New Ironman Triathlete Training Plan from Ben Greenfield

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You shouldn't have to train 15-20 hours a week to be competitive at Ironman.

Ben Greenfield has designed a 6 month training plan designed for the busy, working Ironman triathlete. This plan can be implemented at any point during the training year, and brings the beginner, intermediate, or advanced individual to the Ironman finish line in 6 months! Click here for details.

Also, visit the TrainingPeaks blog for Ben's latest article on recovery…

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4 thoughts on “New Ironman Triathlete Training Plan from Ben Greenfield

  1. David says:

    Hey Ben – I am not seeing the article anywhere.. was the link removed from “Click here for details.” ??

    Curious to learn from the article if it is still live. Thanks for all you do.

    I have preordered your book as well. Is any of the book directed towards endurance racing?

  2. Lindsey Webb says:

    Hey Ben! I just purchased the Triathlon Dominator e-plan. I’m looking for a way to pull the plan into Training Peaks. Can you point me in the right direction?

  3. Miki Glauner says:

  4. mnbappy says:

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