A Quick 10 Minute Office-Based Workout

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Need a quick workout to do on your office break? In this 4 minute video, Ben Greenfield demonstrates how to use an elastic band resistance training tool like The Gymstick for a short and effective workout that boosts the metabolism with no sweat. Simply perform the exercises in the video with minimal rest, and repeat 1-2x if time permits.

Recommend exercises/reps are as follows:

Front Squat to Press – 10-15 reps

Standing Body Rotation – 10-15 reps/side

Triceps Press – 10-15 reps

Rows – 15-20 reps

Sideways Leg Kicks – 10-15 reps/side

Upright Row – 10-15 reps

Good Morning “Bows” – 15-20 reps

Bicep Curl – 10-15 reps

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