Ben’s Upcoming Sedona Event, Pineal Gland Calcification, Why You Need To Do “Breath Locks,” What Is An Energy Vortex & Much More With Anahata Ananda.

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what is an energy vortex
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Anahata Ananda has been expertly guiding profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening for more than 20 years.

A special friend of mine, Anahata blends the depth of compassion and tenderness of an angel with the unparalleled wisdom and strength of a healer.

With an intention of acquiring knowledge of energy healing, shamanic teachings, emotional release, and self-empowered living at a more expansive level, Anahata made significant efforts in training with shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from North America, Peru, India, and Asia. As a result of this commitment and professional mastery cultivation in the last decade, she has become well revered as a master healer/teacher in various healing modalities as well as breathwork facilitation techniques.

Anahata has been on the following two podcast episodes and also contributed a fantastic guest article:

Her most recent endeavor is as the founder of the brand new “Shine” – Sedona’s Sanctuary for the Soul where transformational programs, trainings, and sessions are offered year-round by world-class facilitators. This March 10-12, I'll be joining Anahata in Sedona for a special event open to the public at her new Shine facility. I'll be there sharing my favorite protocols to defy aging and optimize your body. You'll learn about various breathing techniques, simple hacks, and scientific strategies for vibrant health – all designed to enhance your energy and improve your quality of life.

Closing out the event – and available to a select few (whether you are able attend the main event or not, you can still go to this dinner – will be a VIP dinner featuring a home-cooked meal prepared by me and my family. You'll receive a signed copy of my cookbook as well as entertainment provided courtesy of my talented younger sister Aengel Greenfield. I'd love to see you there, but register soon as space is limited!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What's happening at Shine Sedona…05:25

-Anahata Ananda’s background…08:40

  • A nice life, big house, twin kids
  • Everything crumbled, divorce, lots of rage and sadness
  • Unresolved issues could be passed on to the children
  • Traditional therapies weren’t working
  • Sought out a shamanic healer

-Anahata's hamanic healing journey…14:10

  • First shamanic healing was in L.A.
    • First emotion was rage
    • The shaman created a safe space to process it
    • Second emotion was grief
  • What is a shamanic healing journey?
    • Working with different questions and bringing answers from the subconscious
    • Energy clearing techniques/ emotional release techniques to get at the cellular trauma
    • Triggering the release of feelings
    • Gentleness and softness for healing
    • Integration – reclaiming what is lost, wholeness is returned

-The process of becoming an instructor…19:08

  • Went full force into healing; body healing ceremonies
  • Working with different shamans and master healers
  • Healing gifts turned on simultaneously with the body cleansing
  • Decalcifying the pineal and pituitary glands – responsible for higher consciousness
    • Clairvoyance – able to see
    • Clairaudience – able to hear
    • Claircognizance – able to know
    • Clairsentience – able to feel
  • Calcification of  the pineal gland
    • The pineal gland is calcified from diet and lack of use
    • Affects ability to meditate, focus
    • Affects connection to divine consciousness
  • Study: Fluoride and Pineal Gland
  • BGL article:
  • Started healing practice – Shamangelic healing journeys
  • Cleansing opens channels for energy to flow
  • BioCharger
  • Ammortal Catalyst
  • Activating higher states of consciousness

-The importance of breathwork…35:35

-What is Shine and what is Anahata’s typical breathwork session?…44:41

  • Shine sanctuary space
    • Crystal altar and crystals built into the walls
    • Sacred geometry wing murals
    • High frequency venue to facilitate transformation healing and spiritual awakening
  • Shamangelic breathwork
    • Safety, integrity, trust and guided to go to shadows places
    • Permission to feel without judgment and express sadness and anger without repercussions

-The instruments used in shamanic healing…51:02

  • The main instrument is facilitator
  • Rattles, drums, tuning fork, etc.
    • Great for clearing heaviness, stress, anxiety, resentment
  • Scents, voice, touch, essential oils, etc.
    • great for soothing and calming
  • Essential oils help people relax and get out of angst (use code BEN to save 10%)

-Working with groups and companies…57:03

-The great Shine event in Sedona…1:03:53

-Things that are not in accordance with Christian faith…1:11:33

-And much more…

Upcoming Events:

  • Six Senses Retreat: February 27, 2023 – March 3, 2023

Join me for my “Boundless Retreat” at Six Senses from February 27th, 2023 to March 3rd, 2023, where you get to improve on your functional fitness, nutrition, longevity, and the delicate balance between productivity and wellness. Complete with a healthy farmhouse breakfast, yoga spa sessions, and sound healing, you learn how to live a boundless life just like me, and I'd love to see you there. Learn more here.

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3 thoughts on “Ben’s Upcoming Sedona Event, Pineal Gland Calcification, Why You Need To Do “Breath Locks,” What Is An Energy Vortex & Much More With Anahata Ananda.

  1. Michael says:

    This is a very interesting topic, but I can see why it is controversial.

    I think from one point of view some of this can seem like a kind of self-satisfied, rather anarchic, California-style “spirituality”. But there is hard science about that gland around. It secretes melatonin, so is important for sleep among other functions. It’s also linked in to healthy brain-function. There’s a Japanese study that found a link with some forms of dementia and with schizophrenia.

    Here’s what was said in the interview. If the gland gets calcified, it seems problems can arise. And calcification of that gland has been noted at autopsies and so on for decades. It can get these speckles across it, which are calcium deposits. This affects melatonin production by the gland, and it’s well-known that that’s a sleep-disrupter.

    But the causes of the calcification are not fully understood. Since the gland is evidently meant to react to dark–light cycles, releasing melatonin in response to those, it could be that disrupting those—sunlight not getting into the eyes during the day, because people are indoors; and the other side of the coin, incomplete darkness at night—is causing it. It may also be linked to poor diet. Also fluoride seems to have an effect. So, for example, feeding rats a low-fluoride diet for some weeks de-calcified their pineal glands to some extent. In other words, fluoridated water and fluoridated toothpaste are likely to be very bad news. At this I breathed a sigh of relief, as they leave the water alone here, and I’ve used fluoride-free, additive-free toothpaste for well over a decade now.

    The “spirituality” comes into it, because the gland is said in Eastern religions to be connected to “chakras”. And here’s where we leave science behind and go off into the clouds. The interviewee claims that when hers was functioning fully —supposedly stimulated by breathwork and meditation—she gained clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I don’t really know what to make of such claims. On the one hand, one has a certain scepticism, and all this is not provable (and doesn’t necessarily have much, or perhaps anything, to do with the pineal gland if it does occur). On the other, there’s a lot of testimony indicating that such phenomena do occur, but our tradition in the West (though not California) says you’re not supposed to seek them out for their own sake, and that’s a false spirituality. Interestingly, I believe René Descartes said the pineal gland was the link between the body and the soul. So it’s had this curious and somewhat mystical status in both East and West.

    Be that as it may, the hard science is that production of melatonin is intimately linked to sleep and healthy brain function. Here’s an academic paper on that. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Pineal gland dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease: relationship with the immune-pineal axis, sleep disturbance, and neurogenesis:,production%20%5B55%2C%2056%5D.

    So, yes, interesting stuff.

  2. Chase says:

    Ben I would stay away from someone like that, they are actively participating in the occult. Look at Father Chad Riperegars work.

  3. Greg Cook says:

    First, thank you for how you handled what is a controversial topic for many Christians. Far too many Christians tend to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” What a blessing to hear you hang onto the good while being careful about the rest.

    Second, just an interesting side note to your mention of the Earth’s leylines. The constant spin of the Earth creates a specific vibration and that vibration creates a pattern through and on the surface of the Earth. Look at the patterns you see in cymatic experiments. For example, in this YouTube video:

    The leylines are the vibrational pattern of the frequency of the Earth which is why the energy is more concentrated along the lines and intersections. If that is not interesting enough, I believe the pattern actually forms a tetrahedron which, in 2D, is the Star of David and also the basis for pyramids.

    If you want to dig even deeper into this, just Google “stars sing.” Science is proving that every celestial body has a vibrational frequency. It seems Psalm 19 could be more literal than not.

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