The Hormone-Boosting Minimalist Exercise Machine That Burns A Staggering Amount Of Calories In Just 21 Minutes.

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My guest on today's show is Sebastian Wasowski, co-founder of Vasper Systems. I first interviewed Sebastian's father, inventor of the Vasper, on the show “How To Get 2 Hours Of Exercise In Just 20 Minutes.”, but plenty has happened since then…

…particularly the fact that I've been using the Vasper every morning for the past 3 months to experiment with just how good it actually is at building and maintaining fitness with a minimalist dose of exercise.

So what exactly is this thing?

Vasper is a complete exercise system based on three scientifically proven principles: compression technology, cooling, and interval training. By combining all of these principles, the results are extraordinary.

In 21-minutes, the Vasper enables you to get a complete workout. Utilizing compression, cooling, and interval training, you are able to concentrate lactic acid and enhance growth hormone production. The “cooldown” session, which involves lying on a cooling mat, enables you to work out again later in the day (should you like) or head straight into the office.

Vasper has a wide range of use cases and users. The machine is used by medical professionals, people recovering from cardiac incidents, athletic teams, and the Special Forces.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-The story of the Vasper machine…8:45

  • Sebastian's father invented it to address his own health needs; post-traumatic stress in the ankles
  • Discovered research on blood flow restriction, intermittent cold exposure, interval training
  • Prototype was popular among locals on Big Island of Hawaii
  • Company formed in 2009; successful trial with San Jose Sharks hockey team

-The efficacy of the Vasper for performance implications…12:20

  • Designed to stimulate the body's production of anabolic hormones in lesser threshold of a normal workout
  • Mimics physiology of much more intense workout
  • In a controlled study, participants using the Vasper far outperformed counterparts not using it
  • Far better for overall health than exogenously induced compounds such as steroids
  • Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)

-About the components of the machine…18:30

  • Compression cuffs around the wrist
  • How blood flow restriction occurs
  • Pressure filled up via cold water rather than air in a blood pressure monitor
  • Similar to Kaatsu devices
  • The seat and footpads are also cooled; enables user to be more powerful throughout the workout
  • Positive metabolic response to the cold exposure
  • Cooling mat is used post-workout to reset heart and respiratory rate to baseline
  • Bare feet touch metal pads which are cooled by same cold water; lowers overall body temp
  • You're able to ground with the earth via the machine; it's plugged in with a 3-prong plug

-About the exercise regimens programmed into the Vasper…35:15

  • 30 are programmed into the machine
  • They are customizable for each individual user
  • New protocols added are accessed via software update

-Why each session on the Vasper is 21 minutes in length…36:40

  • 21 minutes is the optimal time to initiate max response from the endocrine system, without stimulating cortisol (stress response)
  • Not recommended to go longer than 21 minutes, nor to do multiple sessions per day

-Whether the Vasper can be used in conjunction with strength training…40:10

  • Can be used as a recovery tool on an off day
  • Ben reports amazing results for active recovery after traveling or working out the day prior

-The optimal time of day to use the Vasper…41:45

  • The earlier the better for sleep quality
  • Some report an increase in energy following the workout, harder time falling asleep

-People you may have heard of who use Vasper machines…43:15

  • Tony Robbins
  • Prince of Dubai
  • San Jose Sharks
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Major League baseball team reported huge increases in testosterone levels after use

-Where to use a Vasper if you can't afford one for your own home…44:20

-Use of other technology in conjunction with the Vasper…47:30

  • LiveO2 mask
  • Most users report a greater synergy with strength training when using the machine

-Research involving stem cells, TBI, and more with the Vasper…48:40

  • Research page on Vasper's website
  • Andrews Institute study found that a single session, HSC stem cells increased in the blood
  • Dr. Robert Cantu reported TBI patients are able to exercise without aggravating symptoms

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Click here to get a Vasper for yourself or find a local Vasper training facility near you

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)

Research page on Vasper's website


– Ben's Podcasts/info on the LiveO2

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6 thoughts on “The Hormone-Boosting Minimalist Exercise Machine That Burns A Staggering Amount Of Calories In Just 21 Minutes.

  1. Jess says:

    Does this still cost $40k?

  2. Brad says:

    Combining cold therapy with exercise, at least near in time, may blunt the beneficial effects of exercise. My understanding is that the ice reduces inflammation and that part of the benefit of exercise may from a natural response to exercise induced inflammation. I know that that are a couple of studies out there regarding this. Here is one recent study:…

    Rhonda Patrick also mentioned this exercise blunting effect as a potential cold therapy problem in one of her podcasts long ago

    I do take ice baths, but I try to time them at least four hours before or after exercise.

    In contrast to the studies I have seen, if it turns out that cold therapy is in fact synergistic with exercise, it would seem to me that one could make a low cost version of Vasper by:

    1. creating a four foot deep ice bath;

    2. utilizing cheap water resistant training tools which attach to the arms and legs, or utilizing rubber dumbbells, and

    3 buying inexpensive occlusion straps.

    1. Travis says:

      Ben has suggested his own poor-man’s version before, and other listeners have reported going the same. Ice packs under compression gear with occlusion straps. Do it with a Peloton or C2 erg. Ben said back squats with ice packs didn’t go well. Wear cold therapy socks and some arm strap ice packs. Lay on an extra large cold therapy pad afterwards. The whole set up is under $100. Amp it up with a Cool Fat Burner.

  3. Jane says:

    Hello Ben

    You mentioned in the opening that the JOOVV increases hormones in women too, which hormones are you talking about? I didn’t think there was any research showing it increased Testosterone levels in women only in men. That’s what the company told me.


  4. Luke says:

    Have you thought about doing 2 shorter sessions as a means to do 2 a days and get more total time ?

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