Revolutionary Hormone Hacks: Bioidentical Hormone Therapy A Cancer Risk? (You’ll Be Surprised!) — With Karen Martel

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What I discuss with Karen Martel

-Karen's struggles with weight loss and hormone dysregulation – 02:46

-The rise and fall of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – 07:49

-Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – 12:38

-Karen's experience with hormone replacement therapy to stave off menopause – 16:21

-The dangers of using diindolylmethane (DIM) without proper testing – 16:46

-Lifestyle practices and biohacking technologies for managing menopause – 23:35

-Differences between oral and transdermal progesterone – 31:44

-The health benefits of estradiol – 36:31

-The impact of synthetic estrogens in men's hormones – 39:25

-Hormone management options – 44:21

-Health management techniques to follow during menopause – 47:26

-And much more…

Imagine feeling healthy and well most of your life until one day, you begin to experience symptoms like weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, and sleep disturbances that just don't go away…

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of perimenopause and menopause.

Today's guest, Karen Martel, a leading expert in navigating the unique challenges and transitions of perimenopause and menopause, has made it her mission to guide women through the maze of symptoms and solutions associated with these phases of life. In our conversation, you'll learn the pros and cons of different forms of hormone therapy, from traditional HRT to bioidenticals like estradiol and natural progesterone. Karen will also pull back the curtain on testing methods and interpretations, critical factors like delivery methods and timing, and lifestyle biohacks for smoothing the menopausal journey.

As CEO of Hormone Solutions (use code BEN to save 40% off her OnTrack program), Karen, a certified hormone specialist and transformational nutrition coach, specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and holistic approaches to restore hormone balance. She is also the esteemed host of the highly acclaimed women’s health podcast, The Hormone Solution with Karen Martel, where she delves deeply into the intricacies of female fat loss, hormone optimization, and the complex interplay between hormones and overall health. Karen’s mission is to empower women with the knowledge they require to seize control of their well-being and thrive throughout every stage of life.

Whether you're years away from “the change” or already knee-deep in hot flashes and insomnia, this episode is essential for optimizing your hormones to age gracefully and experience boundless vitality.

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7 thoughts on “Revolutionary Hormone Hacks: Bioidentical Hormone Therapy A Cancer Risk? (You’ll Be Surprised!) — With Karen Martel

  1. Laura says:

    What was the peptide for fertility that Karen mentioned? Thanks so much

  2. Karen,

    Do you have any thoughts on mineral balancing with HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) prior to/in conjunction with BHRT?



  3. Adam N says:

    Hi Ben,

    I highly recommend to have Georgi Dinkov and/or Dr Mercola on to specifically discuss effects of estrogen as a counter balance to this episode.

    They have done what appears to be a comprehensive deep dive (research/study review, mechanism of action, molecular biology, etc) in to estrogen and not just relying on findings from the Women’s Health Initiative Studies.

    I would encourage anyone before considering estrogen replacement therapy to consider the counter argument

    1. Karen Martel says:

      Hi Adam, I’m familiar with Dinkov and Mercola’s controversial podcast. It caused outrage among hormone doctors, including myself. I was extremely frustrated when it was released because they put women’s health at risk by making false claims about estrogen. Almost everything they discussed was incorrect. To address this, I highly recommend reading this article:

      Dr. Lindsey Berkson, a world renowned hormone specialist, has written a response to refute the misinformation presented by Dinkov. Despite her numerous attempts to engage with Mercola, he has not responded to her request to appear on his show. In her article, she provides references to scientific papers that debunk their claims and support her arguments.

      You can ask yourself “Why would God give women a hormone that is so incredibly amazing and allows us to bare children, be a carcinogenic?’ Makes no sense!! That is because God wouldn’t do that! Our estrogen is not carcinogenic! It is people like these two that are making it is so hard for women to get the proper treatment that they deserve. I saw on his instagram post women saying “I am going to stop my estrogen HRT immediately!” Great, now all of these women will have much higher risks of dying or developing heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer including breast cancer!
      Dr. B goes into great detail in her article about estrogen and cancer and she herself had breast cancer!
      I actually interviewed Dr. Berkson about this Mercola interview if you want to listen to it.

      The two of them should not be interviewed on Ben’s podcast as they are causing harm to thousands of women. – Karen Martel

      1. Nic says:

        You seem to have missed the point they made. The issues of exogenous estrogen are not relegated to carcinogenicity. There’s also a lot of context missing–such as levels of pregnenolone and progesterone and metabolites like allopregnanolone. As you know, hormones exist in balance. Focusing on one to the exclusion of others doesn’t make much sense.

  4. Hannah Hausman says:

    Hi this is for Karen. I tried to go to her site where it has you do a zoom interview schedule. There’s no times available all the way through December, and wondering if they’re just booked or if this is a mistake. I can’t seem to find anywhere to contact to ask this question on her site.

    1. Karen Martel says:

      This was a mistake we have lots of availability use this link:

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