is a great means of fostering genuine fellowship among others
  • Mastermind Talks Podcast, Jayson Gaignard
  • Dinner parties; a mixture of various backgrounds, economic status, etc.
  • Create the change you want to see happen

-The thing we often get wrong when we think of building community…39:55

  • Survival of the Kindest Podcast, Dr. Julian Abel
  • Dinner parties on paper look exhausting, but in reality, are energizing
  • The messiness of others is inconvenient at times, but it's worth the trouble
  • BGF article on the dopaminergic response while experiencing pain or pleasure with others

-Tools and resources to help build community…46:30

  • Friendship in the Age of Loneliness by Adam Poswolsky
  • Contacts+ app
  • Realm
  • Reach out to someone in need of fellowship via church bulletin
  • Biological benefits of altruism
  • Give uneaten food at a restaurant to a homeless person
  • Face masks make it easier to be less personable to others
  • People we don't know and may never see again thrive on electromagnetic and emotional energy from human interactions

-How Ben's interaction with the church has influenced his person and message…55:04

-Recreating some of the community-building traditions that have been lost through the centuries…1:08:26

  • Strength of monogamy in building a strong society and economic prosperity
  • Are the church and science claiming to provide a solution to a problem it created?
  • Unfettered access to food contributes to chronic disease
  • “Healthy Christian hedonist”
  • Jesus lived the Hero's Journey (sacrifice) on our behalf

-One thing you can do to reduce loneliness today…1:17:55

Part 2 – Ben's presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium…1:23:27

-Apps and technology that can enhance community…

-Be active in the community…1:27:36

-Be active in your local church…1:29:00

-Engage in family relationships…1:29:57

-Reclaim Real Conversation…1:31:13

-Have a mission or purpose statement…1:32:13

-Shared experiences…1:35:57

-Embrace the sacredness of commerce…1:37:34

-And much more!…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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– Chris Kelly:

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6 thoughts on “Loneliness, Community-Building, Introversion, Church, Monogamy & More With Chris Kelly Of Nourish Balance Thrive.

  1. Hakeem Lewis says:

    This was a good one!

  2. Absolutely loved this podcast! I’ve been working super hard to build local community around some of my keys areas of interest (fitness, financial independence, personal development, rollerblading, neighborhood life & more). This podcast gave me so many great ideas, resources, and tools to try out! Thank you!

    P.S. also absolutely loved that you did the first part of the podcast walking! How did you manage to do that? Did you just use a microphone connected to your smartphone?

  3. Marejka Sacks says:

    This podcast did an excellent job of presenting one side of community: The giving side. But there is another side, especially important for those of us with natural leadership/championing tendencies: The receiving side. The vulnerability and personal growth grows out of a bi-directional exchange. We can actually insulate ourselves from community when we focus only on lifting others up. We need to remember to be humble, listen and learn from the experiences of others (interviews don’t count!), and even ask for help/support/encouragement. It’s hard, because it feels like hitting the brakes on our constant pursuit of making the world a better place, and realizing that we tend to believe so completely in our journey that we inadvertently dismiss the journeys of others. Or, that’s my challenge, anyway. I tell myself that no matter how hard I try, I cannot possibly experience everything (and yes, I agree with your analysis of after-death endless opportunities, but there is a reason we are to experience this earthly life), and so we must live vicariously through the lives of others. That certainly makes sense in the context of tribal stories handed down through generations. Everyone has a story – I may not truly be interested in all of them (I am quickly bored/annoyed/judgmental), but if I rush passed, I may miss an important life nugget arising from some nuanced experience of a fellow human.

    Keep on keeping on! I am loving living some of my life vicariously through you!

    1. Very well written! Thank you !

  4. Maureen says:

    Podcast with Chris Kelly was one of the best podcasts you’ve ever done… So vulnerable… So honest… So informative… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Maureen

    1. Thank YOU Maureen! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

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