Episode #188: What Blood Tests To Ask Your Doctor For When You Go In For Your Physical

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In this Mar 28, 2012 free audio podcast: What Blood Tests To Ask Your Doctor For When You Go In For Your Physical. Also: what is oil pulling, the run/walk protocol, improving tendon and ligament strength, enhancing mobility for olympic lifting, recovering from hamstring tears, a ketogenic diet for killing cancer cells, compex sport elite for building strength, choosing types of flour, hashimotos and nightshades, and c1/c2 vertebrae misalignment.

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Audio question from Matt:
Wants to know what he should ask his doctor about at his annual physical.

~ In my response to Matt, I reference: www.directlabs.com, www.cyrexlabs.com, bioletics.com, and pacificfit.net

Audio question from Dave:
Curious about Oil Pulling.

Audio question from Jenn:
Is returning to running after injury and wondering about using a very frequent but short walk/run technique.

~ In my response to Jenn, I mention Jeff Galloway's walk/run ratios.

Audio question from Jared:
How to improve tendon and ligament strength and durability.

~ In my response to Jared, I recommend Capraflex.

Audio question from Bob:
Looking for recommendations for mobility exercises to help with Olympic Lifting.

~ In my response to Bob I reference these two videos:

Audio question from Chuck:
Help with recovering from a hamstring tear. Also can a ketogenic diet starve out cancer cells?

Audio question from John:
Wants some ideas for Compex Sport Elite protocols.

Kyoko asks:
Can I select whatever type of flour I like? Or, is there any important things I should look at?

Pam asks:
I just got done listening to episode 180 when you mention that people with Hashimotos should avoid nightshades. I am 37, and was diagnosed with Hahsi's at 16. I feel pretty good for the most part. I maintain an active lifestyle, and have good energy in all that I do. I treat my Hashi's with synthroid (.150mcg) and monitor the condition pretty much through blood work. I have a couple questions regarding nightshade food. 1) What exactly are the reasons they should be avoided? 2) How do I know if they are having a negative effect on me? 3) Should they be avoided if there is no noticeable effect?

~ In my response, I recommend the book: Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal?

Edgar asks:
There was a day, basically out of boredom, where I decided to go as hard as I could for as long as I could. I don't remember how long this was, perhaps 20-30 minutes at a full out, gut-busting pace until I all but collapsed on the floor, dizzy and on the verge of throwing up. During the run, however, lets say 3/4 of the way through, I literally felt a “pop” in my brain (or somewhere…) not imagined; and though it was many years ago, I remember the feeling/sensation clearly. It was definitely some physical feeling that at age 15 I was essentially too dumb to worry about. After the run was finished, I was dizzy for a while, then I went home and the rest of the day as normal. Here's the unusual part: that weekend, when I went for my normal group run with my team, I was all of a sudden much fitter than anyone else. And, at what I now considered an effortless pace, was destroying all my teammates. I have tried since then to replicate this feeling – this “pop” I experienced – but have never been able to do it. I have also, in all my studies, conversations with specialists and physiologists and other experts, never had an explanation of what this may have been and how it may have affected my fitness at the time so immediately and dramatically. Any ideas or thoughts? I doubt you have this question in your archives!

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9 thoughts on “Episode #188: What Blood Tests To Ask Your Doctor For When You Go In For Your Physical

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  3. Yes, and for your wife, Scott, I'd recommend listening to the podcast I did on K2, if you haven't heard it yet…

  4. Scott says:

    I agree with the Vitamin D being added to the list. At least in the north we tend to not get enough from the sun so it is good to have it tested. My wife tested hers last fall at 13 which is way to low and I would guess it would get lower in the winter. Her mood and energy has improved a lot since she has been supplementing with it and is now at 37 in Vitamin D.

  5. Jerry Duggar says:

    Loved the segment on blood testing. You were spot on with your recommendations. I would just add a 25-OH Vitamin D to that list. I find that 90% of my patient population is significantly deficient and it is easy to treat so it is part of my comprehensive panel.

    1. Where are you based out of, Jerry? Maybe some listeners would like to look you up!

  6. Jeff Roegge says:

    I just read a comment from a nutritionist that fasting for a couple days gets your body to better utilize stored ft as energy. Do you find this to be accurate and do you do any type of fasting prior to a half or full IM?

    1. It can, but it also depletes storage carbohydrate so you shouldn't do it directly before an Ironman. It's better to incorporate fasting as a lifestyle practice here and there throughout the year to get that fat burning advantage.

      I personally don't do fasting for several days in a row as it is uncomfortable and inconvenient. I just use daily intermittent fasts of 10-15 hours (don't eat after dinner, sleep through the night, get up, exercise or work for awhile, then have a late breakfast)

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