Podcast Episode #16: All About Protein, Enzymes & Probiotics!

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In this September 26, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Joe Stout, an expert in the field of animal proteins. During this 30 minute interview, Ben and Joe discuss many topics, including:

-goat vs. cow vs. vegetable based protein

-whey protein vs. casein protein

-colostrum for sports performance or immune system integrity


-digestive enzymes

This podcast also includes a Q&A on creatine supplementation, a review of Ben Greenfield's recent post on aqua jogging for fitness maintenance, and an exciting announcement about the fitness synergy system from Pacific Elite Fitness.

Links included in this podcast:

CREO2 by Millennium Sports

Mt. Capra Nutritional Products

Good Source for Probiotics, Colustrum, and Goat Protein (Use code BGF for 5% discount)

Pacific Elite Fitness – personal training from Ben Greenfield

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