How To Easily Get Your Blood Tested Without Spending Tons of Money or Visiting A Fancy Longevity Institute.

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of getting your blood tested, even if it’s just once a year.

After all, if you don’t know what’s going on inside your body, you have no clue how your foods, supplements, exercise or anything
else you're doing for your health is truly affecting you, your heart, your gut, or your hormones.

But until the past few years, accurate blood testing was only something the “elite rich” in America could get (lucky folks!) by spending 10,000 dollars or more, plus an airplane ticket, a posh hotel room, and lots and lots of time spent sitting in a doctor's office.

However, with new technology, you can get these same fancy tests,without forking over tons of cash or visiting some fancy longevity institute.

Seriously. You can drive to a lab a few miles from your house, get tested in 5 minutes, and have the results in your email a couple days later.


You can simply check out any of the tests below, and if you have questions about how to to do the tests, or which ones I recommend, you can just comment below and I will personally respond to help you (I promise). There are also some really helpful FAQ’s on lab testing here.

Hormone Test (check on your testosterone, cortisol and much more)


-Thyroid Test (find out if thyroid issues are affecting your metabolism)


Nutrient Test (see if you have hidden nutrient deficiencies)


Blood Sugar Test (see how your diet is truly affecting sugar and fat)


Cardiovascular Test (check on whether you have hidden heart issues)


Wellness Complete test (all those tests above in one big mighty test)

The reason I’m writing this is to help you fix things like digestion, sleep, hormones or a sluggish metabolism…

…and it is very, very cool that anybody can do stuff like this now. Again, let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions and I’m happy to help.*

*These tests are offered in 46 of the 50 states in the U.S. They are not yet offered in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Maryland. So either drive across the state line or wait a few months until these tests are available where you live!

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33 thoughts on “How To Easily Get Your Blood Tested Without Spending Tons of Money or Visiting A Fancy Longevity Institute.

  1. Kristy says:

    Can you recommend somewhere in Canada to order some similar tests?

  2. Priit P says:

    Hi Ben, Can you recommend a place to take these tests in UK?

    You replied to the same question with but it seems it doesnt exist anymore.


    1. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

  3. Brian says:

    Hey Ben,

    Just got a job as a Health Coach in Evansville, IN. Very new in dealing with anything with insurance personally related so hoping I can either get a combination of the labs being drawn on-site and paid for or something of the nature. Have a few tabs open here and just wondering what the main differences (if any) are with the “Mens Longevity Panel” and the “Complete Wellness Test.” Honestly no issue on the forefront to concern myself with, just looking to see a complete rundown of my body, (very interested in everything gut related) how it’s working and any areas I might need to address that a doctor would say I’m fine with.

    1. Liz says:

      I am also very interested in hearing the difference between the two tests.

      1. WellnessFX would be better suited to explain the differences… The Longevity Panel is one I customized with them to specifically dial in on variables for optimizing longevity and performance

  4. Ryan Menard says:

    Hey Ben,

    Would you recommend getting the premium comprehensive blood test done through insurance if labs are covered? Thank you very much.

  5. Levi says:

    Hey Ben,

    I’m looking for the best place in Las Vegas to get a complete wellness test for myself and my wife. It doesn’t like all wellness packages are made alike.. any recommendations? Lab Corp keeps coming up on my radar but they have horrible reviews.

    Thanks! Love the show!

  6. Reen Johnston says:

    I am a senior 71 years old and until 2012 in December was healty and active all the time. Still active but since my MD misdiagnosed Bacterial Pneumonia and for 3 months I was not treated – it became a problem every winter…NOW I had fall in March – after bragging about reaching 70 and not breaking a bone – and broke my nose…healed great except – had nagging sinus upper and lower areas for months and the pain and headaches were bad…Rinse sinus with Grossan machine – but doctors were not helping – changed doc again cause this one misdiagnosed sinus infection – and it just goes on! SO I am going to check into your dietary information and going to have my own blood work done – and samples from sinus and cough!

    Thanks for the I can keep up the hiking,walking, rock hounding, shooting practice and so many other activities that my fiancé and I enjoy – and he is 54! We met in 2012 – and I know my late husband sent him into my life:)

    1. Great Reen!!! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  7. Great post on Blood Test. Your post is really innovative and helpful for peoples who not want to spend more money on blood test.According to me, you can go to lab for Wellness Complete test at-least once in a year.

  8. Andrew_Sam says:

    Any advice fir getting this or similar tests in Ireland or the UK please. Can't find anywhere.

    1. Yep, check out

  9. Taynua says:

    I had my doctor order all the thyroid tests that you said and she said the results are normal but my symptoms are telling me different. Is there anyway to get the results read by an expert?

    1. If you have a copy of the results, I will review them with you if you book a consultation at…

    2. LouisDelucaa says:

      Hi Taynua
      I am Louis and in my opinion you should call a life extension free advisor who will review your results again without costing anything.

  10. Kathy says:

    So – if I live in NYS — I can easily (well – not really) drive to Connecticut and get my labs performed without any issue? If this is true, sign me up! Can you please verify?

    I ask because getting doctors to test Free T3, Free T4 and reverse T3 is like getting an audience with the Pope – impossible. NYS physicians are slaves to the TSH and mainstream medicine’s conventional wisdom on thyroid.

    1. Yep, you can do this!

  11. Alex says:

    Hi Ben,

    Do you have any experience with getting blood panels done in Australia?

    I’d love to use Wellness FX but unfortunately they do not operate down here, and if I go to my doc with a list of things I want tested I’m lucky to get 1 of them done – doctors here are reluctant to test unless you have health issues.

    I approached private laboratories but they only test if you have a doctors referral.

    I’ll happily pay for this information, I’m hoping you have clients that may be based in aussie that have had similar issues?

    1. I would try contacting the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. They may have a suggestion or two.

    2. I checked with one of my coaches in Australia, this is what he said…

      This is what my guys do.

      1. Walk into a GP and ask for a blood test. Tell them exactly what tests you want (vitamins, hormones, cortisol, cholesterol, minerals etc etc) and asked to be emailed the results. If you go to a bulk billing GP this is free.

      2. Go to the blood testing centre (they are everywhere) and get the tests done. This is a free service.

      Wait 3-5 days depending on the test for the results to arrive.

  12. Gyasi says:

    Saw this the other day. If it is accurate it would greatly reduce costs…

    1. I just pre-ordered on of these a couple days ago!

  13. Rich says:

    Thanks for the info Ben.

    I have been using WellnessFX for my testing and am happy with the packages they offer and information provided.

    Is there any reason to switch and start using the EXOS lab packages?

    1. EXOS=WellnessFX. Same company. But I like Thorne's "packages" better. Plus I'm getting all my supplements from anyways…

  14. HeleneGomez says:

    these tests are NEVER available in NYS. it wont be a few months that they are either lol
    we new yorkers are deemed unable to interpret lab results.
    convenient excuse to not cut into a NYS MD's profit!

  15. ArtisrRJ19 says:

    Ben, I follow your posts because I respect what you have to say. However, in this post you stated "However, with new technology, you can get these same fancy tests,without forking over tons of cash or visiting some fancy longevity institute." This statement leads one to believe that the costs associated with the tests you mention is within the cost range of most people. That, simply, is not true.

    It is unfortunate that many people on limited incomes, like me on Social Security, are just unable to afford the cost of these tests. If one has the cash flow, $247 or $197 for a test may be manageable. But for people like me, it seems that doing what needs to be done to ensure a healthy lifestyle is just out of reach. Nevertheless, I thank you for the information.

    1. Then you should also check this out:…

      It's all relative too – think about cost SAVINGS on health care LATER in life!

      1. ArtisrRJ19 says:

        You are absolutely right, Ben. But in the current state of my financial affairs, I have my hands full just trying to pay rent, utilities, and co-pay for my HMO doctor. When I am able to get back on my feet to invest in my health at this level, I pray it won't be too late.

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