News Flash: I Am A 98% Angry, No-Nonsense, Perfectionistic, Extremely Unconventional, Rule-Breaking, Fearless Assassin-Sniper.

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Prepare for your mind to be blown by today's podcast guest.

Mine certainly was.

My guest is Steve Sisler, and today's episode, he tears me completely apart, absolutely amazes me as he “psychoanalyzes” me, and during the entire process, you're going to learn a ton about yourself and your behavior.

If you've ever wanted to know what makes you tick…

Exactly why you think the way you do…

What drives you personally when you exercise or race…

How you interact with people and relationships (and how you can make this work for or against you)…

And why you behave the way you behave…

This episode is a must-listen for you…

Steve is author of the book: The Four People Types: And What Drives Them, a behavioral profiler and lead behavioral analyst at The Behavioral Resource Group. He works with clients in more than 18 nations, gathering behavioral, emotional, and attitudinal information on individuals within corporate and personal settings. Then he develops strategies for leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurial or career success.

Steve is widely considered as the “go to” source for behavioral and attitudinal issues within the framework of both business and family (he's been doing this stuff since the shocking age of twelve!). He is considered a true anomaly within the world of behavioral analysis.

During our fascinating discussion, you'll discover:

-How Steven developed the crazy skill of being able to “read people” extremely accurately from the young age of twelve…

-The one unique attitude Steven found me to possess – an attitude that only 2% of people on the face of the planet can match…

-Why people perceive me to be aloof and arrogant based on my high level of no-nonsense, black-and-white thinking…

-Why Steven observes that I could be either a very good assassin or a sniper…

-How when I am in work mode I become a complete perfectionistic machine and check my emotions at the door…

-Why I score very high on alternative ideas, unconventional thoughts and thinking outside-the-box…

-The reason Steven thinks I'm not competitive, but rather simply an artist, discoverer and educator…

-I don't compete and race and spend time in the gym because I'm competitive, but rather because I am, what Steven describes as a “body artist”…

-Why I score extremely high on individualism, innovation, uniqueness, autonomy, freedom (and hate teleprompters)…

-The reason I'm very comfortable not necessarily being the person in charge…

-Why I am a rule-breaker and why I have a negative, cautious bias when it comes to following rules……

-The reason some people can perceive that I don't “care”, and why I tend to care the most about people who are making an effort to help themselves…

-What it means to have an itchy brain, and why some people will change direction very quickly in life and let go of non-effective ideas easily…

-Why my score is crystal clear when it comes to how my choices affect those around me, and why it's extremely important to me that any decision I make not hurt anyone around me…

-Why I'm extremely demanding and critical of myself…

-The personality that makes me relentless, want to never give up, keep striving to get better and better, and have a perception nobody can stop me…

-Why I'm very clear about who I am…

-And much more!

Steve is offering a significant discount on the exact behavioral analysis we do in this episode. Details below!

Steven's Full Behavioral Analysis – save $50 with this link and code “ben”

Steven's Full Executive Summary (what I did and what we discuss in this episode) – save $100 with this link and code “ben”

Steve's Book (link includes free audio of first chapter)

Below are my own results, which Steven and I discuss in this episode.
[embeddoc url=”” download=”all”]
[embeddoc url=”” download=”all”]
Do you have questions, comments or feedback for me or Steven about behavioral analysis or anything else we discuss in today's episode? Leave your thoughts below…

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14 thoughts on “News Flash: I Am A 98% Angry, No-Nonsense, Perfectionistic, Extremely Unconventional, Rule-Breaking, Fearless Assassin-Sniper.

  1. josh says:

    Great podcast. love the show as always! I don’t have a problem downloading any links or podcasts. I use multiple brand devices. I dont know what all of these other people are complaining about. Probably they dont have automatic updates selected on their devices and their systems are not compatible anymore.

  2. Travis V. says:

    I don’t look like Ben (I’m a lot fatter) but I kept thinking “Yeah, yeah, Steve Sisler is talking to me and about me.” I wonder how many other BGF Podcast listeners felt like this podcast described them-self.

  3. Bill says:

    Hi Ben, did you find that the results and report were simply about a sort of self exploration and better self awareness? Or do you feel like someone could really see clear ways to change or improve their lives by going through this process?

    1. I really, truly have already began to improve my life and my interaction with other people based on the results of this. For example, I'm working at the kitchen table less, I feel less pressure to beat other people and more pressure to tackle racecourses and workouts creatively, and I'm trying to scratch that artistic itch more. I've only scratched the surface of the 60 page report that came with my results.

  4. Rick Donnelly says:

    They used Myers-Briggs in the corner of the military I was in half a lifetime ago. About a dozen years later I had gone through college, married, found a job, got recognized, and then got much better job. They used MB there, too. And finally, our HR folks used it again a few years ago. My scores are all over the board. I scored close to Ben in younger days, but more towards the middle today. Is that an artifact of the MB testing (e.g., score depends upon how you’re feeling at the time), or do our underlying personalities really change that much over lifetime?

  5. Bill Connor says:

    This really was an interesting podcast. However, I was hoping he would spend some time on what the average person would do with the results of the analysis – i.e., I understand where big corporations would use this information to select hires for executive positions, but what should the average person do or change relative to their results? I suspect he offers individualized roadmaps for a fee. Guess I should read his book.

    1. Meg says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking.

    2. Response from Steve:

      I work with a lot with what you call "average people." Each persons circumstances are different and depend upon their environment. The question of behavior and emotions must be answered within each individual context, i.e., what are you doing, who are you doing it with, why are you doing it, and who you are doing it for?

      Depending on your behavioral framework, this context or environment will either be working for you or it could be working against you. This goes for relationships, work stations, family contexts, and the like. Once an individual is assessed, we match the persons wiring to their situation and provide a context for understanding it. It is only after that that that we can provide practical solutions to the problems, challenges, and opportunities associated with you and your environment. I hope this was helpful.

  6. Dave says:

    Re: last comment … for me the website came up totally differently the 3rd time around and I was able to access the podcast normally …. please ignore to previous comments.

  7. Dave says:

    Come ooooon Ben, or I’m sure, in this case Ben’s support staff.

    Like what’s wrong with just the old, reliable download click?

    Why is this constantly changing?

    Has it ever occurred to anyone in your camp that the entire world doesn’t use apple and itunes?

    Please give a little consideration to going back to where we can click on a download button and save the podcast for listening later on a MP3 player without jumping thru countless hoops

  8. Colt says:

    Dang man. What in the world is going on with these podcast links not being available.?.?.?

    Maybe it’s my iPhone being an older model 3g, but it always worked in the past… Now I and others (based on other comments I have read) are suddenly having issues. To which Ben responds “Try refreshing” or “Get it sorted” (whatever that means).

    Mr. Greenfield, have you changed podcast format or service provider or something of that nature? All due respect sir, but I/we are at a loss.

    1. Have you tried a different browser? They are working for others.

    2. josh says:

      works fine for me.

  9. Matt Oliphant says:

    One of the most interesting and fascinating podcasts I have heard lately. Thanks for the great podcast Ben! Keep holding strong in the Spartan Agoge!

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