Age-Reversal Tips: You Can Be Younger (How To Use The Power Of Your Mind to Look & Feel 10 Years Younger).

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The way you look and feel have very little to do with your chronological age, and my guest on today's podcast believes that positive thinking and changing your belief system are the most important factors in staying truly young. In her book, You Can Be Younger, leading therapist Marisa Peer explains how you can arrest the aging process by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind.

By changing your thinking, Marisa claims you can change your body and become physically and mentally at least ten years younger.

She also discusses how to retrain your mind so you can stay young and vibrant, implement cell regeneration therapy to counteract the aging process, and boost energy and visibly improve your skin's appearance.

There are few speakers today who have the wide experience and stellar reputation of Marisa. Named “Britain’s Best Therapist” by Tatler magazine, she has spent over three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes.

Training early in her career as a child psychologist, Marisa later earned further qualifications from the Hypnosis Training Institute of Los Angeles and the Pritikin Longevity Centre. In 2015, she founded Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ (RTT), an exciting and award-winning training method that is solution-oriented, fast, and highly effective. Having spent over thirty years developing her life-changing and dynamic technique, Marisa has trained over 3,000 RTT™ therapists around the world. Within two years of its launch, RTT™ won eleven awards in just six months because of its efficacy and revolutionary transformational techniques.

A bestselling author of five books, Marisa’s unique selling proposition is that she teaches “simple steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results.” When she reveals her fundamental rule—that all of our emotional and personal problems come from us believing that we’re not enough, and explains how to overcome it—the results are tremendous and dramatic. Her latest best-selling and powerfully worded book, I Am Enough, will enable you to achieve powerful and recognizable results rapidly and permanently.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Ben and Marisa will never “retire”…11:30

  • “When hope dies, old age comes to greet you”
  • The more youthful things you do, the younger you feel and become

-How Marisa became involved with anti-aging and longevity…13:40

  • As a therapist, age is an asset, not a liability
  • You don't “fight” aging, you defy it
  • Many societies revere the elderly for their wisdom and insight (“sage-ing” rather than aging)
    • People in these societies not only live longer but better

-Clues your body leaves that it is constantly rejuvenating…17:30

  • The body is always regenerating itself (stomach, blood cells, etc.)
  • The mind remains the same: “Use it or lose it”
    • Neurobics newness: Neurons keep firing when the brain is always doing something new (new data stimulate the neurons), keeping the brain young and agile
    • Use the opposite hand or foot to do routine things to stimulate brain activity
  • Creators (writers, composers, etc.) keep their minds maintained
    • Do what young people do
    • Young body and an old mind is pointless; it should be young body and a young mind
  • Three different ages: birth certificate age (least important one of all), age of our organs (biological age), the age you feel. The age of your organs is related to the age you feel
    • Having sex, laughing, etc., actually sends a message to your organs that not only slows down but can also reverse aging
  • Liver is one of the few visceral organs that has the capacity to regenerate cells; 2017 study wherein caloric restriction/ fasting-mimicking diet induces pancreatic regeneration

-How to think and grow young…22:30

  • How you view aging will dictate how you age
  • Thoughts are real; every thought produces a physical reaction and emotional effect (placebo effect)
    • The belief you have about a drug will have more of an effect than the actual compounds of that drug itself
  • Disregard your chronological age, keep telling yourself that you feel young and the age you feel will start to reflect that
  • Studies where older people were placed in a closed environment that resembled life 30 years prior produced amazing results regarding people's attitude, health, etc.
  • Retired pilots' vision improved instantly when placed in a flight simulator
  • Your mind reacts to your thoughts
    • You don't react to the event, you react to what you think the event is
    • It's not the thing, it's what you think about the thing; and what you think about the thing is yours to change
    • You can choose what to say to yourself every day, but your body has no choice but to react to the words you use
    • Every word you speak is a blueprint that your mind and body have to act on
  • Whatever you tell your mind—good or bad, real or false, useful or not—it lets in, and the mind neither knows nor cares if it's true; you can change your life by telling yourself better things
  • Your perspective of circumstances is an important factor (positive or negative)
  • Laughing frequency equates to more youthful persona

-How to promote youthfulness in your everyday environment…34:42

  • Playing music that takes you back to happier times in your life
  • Keep up with modern fashions (don't dress like a geezer)
  • When you do something useful, you feel useful
  • In one study, random strangers in their 40s, 50s, 60s, were invited into a room and told to read the words written all over the room…
    • Words like fragile, careful, antique, delicate, easily breakable resulted in them walking carefully upon leaving
    • Words like useful, exuberant, resilient, bouncy, happy resulted in them appearing as if they were on steroids
    • Their minds responded immediately to the words they read; you turn into that expectation, you turn into that word you describe yourself
    • Change your description and change into that
  • Quit blaming all of your troubles on your age; do everything as if your age is irrelevant
  • Pay attention to your thoughts; your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings control your actions, your actions control your events, and everything begins with your thinking
  • Old photos and music bring you back to your youth

-Traits that long-lived populations share in common…41:22

  • Involved with family
  • Exercise, involvement in day to day activities; remain active
  • Family goes to them for advice
  • Sexually active
  • Active in the community
  • They feel useful, desirable, and significant
  • Do household chores themselves
  • Do things that affect the mental and emotional age
  • Theory of reproductive usefulness
    • Sexual activity slows down aging
    • Orgasms fight cancer, aging, NK (natural killer) cells, depression, etc.
  • Certain parts of the body never age, like the womb

-Marisa's personal longevity habits…53:20

  • Rebounder
  • Pilates
  • Listening to music from the past
  • Balance on one leg while brushing teeth
  • Stay hydrated
  • Laugh often
  • Practice gratitude
  • Self-actualization: do what you hate, you'll pay a price

-What movies or shows Marisa recommends to make you laugh…57:55

-And much more!

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10 thoughts on “Age-Reversal Tips: You Can Be Younger (How To Use The Power Of Your Mind to Look & Feel 10 Years Younger).

  1. Aryan Bansal says:

    Loved the post. Thanks for sharing the vibe.

  2. Sam says:

    Was so happy to see Marisa Peer on your show. She is so brilliant. To me she is a voice of wisdom and common sense that you just need sometimes to get your mind right. Just like people pray to create a spiritual connection. Marisa induces positivity with her words.

  3. Varun Sharma says:

    Wow..!! This is the amazing podcast.

  4. Alisha says:

    This podcast inspired and comforted me. Her stories and advice were valuable reminders of the power of the mind and the endless possibilities of living a long and joyful life. I am not sure we here this enough—more often I hear the words: “I am just getting old.” I have said it myself, but not again. Thank you.

  5. Susan says:

    Fascinating. I also love what seems to be a recent trend of hearing from more women on your podcast ….

  6. Fatih says:

    My spiritual father says he is “youthing”, at the chronological age of 73.
    One of the best podcasts Ben. Thank you

    Yes, not much information maybe but power of mind is stronger than information.

  7. Monica says:

    LOVED IT ! Thank you

  8. Cate says:

    Really struggled with this interview. Honestly sounded like a person obsessed with age as a number trying to convince others that she is not old – rather than giving straight forward information on health and mental wellness without endless personal ‘look how young I am’ stories. Sorry

    I appreciate the expertise of the guest – but hard to listen to. She may as well have come on – said ‘ think young and you’ll be young’ and finished there.

    On the other hand – would have loved an in-depth analysis if hypnotism and how it’s utilised .

    Anyway – love your show Ben – massive fan. And I’m sure others would have gained more than me from this one

    1. Sophie says:

      Totally agree Cate. I had to turn it off. Big ego and not much info.

  9. Lori Hammel says:

    Fantastic Podcast! Uncanny timing for my husband and I, as we’ve reached just about the exact same conclusions about life, aging, and mindset that Marisa and you so eloquently discussed. I am a former real estate agent; my husband had a 38 year career as a computer consultant, and over the past couple of years, our focus has been very much on the types of things that Marisa mentioned. We have also reinvented ourselves through a photography business that serves many purposes for us – keeps us learning new things, staying up-to-date on technology, traveling for fun as well as photo opportunities, being active participating on the art fair circuit, and meeting and interacting with people throughout the world. We figured out awhile ago that the word “retirement” did not serve us well in any way, shape, or form. Will definitely be sharing the podcast with others!
    Howard & Lori Hammel

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