“The Kona Diaries” Day 5, Part 1 – The World Famous Underwear Run

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Welcome to Day 5, Part 1 of the Kona Diaries, in which you’re going to get a stark, honest and open look into the life of one of America’s top fitness experts – and find out what I personally do to design my daily routine for optimum health, get my body into the best shape ever, and prepare my mind to enter the pain cave.

Two days prior to Ironman, the Kona Underwear Run happens. The video below is full of light-hearted, half-naked fun as folks race around in their skivvies to raise money for the Special Olympics, and probably one the more skimpy videos ever released here at BenGreenfieldFitness.

Stay tuned, because later today, I'll be releasing “What I Put Into My Transition Bags & How I Set Up My Triathlon Bike to Prepare for Ironman Hawaii”.

If you have questions about any of this stuff, or certain topics you'd like to see covered in videos or posts over the next week, simply leave your comments below.

Coming tomorrow: “Kona Diaries” Day 6 – How I Deal With the Pain Cave, and My Official Nutrition, Racing & Pacing Strategy for Ironman Hawaii

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One thought on ““The Kona Diaries” Day 5, Part 1 – The World Famous Underwear Run

  1. Pat & Rosie G. says:

    Great narration, Ben. I think our fav lines were "Where you guys from, Sweden?" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Also, it was great to see your little 3 yr. old twins with their super-hero undies on in the last clip.

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