Q&A 418: The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Baking Soda, Fasting & More, Insane Biohacking Celebrities, How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses & Much More.

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Listener Q&A:

Is Phenibut A Good Nootropic or Smart Drug?…35:15

Chase asks: My question is about a nootropic called phenibut. I got into nootropics after having a head injury which causes seizures. I thought nootropics would help to mitigate some of the memory loss I've suffered. I've been trying phenibut for a while, but haven't heard anything about it from any nootropics experts. It has a lot of good qualities, like mood enhancement. Just wondering if you've heard of it, or have any opinions on it.

In my response, I recommend:

The Effects Of Excess Hygiene On Immunity…42:30

Kiersten asks: I'm asking this question during the coronavirus pandemic, just after listening to your recent podcast with Lucy Mailing. What do you think the effect on our gut and skin microbiomes will be from the increased use of hand sanitizer and the practice of sanitizing every surface several times per day?

In my response, I recommend:

How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses…47:40

Noah asks: In the great podcast you did with the minimalist on purpose (don't know which one that is), you briefly mentioned some of the exercises you do to move and stretch the eyes to make sure your eyeballs don't explode while at the computer all day. Can you share the specific eye stretches you personally do, as well as the frequency with which you do them?

In my response, I recommend: 

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30 thoughts on “Q&A 418: The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Baking Soda, Fasting & More, Insane Biohacking Celebrities, How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses & Much More.

  1. Tony says:

    Hello! I am Tony from Costa Rica, a tropical country, I saw you on a Mind Valley Master Class, and think your work and lifestyle are amazing and inspiring. I was reading your 12-WEEK
    DETOX PLAN and I have a question, How can I do if I don’t have a Sauna? Is it another way to achieve the result?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Hi Tony. Have you considered a portable sauna blanket? HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blanket allows for incredible heat therapy but low EMF (most sauna blankets just fry you with EMF) – so you can get all of the benefits of sauna in one affordable, portable device. I’m a big fan of the midday nap, and with my HigherDOSE blanket, I can crawl right in, zip myself up, relax and let the magic happen: bengreenfieldfitness.com/higher-dose

  2. Tony liver says:

    Really nice blog.

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      thanks Tony

  3. Remy says:

    Is it suggested to mix the baking soda in with the ketone ester? Or are you mixing the ketone salts together with the baking soda?

  4. Seth says:

    Hi Ben, All,

    The link to the alkaline phosphatase supplement doesn’t take me anywhere. Can someone post the name and/or link to a recommended alkaline phosphatase supplement commercially available to us laypeople. cheers

    1. Remy says:

      I’m curious about this too. I found another paper that says that, “Recombinant IAP is in late clinical trials for sepsis-associated acute kidney injury, suggesting it may soon become available as a therapeutic. Taken together, these reports support the idea that directly increasing IAP levels by supplemental recombinant IAP or by indirectly increasing IAP levels using dietary means to induce endogenous IAP may slow the development of aging-associated pathologies.” That indicates to me that it is not available as an OTC supplement but I would also appreciate confirmation. https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/rej.2020.2335?journalCode=rej

  5. Mike says:

    I’ve been getting my magnesium lately via magnesium bicarbonate through mixing carbonated water with magnesium hydroxide. Do you think the bicarbonate in the form of magnesium bicarbonate would achieve the same health benefits as baking soda?

    1. Karl says:

      I have also been doing this and wondering the same thing. It’s a really inexpensive and easy way to create your own magnesium. There is someplace in Australia where the water is high in magnesium bicarbonate and the lifespan of the cattle that drink it live much longer than the ones who do not.

  6. Fiona Austin says:

    Picking up from the question about vision. I believe there’s a peptide that can make a significant difference- especially with regards to the fading eyesight that comes with age. Thanks

  7. Julissa GR says:

    Hello! I am Juli from Costa Rica, a tropical country, I saw you on a Mind Valley Master Class, and think your work and life style are amazing and inspiring. I was reading your 12-WEEK
    DETOX PLAN and I have a question, How can I do if I dont have a Sauna? Is it another way to achive the result?

  8. Travis says:

    I have been doing something very close to the Carnivore + Keto-ish diet (post-kidney transplant I was a bit worried about this but doing labs tomorrow to see how kidneys are holding up.)

    So far the diet has been good, but a bit of the runs in the bathroom – feels like I am going much more often – prob due to lack of fiber? Anyways, I was Curious if adding in Baking soda will help or just make me afraid to get off the toilet?

    Also I have heard it was good before bed (for GH boost during sleep) as opposed to first thing in the AM – thoughts on that??

  9. Vision enhancement and biohacking the visual brain extends so far beyond The Bates Method. I’m an eye doctor who specializes in eye-brain-body integration, aka Vision Therapy, and teaches individuals how to rewire the brain software to change how they use their vision for reading, visual information processing, athletic performance, the list continues. Would love to contribute to better help your audience, The Bates Method barely scratches the surface and this audience deserves so much more!

    1. Nick says:

      Would love a few other ideas for us to look into :)

  10. B says:

    Hi Ben. Can you go into the value of having baking soda in the morning? It is completely opposite of the recommendation of having lemon water first thing in the morning. I thought you want the acidic to get your digestion going. This is what they say in Ayurveda.

    1. You can do both. I go over some of the benefits in this article: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/article/digestio…

  11. Hi Ben! I’m not sure where to ask questions for the podcast but I’m curious about nicotine and overall recovery. I’ve noticed the results on my Oura ring – my readiness scores have dropped since starting the Lucy nicotine gum about 1 month ago. I usually have 1 piece late afternoon and wondering if that could be affecting my recovery? I haven’t made any other significant changes, I eat by 6 pm, don’t drink, and get to bed by 9 pm! I feel like I’m doing everything right! My usual 90-93 score is now steady at a 75-82. Thanks for any insight!

  12. Sven says:

    Hi, for how to fix near-sightedness, look at endmyopia.org too. I just reversed my -1.75 I had for 25 years to 20/20. It’s all based on science and change of habits, similar to what was told in the podcast.

    1. Ben S. says:

      100% agree with Sven. Over the last two years I’ve improved my myopia by 2.0 diopters (starting at -4.75) using the approach that endmyopia.org teaches. It’s research-based, and you might be surprised what is out there in terms of scientific research on myopia in animal models.

      You should really consider having Jake Steiner as a guest – he’s a very articulate advocate for this movement.

  13. Chris says:

    Hi Ben

    Re the baking soda, could there be an issue with reducing the pH of the stomach acid?

  14. Dave says:

    Greetings! You discussed how ibuprofen and acetaminophen taken too much or often can have negative libido effects. Does this hold true with women as well?

  15. Joe K says:

    Hi Ben, I am also interested in baking soda dose recommendations (150 lbs.).

    I do a vegetable smoothie in the morning- 1/2 avocado, raw broccoli crowns, cooked and cooled purple potatoes, mixed salad or spinach, bone broth, water, spoon full of fresh frozen pomegranate seeds and pulp, several sprigs of fresh rosemary, fresh bitter melon, teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon. I am now adding 5 mgs creatine, and a table spoon of used coffee grounds based on my application of some of your past podcast recommendations.

    Could the baking soda dose be added to this?

    1. I would do the baking soda first. Dosage varies, but 1 tsp is a good place to start. For some, more could induce diarrhea, while for others, a teaspoon may not be quite enough.

  16. Anthony Guastella says:

    Hi Ben, when you say there is not a lot of research on the Bates Method, there actually is. The research is done on the website dedicated to Dr. Bates https://www.central-fixation.com/. There is actually way more to the Bates Method as well, here is a great over view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4inKVgIqBRc. You have said that you can’t completely reverse your vision problems with the Bates Method; this is simply wrong. 10,000s, if not 100,000s of people have done it through there vision coaches, including myself, and Dr. Mercola. There is actually a documentary coming out on October 8th called vision 2020. It’s a large amount of vision teachers educating people on natural vision improvement. You really need to look more into this man.

  17. Nora Edwards says:

    So I used the original Bates method for eye site written by a Dr about 100 years ago, He was very innovative and dedicated. I followed his advice because why not?. His advice allowed me to stop using “reading glasses”. That original book is worth reading. He does not recommend looking at the sun, but toward the sun-shielding your eyes with your hands. I wonder if the effect is a structural modification of the liquid in the eye given that the sun does restructure the water.

    The book is ” Perfect sight without glasses” by Dr, W.H. Bates. It’s very interesting from a historical perspective if for no other reason.

    1. Anthony Guastella says:

      I completely agree.

  18. Fil says:

    Hi Ben! Thanks for the amazing episode!

    Could you please specify “a little bit of baking soda”?

    For example measured in teaspoons.

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. It varies by person. Start off with about 1 tsp.

  19. Jason B Jones says:

    Hey Ben, how much baking soda per day? I am a 175lbs

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      hi Jason, see above

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