Water & Water Filtration: Everything You Need To Know About Water Filters, Alkaline Water, Structured Water, Hydrogen-Rich Water, Deuterium Depleted Water & Much More!

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I get tons of questions about water.

Which water filter is best?
Should I add minerals to my water?
What do you think about alkaline water?
Structured water?
Hydrogen-rich water?
Deuterium depleted water (DDW)?
And much more.

So on this podcast, I interview one of the world's leading experts on water and a guy who, along with my father Gary Greenfield, has taught me more about water than just about anyone I know.

His name is Robert Slovak.

Robert is a degreed mechanical, aeronautical, and astronautical engineer best known for co-founding Water Factory Systems in the early 1970s. He and his brother were among the early developers of reverse osmosis (RO) technology and its many applications. Their successful innovations encompassed home and office RO drinking water systems, bottled water production, laboratory purification, hemodialysis, seawater desalination, microchip production, bottled water production, water vending, spot-free vehicle washing, and scores more.

As a result of the rapid growth of RO applications, Robert’s ongoing seminars and a best-selling industry book on the subject of POU (Point of Use) RO, he became a well-known figure in the water industry. In 1989 Water Factory Systems was purchased by CUNO Inc, a global leader in fluid treatment. Since then, it was acquired by the 3M Corporation, which continues to market many of their original products.

Robert officially retired from the US water industry in 1996 and went on to bring his knowledge and experience to Brazil, Asia, and other international markets. He put together a team and published Agualatinomerica magazine to establish a legitimate water equipment and education infrastructure in Brazil and South America. His “students” continue to play a major role in Brazil’s water industry.

In 2004, while in a remote location of Brazil, Robert became seriously ill and was introduced to an obscure 1897 medical discovery known as Original Quinton Marine Plasma (after the famous revolutionary biologist René Quinton). Robert attributes his “jungle” survival to its remarkable healing properties. This ocean-harvested nutraceutical contains the entire periodic table of organo-complexed minerals & trace elements as well as essential and rare micronutrients and has been continuously produced for more than a century. Having been an avid student of health and nutrition science for decades, Robert recognized the remarkable history and efficacy of Quinton Marine Plasma in supporting a wide range of the most difficult health conditions and has distributed Quinton Marine Plasma to leading-edge clinics and health practitioners worldwide since 2008.

For the past nine years, Robert’s focus has been on bringing a new nutraceutical breakthrough called “Molecular Hydrogen” (H2) to the medical profession and health-minded consumers. This “smallest molecule in the Universe” has been overlooked for its remarkable health benefits until now. With more than 800 worldwide health studies on the subject, physicians, researchers, and clinicians have been proclaiming Molecular Hydrogen (H2) as the most unique and versatile antioxidant and signaling molecule. In 2010 Robert co-developed a practical way for everyone to benefit from this discovery by creating the first reactive hydrogen tablet that infuses water with a supersaturated concentration of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas. This proven nutraceutical is now in its 9th year of distribution in both professional medical and consumer markets.

In 2011 Robert became a founding investor in the Quicksilver Scientific Corp. that was developing a groundbreaking new technology to deliver nutrients and nutraceuticals to the cells. It is referred to as nano-encapsulated liposomes. In just a few years, Quicksilver Scientific established its scientific dominance in this growing field and is currently expanding its product scope and global distribution.

While attending medical and wellness conferences throughout North America, Robert recognized the persistent minefield of water-related misinformation encountered by doctors, patients, and consumers alike – that’s after spending nearly 50 years in the water technology industry. This unsettling experience soon turned into the motivation to do something about it and Water & Wellness was established in 2017. A team with more than 150 years of combined experience was assembled to create a product line of advanced point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE) water treatment systems for health and wellness-minded consumers. In addition, a line of synergistic water additives was formulated for the consumer market including Quinton and QuintEssential minerals & trace elements, Active pH Restore alkalizing mineral powder, Active H2 ULTRA molecular H2 tablets and Active Ribose C high-bioavailability vitamin C.

Recently, Robert’s 25-year interest in deuterium depleted water (DDW) took a new direction forward. With a combination of Soviet-era research from the 1960s and recent announcements explaining the profound physiological benefits of water with reduced Deuterium content, Robert decided to act quickly in making a reliable and affordable supply available in North America. Soon, health practitioners and health-minded consumers will be able to obtain the most deuterium depleted Litewater brand through soon-to-be-announced channels nationwide.

Robert continues to be a very active international figure in the rapidly expanding water technology, wellness and anti-aging community, making appearances and presentations worldwide.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why and how Robert went from the aerospace industry into the water industry…8:45

  • Robert and his brother Jack were both working in the military industrial complex and were just plain bored to tears
  • They became aware of a new technology called membrane separation, aka reverse osmosis
  • They were pioneers in water systems in homes and restaurants, to microelectronics manufacturing
  • Built the first hemodialysis system (portable dialysis)
  • Didn't invent reverse osmosis, but refined and developed products that used it (the spot-free rinse being the most famous)

-How a near-death experience made Robert aware of a forgotten scientific discovery that led to his current work…13:20

  • In 2004, Robert came down with gastroenteritis after moving to Brazil in retirement
  • Was given by a local man 6 vials of Quinton Marine Plasma, a harvested extract of plankton from the ocean
    • This is what they used in the absence of proper health care in that area
    • Was first discovered in 1897
  • Percutaneous Hydrotomy: a protocol used to treat serious conditions such as a damaged spine
    • Not to be used as a supplement of injectable for general wellness
    • Super hydrating a specific location with sea water
  • Plankton bloom:
    • one of the most complex bioreactors
    • Make about 65% of the oxygen on earth
    • Heavily protected by national and international governing bodies
  • Robert's brother and business partner passed away in 2016; passed on the license to Quinton to Quicksilver Scientific (use code GREENFIELD15 to save 15%)
  • Water and Wellness

-The secrets to Robert's youthful physical appearance…24:15

  • Quinton
  • Moderate exercise
  • Grounded with the earth
  • Strict paleo dietary regimen (see below for details)
  • Trace elements (from the Quinton)
  • 40+ supplements taken daily (see below for details)

-How to set up the ideal water filtration system in your home…33:00

  • Always find out what exactly is in your water (EPA water quality report for local water company)
    • Filtration system, temperature, etc. all matter in the quality
  • Two methods for removing the greatest number of contaminants:
    • Distillation + activated carbon
    • Reverse osmosis + activated carbon
    • Then remineralize the water (quinton, trace liquid minerals, Celtic sea salt)
  • Why Celtic sea salt, and not another type of sea salt?
    • Jacques DeLangre (founder of Celtic) was a student of Rene Quinton himself
    • Celtic is not rinsed. When you rinse salt, you rinse away 30-40 trace elements
    • Himalayan sea salt is an underground salt mine; has iron oxide contamination
  • The best water filtration systems on the market:
  • Sanitize the storage tank minimum once a year, and every time you change filters
  • Incubators for huge levels of bacteria
  • SteriPen portable water purifier
  • WoW (Water on Water) under the counter filtration system
  • LED and UV sterilization is coming soon

-Robert's take on alkaline water…44:50

  • He's against it; has been for 7+ years
  • It's “the scientific misconception that became a multi-billion dollar business”
  • The engineer who conceived of it didn't know the distinction between “alkaline” and “alkalinity”
  • Another misconception in how “pH” levels affect acid in the water
    • Match vs. fireplace: which will heat your home?
  • Once you drink alkaline water, the body will change the ph level dramatically
  • Alkalinity comes from adding trace minerals which have a buffering capacity: carbonates and bicarbonates
  • Fresh green juices are a great way to alkalize the body (no ph levels)
  • PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) Chart

-Robert's take on structured water…51:20

  • Refers to the molecular configurations the water molecules take on that are purported to have some physiological significance
  • These arrangements are very fickle; they change every second
  • It fails when you drink it; no structuring can survive the stomach (remember, it can dissolve a steak)
  • There have been no studies that show consistent physiological benefits
  • The only structuring Robert would consider is vortexing

-And what about hydrogen-enriched water?…55:30

  • Robert created the very first hydrogen reacting tablet in 2010
  • Not to be confused with hydride ions (which Robert erroneously did from the outset)
  • Tyler LeBaron (listen to my podcast with him) set the record straight
  • You can combine Quinton minerals with h2 tablets

-What deuterium and deuterium depleted water are…1:00:45

  • The hydrogen in water consists of 3 isotopes: protium, deuterium, tritium (which is of little consequence)
  • Deuterium is twice as heavy as protium (the only isotope that has that large a disparity with its sister isotope)
  • Water is actually 3 different molecules: H2O, HdO, and D2O
  • There are 150 deuteriums for every 1 million protiums in water
  • When water is made with deuterium, it's called “heavy water” (it's used to power nuclear power facilities and make nuclear bombs)
  • America won the race to extract the deuterium from regular water during World War 2
  • Unusual biological effects of deuterium depleted water on plants and animals: Increases in life span, Growth rates, Survival and diseases
  • Russian scientists reported this, they were not taken seriously by the global scientific community
  • Many variations or levels in which deuterium can be removed from water and still be considered “depleted”
  • Incredibly complicated process of removing deuterium from water
  • A camel produces deuterium depleted water naturally; it's why they can survive without water for weeks in the desert

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

– Robert’s 14-Ingredient Coffee Recipe” (for 3-4 cups):

– 450 ml boiling-hot water
– 3 small cups of organic espresso coffee
– 1 tbsp grass-fed butter  (use code: GREENFIELD for 15% discount storewide – Offer good for up to 2 orders per customer. Excludes orders over 40 lbs, sale items, volume discounts, and gift certificates)
– 1 fl. oz. coconut creamer
– 2 tablespoons organic MCT oil  (use code: BEN for 10% discount)
– 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil
– 1 scoop collagen peptide powder
– 1 scoop whey protein powder
– 1 heaping tsp cacao powder
– 1 heaping tsp turmeric powder
– 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon
– 1 tsp MSM powder
– 1/2 tsp Magnesium L-threonate
– 1 scoop Active pH Restore (alkalinity powder)
– 1 scoop Active C with Ribose (Vitamin C powder)
– 1 vial QuintEssential 3.3 (minerals & trace elements)

– The supplements Robert takes:

Robert's Life Extension List:
LEF Mix capsules
Vitamin D3 5000IU
Health Booster
Super Omega-3 
Mega Lycopene 
Advanced Bio-Curcumin 
Cognitex w/ Pregnenolone & Brainshield 
Skin Restoring Phytoceramides 30 caps 
Optimized Folate 
Ultra Natural Prostate 
Cardio Peak 
Brite Eyes III 
Macugard Ocular Support w/Astaxanthin 
Super Miraforte 
Endothelial Defense 
PQQ Caps 
Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 
Triple Action Cruciferous 
AMPK Activator 
Milk Thistle 
NAD+ Cell Regenerator 
Super Selenium Complex 
Neuro-Mag Threonate 
Super Carnosine 
Acetyl L-Carnitine Arginate
DMAE Bitartrate
Mega Green Tea Extract 
DHEA Complete 
Arterial Protect 
D-Ribose powder 

Robert's Water & Wellness List:
Quinton Hypertonic (or QuintEssential) (use code: GREENFIELD to save 10%)
Active Ribose C  (use code: GREENFIELD to save 10%)
Active pH Restore  (use code: GREENFIELD to save 10%)
Active H2 ULTRA  (use code: GREENFIELD to save 10%)
Ageless Defense  (use code: GREENFIELD to save 10%)

Other Supplements Robert takes:
MSM Powder
Mega Strength Beta Sitosterol
C3 Complex Turmeric Curcumin
Multi-Fiber Colon Cleanse
– Mushroom Extracts  (use code: BENGREENFIELD for a 15% discount)
MCT Oil (use code: BEN for 10% discount) & Coconut Oil

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Robert or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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68 thoughts on “Water & Water Filtration: Everything You Need To Know About Water Filters, Alkaline Water, Structured Water, Hydrogen-Rich Water, Deuterium Depleted Water & Much More!

  1. Joseph says:

    This podcast blew my mind! Going deep on wate!

  2. Carrie says:

    Thank You! Therefore, might drinking only deuterium depleted water daily be an answer?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Ben!

    I recently read the transcript from your podcast..: amazing! And thank you so much! As I am Deaf I was extremely grateful!

    I have a question I haven’t been able to figure out:

    I have gotten the AquaTru water purifier you suggested in the podcast. I also got the filters.

    Should I be putting in BOTH Quinton AND the mineral drops from AquaTru? Or choosing only one of them?


  4. Aaron Hansen says:

    Hi Ben, is this the type of UV sterilisation and filtration system you want in your house for drinking water?
    And if so, then do I just need to remineralise it?
    Kind. Regards,
    Aaron Hansen
    By the way, you podcasts are brilliant!

  5. Jan says:

    Hi Ben,

    I just have a quick question:

    What water filtration/purifying system to get? I am doing my research on healthy water and what system should I buy to my home. But the difficulty of this task is beyond me I am afraid (and I bet i am not the only one struggling to find the right=best solution).
    Some experts say RO, some that filtration system X, some say filtration system Y, some say RO with some additives (salt, minerals etc.).
    So what now? I am truly lost now in this topic and stucked on the spot where I can’t for myself decide.
    Thank you for your help.


  6. Lindsay says:

    Hi Ben, Is it worth getting a 5 gallon jug and using wholefoods reverse osmosis system for water within the store, if I am unable to get the system for my home.

    Thank you.

    1. Ray says:

      Also interested in this question. I fill up 5 gallon jugs that go through RO process. After listening to this, I started adding the Celtic salt to the jug. In addition to that, should I (can I) also add trace mineral drops and/or the Quinton? Are there any issues with adding all three? In the podcast it wasn’t clear if remineralization of the water was an “OR” or “AND” w/ salt, quinton (or trace drops).

    2. Michael says:

      I wouldn’t, an Aqua tru is too cheap. I would love to know the bacteria counts on those water store dispensing machines.

  7. George K says:

    There are studies of D rich water for cancer treatment with positive outcomes. How you comment that?

    1. Michael says:

      Deuterium rich water studies, please explain which studies.

  8. Danny Blumenfeld says:

    Hi Ben and Robert…..I’m writing you as I’m drinking my KION coffee and had a question. I have been using an AquaTru system ever since I learned about it through Ben’s podcast. I also use their PERFECT MINERALS additive which says its contains 79 Trace-Minerals from the Great Salt Lake. Is the Quinton discussed in this podcast that much different and if so what could I expect if I started using that supplement which is much more expensive than the $15 bottle I’m using now? I’m a “young” 60 and work out moderately 4-5 days/wk and use my sauna almost daily ..Which Quinton product should I use if I choose to order some. There are two versions on the QUICKSILVER website (one looks more concentrated than the other but I read somewhere that the stronger version could possibly effect blood pressure). My bp runs slightly higher (at times..usually caffeine or dentist induced ) so I wanted to make sure I would order the appropriate version if I decide to try it out. Thx much

  9. Jay says:

    Robert: what is your opinion on harvesting drinking water from a local spring?

  10. JustAListener says:

    Did every one miss it that his secret to anti-aging might just be his “eternal bachelorhood?” Haha.

  11. Josh says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have been searching high and low to find out what is the safest container to drink out of (glass, stainless steel, BPA free plastic). Are all of these equally safe to drink water out of or is there one that is safer than the others?

    Thank you for all you do,


    1. I'd probably go with glass or stainless steel first.

  12. Mark says:


    Do you have an opinion on the Berkey water filter system?

    1. Kevin says:

      I got the big Berkey here (www.bigberkeywaterfilters.com) a few years ago and love it, but I feel like you’d still wanna turn it into hydrogen water, and the seawater plasma solution, etc a couple times a day.

      So I would only consider it a start.

  13. Ed Arias says:

    Thanks for the podcast interview. Bought some Quinton and set up an expt with H2 tabs and shilajit. Nanopure water=0ppm, Tap Water=231ppm, Quinton Soln=5591ppm … diluted 20mls Quinton to 1:20DIL =977ppm … added 1 pea size of shilajit didn’t change too much at 1009ppm. Added 2 H2 tabs and down the hatch. Will probably do this for a while and see if there are any effects to be seen. I was astounded by the high ppm in the undiluted Quinton soln … not sure what would happen adding the H2 tabs to undiluted Quinton ??? Anyway, thanks again.

    1. Ed Arias says:

      sorry, the Quinton Soln was diluted only in the Nanopure water … just giving a reference to what our tap water is here in Ann Arbor. I believe the more TDS (ppm) the more molecular H2 is made.

  14. John Fedorjaka says:

    They happen to have the AquaTru water system on Amazon as well. Was shocked by all the negative reviews. At time of this writing, it was only 55% 5 star reviews, and 21% 1 star reviews. Seems like a great concept, but units have a high failure rate, and not the best customer service. As much as I would have loved this unit, I’ll continue my search for the “ideal” filtration system. (Recommendations are welcome.)

  15. js says:

    Just some info on AquaTru water system.I have been thru 4 machines.First one worked great after that next 2 would not work at all and 4th one worked for a couple of days.I got so fed up I just tossed it out and moved on.Will have to say they were very good in sending a new one out but never got answers on why they kept breaking down.

  16. alan says:

    Hey Ben,

    So much AWESOMENESS on the Water podcast. Holy crap I was writing notes like CRAZY

    So I just ordered the Quinton, both the Isotonic and Hypertonic. So my question is I plan on taking 1 of each daily as well as my wife. I also use H2 tabs. How about kids dosing as I have 2 teenagers that I plan on getting on it as well. FULL DOSE or 1/2
    One is 15 and 5’10” 130 pounds and GROWING, the other 13 and 4′ 10″ and 75 pounds

    Thanks Alan

  17. Nick says:

    Hey Ben,

    Have you seen or heard about the reverse osmosis water dispenser at Wholefoods Market? If so, is this a good, clean water source?


  18. Heiko says:

    What is the recommended method of sterilizing a tank of an under counter ROS system?

  19. Peter says:

    Anyone now the difference between Quinton Hypertonic and Quinton Isotonic?

    1. Robsurf says:

      According to Robert Slovak on this podcast here Quinton Hypertonic has 3.3grams of total dissolved solids per Litre.

      So if I get this concept then we shold expect all it’s ‘non H20’ mineral contents equate to a 3.3% concentrated solution. That doesn’t match the comments above where someone says they measured 5000ppm for Quinton =~ 0.5% and I couldnt find this written anywhere online .. So Im missing something here… Blood plasma is maintained by the human body as a 0.9% concentration solution. Note this is not about Salinity but total dissolved solids – so you cant just calculate amount of NaCl inside…

      So you would want to dilute by a factor of 3.66 to make a solution isotonic to human blood plasma based on Mr Slovaks comments but who knows….

      The need to do this is related purely to injection or Intra venous use though right > ? …. as human Cells would get water sucked out of them by osmosis if you inject hypertonic solution – not good ! you need an isotonic balance for nutrients to move in and out of the cells.

      I don’t think you need to do this unless you are planning to inject it or nebulize it, drinking it as is should be fine.. It will get smashed by stomach acid anyhow… But Maybe just easiest to drink it with like 20ml of water just in case … who knows – seems very woo woo that drinking it works – need to find some data there.

      I’m no Doctor but you should be very very wary of doing injection in a DIY fashion – diluting things on your own in a non sterile environment and then breaking the skin with a needle is no joke and can leads to infection and worse quite quickly if you have impurities in the injected substances.

      That is the idea behind their isotonic product however as I follow ( IV use ) – they intended it for subcutaneous injection by Doctors for their patients to treat lots of illnesses as this was how it was used in the past century …. but they cannot say that on advertising anymore as FDA don’t allow it for IV use as solution has not been heat treated …. so very much at user risk it that is done but maybe possible to diy subcutaneously inject the isotonic product if you have a large appetite for risk or you have a Doc on board to do it for you and track your progress .

      Personally I was looking for the info with intention of making an isotonic dilution of the hypertonic product for nebulizing it as this is less risky than injection. But I’m not sure if i’ll risk it … I’d need to dilute myself and worried I’ll cause myself some damage ( would use reverse osmosis filtered water here ). Meantime I found plenty of pubmed data showing nebulizing 3% Hypertonic saline ( so only NaCL) solutions has been shown to be safe in trials ( mostly for treating kids with Bronchitis or cystic fibrosis patients ) .

      So maybe one could just nebulize the hypertonic Quinton directly without issue and avoid messing with dilution at all but its not Saline solution pure so who knows!

      Seems hypertonic Saline can help dissolve mucus and help folk breathe in clinical setting but Quinton is only like 0.4% Saline so thats not so relevant. Based on my lay man’s understanding of the cellular matrix science seems like a bad idea to have 3% solution of minerals in the blood directly via the lungs in nebullizer or IV …

      Anyhow , confusing stuff but I thought I’d writ that down in case someone else cares seeing the questions below

  20. William says:

    Is The quinton the same as marine phytoplankton? I can’t tell the difference.

  21. Tracy says:

    Great podcast. Here is the link to my city water that I use in my home https://www.mysuezwater.com/sites/default/files/IDCCR2018.pdf
    I’d love feedback if Robert is able to look at it.
    Also, I too, am curious about the Berkey water system.

  22. Iva says:

    I am blown away by this interview !!! This was a fantastic and much needed info with all the noice out there. I am changing my water, adding more supplements, upgrading my coffee, and live to 121 and look as great as Ben and Robert!

  23. Gary Rossen says:

    Great as always. Thoughts on the Berkey filtration system? Love it….just wondering

    1. Ryan says:

      Also curious, would love to know their thoughts!

  24. David says:

    WTF Ben! I finally decide on an under the counter RO system, pay $700 between the system and a plumber and I hear on this podcast that my tank is going to have all kinds of bacteria in it within a year. Living this healthy life is killin me!

    1. Ken says:

      Dave, me too.

    2. It's still a good system, it just needs cleaned as Robert touched during the episode.

      1. Mollie says:

        but how?

  25. Jim says:

    I use (for years now) a countertop distillation machine with a carbon filtering block. I then add minerals (salt) back in. Have switched from Pink Himalayan to Celtic recently. Water is stored in gallon glass jugs under counter or in fridge.

    Can I add the hydrogen tablets to this gallon and drink throughout the day, or does the water need to be consumed quickly once the hydrogen tablets are dissolved?

    At the same time, can I add Quinton vials to the gallon jugs of water too, or are those best consumed on their own/empty stomach held in mouth for 30 seconds? This would be in addition to the Celtic salt I am already adding.

    1. Joseph says:

      Same questions!

  26. Tricia says:

    I’m in Canada and the exchange rate is killing me! Can anyone recommend a good Canadian company for a counter top water filtration system and a company that sells Quinton in Canada?

    1. Russ says:

      Santevia water systems are good if you have the space and Biotic research canada sell Q water.

    2. James says:

      I live in Montreal, and i found quinton at TAU stores

  27. Allison says:

    Hi Ben,

    Would love some input/resources on what to look out for in well water. Planning to invest in AquaTru eventually but would like to improve upon the standard filtration system that I have in the meantime. Not sure how much info I could glean from the local public water supply reports since I’m on an individual well? Also, at the beginning of the interview Robert mentions that bottled water isn’t the worst thing in the world – any recommendations on which brands are best/least contaminated if you’re in a situation where glass bottles and/or filtration are not available?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Heavy metals and bacteria are the main concerns. You should be able to google and find someone to run a test on your well if you have concerns. I try to avoid plastic bottles altogether, so don't really have a preferred brand.

  28. Pheobe says:

    Wow, this is one of the reasons why I continue to listen to your great podcasts. You interview people who have mind blowing information that generates those “ah-hah” moments and stellar credentials (3 engineering disciplines, whoa). This is one I will listen to several times over, so much to absorb. Also, I really appreciate all the work you do to include links for the info presented.

  29. Pavel Eminger says:

    Hi Ben, I don’t get this thing that stomach destroys structure of the water. It breaks down proteins into amino acids and it lets most carbs and fats go through. So it only simplifies the substances into simpler molecules but let them go through further into GI tract. Why it should then broke water molecules into atoms when molecular complexes pass through? :-)


  30. colin says:

    Thanks Ben and Robert for this Podcast and learnt so much from it.

    Will now be buying the Aquatru and also installing them in my wife’s children’s nurseries she owns as we have a number of children that have special needs of attend due to her also being a Child psychologist. Will also be looking to see if I can get a good supply of Quinton in the UK to add to our water.

    Robert good to see someone adding even more to their morning coffee than myself. If possible would be good to know the timing/frequency of your supplement stack as few in there I have not used and may add to my own protocol.


  31. Serafin says:

    This episode was very informative! I’ve looked up the water report in my area. Anything particularly alarming here?


  32. Wc says:

    Ben how much Celtic sea salt should be added to your water? If your drinking 100 ounces a day?


    1. You can just do a pinch throughout the day. Personally I like to start my day with 1/2-1 tsp in about 20oz.

  33. David Byrd says:

    Ben.. the link is not working when trying to check out https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/aquatru

    1. Appears fine on my end. Mind checking again?

  34. jim boyce says:

    Do you think light water will become more readily available ?

  35. Nick P. says:

    Hey Ben,
    Awesome podcast. I have been seeing things around the web about heavy water freezing at a higher temp than light water, so I was wondering if you could freeze water at the higher temp(approx. 38 degrees fahrenhiet) and the excess water that doesn’t freeze at that temp pour it out and have deuterium depleted water? Thanks again for the knowledge.

  36. Sandbox says:

    Could Quinton (mentioned in podcast) impact blood tests in a negative way? Or impact blood pressure? In other words, is there anything to watch for while taking Quinton as suggested on the box? Just ordered 2 boxes…

    1. Sandbox says:

      Quinton Isotonic package arrived. Insert precautions include: “due to the presence of sodium (NA+), it is advisable to obtain medical supervision prior to beginning quinton isotonic if you have been diagnosed with or suspect one of the following applies to you: hypertension, kidney failure, low sodium diet, or iodine intolerance, although no adverse effects have been reported.”

      1. Dear Sandbox and Ben’s audience,

        The information insert that comes in boxes Quinton Hypertonic and Hypertonic Marine plasma specifies the standard European precautionary requirement for sodium sensitive individuals. As you can see from the information below the dietary sodium in both Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic is an insignificant contribution to dietary sodium for most individuals.

        Comparative Sodium Intake From
        Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic Marine Plasma

        The sodium contributed by Quinton Marine Plasma to the diet is generally too low to be of concern, except for the most extreme cases of sodium-related hypertension or kidney failure.

        Let’s look at the actual numbers for both Quinton Hypertonic and Quinton Isotonic…

        One 10 ml ampoule of Quinton Isotonic contains 27 mg of sodium. As you can see from the list below this is about 1/5th of the sodium contained in one boiled egg. The common dosage is 1-2 ampoules per day.

        One 10 ml ampoule of Quinton Hypertonic contains 102 mg of sodium. As you can see from the list below this is about 3/4th of the sodium contained in one boiled egg. The common dosage is 1-2 ampoules per day

        Here is the sodium content of some common foods eaten every day in abundance….and this is from processed white salt without the benefit of the co-factors that alter how sodium is utilized in the body.

        • 1 boiled egg (55g) – 140 mg
        • Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich (8 oz.) — 1,560 mg
        • Sbarro Supreme Pizza (1 slice) — 1,580 mg
        • Corned beef sandwich with mustard (9 oz.) — 1,920 mg
        • Lasagna (2 cups) — 2,060 mg
        • Panera Smokehouse Turkey Panini on Artisan 3-Cheese — 2,320 mg
        • Ham sandwich with mustard (9 oz.) — 2,340 mg
        • Chipotle Chicken Burrito, with cheese and salsa — 2,490 mg
        • Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Stuffed Crust Pizza, large (2 slices) — 2,50 mg
        • Chef salad with dressing (5 cups) — 2,510 mg
        • Kung Pao chicken with rice (41/2 cups) — 2,610 mg
        • V8 vegetable juice (1 cup) – 480 mg
        • Pepperidge Farm whole grain bagel – 440 mg
        • Prego Heart Smart Italian sauce – 430 mg
        • Low-fat cottage cheese (1/2 cup) – 360 mg

        Conclusion: Even several Quinton Marine Plasma Hypertonic ampoules is a minor contribution to the typical sodium intake in one’s diet.

        1. RobSurf says:

          HI Robert,

          Can you please tell me where can I find the TDS and breakdown of the Hypertonic product online ?

          I found the following from a regional distributor here in europe ( Cellnutrition) but it doesnt match what you have said at all here in your comment – 4000ppm Sodium is about 0.4% where you say 102mg/10ml =~ 1% also comments above from folk who have tested seem to report 5000ppm TDS in the Hypertonic product =~ 0.5% solution all in ! So I just dont get this anymore.

          I would like to dilute to isotonic for nebulization but having much trouble clarifying the Hypertonic data – my suspicion is that values vary as its unprocessed Sea water… and you cant get it right in DIY setting but would like to get a statement either way . Are the TDS and constituent minerals measured in production for the Hypertonic ? I got nothing at all on the product packaging , assuming its come from France or Spain as Im in Ireland and bought via Amazon here.


          Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic Composition
          Aluminium Al 61 ppb Manganese Mn 101 ppb
          Antimony Sb 0.15 ppb Mercury Hg ND
          Arsenic As 24.7 ppb Molybdenum Mo 16 ppb
          Sulfur S 932 ppm Neodymium Nd ND
          Barium Ba 4.4 ppb Niobium Nb 0,07 ppb
          Beryllium Be ND Nickel Ni 53.3 ppb
          Bismuth Bi ND Gold Au ND
          Boron B 6 ppm Osmium Os 0.16 ppb
          Bromine Br 71 ppm Palladium Pd 13 ppb
          Cadmium Cd 0.32 ppb Silver Ag* 1.31 ppb
          Calcium Ca 402 ppm Platinum Pt* ND
          Cerium Ce ND Lead Pb 0.77 ppb
          Cesium Cs 0.327 ppb Potassium K 392 ppm
          Zirconium Zr 0,44 ppb Praseodymium Pr ND
          Cobalt Co 1,4 ppb Rhenium Re ND
          Copper Cu 13.8 ppb Rhodium Rh 0.80 ppb
          Chromium Cr 3.1 ppb Rubidium Rb 115 ppb
          Dysprosium Dy 0.010 ppb Ruthenium Ru ND
          Erbium Er ND Samarium Sm ND
          Scandium Sc ND Selenium Se 1.6 ppb
          Tin Sn 1.8 ppb Silicon Si 10 ppm
          Strontium Sr 9.4 ppm Sodium Na 4042 ppm
          Europium Eu ND Thallium Tl 0.017 ppb
          Phosphorus P 4.9 ppb Tantalum Ta 0,04 ppb
          Gadolinium Gd ND Tellurium Te ND
          Gallium Ga 0,40 ppb Terbium Tb ND
          Germanium Ge 7.6 ppb Titanium Ti* 17 ppb
          Hafnium Hf 0,07 ppb Thorium Th ND
          Iron Fe 36.8 ppb Thulium Tm ND
          Holmium Ho ND Uranium U 3 ppb
          Indium In ND Vanadium V 29 ppb
          Iridium Ir ND Tungsten W 0.36 ppb
          Lanthanum La 0,023 ppb Iodine I 23 ppb
          Lithium Li 184 ppb Ytterbium Yb ND
          Lutetium Lu ND Yttrium Y 0.10 ppb
          Magnesium Mg 1327 ppm Zinc Zn 21.7 ppb
          PPB = Parts per billion
          PPM = Parts per million
          ND = element present, but impossible to establish exact amount as quantities are so small.

    2. Tom Randolph says:

      Absolutely not.

  37. Scott says:

    I have been thinking about this for months! Thank you for diving into this Ben! This is very very much appreciated. I had one question regarding purity. Couldn’t you just buy distilled water and supplement it with the QUINTESSENTIAL 3.3? Would this not be the purest water one could consume?

    Thanks again!!

  38. Paul says:

    Great interview thanks Ben. If you really want to get the full scoop on Deuterium you have to have Dr Boros on the show. He really is the world expert on the subject. I would also have Jack kruse back on to talk about it as well because he has a pretty unique perspective on this as well. In the meantime everyone else can check out luke story’s podcast on DDW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiwOYlgnSMQ

  39. Benjamin Whittemore says:

    I was hoping for a recommendation on whole house water filters, due too the fact that it seems only drinking water was covered for the most part. The fumes from bathing and or dishwashing seem just as much a worry. Any recommendations!? I do use a chlorine/chloramine shower filter but this does not cover a host of contaminants and the filter it self is plastic! Even toilet water seems to have a chlorine smell. Obviously I am on a public water system! Kind regards Benjamin!

    1. We covered whole house filtration. Listen carefully. ;) General answer is a structured water with carbon block filter per Greenfield Naturals link in shownotes.

  40. Christine Jefferson says:

    Thank you so much Ben for this eye opening interview with Robert Slovak! Fascinating! Definitely am inspired to look at our under sink system to sanitize and encourage my son to buy the Agua-Tru for his new life. I’ve been adding trace minerals to his sports bottle daily, knowing I was doing something right and this talk clarified exactly why! Just wondering what is the protocol for using and drinking the Hydrogen Tablets? I have a bottle through my biohacker box and it is still unopened….

    1. Drop them in water and let dissolve 3-4 min

  41. Rob says:

    What are the differences between the 4 quinton products? It all sounds very confusing to me, and not much can be gained from reading the supp facts. Is “0.9” is the same as “isotonic”, and “3.3” “hypertonic”? Also, if they’re all the same price, couldn’t one just buy the “3.3” and dilute it down? What’s the benefits of using the “0.9”?

    1. Scott says:

      Rob this website that Robert Slovak manages describes the differences. It looks like QUINTON ISOTONIC / QUINTESSENTIAL 0.9 formula is synonymous and QUINTON HYPERTONIC / QUINTESSENTIAL 3.3 formula is synonymous. The difference is how they are packaged.


    2. Hi Rob! Here's the reply from Robert Slovak, the podcast guest:

      Dear Rob,

      First, I want to compliment and thank you for asking one of the (admittedly) most confusing questions facing consumers, patients and practitioners alike about this remarkable and enduring nutraceutical. I realize that while we have addressed and explained the subtle details of Quinton Marine Plasma in presentations and professional training sessions, we have failed to provide a concise and sufficient explanation in our general published material and on our websites. In part, this is due to the extremely broad, complex and proven efficacy (over its 125 year history) of “all things Quinton”. It is important that we seriously and immediately address this complicated subject in behalf of our current and future customers which includes both the public and professional health practitioners.

      Please stand by while we prepare to address what you are rightfully requesting in a clear and accurate publication. Feel free to email and/or call me about your anticipated interest in using Quinton Marine Plasma and to request any specific information you may be interested in.

      Once again, THANK YOU.


      Robert Slovak, Water and Wellness Chief Science & Technology Officer

  42. Frik says:

    Awesome interview! What are your recommendations / guidelines for the “amount” of water consumption. Sipping vs jugging down a glass of water, timing, etc. :) Thanks so much.

    1. Dear Frik and all those curious about new developments in hydration,

      Please excuse the delay in responding to you. There was a mix-up in where I was to respond to questions from Ben’s audience. I’m in a catch-up mode for lots of inquires that I’m seeing for the first time.

      One would assume I would answer your inquiry with a straight forward answer – perhaps some variation of “drink half your weight in ounces taken in five or six portions throughout the day.” Then, of course, different lifestyles, levels of activity, climates and seasons warrant alterations to this basic hydration advice.

      So, now throw all this out and prepare for a top-to-bottom revolution in hydration science, physiology and guidelines. I’m going to take advantage of my recent answer to this same question several days ago…Just hold onto your hat…You’ll discover there are more questions than answers…

      Rethinking Hydration – A Revolution
      The hydration requirements of an individual has suddenly become a very, very complex and different subject with more twists and turns than the Tour de France. This is because of fairly recent discoveries made in the area of physiology, cellular biology and mitochondrial biology.

      Two discoveries especially, rule out the traditional hydration guidelines that are typically targeted for each specific category of individual (e.g., active, sedentary, athlete, pro-athlete, office worker, senior, anti-aging etc., etc.). One could say that these two discoveries throw a huge “monkey wrench” into the hydration equation and will forever alter our ideas about hydration and drinking water sources.

      The “monkey wrenches” of hydration originate from two independent discoveries…

      1st monkey wrench
      The 1st “monkey wrench” is addressed by QUENCH author’s (Dana Cohen & Gina Bria) showing why we should strive to get our hydration water from vegetables and fruits. There’s a lot more to it, but they claim that it is simply more biochemically effective to “eat your water than to drink it” when seeking intracellular hydration – where it counts. This involves some of Prof. Pollack’s (Fourth Phase of Water) science in water structure in cells.

      2nd monkey wrench
      This Discovery equates to throwing an atomic-powered “monkey wrench” into the hydration equation. It is so revolutionary that it will likely be met with disbelief…I’m talking about the 60 years of research that leads to the conclusion that:
      • Some water molecules harbor a destructive cellular contaminant called Deuterium and that
      • “Less is More” may be integrated into the new era of hydration guidelines

      This 2nd “monkey wrench” is based on the startling re-emergence of a 60 year-old Russian discovery proving that ALL water on Earth includes Deuterium, a heavier form (isotope) of the element Hydrogen and that Deuterium acts like a threatening contaminant to our cell’s mitochondria which generate ALL of the energy that allows us to live, move, run, talk, digest…EVERYTHING.
      Are we still good-to-go??? Then here are some scientific details to get familiar with…

      1. Hydrogen is comprised of the three isotopes Protium, Deuterium and Tritium.
      2. The Protium Hydrogen isotope atom has 1 proton and no neutrons
      3. The Deuterium Hydrogen isotope atom has 1 proton and 1 neutron and is TWICE AS HEAVY as Protium (hence the term “heavy water”)
      4. Forget about the Tritium Hydrogen isotope, now and forever. There’s too little of it.
      5. Both Protium and Deuterium Hydrogen isotope atoms combine with Oxygen in Nature to form water molecules.
      6. The three types of water molecules that form in Nature AND are present in virtually every glass of water (no matter how purified) are:
      a) Protium + Protium + Oxygen (H2O) – This is what we once thought was all “regular everyday water”. We were wrong. Now we call it “Light Water”
      b) Protium + Deuterium + Oxygen (HDO) – We call this “Heavy Water” because of the 1 extra neutron.
      c) Deuterium + Deuterium + Oxygen (D2O) – We also call this “Heavy Water” (even though it’s heavier than HDO) because of the extra 2 neutrons.
      7) Here’s the proportions of these three different water molecules in Nature:
      a) H2O Light Water – 99.957%
      b) HDO Heavy Water – 0.033% This amounts to about 6 drops of Deuterium containing water molecules in any liter of water on Earth.

      “So, what is the problem?” you ask. “Surely this trivial amount of Deuterium heavy water can’t be a problem!”
      Well, that’s what most everyone thought for 60 years except just a few brilliant Russian, Eastern European and Turkish researchers who kept digging.
      Now we know that the Deuterium atoms in water (just one out of 3300 water molecules) act like 50 caliber bullets to mitochondria in every living thing, plant and animal, on Earth.
      Now we know that the Deuterium destruction of our human mitochondria is largely responsible for both the loss of mitochondria and, of course, the energy it produces for life itself. Aging and the inability to remain healthy and vibrant is largely a consequence of this.
      We also know that the only way to prevent this Deuterium destruction within our bodies is:
      • To limit our intake of water in all forms…
      • To reduce the level of this contaminant in the water we consume (which is extremely difficult and expensive) and…
      • To radically change our dietary, eating and lifestyle habits to allow the body to metabolically generate its own internal Deuterium-depleted water.
      The latter “internal hydration” strategy may become the Golden Rule of hydration guidelines in that it both provides intracellular hydration why protecting the mitochondria. It will not be measured in just liters of water consumed per day…

      It is premature to simply tell you to cut back on your consumption of drinking water and embrace the aforementioned hydration until you decide for yourself after doing some serious hydration homework…
      No matter what you conclude, don’t forget the Periodic Table of electrolytes and exploring some of the vortex structuring technologies…

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