What Gear, Tool, Or Special Item Do You Use for Fitness or Health That You Simply Couldn’t Live Without?

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There are some things you can live with, and some things you can live without. Would you agree?

Take for example, this new BiteTech mouthpiece by Under Armour. This performance mouthwear, which I demonstrate in the video, is based on the idea that Ancient Greek athletes bit down on leather straps for an edge during competition and Viking and Roman warriors  clamped down on leather bits for focus on the battlefield.

Preventing the teeth from clenching together and dropping the jaw down and forward, supposedly relieves pressure on the jaw joint and changes the signal to a part of your brain called the hypothalamus, thus preventing the excessive production of hormones including cortisol.

Does it work?

We'll see.

If it does work, a fitness mouthpiece might be a valuable addition to your tool of arsenals. Could you live without it? Perhaps.

But let me ask you this: what gear, tool, or special item do you use for fitness or health that you simply couldn't live without?

Is it your tennis shoes? Your gym membership? Your bicycle? Your workout journal? A picture of you when you were perhaps unfit? Or maybe a picture of you very fit?

Either way, I'd love to see your comments. Leave them on this post – it's free, and it's a fun conversation to have. I'd love to see what you have to say. Go ahead: what gear, tool, or special item do you use for fitness or health that you simply couldn't live without?

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11 thoughts on “What Gear, Tool, Or Special Item Do You Use for Fitness or Health That You Simply Couldn’t Live Without?

  1. Steve Kushner says:

    My swimp3 – have lived without it, won’t ever again.

  2. Patrick Clancy says:

    Hello Ben,
    I would have to say my attitude.
    I just came from the pool where every Tom, Dick and Sherri has decided to take up swimming as their New Years Eve resolution. Instead of foregoing my work-out,(which I would normally have done and 3 other triathletes did) I stopped and wondered what I could practice instead. Technique came to mind, practicing swimming in crowds, slowing down and speeding up etc. It was awesome and I came away confident in my ability to make the right decision for my training. I know it is not a gadget but it is a very important tool.

  3. Christine says:

    The internet. That’s how I found Ben Greenfield Fitness! I’ve learned a ton about health and fitness using its resources.

    I could stay really fit and get a great workout without any equipment, but one thing I find hard to do by myself is myofacial release on old scar tissue, tight muscles, IT band, etc. so my foam roller would be the one item I would keep if forced to choose.

  4. Jim McIntosh says:

    Right now my computrainer, but soon to be born is Victoria, who is black and will spend allot of time between my legs. Need I say more!?

  5. Scott says:

    My workouts! Without having a 3-4 days/week 4 week plan that progressively challenges my body’s ability and strength, I’d be lost.
    My TRX trainer: technically, I could live without it, but I love it too much to part with it!

  6. David says:

    The power meter on my bike. I use it for my workouts, establish my race pace wattage zones, and race accordingly.

  7. Susan says:

    It has to be my heart rate monitor. It tells me when I’m hitting it too hard but then it also tells me that I’m slacking and I need to kick it up a notch.

  8. Wendy says:

    My workout buddy

  9. Jenna says:


    Right now I have to say my dvd player, since I do fitness dvds at home (to save time)!!

    Now, regarding that mouth piece, uh, I grind my teeth at night, soooooo, I guess I'm fighting off stress and cortisol?? He, he, well, I'm in for that mouth piece, and I'm thinking that it might help you relax and focus more on the workout??

    I LOVE your advice, btw!! You are sooooo inspiring!! Thanks!


  10. Diane says:

    3 items:

    Bike, My most favorite activity.
    exercise ball. Easy on the back, like doing my core work out with ball,and lift hand held weights
    using ball for support…

  11. steve says:

    2 items:
    1) My Garmin 305
    2) My old belt from when I was a 40″ waist. Now I’m a 32″ and never want to go back. I wear it every once in a while to remember how good it feels to be thin.

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