A Done-For-You “Shotgun” Formula For Fixing Your Digestion (The Gut Repair Formula), Oral Peptides, Mold & More With LVLUP Health’s Kyal Van Der Leest.

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A few months ago, I received a special package from Australia with some of the most unique and inventive supplement formulations I’ve seen in quite some time, particularly when it comes to healing the gut or fixing problematic digestive issues.

The guy who sent them to me, today’s podcast guest Kyal Van Der Leest, is the founder of LVLUP Health (use any of the codes BEN, BEN10, BENGREENFIELD, BGL, and GREENFIELD, all for 10% off), a new-to-the-scene supplement company that has created a range of cutting-edge supplements using powerful ingredients that most people would not have heard of before. All the formulations were created in an attempt to reduce the multiple 6-12 products you might need to take for a health goal and simplify it down to an all-in-one product for every body system.

Kyal – a nutritionist, naturopath, and functional health coach turned formulator – founded LVLUP Health to create the products he wished he could have suggested when he worked in clinics and supplement stores and used during his own health journey. A fusion of different health modalities – using what works, no matter where it comes from – LVLUP's formulations target the root causes of health issues and work on a multitude of biochemical targets in the body, providing customers with products that actually work as promised.

Though he had numerous family members struggling with health issues, Kyal had a particularly desperate motivation to save his mother from stage 4 cancer, and although his mother Leanne has since passed, the products are a tribute to her. Without her, Kyal never would have learned about peptides, naturopathy, biohacking, and functional medicine, which form the foundation of LVLUP Health's approach to health and wellness. Today, LVLUP Health's products continue to provide customers with effective and accessible health solutions that honor Kyal's mother's legacy.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Ultimate Gut Repair formula and Kyle's morning routine…05:49

-How Kyal got into supplements, formulations, and biochemistry…11:54

  • Kyal’s mom was diagnosed with cancer 9 or 10 years ago
  • Researched mitochondrial health
  • Studied to be a nutritionist
  • Worked at a hyperbaric oxygen treatment facility
    • Was the most formative years
    • Patients were either elite performance athletes or very sick people with chronic disease
  • Was also a naturopath at a health foods store
  • Jobs at the health food store and the HBOT facility were really how he got into supplement formulations and natural health
  • In Australia, what you can and can't recommend is tightly regulated
    • Berberine can be used but dihydro berberine can't
  • ATP Science

-More about gut health…16:18

  • Leaky gut
  • Gut health is one of the core naturopathic tenets and principles
  • “All health begins in the gut” – Hippocrates
  • Had gut issues in the past from mold exposure
  • The GI Repair Formula was actually developed for a housemate who had Crohn's disease (friend never took it)
    • GI Repair Formula is just an IBD formulation (use any of the codes BEN, BEN10, BENGREENFIELD, BGL, and GREENFIELD, all for 10% off)
  • 70 to 80% of problems start with the gut (including the mouth-oral biome)
  • The Body Keeps The Score by Vessel van der Kolk
  • The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • A lot of it starts with the gut, but not all of it starts with the gut
  • If someone is going to be taking supplements, the gut is the place to start

-The implications of mold, biofilms, and parasites…21:34

  • Nasal chiropractic adjustment
  • Mold is damaging to the gut lining and is also disruptive to the hormones
  • Wounded healer approach to dealing with issues and presenting solutions you've discovered 
  • Kyal's upcoming proteolytic enzyme formulations:
    • Tyrosinase (breaks down mold and candida)
    • Nattokinase
    • Glucoamylase
    • Lumbrokinase 
  • Ben's advice for biofilm:
  • ParaX an all-in-one parasite and candida mold cleanse with grapefruit seed extract 
    • Ingredients of ParaX
      • Phytonoic
      • Andrographolide
      • Phytosure
      • Curcuminoids
      • Ellagic acid
      • Bisoline and Baicalin
      • Luteolin and Cafeic acid
      • Phenethyl ester
      • Monolaurin from coconut oil
      • Oregano

-What you need to know about leaky gut…34:05

  • The term “intestinal hyperpermeability” is more widely accepted
  • Zonulin is a big factor in leaky gut – is a marker of leaky gut
  • The more zonulin the more permeable the gut membrane
  • The gut membrane is like a mesh and zonulin increases the pore size of the mesh
  • Zonulin can be tested for in blood and fecal
  • A certain amount of zonulin to increase dietary absorption
  • Accumulation effect
  • Gut tests to check for leaky gut
  • Colostrum

-Gut Repair Formula ingredients…38:35

  • Gut Repair Formula is basically a combination of peptides and some naturopathic compounds (use any of the codes BEN, BEN10, BENGREENFIELD, BGL, and GREENFIELD, all for 10% off)
  • BPC 157 peptide
    • Can be oral, injectable or suppositories
    • Peptides go to areas of inflammation
    • Oral would be the best for gut issues
    • Suppositories for IBD, Crohn's or colitis
  • Ingredients:
    • Marshmallow roots
    • L-Glutamine
    • BPC 157 (arginate form protects it against acidity)
  • Fillers:
    • Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
    • Hyaluronic acid
  • Sodium Bicarbonate to buffer the pepsinogen to pepsin conversion
    • Alkaline water or something before you take even the acetate form and you'll get a better absorption orally,
    • tablespoon of bicarb soda with your peptides. You might get a bit of reflux or issues with the bicarb, but it'll protect the peptides from the proteolytic breakdown
  • KPV peptide
    • A fragment of melanocyte-stimulating hormone, α-MSH (3-amino acid fragment of MSH)
    • α-MSH is the parent peptide of many different peptide fragments like Melanotan
    • KPV effect
      • Good for people with Lyme disease, mold, or Chronic Fatigue, or who have chemical sensitivities
      • Mold is also a prerequisite for chronic conditions; exposure increases the chances of Alzheimer's
  • Zinc L-Carnosine
    • Has a strong healing effect on the gut lining
    • Some people may get nausea when taking Gut Repair Formula so halving the dose may help (use any of the codes BEN, BEN10, BENGREENFIELD, BGL and GREENFIELD, all for 10% off)
  • Larazotide Acetate (AT1001)
    • Antagonist to Zonulin
    • Binds to the receptors Zonulin would bind to
    • Being studied for celiac disease (it's called the anti-celiac peptide)
    • Zonulin also crosses the blood-brain barrier (brain fog could also be caused by leaky gut)
    • Larazotide is sealing the gut line
  • Tributyrin
    • A readily bioavailable form of butyrate 
    • A histone deacetylase inhibitor
    • BodyBio is another butyrate supplement
    • Butyrate can be used as an enema
  • Quercetin
    • 2 forms anhydrous and enzymatically modified isoquercitrin (EMIQ)
      • EMIQ is a 40 times more bioavailable form of quercetin
      • EMIQ is one of the best antihistamines
    • Is one of the best mast cell stabilizing ingredients
    • A local effect like preventing histamine in the lumen
      • Histamine opens the permeability of the gut lining causing diarrhea
      • Effects like itchy eyes and runny nose
  • The best way to use the product
    • Before meals
    • If sensitive to zinc, take with food that’s not high in protein
    • Ideal to use when eating in restaurants or traveling
    • You can also take alkaline water or something before you take it to get a better absorption
    • A tablespoon of bicarb soda will protect the peptides from the proteolytic breakdown
  • TUDCA (Tauro-Urso-Deoxy-Cholic Acid) can be stacked with Gut Repair Formula (use any of the codes BEN, BEN10, BENGREENFIELD, BGL, and GREENFIELD, all for 10% off) 
    • Promotes drainage and phase 3 detoxification
    • Beneficial for SIBO
    • A high enough dose is capable of wiping out gram-negative bacteria
    • Quickest-acting compound for lowering elevated liver enzymes (mold congests and clogs up the bile)
    • Antibacterial effect
    • Positively influents microbiome
    • Helpful with carnivore or keto diet
    • Fat absorption
    • Helpful for liver, thyroid, mitochondrial production
  • Podcast with Dane Johnson:

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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30 thoughts on “A Done-For-You “Shotgun” Formula For Fixing Your Digestion (The Gut Repair Formula), Oral Peptides, Mold & More With LVLUP Health’s Kyal Van Der Leest.

  1. Austin Hynds says:

    Has LVLUP gone out of business? I can’t get ahold of anyone on my order..

  2. Austin Hynds says:

    Hi Kyal, I’ve ordered on your LVLUP site and haven’t received any updates on shipping etc nor any replies to numerous emails. Are you still in business? How can I connect with you or someone who represents the company? Thanks

  3. Stephen says:

    What is the netti pot recipe that Kyal used to get the mold colonies out of his sinus? He mentioned a touch of NAC but maybe i missed it in the episode, cant find in show notes.
    Thank you!!

    1. Kyal says:

      Hey Stephen,
      So this is the video I watched to learn about the sinus cleansing:

      The sinus cleanse I did was using:
      NetiPot or NeilMed SinuGator
      + Neilmed buffered Saline solution
      + CitriDrops: https://www.insideoutnatmed.com.au/product-page/citridrops-dietary-supplement-1-fl-oz-30ml
      + Xylitol
      + Up to 50mg NAC (if you overdo the NAC you’ll certainly know about it – burns if too much)

      1. Taylor Walker says:

        Perfect, thank you for posting this!

  4. Jane says:

    I just purchased your GI Repair and I’m confused about the zinc content. The label on the front of the bottle claims there is 230 mgs of zinc, but the supp facts on the back of the bottle says 180 mgs. Then on the podcast with Ben you mentioned 50 mgs of zinc. I’m confused, can you please clarify the actual zinc levels per serving again. I’m reluctant to take this supplement for anymore than a month, the zinc levels are just too high.

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Hi Jane! 🙌 Ben’s social media assistant here 😊. That’s a great question! While I do not have an answer for this at the moment, I have added your question to the list of candidates for Ben to potentially answer in one of his upcoming Q&A episodes so stay tuned! Thanks again for reaching out and be sure to make it an awesome Saturday! 💪

      1. Jane says:

        It was a question for Kyal, it’s his Gut Repair that has confusing zinc levels, and it would be great if he could answer.
        Thank you

        1. Kyal says:

          Hey Jane,

          Zinc and minerals are rarely isolated, they are normally conjugated to something, citrate, glycine or in this case – carnosine.

          The Zinc in GI repair is added to an L-Carnosine molecule and the total zinc and carnosine ‘ZnC’ is 230mg but that is for the entire ZnC ‘sandwich;

          The elemental equivalent of Zinc is 50mg if you break it free of the ‘sandwich’, leaving the remaining 180mg as L-Carnosine

          Zinc (50mg) + Carnosine (180mg) = ZnC (230mg)

          Hope that helps

  5. J Smith says:

    Mr. Van Der Leest:

    You’re offering an interesting formulation here. And as millions suffer from GI and mold issues, many will consider these products. However, have you considered what this looks like from a patient’s point of view? Mr. Greenfield has guests on every week promoting all manner of products purported to “reset,” “heal,” or “optimize” one aspect of health or another. Virtually none of them have any definitive evidence of their efficacy in treating specific illnesses or conditions. Your products are no different.

    Furthermore, when MDs, Naturopathy, and functional medicine docs struggle mightily to treat conditions like IBS, why should we believe you have hit on the “magic formula” to treat or even cure it?

    For most people, taking a supplement pitched on Greenfield’s podcast is essentially a matter of pay and pray. And since you do not offer refunds when the product fails to produce the outcomes you claim, your customers are out $300AUD, while you and Mr. Greenfield get paid regardless.

  6. Cole says:

    Hi Kyal, are there any issues ordering your product to the United States?

    1. Kyal says:

      No issues at all provided your postal address is accurately entered – the international postage doesn’t allow redirects if there’s any mistakes on entering your address (people make this mistake more than you’d imagine)

      1. Cole says:

        Thanks! Have you had packages redirected back from US customs before? Any legal difficulties here to be aware of?

        1. Kyal says:

          Only redirects have been when they’ve not been collected by receiver

  7. Erin Joy says:

    Hello Kyal and Ben,

    Thank you for the informative podcast! Where would I start if I have dysbiosis AND leaky gut? I heard the gut repair formula may not be effective if there is dysbiosis. An ulcer/ H Pylori infection a few years ago is still wreaking havoc on my entire system. Thank you!

    1. Kyal says:

      I think the best place to start for Ulcers/H.pylori is with Zinc Carnosine stand-alone or ZnC and BPC157 together is very efficacious if still present.

      If you’ve gotten rid of the pylori/ulcers and now have dysbiosis post-antibiotic treatment from the prior infection, then maybe run a GI Map from Genova diagnostics (link is above in show notes) to see what you need to work on RE microbiome and leaky gut markers.

      1. Erin Joy says:

        Thank you. We did do a GI map recently( ulcers are gone) and I’ve been on a supplement called GI Revive at night and first thing in the morning. Would it be beneficial to switch it out for your GI repair formula? Or can you not know without seeing my GI Map? Kyal, do you ever work with patients or do you happen to have a practitioner you recommend? Thank you for your time.

  8. scott says:

    Great pod this really is an amazing formula! Kyal, I was not able to find any skin peptides on your site

    1. Kyal says:

      Not released yet – subscribe to the LVLUP Health newsletter to be informed when they’re released! ETA mid 2023- going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen with a massive 11 peptides, liposomed and plenty of nourishing naturals too :)

  9. Jane says:

    Kyal , would you consider reformulating the gut supp with lower zinc? 50 mgs is way too high for anyone to be taking for months on end. 20 mgs would be better and not throw copper levels out.

    1. Kyal says:

      Hey Jane,
      Yes I would consider that – it would help with nausea that some people get too lowering the dose.
      There is some copper in the formulation to try and balance out those Zn:Cu ratios and not throw them out too much

  10. Chris says:

    It’s mentioned that this product may not work due to moldy gut conditions, which I clearly have. I want to give this a try but I also want to give myself the best possible chances for success. What would be a good gut cleansing protocol I can do before taking the gut repair formula? I can only afford one bottle of this stuff and need to make it count! Thanks.

    1. Kyal says:

      I would suggest you look into the work of Dr. Evan Brand for all things Mould/Mold (however you wanna spell it)
      Some great episodes he did with Paul Saladino.

  11. JB says:

    Hi Kyal and Ben
    Great interview! What are your views on taking Akkermansia and protecting the mucus lining in the gut, I’ve heard that Akka is a double edged sword.

    1. Kyal says:

      Hey JB,
      Have tried akkermansia and haven’t noticed any effects personally, but i didn’t have the need as I had good levels from pomegranate, cranberry and insulin consumption. And although akkermansia does eat away at the mucous lining, it actually it’s a bad thing as it stimulates further mucous production and enterocyte health via its metabolites

      1. JB says:

        Hi Kyal
        Where do you get your pomegranate and cranberry? It sounds like the ATP Gut Right?
        I’ve been taking it for over a year and my Akka levels haven’t moved. You and Ben also mentioned ParaX but it’s not available in Australia and Cymbiotika won’t let us on their website to order it from the US. Can you recommend another alternative please.
        Thank you

  12. MG says:

    I am always disappointed when I see a product that can potentially help a lot of people but the people that make the product do not care to help as many people in the world as possible. They make it impossible for everyday people to afford the product. $300 plus dollars a month for one gut supplement is ridiculous! You do not care about helping the masses and that is clear. Ben you facilitate these people constantly and know that most listening out there cannot consistently use these products due to the price. If Tony Robbins can create products that are affordable for all, then so can everyone else if they care about people but apparently they do not.

    1. JS says:

      That’s the AUD price. It’s a little over $200 USD with the discount code. I used to get plain BPC 157 from my doctor and it was $150 a month. So I think this is reasonable based on the current prices for the raw ingredients.

      Yes, it’s still really expensive but they mention on the website that you don’t have to take this long-term and most people only need 1-2 months of using it. If this can fix my gut issues for about $400 I think it’s worth it given that I’ve probably spent more than that just this year on supplements for my gut.

      This is just my two cents I hope it helps

      1. Allison says:

        Yes, those of us in the CIRS/mold community unfortunately are used to paying much more than this monthly on supplements/medications/binders, drs visits and labs.

    2. Kyal says:

      approx 230 USD is the price – the prices are in AUD on the site. If you were to buy all of the ingredients in GI Repair stand-alone to ‘DIY’ it – you’d be spending around 600usd so it’s good value for what it is. Regrettably, the peptides, of which GI Repair has 3, are not cheap and there is no way around that sorry.

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