Using AI To Interpret Bloodwork, Creating Genetic Freak Of Nature Athletes, The Most Fancy & Comprehensive Executive Health Program Ever Created, Reversing Disease With Precision Medicine & Much More With Wild Health’s Dr. Matt Dawson.

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Wild Health is, in my opinion, the most cutting-edge medical network in America.

This network consists of precision medicine practitioners in all 50 states delivering the most advanced and customized medical care I've ever experienced.

I've interviewed several Wild Health doctors in the past on the podcast, including on the following episodes:

Lately, there has been plenty of exciting changes at Wild Health, including a genetically-optimized athletic team for maximal and sustained performance and recovery, data treating metabolic and cardiovascular disease with incredible results without the use of prescription medication, a brand-new artificial intelligence program to read labs and interpret bloodwork, a fellowship program for medical students, an entire 2022 conference series available to the general public…

…and even a concierge, high-touch executive health program usually available by referral only but now available to my audience as an exclusive (it’s a VIP, 360° health program built with busy executives and entrepreneurs in mind), that includes the following:

  • Dedicated Elite Health Coach and unlimited health coach visits
  • Dedicated Care Coordinator – to help you get your tests, labs, meds, etc, when and where you need them
  • Performance Fitness Coach – to deliver a personalized training plan and help you along the way
  • Supplement and medication management – Wild Health orders them for you, delivered to your home
  • Chef/nutritionist facilitation – we’ll help you find someone right for you
  • Extensive testing battery – as indicated and at home when available
  • Repeat testing included, as necessary 
  • Personalized analysis of biofeedback device
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Breathwork coaching

My guest on today's show is Wild Health CEO and my friend, Dr. Matt Dawson.

Dr. Matt Dawson has been obsessed with performance optimization for as long as he can remember. He received scholarships to play two sports in college even with “minimal talent” because of his voracious reading and implementation of any fitness or nutritional techniques that would give him an edge. After continuing that obsession in medical school, as a physician, he has won numerous national awards for education, innovation, and leadership. Matt has lectured in over 20 countries and trained thousands of other physicians through live lectures, online education, two textbooks, and even an educational app. He combines his training in genomics and functional medicine to give personalized, precise medical guidance.

Matt's obsession with performance optimization has morphed from initially athletic to mental performance, business performance, and longevity. Whether it's a professional athlete or a grandparent optimizing their mental clarity and mobility to keep up with their grandkids, Matt is passionate about helping everyone perform at their absolute peak. Also, if you're interested in Wild Health (which is likely after you listen to this episode), you can get 20% off a membership with code BEN20.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Wild Health went into pro sports and their Genetic Optimization Athletic Program…13:19

-What does the Athletic Program do to the average athlete? What are they getting out of it and what are you seeing in terms of results?…16:44

  • There's tons of room for improvement for the average athlete
  • An example would be NFL player Brandin Cooks
    • Playing for 10 years with great results
    • When he started working with us 2020, in a year, he improved his 20-yard dash time by 5%
    • Increased his strength by 13%
    • As tested, his max velocity over 4%
    • Broad jump by four inches
    • Prior contracts were $17 million, his current two-year contract is $39 million
  • Another example is an NBA player
    • Had mood issues throughout the season; anxiety, depression, and also was having some nagging injury issues
    • Major issues with his diet, sleep
    • Last year, he was in talks for the NBA MVP
    • Sleep problems – we look at clock genes/chronotypes; we're not just looking at genetics, not just blood work but even wearables
    • He also was a slow metabolizer of caffeine
    • Got him on more collagen proteins, and injuries started going down
    • Had Collagen 5 a1 polymorphism; Ancient Nutrition Collagen Protein
    • Also had FAAH polymorphism; CBD helped his sleep
    • Can take coffee but put something in it like L-theanine

-Could the data collected, be fed into the artificial intelligence algorithm?…21:59

  • So far, data from a thousand people have been gathered and translated to get results
    • 20% increase in testosterone on average
    • 5% increase in muscle mass for our athletes
    • 39% reduction in CRP
  •  Just completed a merger with the world's most innovative AI company
  • Looking at the data from a thousand patients and hundreds of pro athletes to create and improve the science
  • Great outcomes are being accelerated using AI
  • Ben actually introduced Rob Locascio of LivePerson to Wild Health
  • Rob invented online chat for brands 25 years ago and wants to have an even bigger impact on the world

-Is this a website that people can log into? Is it an app? What is the actual delivery mechanism?…26:33

  • Sign up at Wild Health (use code BEN20 to save 20%)
    • A saliva kit is sent for a DNA at home
    • The saliva kit is sent back
    • An order is put in for all the blood work and the lab tests (millions of data points)
    • The results are fed into the program, put into the system, and is combined
    • It then puts out a:
      • A diet plan
      • An exercise program
      • The supplements that'll help
      • The medications that will work or won't work
  • The computer does all the heavy lifting
  • A doctor then translates that; walks the patient through the report

-Then what does the practitioner do? Does this put the practitioner out of a job?…28:04

  • Instead of helping 10 people, the practitioner will be able to help 100
  • Practitioners continue to do what they do best, which is motivating, translating, help hold people accountable
  • This is precision and personalized medicine
  • We're giving out a better plan with all this data, but it's not going to be the perfect plan
  • A practitioner is still needed to say:
    • This is our goal
    • Here's how we're probably going to get there
    • What is the objective measure, then we re-measure and re-test
  • The best is a hybrid – a doctor/coach working with the AI
  • A coach would be: I'm here to answer your questions, I'm going to show up at the gym with you and actually do this workout with you, to motivate you
  • That's where we're going, continuing to optimize the program – the best AI combined with the best doctors
  • AI will continue to improve, but there's only so much AI could do
  • The human brain will always have a role in this process

-What do you need in order to have access to the program?…31:48

  • Just need a computer and a phone
  • Physicians are available in all 50 states to prescribe, order labs, etc.
  • This is all delivered virtually, with a physician and a coach assigned to every patient
  • Ben Greenfield Life Coaching
  • Wild Health training programs: Full training programs for doctors but open to non-doctors as well
    • Physicians – CME credits
    • Coaches – National Certification
  • Open for everyone
  • Course outline:
    • Basic functional medicine
    • Combination of functional medicine and the genomics
    • 12-month fellowship
    • Self-study that has all the contents (over 100 hours of content)
    • Mentorship (weekly hangouts where we translate and do case studies, etc.)
    • Health coach certification, which is a 4-year program
  • Courses are downloadable, so you can study at your own pace
    • Minimum is 2 to 3 hours per week
    • Most would do 5 to 6 hours

-What about Wild Health's Executive Program?…41:52

-What kind of stuff do you find out from a full-body MRI?…44:28

  • Musculoskeletal stuff
  • The main reason for whole-body MRIs is insurance
  • So the three big screening things for these executives is:
    1. AI-driven report to look at and make sure you're not going to have a heart attack
    2. Galleri – a kind of liquid biopsy for cancer
    3. Prenuvo for solid tumors

-Do you have a specific wearable that you assign to everybody?…45:48 

  • Any wearable will do
  • We can pull all that data through APIs

-Are you doing anything for mental optimization?…46:40

  • The entire program helps mental optimization
  • We don't think of it in terms of let's fix the body, or let's fix the brain, or let's fix the gut
  • All of this is to fix the whole person
  • We give recommendations based on all the data, and then follow it

-What have you been doing to help sick people, and what have you seen in terms of chronic disease?…49:40

  • Just submitted a white paper for diabetes, not ready to go public yet
  • LDLP is important in that it gives you clues for heart diseases, combined with inflammation; on average, 30% reduction
  • 50% reduction in CRP
  • Metabolic health is critically important for the brain
  • A1c reduction on average is 1.9
  • 49% of pre-and diabetic patients are cleared after 6 months, with A1c of 5.6 or less

-What is it that you're doing or prescribing or recommending that you think is different?…53:04

  • Reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake has an effect
  • It's really everything together, the combination of dietary things, taking away the foods that are harming them, and getting them on a better exercise program
  • Sometimes, medication is also used
  • Measuring and then refining over time to get the big impacts,
  • Done in a personalized way, based on someone's data, genetics, and bloodwork, with a coach guiding is where the magic happens

-Any concerns about the algorithm?…54:05

  • “When you try to isolate anything and try to pull on one string, you find it connected to everything else”
  • One of the mistakes of medicine: We've improved one thing, but we've hurt another thing
  • Being able to combine all, to know where we have room to push what needs to be focused on, and having a computer do that for us, is the best way

-What is the Awake and Aware series?…59:30

-And much more…

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6 thoughts on “Using AI To Interpret Bloodwork, Creating Genetic Freak Of Nature Athletes, The Most Fancy & Comprehensive Executive Health Program Ever Created, Reversing Disease With Precision Medicine & Much More With Wild Health’s Dr. Matt Dawson.

  1. Robert Momberger says:

    The approach appears to be a very detailed thorough look at the body. Not doubting that this information would be helpful but am concerned about the cost since there’s no mention.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Ben
    Have you had the full body scan? It takes 60mins, that’s a long time in an MRI, with loud noise and potential hearing damage. Is it open bore? Did you you get claustrophobic?

  3. Linda Swick says:

    In this podcast with Matt at Wild Life you both mention that if you have APOE 4 ( I have 2 markers of it) you should not be on a high saturated fat diet. I have been doing a Ketogenic diet for the last ten years with high saturated fats such as coconut oil. Can you please explain what you mean and where I could find more info on this. I would really appreciate it. I can do low carb, high vegetables and protein – Mediterranean diet. Just trying to figure it out.


  4. Ben I loved the questions about brain health and glad to see biofeedback analysis included ( is it with a bio resonance device?). For players of impact sports, race car drivers and people with history of concussion Neurofeedback is a game changer for recovery and optimization. Microcurrent Neurofeedback gets faster results and has before and after MEG brain imaging evidence from world renowned researchers at UCSD. I have been using it with my clients for 7 yrs now. It’s hard to find a tool with such consistent results. I am deeply immersed in training with bio resonance but thinking about taking the Wild Health course.

  5. plasma4life says:

    @Dale: What you mention is the old way, seeking something outside of yourself.
    The future is currently developed in Linz, Austria with the Keshefoundation. Here is a insight into their day-to-day, listen to the testimonials

  6. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

    Wonderful podcast. I highly enjoyed it. What are some of the recommended
    health coaching certifications that are in tune with Holistic Health practices.
    I would enjoy taking the course for myself and then assisting others along their
    journey. I look forward to feedback and will reach out with other methods as well
    to learn more.

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