The Fine Art Of Creating A Fitness T-Shirt – And What Is A QR Code?

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In the past few podcasts here at, I've mentioned that I'm working on a new t-shirt design for you to help spread the word about your favorite cutting-edge source of free fitness and nutrition information.

But before we get to that, you're going to need to know something – what is a QR Code? (when you get to the end of this post, you'll know why you need to know this…)

A QR Code (short for Quick Response Code) is black square pattern on a white background that looks kinda like a barcode. You've probably been seeing QR Codes pop up in magazines, advertisements, and all over the internet.

QR technology has been around for a long time in places like Japan and Korea, but it's been a bit slow on the uptake in the West. Go figure.

Either way, within the next year, almost everybody will know exactly what the funny-looking square pattern actually is, and more importantly, you'll know that you can point your phone at it, and as long as you have a free app like QRScanner on your phone, it will automatically “scan” the code and send you to a video, audio, website or anywhere else.

Below is an image of the front and back of the original BenGreenfieldFitness shirt – which was not too bad, but A) created potentially awkward confusion to people who had no clue what “My Personal Trainer Told Me To Eat More Fat” meant; and B) identified me as YOUR personal trainer, when in fact, I may just be a guy you listen to on a podcast.

After listening to my podcast where I asked for design ideas, several of you sent in cool designs. Here are a few of your creative artwork creations for the new BenGreenfieldFitness t-shirt…

While these designs were all unique, creative, and interesting, none of them actually made the final cut.

But one did.

So are you ready to see the new t-shirt unveiled?

First, just a few quick clarifications…

A) You can get this t-shirt in any size you want, women's or mens…

B) We will never run out of t-shirt sizes, as we have in the past, because these are “print-on-demand”…

C) You can get it a t-short, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt – anything you'd like, at a variety of pricing options…

D) In full disclosure, I make about $2-3 when you buy a t-shirt (so it's a great way to support the podcast)…

OK, so are you ready to see the new BenGreenfieldFitness t-shirt design? Here it is, and remember…you can get in any design and any price when you click here.

Here is the front…

And here is the back…

What happens when someone scans the QR Code on the back of your shirt with their phone? You'll just have to find out.

Although scanning the QR Code on the image of the model may or may not work, here it the same image below. Test it and see what happens…

So what do you think? Would you wear this shirt? Do you want it? Leave your comments or questions below, and then click here to get the new BenGreenfieldFitness shirt, in whatever design and price you choose!

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17 thoughts on “The Fine Art Of Creating A Fitness T-Shirt – And What Is A QR Code?

  1. baltic amber says:

    I've mentioned that I'm working on a new t-shirt design for you to help

  2. DisneyWorldPackages says:

    i like the QR code and the "your health… evolved" designs best.

  3. neni says:

    i love the idea being a geek myself and all, i love the QR codes and i scan them everywhere i see them, i would still add a text caption on top and i loved the old text "my coach told me to eat more fat" message and add "and scan me to find out why", i think it should take you to your website and access to all your data or you can link it to an alias url and then point that url as you see fit, one month videos another month your website etc. that is what i would do. I have a QR for my own website and that is usually the portal for all my info.

    1. But there *is* a text caption above the shirt, it says "Want Free Fitness Advice?".

  4. Mike says:

    I really do like the new shirt, but several weeks ago I donated $17 towards the podcast and was hoping to score one the "…eat more fat" shirts. Do you still have any left in size medium?

    1. I've got S and XL rightnow in the Eat More Fat shirts. My local printer who I was working with went out of business last month, so I shifted to Zazzle. Just e-mail me your address privately and I'll hook you up with some goodies…

  5. Mer says:

    I like the technology quote as well! Otherwise it just looks like you added microsoft word art to the web address. the ben greenfield videos are awesome, take them there first!

  6. Kelcey says:

    Hey, use coupon code "tshirtsales12" and get a 5% discount at checkout!

    1. awesome. discount codes are always a good thing.

  7. Kelcey says:

    Really creative! I want one.

  8. Like the post says, the cost is totally up to you! You can choose an inexpensive t-shirt all the way up to a deluxe hoodie.

  9. Deeonna says:

    I like Brian's comment "Technology is progressing, what about your fitness? Want free fitness advice? Scan my shirt?" an alternate design would be to have that slogan with the "Evolving Man" graphic from one of the other tees.

    I'd buy the hoodie or sweatshirt, but for a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt it would have to be made from one of those moisture wicking fabrics. Which means that I'd be wearing it at the gym on trails where your target audience can see me!!

    1. Deeonna says:

      I just checked the website and they do have performance wear. I will definitely get one!!

  10. Where do you think the QR code should take people? Right now it takes them to BenGreenfieldFitness. Should I shoot a special video just for the QR code?

  11. Chagger says:

    Awesome!! Great choice!!

  12. hksparky says:

    Love it ! I want one….

  13. Brian says:

    Nice, looks great! You are going to get 1,000,000 more pieces of advice so here is the first.
    "Technology is progressing, what about your fitness? Want free fitness advice? Scan my shirt?"
    I will buy one!

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