Q&A 431: Psychedelics, Morning Glory Seeds, Bliss-Producing Oils, Cannabis For Sex, How To Have Way More Sex In Your Marriage & Much More!

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Supplements That Increase NAD & Other Plants That Make You Feel High…47:30

Q: Do you have any experience with supplements that increase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)? Do you have experience with any other “plant teachers”?

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7 thoughts on “Q&A 431: Psychedelics, Morning Glory Seeds, Bliss-Producing Oils, Cannabis For Sex, How To Have Way More Sex In Your Marriage & Much More!

  1. Rohan says:

    Hi Ben – in terms of replenishing after taking say MACA root which does seem to give me some of the anandamide high – what are the key nutrients you would suggest I take with it as I do feel a lull the next day? Thanks.

  2. Sushi says:

    Re:morning glory seeds

    I remember the first time I dropped an 8th of boomers when I was 14, I also drank some concoction my friends made out of morning glory seeds. If I recall correctly, just chewing the seeds won’t do the trick (maybe it will for microdosing) but I believe you had to ferment them either in oil or citrus juice, like with poppy seeds, to activate the sought-after compound. Looking forward to hearing your results! Cheers

  3. Angel says:

    Could you spell out the what sounded like “peat gum” that the guest mentioned? Could you provide more info on that hack?

  4. While I am aware of the speculation around ancient Hebrew use of various plant medicines for altering consciousness, your statement regarding the Levitical use in the Temple falls into speculation as well. I am not in any way averse to the notion it might have been possible and certainly some of the smoke and incense involved certainly had some mood altering effects and probably some significant effects in preventing certain biofilms as another interesting topic. I am also aware of the speculation regarding ergot poisoning in the manna contributing to the Revelation at Sinai, and in fact, this experience, the only such event in the history of the world, where an entire population had a prophetic experience, one which included synesthesia, still falls into speculation. Contextually, as the prophetic experience goes, there were mass schools of prophecy during the prophetic era none of which used plants, they used music and meditation to induce altered states of consciousness. We are talking about schools of thousands of students. These highly developed meditative techniques which rival and arguably exceed those of the East have been introductorily written about by Aryeh Kaplan for those seeking more information. The spiritual world does not particularly reward spiritual explorers trying to gain fast track entry. That being said, I am not averse to the notion that those who have laid a solid foundation in ethics and morality can use these agents for growth as seems clear from various sources nor am I against the contextual use of these agents for medical uses with the proper guidance. But when the tools for all of these experiences including synesthesia as just one “psychedelic-like experience” have been documented through spiritual and meditative cultivation in that same tradition and has been documented and is still currently used in many of its forms, it just makes it seem a lot less likely. What I believe is happening is that a modern paradigm about thinking about these ancient things is forming and then that is projected without discrimination onto many early traditions. In this case, however, that same tradition has documented experiences of these sorts and associated techniques clearly without use of plant agents, many of which are currently used to this day in small circles.

  5. Bill says:

    Just FYI on morning glory seeds – the ones at Home Depot etc are treated with pesticides and will basically poison you. Order organic untreated on Amazon.

  6. Mike says:

    It’s easy to get on the microdosing train, but until recently there have been very few double-blind placebo-controlled studies. The take-home message is that microdosing might not be what it’s cracked up to be. I first heard about this from the scientists that ran such a study discussing this on “The Naked Scientist” podcast. A podcast which I highly recommend. Here is a link to a study with similar results, though I don’t know if it’s the same one.


    I’ve hard that the morning glory seeds can be soaked overnight in water. It’s best to crush them first. Then strain them thru a coffee filter. This is supposed to help minimize some of the nausea effects that Ben mentioned in his discussion.

    1. Sushi says:

      I can personally attest to the power of microdosing to help with an active, daily effort at making a life change. However, the moment I stopped practicing active meditation/reading stoic teachings regularly, the effects were more-or-less negligible.

      TL;DR microdosing (mushies) works to supplement and expedite an active effort at a cognitive or lifestyle change, nothing like the effortless effects of an SSRI

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