1 Powerful, HIGHLY Predictive Drop Of Blood? The Absolutely CRAZY Future Of Diagnostic Testing, Epigenetics, DNA Methylation & Machine Learning, With Dr. Matthew Dawson.

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What We Discuss with Dr. Matthew Dawson

-Welcoming Dr. Matt Dawson back to the show for his seventh appearance – 05:25

-The use of ketones – 06:56

-Epigenetics and methylation testing – 10:47

-The three tests at Wild Health – 24:03

-Creating actionable recommendations based on data – 37:00

-Heart disease studies — intermittent fasting and niacin – 45:54

-Changes in his personal life and approach to patients – 48:21

-The use of advanced diagnostics and other tests and tools – 52:57

-And much more… TruDiagnostic TruAge Complete (code BENVIP for 10% off)

In today's episode, you'll dive deep into the world of cutting-edge diagnostics and personalized health management with Dr. Matthew Dawson, a seven-time guest. You might know Dr. Dawson for his groundbreaking work at Wild Health (use code BEN20 to save 20%), where he's revolutionizing patient care with advanced DNA methylation testing and AI-driven health recommendations. Use code BENVIP for 10% off the TruDiagnostics TruAge Complete Test.

During this show, Dr. Dawson and I explore the intriguing evolution of methylation tests, demystify various biological age tests, and provide insights into how lifestyle choices significantly impact gene expression. Additionally, you'll discover the potential of AI in providing personalized health advice, the importance of human connection, proactive cancer detection strategies, and much more.

Dr. Dawson attended medical school at the University of Kentucky before completing his residency in emergency medicine at The University of Utah, where he served as both chief resident and fellow. He has practiced medicine and was an associate professor at the University of Kentucky for seven years, with an acute interest in functional medicine and, later, genomics.

Dr. Dawson’s obsession with performance optimization began well before medical school. In high school, he would implement any fitness or nutrition technique that’d give him “an edge” in athletics, resulting in college scholarship offers in two sports. Dr. Dawson carried this obsession with him through medical school and into his profession as a physician, earning numerous national awards for education, innovation, and leadership because of his research and approach to health care.

Dr. Dawson crystallized this approach to providing patients with true health care, rather than sick care, by building Wild Health — a Precision Medicine service providing personalized, genetics-based care to help patients achieve optimal well-being. Dr. Dawson has trained thousands of physicians in Precision Medicine through online education and has lectured in over twenty countries around the world. He also co-hosts the Wild Health Podcast, a tool for teaching thousands about personalized, genetics-based Precision Medicine. His passion for helping patients maximize their health span and perform at their absolute best considers all aspects of health: mental, physical, and spiritual.

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